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![=Funny=] stuff about all sandbox pages in general

Pretty much any and all vandalism of serious things that were accidentally typed at the sandbox. It doesn't matter what happens to a page when it's a sandbox. Anything is possible.

![=Generic=] MUGEN-ish info.

X: Light punch; Y: Medium punch; Z: Heavy punch; A: Light kick; B: Medium kick; C: Heavy kick

[[folder:Cheaper Edd]]

* Life: 2000
* Power: 10000
* Attack: 200
* Defense: 120
* Striker Gauge: Yes. (Cheaper Eddy, Hank Hill Smoking, Diablo Strider, Giffany (Sprite isn't finished; she looks cut off in several spots), Red Bull (Sprite isn't finished), future: Cheaper Ed and X versions of all strikers.)

!! Palettes

# Normal colors/"Orange"
# "Yellow"
# "Green"
# "Digital" (Everything pitch-black save for outline and other parts, which are green, creating an odd "neon sign" image)
# "Red"
# "Blue"
# "Inverted" (Inverted colors)
# "Black"
# "Purple"
# "Cyan"
# "[=.GIFfany=]" (Pink-themed with blue pants and a bit of yellow. His skin is also pink. His [=.GIFfany=] striker, to flip things around, is based on his default palette)
# "Golden" ([=12P=]; Mini Me will always be summoned when his health is at 500 or lower)

# "Gray" (Grayscale)
# "White" (Paler version of grayscale; in an older plan this would be used with a [=PalFX=] mod to make him go through a pseudo-spectra of colors, this was his old [=12P=] mode)

!! Intros

* Kamina and a Falcon Punch-giving Captain Falcon fly into eachother quickly. There is a flash of light, and suddenly Cheaper Edd is in the location they meet, just standing up.
* Naruto(-kun), ''Sonic 1''-styled Sonic, Arcade game-styled Homer Simpson, and ''Mario Teaches Typing''-styled Mario are standing in the place of the player. Cheaper Edd runs over to them, the screen turns black with white flashes, and they are all gone sans Cheaper Edd, who is now in proper position to begin the fight.
* The Hungry Pumkin is standing there and stays "I'm very hungry!" Cheaper Edd then runs up to him and kicks him from behind, and he quickly flies off the stage.
* ''Ed, Edd n' Eddy: The Mis-Edventures'' (GBA)-styled Edd is standing there. He says "Let's all go out for some chocolate frosty milkshakes" before flashing white and turning into Cheaper Edd. Donning a shocked expression, he shouts "OH MY LORD!" before resuming his usual stand pose.
* A rare one-in-100 chance intro is him simply in his "shocked" pose (as in surprised, not electrocuted) shouting "Oh my lord!" This is supposed to lead into an intro where a normal Edd prays, gets infused with some power, then hijacks that power source and becomes Cheaper Edd.


[[folder:Template Man (AKA Temps; Real name Ralph)]]

* Life: 1000
* Power: 3000
* Attack: 100
* Defense: 100
* Striker Gauge: No, uses "Battery Gauge" instead, which only summons one form of help.


[[folder:Homer Simpson Army]]

* Life: 10000 (Supposedly 1000 per clone, but it doesn't work right)
* Power: 4000
* Attack: 100
* Defense: 100
* Striker Gauge: No.

Currently, Homer Army is an experiment. He's Homer Simpson with the little trick I found that lets you do a quick Rox Howard Clones mock-up. He was intended to stay that way, along with having Hank Hill-related portraits but I later went back and started tweaking him up a little. Mostly in terms of victory animations, but his drunk self may eventually get new, OTT joke hypers. (That also serve a purpose: If the Homer Army is "knocked out" while one clone is in the middle of a Bash Dash Masher, the opponent will be stuck in the BDM until a debug key is used. By removing all grab-related hypers this problem will be solved... for ''Drunk'' Homer anyway.)

!! Palettes

* Homer Army has two new palettes right now. Here's the first: Pink pants, which I have dubbed "breastcancer." Future palettes may include Gamzee Makara from ''Homestuck'' and at least one more to give a good, round twelve, the limit (unless you have some odd workarounds) for how many selectable palettes a character has.
* Mostly dark gray, aside from some key red parts (starting with the eyes but changing to everything else so that the character's coloring would look nicer), dubbed "Dark." Similar to Cheaper Edd's black palette. As a "bonus," the waves caused from his Hell Candy Bombs are also red. This is planned to be the only palette right now to change that, but if I'm bored I might edit the others to have the shockwaves match their pant colors.
* The others/first nine are the same as S.M.R.T. Homer: Blue, green, red, orange, purple, spring green, gray, dark gray, and Peter Griffin (the latter being the only one with more than a pant change: Along with dark green pants, his shirt is even whiter and his skin is tan).

!! Differences From Rox Howard Clones (Currently; in the future they'll work in more similar ways)

To be changed:
* Spawn from the top of the screen instead of either side, but still seemingly at set points.
* Slowly fade away instead of binking away when knocked out.
* Instantly revert back to their stand pose when the round ends, regardless of if they win or not.
* Maybe this is because they are set to each have the full health of a regular Homer (originally it was 100 apiece, but during my test runs every single attack knocked the clone out), but these guys seem to be almost impossible to kill just by damage alone. However, knocking them on their backs seems to wipe them out at very low damages.
* If two or more clones are defeated at the same time, only one tenth is subtracted from their overall lifebar instead of the more balanced and less buggy "one tenth ''for each clone''." Thankfully, clones that are defeated apart from each other do not have to face this.

These will stay (Clone stuff):
* When played by the AI, each clone can act individually. In fact, this may have something to do with the AI, but it even seems like each clone gives themselves a specific task at some times, like one of them tosses donuts while another charges or a third keeps spamming the hypers. That's pretty cool. When played by a player, all clones all act at the same time unless desinced through action. TheComputerIsACheatingBastard? Probably, but I don't really want to fix that.

!! Intros

* The words "THE HOMEROCALYPSE IS ABOUT TO BEGIN" will appear in a color that matches the pants of the Homers based on their palette. It flashes several times, then disappears as the round starts.
* Peter Griffin is standing where the "player spot" is. Soon, three clones rush from the opposing side and beat him up. Unlike most versions of this Omega Tom Hanks-type intro, instead of a black screen, an image of a mistranslated sign reading "EXECUTION IN PROGRESS" will appear over the screen. After this happens, an intentionally-poorly ripped image of Peter lying dead from watching ''High School Musical'' will appear, and stay there for the rest of the round. This will not play if the enemy is Peter Griffin himself.


[[folder:Female Character's Butts]]

* Life: 2000
* Power: 5000
* Attack: 50 (Or was it 75; I'll have to check. Either way it's below average)
* Defense: 100
* Striker Gauge: Yes. (The Ghosts of Cheaper Edd's Victims, Missiles, Nude Bart Skateboarding.)

!! Palettes

# "


!! Intros


!! Victory Animations




* Life: 500
* Power: 1000
* Attack: 100
* Defense: 100
* Striker Gauge: No.

His gimmick is that he's a complete GlassCannon. He has pretty low stats outside of speed, but when he gives a standing punch to someone, several of his "tags" will fly out and attack others

!! List of Tags

The first sixty, and the numbered tags, are the ones that he uses as his "main attack." Everything after is in another situation.


''Everything below here I didn't even really start on.''


* Life: 1000
* Power: 3000
* Attack: 100
* Defense: 100
* (He's supposed to be a "Boring" character in those regards)
* Striker Gauge: Yes? (Haven't decided who though.)


[[folder:Skirtless Peach]]

* Life: 1200
* Power: 3000
* Attack: 100
* Defense: 100
* Striker Gauge: No.

* '''Gimmick:'''
** She can switch her place with Skirtless Daisy, Skirtless Rosalina, and Skirtless Pauline (or maybe someone else for the latter slot, but it probably won't be a crossover character). A+X switches to Daisy, B+Y to Rosalina, and C+Z to Pauline. To get back to Peach, press the same combination used to switch to said other character (IE as Daisy you'd press A+X, B+Y and C+Z still do the same switches.) Doing so will require 1000 power, so that you can't just keep spamming the invincibility frames from switching.
** LethalJokeCharacter.

!! Specials -- Skirtless Peach (SLP)

* '''EAT YOUR VEGGIES:''' QCF, X. SLP pulls out a vegetable and instantly tosses it. Basically the hadoken knockoff.

!! Specials -- Skirtless Daisy (SLD)

!! Specials -- Skirtless Rosalina (SLR)

!! Specials -- Skirtless Pauline? ([=SLPa=])

!! Hypers

All hypers use 1000 power, with the exception of TEAM BLAST, which uses 3000. Each "sub-"character only has one hyper to herself, but they can all use TEAM BLAST.

* '''Item Pluck:''' QCF, QCF, X. Used as SLP. A roulette looking similar to the Striker Gauge cards (but with the colors flipped: black border with white edges) pops up cycling through items. This is purely cosmetic and has no effect on the game, and can't be stopped manually. However, it randomly lands on one of these, which Peach then pulls out of the ground:
** '''Red Carrot:''' A small red carrot with a long nose-like fixture on it. Peach throws it, and it explodes, doing exceptional damage. Enemy is "burnt" and plays that animation if they have it. Red Pikmin reference.
** '''Yellow Carrot:''' A small yellow carrot with a pair of ear-like fixrues on it. Peach throws it, and it goes higher than usual and deals more damage than the average turnip. Enemy is "shocked" and plays that animation if they have it. Yellow Pikmin reference.
** '''Blue Carrot:''' A small blue carrot with a pink mouth-looking part on it. Peach throws it, and it can stun the opponent. Deals as much damage as the Yellow Carrot. Enemy is "frozen" and plays that animation if they have it. Blue Pikmin reference.
** '''Super Mushroom:''' Heals 120 life, ten percent of her maximum health.
** '''Hank Hill Smoking:''' SLP plucks out that picture, and it instantly vanishes. The stage briefly starts glowing in different colors (ideally, red, then green, then blue. No real reason for the order, just preference) while "rave music" plays. Effect is temporary and does not change the game at all.

!! Palettes

As with Warner's Leela, the general sprites use palette tricks to make cosmetic changes in the outfit itself.

# Normal Pink (Yellow Daisy, Cyan Rosalina, Red Pauline)
# Yellow (Cyan Daisy, Pink Rosalina, Green Pauline)
# Cyan (Pink Daisy, Yellow Rosalina, Blue Pauline)
# Red (Green Daisy, Blue Rosalina, Pink Pauline)
# Green (Blue Daisy, Red Rosalina, Yellow Pauline)
# Blue (Red Daisy, Green Rosalina, Cyan Pauline)
# Thong Pink (Same color scheme as #1, with skimpier outfit. Daisy, Rosalina, and Pauline are affected too palette-wise, and the other "Skirtless" characters have changed sprites to match this. A notice about this variation and how it is, in fact, another set of palettes despite a quick glance leading otherwise will show up when this or 8-12 is selected, as well as a redirect to the readme for further info)
# Thong Yellow (Same color scheme as #2)
# Thong Cyan (Same color scheme as #3)
# Thong Red (Same color scheme as #4)
# Thong Green (Same color scheme as #5)
# Thong Blue (Same color scheme as #6)

# White
# Black
# Orange
# Thong White
# Thong Black
# Thong Orange
# [=SSB4=] (All three of their legs are completely blackened out, all use default color scheme. This has no effect on the other strikers)
# Base (Fugly as hell coloring that only serves to be the base, for things like with how in order to make 7-12 out of 1-6 some things will technically be the same color, yet to initially save them and for a shorthand guide these will be colored differently)

Sprites with different skin colors have been planned for the future as well. As well as rounding out the "primary-secondary-tertiary RGB" spectrum (EG with lime green, spring green, blue-cyan, violet, and red-magenta-like palettes being in as well). And a "metal" palette.

!! Intros

* If ever modified to start as the other three, the intro would just be SLP immediately moving out of the way and the other leaping in. Boring.

!! Victories

As any of them:
* Similarly-dressed Palutena, Zelda, and Samus drop into the stage. A fake-credits screen appears saying "Special Guest Star: These Three," with a line underneath reading "Assistant Manager: Great Pikmin Fan." The latter is a reference to a part of ''Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals''.
* The player character is crushed by a giant statue of a nude Hank Hill mooning the viewers.

As Peach:
* She attempts to do her "down taunt" from Brawl/4(/only taunt in Melee) before getting bombarded by Blue Shells, Lightning Bolts, and Bullet Bills.
* The "dancers" from ''Super Mario Maker'' show up becide her and begin dancing. She herself dances along with them.
* Whips a Wii U out of hammerspace, sits on it, and it begins taking off via shooting money as a form of propulsion.
* Skirtless Pink Gold Peach slides into the stage, knocking Peach out of the way and offscreen.

As Daisy:
* A pseudo-Miiverse stage-styled "VOTE FOR DAISY" post appears and SLD, annoyed, grabs it and rips it in half.
* Waluigi rushes on stage doing his infamous "crotch chop," which scares Daisy into running away.
* Whips out a baseball bat from hammerspace. A generic Mii appears, and Daisy instantly whacks his head with the bat. The Mii's head flies off and twinkles away.
* Sprouts a flower from the top of her head, which begins spinning. She takes off into the sky. HINT: Onions from ''Pikmin''.

As Rosalina:
* Begins laughing before getting crushed by a huge pile of Lumas.
* Transforms into the Cosmic Spirit (or rather, Skirtless Cosmic Spirit) and a word balloon appears over her reading "Need a helping hand?"
* A very long one where she dons Kamina shades (matching her outfit), hops into Gurren Lagann, and flies off into space, represented by a galaxy background.
* Spins in a blur, then re-appears nude with a Luma over her nethers and at least one arm over her chest. She dances to some rap song kind of like this one victory of Dee Bee Kaw's. This is a reference to some certain Miiverse post.

As Pauline:
* Music stops, she crosses her arms, looks at the screen and says [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0obEjXwSKTQ "...You don't even know who I am!"]]
* The infamous... uh... "EXPAND" image related to Donkey Kong flickers on and off the screen for a few seconds. In between these flickers, Pauline disappears.
* Does some pose that involves turning her back to the screen. Then her underpants inexplicably explode/rip to shreads, technically elevating her from ''Skirt''less Pauline to... uh, I don't really care enough now to think of a super exact terminology.
* Gets chased by an army of other ''Mario'' characters; this is an in-joke about "slot stealing" or "replacing someone's slot" used in the ''Smash Bros.'' fandom, accusing characters as though if one gets in, a certain popular one isn't in for that reason.

!! Win Quotes

# "sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet?"
# "oh did i win?"
# "You say 'sexist,' I say 'funny as hell.'"
# "I'm the Seinfeld of your roster: The character about nothing."
# "ass."
# "lalalalala la!"
# "Didn't you watch Death Battle? I went EASY on you, okay?"
# "I can also make my eyes turn yellow."
# "It doesn't print money... it prints A SHITLOAD OF MONEY!"
# "Now I'm gonna lock you up in another castle! Just kidding, by the way."
# "I don't care what that guy on Youtube says; I'm not evil, and I'm not mind-controlling my citizens!"
# "Why yes, I'm ruining your childhood. You're welcome."


[[folder:Omega Drew Pickles]]

* Gimmick: Generally weird as hell. Also has a limited amount of time per match he can block or crouch. He has a visible "Duck meter" and "Block meter" towards the bottom-left (or right if he's on the "player 2 side") of the screen, divided into ten segments. Each segment is depleted after about a whole second worth or guarding or crouching, giving him only a fraction of the time in a timed match to play defensively with ease.\\
He is entirely "voiced" with Speakonia, though some of his other sound effects come from different sources.


[[folder:I Sure Do Have a Lot of Thirteenshots]]

# ''Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals''
# '''Technically''' ''Total Zeksmit Plains'' Although it Will Have a Sequel Season That's Longer
# ''Total Drama Race''
# ''Bl:oo# ''Housestuck the Split''
# ''naruto the guy with the ninja''
# '''Technically''' ''Extreme Musical Drama High School'', but that is a spinoff to a much larger series


Zapp Brannigan is a male example of DangerouslyShortSkirt?

Diddy Kong and his "hoo-hah" combo. Edit: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dG7Z06Gm40E Heh heh heh...]]

'''Beware of unmarked spoilers regarding the first chapter!'''

! A More Minor Story (Might move this to another Sandbox next edit)

!! The Four Players

(I'm using quotes from the old/current version. Well except Gerald's.)


-->''"Okay, what is this? Sheldon, is this an elaborate prank?"''

* ButtMonkey: The two challenges that involve actual, physical skill (the archery and the desert fight) utterly floor him. He's better in the ''Halo'' and physics quizzes (though he still loses the latter thanks to a trick question about the color of the sky) and does ''decently'' on the rap battle, even if Penny unknowingly damages them a point by spending more of it dissing him and overall giving them a ''negative'' score, however the rap is judged.
* OnlySaneMan: He and Catman are the only consistently sane characters in the story, and the only one who questions all of the weird crap he's put through.



-->''"Well, you know, this game sounded pretty badass for a guy like you and... I just ''had'' to join in! Pretty romantic, too!"''

* ActionGirl: She manages to single-handedly outscore both Gerald and Brenda in the horseback archery competition, and holds her own against both of them in the desert fight ''and'' the launch against Coiffio/Kripkie.
* ClothingDamage: Loses her shirt in the final game (and following battle), leaving her out in only a bra. Which parallel's Brenda's pretty much pantlessness.
* InstantExpert: At archery, it seems. And sword fighting. And, as in canon, ''Halo''.
* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: She is probably the BBT character who embodies this the most, having barely the faintest reaction at any of the odder stuff that happens. She treats the entire game like it's a fact of life despite how weird it is that two entire universities are betting themselves on the fate of two people, and only one of them actually works at either of them.



-->''[[WesternAnimation/TheAmazingWorldofGumball "So, you think you're hardcore?"]]''

* {{Determinator}}: This would somehow help him get hair.
* TookALevelInKindness: Apparantly the last two canonical episodes of his own show did not happen (evident by his verse in the rap battle). He's not willing to kill anyone over an interest in his crush, and he's slightly more rational in general.



-->''"E-e-earth's mass would scrape exactly half of Mars's if... hai."''

* HiddenDepths: She seems to have a big knowledge about physics, being able to tie up with Leonard during the physics trivia event.


!! Other Characters


* TheBusCameBack: He vanishes when the first four games start. Then he re-appears in the interlude. Then vanishes for the final showdown, but appears in the epilogue.
* {{Jerkass}}: He essentially forced Leonard into the game, using him as a sheild to back up his own claim while not having to do something himself.


[[folder:The Shrek Statue]]


The game's unofficial announcer of sorts. He was supposed to be a statue of someone named "Sheik," but there was a typo.

* LargeHam: Shouts everything in bold, very enthusiastically.
* VerbalTic: He always refers to the players as "Donkey"s. Respectively, Leonard, Penny, Gerald, and Brenda are [[Nerdglasses "Glasses Donkey,"]] "Waitress Donkey," [[PrematureBaldness "Balding Donkey,"]] and [[SailorFuku "Sailor Donkey."]]


!! Cameoes

[[folder:Alucard and Kamina]]

* ShooOutTheClowns: They leave around the time of the final battle. Subverted in that the fic never completely takes itself seriously.
* ThoseTwoGuys: In spite of the former being a powerful vampire and the latter being a {{badass}} freedom-fighter, neither of them have their skills come up and they are ultimately spectators in the match.




[[folder:Nepeta and Elitaa]]

-->''"[[HaHaHaNo Ha ha, no no no no no.]] There are a lot of things about the world you do ''not'' need to know. And a lot you barely need to know. Like these! [Fast] Realities run parallel worship the second coming of the Homer I called security on you [[WesternAnimation/GravityFalls buy gold, bye!]]"''
--->Nepeta, believe it or not

-->''"[Hisses] This is ''my'' game, you hear me? MY game!"''
---> Elitaa

Unlike the above two, they're not really even close friends at all. Elitaa was spotted trying to break into the stadium and Nepeta repeatedly runs through it trying to prevent her from going further.

* FromNobodyToNightmate: [[spoiler:WordOfGod is that ''Hair Idealization'' [[ShrugOfGod "might just actually"]] take place in the same world as ''Sleptover'', meaning that Elitaa will successfully murder several other characters]].
* {{Irony}}: Oh, quite a number. Nepeta being creatly opposed by Catman of all people is just a start.
* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: Elitaa isn't actually a refugee from SJAHJ trying to get into another story alltogether, no. She's just some abandoned nut attempted to end up famous (again?).
* SelfDeprecation: Fan utterly ''hates'' having came up with Elitaa for reasons unknown, so she's portrayed as some partly-feral Ezekiel knockoff who is trying to work her way into other big moments.
* VillainTeleportation: Elitaa has the ability to teleport.



-->''"I have one gear: GO!"''



-->''"YO YO YO! Wassup!"''

From ''WesternAnimation/TotalDrama''. He only makes his appearance at the very end, as trying to get more people to be involved with internships in his reality game show.