* After one of Raj-Sing's subordinates witnesses his HeroicSacrifice and celebrates that the Himalayan safe zone was genuinely safe: "Then he whipped out his penis and peed in my face." Right after a lone monkey watches him, contemplating, stoically, almost thankfully on Raj-Sing's sacrifice, or so the subordinate thinks before he's weed on. Indian monkeys know when to ruin a moment.
* After being stuck in space, alone, for 5 years without resupply, a rocket (specifically, Virgin Galactic, the private rocket group) finally is launched to the ISS. The first thing the rocket's captain says is "Did anyone order takeout?"
* A former White House chief of staff who ignored the various warnings that the zombie apocalypse was impending has a new job after the war is over... shoveling manure.

* The Zombie's tendency to click their teeth repeatably.
** This is apparently a widespread reaction. There are quite a few reports of audiences bursting into laughter when the zombies do that repeated chompy-chompy bitey-bitey at nothing motion.
** Not to mention the hospital zombies' tendency to hunch over and make strange noises that make them look for all the world like chickens.
*** Chickens are scary.
** And that is why we have a trope called {{Narm}}
* "Looks like we just woke the dead. Out of respect to others, please turn off all pagers and cell phones."
* A BlackComedy one, when Gerry asked where the documents are, the soldiers replied "you're free to look". (They were burned along with the zombies.)
* The Captain coming into combat with Zeke driving the fuel tank and flattening everything that stands in his way with a delighted "Woohoo!"
-->''I'm gonna clear a path through Zeke! You paddle like hell!"
* Well Gerry, you just [[spoiler: became invisible to zombies]]. Whatcha gonna do? [[spoiler: [[ProductPlacement Drink a Pepsi!]] ]]
** Although completely understandable considering he's been without food for awhile, been under extreme duress and endless escapes, and just [[spoiler: infected himself with a disease]]. Given that he finally has a chance to catch his breath, and is near a distraction he'll need anyway, it's funny in its humanness that he opts to drink one before carrying on.
** Hey, it's probably going to be a while before anyone gets back to making soft drinks, so why not?
* Mexican audiences loved the "Mexico City has been declared a total loss" bit near the end of the film. It's like a "P.S., Just in case you were wondering."