!! General
* [=SkullSatamon's=] love of cheesburgers.
* Any time Kuwabara and Hiei argue.

!! Season 1: The Wrath of Pharaohmon/Redux
* Renamon and Felinismon smacks the would be pervert fans.
* The Sonic Spinball music used in Chapter 18.
* Jeri taunting Seto Kaiba in their duel.
* [=MarineDevimon=] stalks Calamarimon and ask for a date.
* Mizuno gives Hiei a kiss. Everyone of his friends laugh while Hiei is greatly annoyed.

!! Season 2: The Invasion of the Rajita
* Joey's reaction when he sees Red Eyes Black Chick.

!! Movie: The Taiyoukai's Awakening
* Loki Nekomata's humorous scenes.
* Seto Kaiba is shockingly piss when Lyn's monster form is [[spoiler:Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon]]
* Chapter 11’s preview for the next chapter features the Taiyoukai taking over.
* After the battle and Kuwabara figures out that Yukina is Hiei's sister, he smiles and thinks that he and Hiei will be brothers soon. Hiei reads his mind. Yusuke laughs of suggest Kuwabara giving Hiei a hug. Hiei said he'll kill them both.

!! Season 3: Dawn of Chaos
* Sailor Varuna and her spirit rabbit interacting.
* Same goes to Sailor Orcus and her bat.
* Chapter 46, Beelzemon's reaction of what his guns really mean.
--> "Eggplants...?! EGGPLANTS?!" Beelzebumon was at a loss for words. "You mean these beauties of mine are Spanish for eggplants?! Who's the freak that decided to make these and call them a type of vegetable in a different language? Is he trying to make them sound cooler than they really are?!"
* Chapter 48, Tsukiyomi reveals to be a futanari. You should see Kuwabara’s reaction.
* Chapter 58.
** Cain wakes up after being knock out by Nate. Nate scoffs at him if he's behaving with Talley chuckling behind him, in which Cain tells him to shut up and be put down.
** Rebecca Hawkins unknowingly insults that Sailor Haumea reminds her of Vivian Wong's crush on Yugi. Sailor Haumen is secretly pissed.
** Mizuno easily defeats Bakken.
** [=SkullSatamon=] receives a bonk from [=MarineDevimon=] after being blinded by Ouryo's light attack.
* Chapter 59.
** Sailor Uranus hates monologue pricks. Take Gamera for instance once he has the Romulus Source.