* ..."Socks w'oot feet?"
* The Feegles' library expedition.
** And Tiffany's critiquing of the romance novel that they borrow for her.
* Miss Treason's last performance.
* Nanny's attempt at TheTalk.
* Kitten + Cornucopia = hordes of chickens. ''Werk...''
* The sound of a boatload of Feegles going over a waterfall while trying to sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat": [[BrownNote "Rowaarghgently boat ouchgentlydown boat boat boatiddely boat stream boatilymerily boataargh... CRIVENnnnnns!"]]
* The Ferryman's reaction to the Feegles showing up in Limbo: [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: Oh no, not you people again. ]]

* And his reaction when they start singing again: [[/folder]]

[[folder: Will you shut up?! This is hardly appropriate! ]]

* Rob Anybody reading "Where's My Cow?" to his children.
* Wintersmith talks to Tiffany as Annagramma snores beside her. Coupled with a MoodWhiplash so quick it'll make you dizzy:
-->''Gnh gnh gnh!''
-->''Let me show you my world, Flower Lady. Let me show you all the colours of ice.''
* The sausages.
* Roland practicing his sword skills against Feegles in a suit of armour.
* Tiffany again meets the Jolly Sailor from the packs of the pipe tobacco Granny Aching used to smoke. This time he gets to speak -- but all he can say is what he says on the packet, "A Good Smoke in Any Weather".
-->"A Good Smoke!" he swore.