Being an improv show with the best in the field on its panel, you better believe it.

Warning: we recommend not [[SpitTake drinking liquids and reading this page at the same time.]]



!!UK version, hosted by Clive Anderson:

[[folder:In General]]
* There was somewhat of a RunningGag featuring Tony in the early series. During a game of Props, his partner introduced himself/herself as someone (usually ''That's Life!'' presenter Esther Rantzen or newsreader and ''Desert Island Discs'' presenter Sue Lawley), followed by Tony ''pretending to throw up into the prop''.
** One of his earlier examples of this RunningGag during Props, he shrieks and actually pretends to club himself upside the head with the prop when Josie announced she was Anne Diamond.
* After Paul calls Clive a "Slaphead"
-->'''Clive:''' (looks at camera) I am sad to announce the untimely death of Paul Merton (laughter) at my hands.\\
'''Paul:''' I lasted longer than your hair did, though, didn't I!
* When Greg and Clive had an argument, you knew that you were very lucky and had to [[ treasure]] [[ it]] for the rest of your life.
-->'''Clive''': You'll have to act as...hamsters. Yes, hamst-\\
'''Greg''': What's wrong with you?! Hamsters! Get some friends!\\
'''Clive''': The hamsters ''are'' my friends.
** Or:
-->'''Clive''': (after getting the suggestion of "perishing elastics") Elastic is a substance we have over here that stretches. It perishes and things fall down and things go wrong.\\
'''Greg:''' When's it gonna stop, huh? The aggression?\\
'''Clive:''' When you give us our colonies back.\\
'''Greg:''' ''Your'' colonies. ''Clive's'' colonies.
** Most of the Clive/Greg arguments involve Clive making a snide remark about America being supposedly too backward to have something:
--->'''Clive:''' In this scene you're a sports commentator - you have sport in America, don't you?\\
'''Greg:''' Yes, and sometimes we ''beat'' the Germans. ''(audience cheers/boos)'' It's 'cause we never play them!\\
'''Clive:''' Well, in the war, when you join in... ''(audience cheers wildly)'' I don't think the Germans play baseball, do they?\\
'''Greg:''' I'd love to chat, but I'm a little busy doing an improv show.\\
'''Clive:''' Have you worked out what the simple words mean yet?\\
'''Greg:''' Yes I have, Mr. A.\\
'''Clive:''' Jolly good.\\
'''Greg:''' Maybe you're confusing this with your other show where you just talk, talk, talk and never let anyone else. ''(audience cheers wildly again)''
** Sometimes this backfires.
--->'''Clive''': You are in a uh...holdup. That's the only word I know. You have those in America, don't you?\\
'''Greg''': Yeah. We invented it!
* Perhaps the best Clive/Greg exchange:
--> '''Clive''': What superhero should Greg be? (audience member shouts "Useless Man") "Useless Man"? (another audience member shouts "Caterpillar Man") "Caterpillar Man", that kind of, gives him more to play with. Useless is... kind of what he is. I didn't mean that. Caterpillar Man is very good. What is the problem? (audience member shouts "Pants are too small!") Pants are too small? We've done that haven't we?\\
'''Greg''': If we did, I'm sure it was [[SarcasmMode fraught with hilarity!]]\\
'''Clive''': Well, with that challenge, let's go ahead... pants are too small... You're Captain Caterpillar.\\
'''Greg''': Captain Caterpillar?\\
'''Clive''': You can bring elements of Useless Man, if you want.\\
'''Greg''': I'll be Captain Caterpillar, and you just sit there and be Useless Man like usual.\\
'''Clive''': Oh, you're winning tonight, as I can see. So, you might metamorphosise into something-\\
'''Greg''': Is it about time to make some kind of inappropriate American reference here?\\
'''Clive''': Not yet, you do the show. Yank.\\
'''Greg''': I can take a hit, if you-\\
'''Clive''': GET ON WITH IT, GREG!!!
* Clive inverts this gag for the American audience for the last British series, which was filmed in Hollywood.
--> '''Clive:''' Suggest a gameshow, like ''Series/WheelOfFortune''.\\
'''Rather unoriginal audience member:''' ''[[Film/{{UHF}} Wheel of Fish]]''.\\
'''Clive:''' I think we have that in England.
** And again:
---> '''Clive:''' I just have to explain to the British audience what "[=ATMs=]" are. We call them 'hole-in-the-wall machines' in England. ''(TruthInTelevision)''
* Mike kissing Tony in a blooper from Season 3, rendering him completely speechless.
* Also the time Clive needs suggestions from the audience for a global disaster; among other things, the microphones pick up "an asteroid's about to crash into the earth" and "RichardNixon comes back from the dead." The decision is obvious:
-->'''Clive''': There's a jam shortage! Okay, so--\\
'''Mike''': Who are you receiving your suggestions from, British Telecom?!\\
'''Greg''': There's GOLD coming from over here!

* The [[ game of Authors]] where Tony's style was ComicStrip/RupertBear. He had the last turn of the round...
-->'''Steve Steen''' (''as Andrew Morton''): I tell you, I was so depressed I threw myself and tried to impale myself on Barbara Cartland's eyelashes... (''buzz'')\\
'''Paul Merton''' (''Hello!'' magazine): Barbara Cartland, [[BlatantLies can there be a more respected woman in Great Britain?]] (''buzz'')\\
'''Tony''' (''clearly thinking hard''): Barbara Cartland, witch and hag, too much makeup, fascist bag.
** The best is the blank look on his face while he's saying it, followed by the grin as soon as the buzzer goes.

* Mike tending bar for Ryan, who has [[ been invited to the Queen's garden party.]]
* "Don't mess with the Neon Love Chicken!"

[[folder:Dead Bodies]]
* Ryan, Greg and guest Rory Bremner all have to pretend to be dead actors, with Colin as the only remaining living one battling on by moving them around and dubbing their voices. Ryan and Rory are cowboys, Greg's an Indian princess. Towards the end Colin has Rory say "Look, I think we all ought to have one big kiss" and there's a great moment where dead Rory 'wakes up' and has a "what the hell is going on" look in his eyes.

* Ryan and Steve Frost voice over two military guys in a room with a giant map on the wall - the first thing they do is [[FailedASpotCheck complain about how they can't find the map,]] up until the end.
--> '''Steve''': [[NeverMyFault What a stupid place to put a bloody map!]]

* A duet between Mike [=McShane=] and Josie Lawrence that veered onto the subject of puking in swimming pools and ended like this:
-->'''Josie:''' Don't worry, honey, relaxo. We won't really be sick, we'll use Paxo.\\
'''Mike:''' ''[gamely singing his heart out]'' That's a good idea, [[FishOutOfWater what the hell is Paxo]]?
** It's food stuffing, for those who don't know.
* Mike and Josie really had excellent chemistry, not to mention one of the best pair of singing voices, as demonstrated in [[ a love song about a cat litter tray.]] Yes. Absolutely genius lyrics here, "Whoever thought that feline defecation/Could be such a swell and singular sensation" One of the best Song Styles ever.

* [[ One]] of the few sessions of ''Expert'', where one player interviews an expert on an obscure subject. Greg and Ryan are in it, and the subject given by the audience is taxidermy - after which Ryan [[BlackComedy spends the entire game completely rigid and staring into space.]] [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome He doesn't even BLINK.]]

[[folder:Expert Translation]]
* [[ Josie's fluid and convincing faux-Albanian]] is otherwise... ''marred'' by Jim's "interpretation".
** Compare with [[ this later one.]]

[[folder:Film & Theatre Styles]]
* Whenever Paul and Tony are together in Film and Theatre Styles, you know you're going to experience a trainwreck of insanity. For example:
** First time together, in Greek tragedy style:
--->'''Tony''': The problem is that the builder has been murdered, Off-stage! (''laughter'')\\
'''Paul''': Not Stavrost, surely!\\
'''Tony''': No, Escalus, with a knife, dripping in the Mediterranean sun, he plastered his bricks and died.\\
'''Paul''': [[NotEvenBotheringWithTheAccent That's rather unlucky in Peckham isn't it?]]
** From Season 4:
--->'''Tony:''' (''mimes pouring a pint from a tap as a bartender''): Oh, I'll just put the cat down. (''puts the "cat" down, while Paul just stares at him'') What shall-?\\
'''Paul''' (''to Jim and Steve''): I can't work with this!\\
'''Tony''': What can I do you for? Ice in a slicer?\\
'''Paul''': Hang on, I'll just put down this cactus. (''does so'') Oh look, I better take this bazooka out of me pocket, (''does so'') and I'll get out of the helicopter. (''does so'')
** In Shakespeare style:
--->'''Paul''' (''speaking in a weird accent''): I would like to acquire some of this ale that I see displayed before me in various bottles of various hues.\\
'''Tony''' (''incredulously''): That's Bela Lugosi! (''laughter'') So, have you-\\
'''Paul''': I not know of this Hammy-era Horror actor of which you speak!\\
'''Tony''': My liege, you're fucked!
** Season 5 (final episode Paul was in):
--->'''Clive''' (''buzzes''): Horror.\\
'''Tony''': What a horrible suit! (''laughter and applause, Paul looks annoyed'')\\
'''Paul''': That's-that's good coming from somebody who's dressed up as Doc Holliday!
*** Followed by Clive interrupting because "this is just lapsing into personal abuse," to which Paul replies, "You shut your face!" Also, right at the beginning of [[ that one]], Tony does an over-the-top pleading not to be locked up because he's innocent, prompting Paul to say, "I think you're as guilty as hell!"
** In Film Noir style:
--->'''Tony: (mimes smoking)''' Yes, it's interesting the way the-\\
'''Paul:''' Hang on, where'd the cigarette come from?! (Tony laughs) What's all this?! (Mimes Tony's "smoking" gestures) Excuse me while I just get on me moped! (Pretends to ride one, causing Tony to crack up. Does the smoking gesture again. Turns to Jim and Steve) You see that, what's all that?
* The [[DorkAge early seasons]] had a lot of in-between banter compared to the usual, but [[ this]] interruption of a ''Film TV Theater Styles'' stood out.
--> '''Clive:''' Now do it InTheStyleOf a [[GuiltyPleasures blue movie]]... maybe you've seen a few (sotto) maybe even ''been'' in a few...\\
'''Josie:''' [[{{Adorkable}} Shurrup, me mum and dad am in!]]
* From the British version there's one "Film and Theater styles" with Ryan and Colin in which they have to do the scene in the Shakespearean style. The look on the faces of Tony and Steve in the background while Ryan says his line is also hilarious.
-->'''Clive''': Shakespeare.\\
'''Ryan''': The sky. The sky behind the door is ''blooooo''.\\
'''Colin''': Aye, it 'tis blue! ''[silence]''\\
'''Clive''': That's the worst Shakespeare I've ever heard! ''(cracks up)'' Here, I'll give you something a little [[BlatantLies easier]] for you Ė Japanese Noh Theater.\\
'''Ryan''': ''(groans under his breath)''
** [[ Here it is.]] Enjoy.
** And for added kicks, the Shakespearean line Ryan says? It's in Iambic Pentameter.
* The better part of [[ this Film And Theatre Styles playing]] involves Ryan making a total fool of himself for the enjoyment of all involved.
--> "We'll keep going till we get to [[OohMeAccentsSlipping an accent Ryan can do]]."
* Griff Rhys Jones and John Sessions [[ act out a silent movie]] a la Creator/CharlieChaplin. John hands Griff his shoe. [[Film/TheGoldRush He "eats"]] [[EatingShoes it]]. John hands him his sock. Griff ''[[IAteWhat literally]]'' eats it.
* Caroline Quentin: one that isn't quite so overshadowed from the shock value, where she and Josie are portraying female Arctic explorers... the first thing they do is ''complain about the weather and how it's drying their hair and everything.''

[[folder:Film Dub]]
* [[ This]] Film Dub between Paul and Julian Clary.
* [[ Meet the Jimmy Saville of ancient China.]]

[[folder:Film Trailer]]
* Film Trailer: ''The Revenge of the Sheep Shearer''. [[ "I split my pants, look!"]]

[[folder:Helping Hands]]
* Probably [[ the first game Ryan had to eat something repulsive.]] It's a RunningGag that lasts to this day.
* ''"Brie & wine together! [[ What could be better]]??"''
* Paul trying to snort baby powder during Helping Hands with Ryan (and Greg as the hands) scolding him, then smacking him with the baby powder.
* One playing of [[ "Helping Hands"]] featured Tony Slattery providing the hands for Josie Lawrence as she plays an air hostess. However, he seems to having a little too much fun with his hands (Grabbing Josie's breasts, sticking his fingers in her mouth, making sexual gestures, opening a tupperware box of salad all over the desk) and poor Josie just cracks up while trying and failing to maintain her composure. At one point he picks up a baby doll and smudges its face with a small cake prompting Josie to say:
-->'''Josie''': Oh, and if you've got a baby on the plane, we always like to put... a cake on its head.

* In a game of ''Hats'' with a world's worst dating agency videos theme, Ryan repeatedly wears the same one, a jockey's cap where he gives a Murray Walker-style commentary ("It's Breast ahead of Penis, Penis coming up there quickly on the inside!"). That's not the CMOF; the CMOF is when he interrupts this by sitting down with a giant unsteady hat piled with plastic fruit:
-->'''Ryan''': ''(After a long pause)'' ...I really have nothing to say...I just like wearing this.

* Tony's "Hoedown" about excessive drinking, which consisted of just pulling a handkerchief out of his mouth. The only lines he actually sings are "[[OrphanedPunchline and then I cut it off]]!" at the very end.
* During the [[ "Sex" Hoedown]], Greg opened up with this (with Tony on the end):
--> '''Greg:''' Oh, I'm a randy bugger, I really get around!/I like to have a shag with everyone in town./I have lots of fun, I'm as happy as can be!/ and that's 'cos my name is Tony Slattery!
* Colin's verse in the Coffee hoedown.
* Greg's verse in the Colin hoedown.
* Colin seemed to develop a reoccurring gag where he'd get out of finishing his verse in a Hoedown by [[KilledMidSentence having some form of heart attack]] if the subject allowed it, such as eating too much on Christmas or wearing pants so tight it cut off his blood circulation.

[[folder:Improbable Mission]]
* An earlier playing of Improbable Mission from the UK version: [[ The way Ryan reacts to Colins out-of-the-blue statement "My God, she's gonna go off!" is absolutely priceless]].
** What really tears it is someone in the audience making ''jungle animal noises'' when Ryan starts using the "machete".

[[folder:Let's Make a Date]]
* ''Let's Make a Date'' with [[ Stephen as a "trendy vicar"]]; not just for the way he slips comfortably into the role and throws in an EyesAlwaysShut tic for effect, but for the way he holds it all together with aplomb while beside Colin Mochrie as someone who "[[UnfortunateImplications hates everything English]]".
-->'''Colin''': Everyone drinks tea in [Creator/JaneAusten detective novels]! What is it with [[SpotOfTea tea]]? What is it with tea?! I've passed stronger urine samples than that! Now coffee--now THERE's a drink! Coffee! I need one right now!
* In one playing, Colin hated everything English. It's hilarious.
* In one playing, Colin's quirk is that he fancies the other two contestants, which he further interprets as completely ignoring Josie while he stares laviciously at them (and even absent-mindedly threatening to push her out of a window). When it comes time to guess:
-->'''Josie:''' Colin...Colin reminds me of a bloke I used to go out with, actually!
* In one of the "taped in L.A." episodes from the last season, Phil [=LaMarr=] played Arnold Schwarzenegger as a stand-up comic ("Chuckles aplenty."), while Ryan played an impatient driver who gets stuck in traffic, shouting "LET'S GO!" at the top of his lungs and getting miffed at people who don't wave when he lets them into his lane. Anyone who's lived in a big city can relate to his quirk.

[[folder:News Report]]
* Non singing example, during a game of News Report (the precursor to Weird Newscasters and Newsflash, Mike plays the roll of Little Bo Peep (in his normal voice), then as Mary Mary, Quite Contrary (with a more feminine voice). As Little Bo, he makes this comment when Josie, as the reporter on the scene, asks what happened with her sheep going missing:
-->'''Mike''': It didnít happen at all! I went out in the back to take a piss, I came back out- (realizes what he just said, cracks up) I donít believe I just said that! I was out drinking with the sheep.\\
'''Ryan''': Of course (the sheep) would leave! Full-grown 200-pound man pissing on ya, wouldn't you want to leave?

* [[ This]] early ''Newsflash'' game should put an end to the 'stuffy British humor' arguments...
** Not to mention, the Newsflash from the first episode of season 9 - featuring fully nude women. Lots of them. Running and bouncing. (Poor Greg seems to have a bit of a problem in his pants during this game!)

[[folder:Number of Words]]
* In a playing of ''Number of Words'', Colin has to say five words each time and Ryan can only say one. They play off each other brilliantly to get around this problem.
-->'''Colin:''' I'll go, you create a...\\
'''Ryan:''' Diversion?

[[folder:Old Job, New Job]]
* A certain quirk in the game Old Job New Job gets [[ played right to the hilt.]]
** "I think Steve wins that for coming up with the [[IncrediblyLamePun funniest crack of the night.]]"

[[folder:Party Quirks]]
* The British version has some really great ones, including some classic Party Quirks. One being where Tony Slattery was unable to guess two of the quirks and, after Clive Anderson noted that this was his worst playing of the game, Tony responded by screaming [[ "Oh, well, F**K OFF!"]], causing Clive to take away all the points Tony had ever got since then. The other being the Party Quirk where Ryan was a toddler learning to walk and Josie Lawrence was [[ a penis]], the actions the two did caused Tony to crack up hysterically.
** Tony realizing that Ryan's Party Quirk was being a sperm cell. "OH MY GOD [[BigNo NOOOO!]]"
* Tony Slattery. Party Quirks. [[ Chippendale.]]
-->'''Paul''': You've come as Tony Slattery.
* The Party Quirks game when Clive accidentally hit the buzzer instead of the doorbell.
-->'''Paul''': Excuse me, there's somebody at the microwave.

[[folder:Press Conference]]
* One of the Hollywood episodes features [[ a game of Press Conference]] in which Colin has given birth to Clive's love child. It's just as hilarious as it sounds, all the way from Greg laughing at the card before anyone else knows what it is, to Colin finally figuring it out...
-->'''Greg''': Was it a natural childbirth, or was it in a manner of his own choosing?\\
'''Colin''': It was very painful...and it was in the style of a hoedown.
** An even funnier bit (only the second question):
---> '''Ryan:''' ''Why?''\\
'''Colin''' ''(slaps the podium)'': This was something I felt that would benefit generations that came after me! (Clive nods in agreement) And that is why as it was happening, I documented it on film, and it now will be shown in many schools!

[[folder:Questions Only]]
* The entirety of Stephen Fry's last episode, [[ especially the Questions Only game "Scenes from Ancient Rome"]].
-->'''Josie''': "Are you going to the Parthenon tonight?"\\
'''Stephen''' (''after floundering and being buzzed out''): "Could you tell her the Parthenon's in Athens?"\\
'''Josie''' (''to Ryan, replacing Stephen''): "Is the Parthenon in Athens?"\\
'''Ryan''': "Would you like to buy a map?"
** HilariousInHindsight when you consider {{QI}}. "They saaaaaaay of the Acropolis where the Parthenon iiiiis..."
* Mike also kissed Brad Sherwood in a game of "Questions Only" that he essentially ran the table (Colin, on the same side of the stage as him, didn't get ''one'' line).
-->'''Brad''': [[OhCrap Are you going to kiss me]]?\\
'''Mike''': Am I going to give you a tongue lashing? Oh, yes! YES! (plants a ''huge'' kiss on Brad as the StudioAudience erupts in riotous cheering)\\
'''Brad''': O_O\\
'''Clive''': I'm buzzing you out Brad, to spare you any further embarrassment. ''[Exit Brad]''\\
''(Ryan Stiles come in, but only takes one step onto the stage.)''\\
'''Mike''': ''(grinning)'' Are you next?\\
'''Ryan''': ...\\
''[[[ScrewThisImOuttaHere Exit Ryan]]]''

[[folder:Scene to Music]]
* In one of the deleted scenes from the UK show, Tony and Steve performed a "Scene to Music" involving a father sending his son out to buy washing powder. [[ The result was nothing short of brilliant.]]
-->'''Tony:''' But will it wash my sins away as well as my underpants?\\

[[folder:Scene to Rap]]
* [[ The Scenes To Rap about a hotel.]]
* One "Scene to Rap" set at a zoo featured Ryan as a nudist.
--> '''Ryan''': (rapping) Well, I'm a nudist, I walk around the zoo, I find that's what the other animals ''want'' me to do! Walkin' round like this, it takes some guts, I'm going to go to the monkeys and give 'em some nuts.
** Then moments later...
--> '''Colin''': (rapping) I'm the security guard right here, What's this guy, is he... weird? Standing there, showing all his parts, 'cmon there, buddy, whoo, what a fart. I tell you this is really bad, the state of the zoo is really sad, we can't have naked people running 'round like this, 'scuse me, please, I gotta take a piss.

[[folder:Scenes From a Hat]]
* [[ Scenes from a Hat]]: "A Weight Watchers Convention".
-->'''Paul''' (''to Josie Lawrence''): No luck then?\\
'''Josie''': (''grabs Paul while laughing'') I'm going to fucking kill you.
** To be fair, Paul and Ryan had been ripping on Josie a fair bit earlier, including [[ a preemptive suggestion involving porno and a scene involving a prison riot]]:
--->"More women in this prison or we riot!... We want a prettier one!"
* "Scenes from a Hat" suggestion: "Fortune Cookies that tell the truth"
--> '''Greg:''' (reading out loud from imaginary paper) "You're a cheap bastard and you won't leave a tip". '''HEY!'''
* In one game of Scenes From A Hat, the suggestion was "What Hell looks like." [[ See for yourself.]]
-->'''Greg:''' *walks out* [[spoiler:His neck is tucked in as if he's about to impersonate Clive.]]\\
'''Clive:''' *buzz*\\
'''Greg:''' *DeathGlare*

[[folder:Song Styles]]
* [[ SPONGEMAN!!!]]
* In one "Song Styles", Mike is given the the style of ragtime, and the subject is a syringe. This is amusing in itself (he immediately [[LowestCommonDenominator turns it into a ditty about heroin usage]]), but he actually manages to mislead Richard Vranch, who stops playing after the fourth measure like he's used to doing. Mike turns and looks at him, ''while still singing on-beat'', and the music starts back up and they finish together as normal. Clip [[ here.]]
* Mike's German drinking song about -- wait for it -- a [[ little red triangle.]]

[[folder:Sound Effects]]
* The premiere's "Sound Effects" would provide a taste of things to come as Paul decided to mess around with Archie Hahn on the mike - the scene was just "getting dressed" but Paul went on to play with the mirror cabinet, turning on the hot and cold water, flushing the toilet, and even turning on the radio...

[[folder:Whose Line]]
* From a playing of "Whose Line?": Ryan is driving a car before being pulled over by policeman Brad. As Brad pulls out the second piece of paper he reads from, [[ he visibly stifles his laughter upon reading it]].
--> '''Brad:''' You know, the last time I saw a guy like you, he tried to get out of it (a ticket) by saying, [reads his line] "Grab me, [stifles] big boy, and kiss me like there's no tomorrow!"\\
'''Clive:''' (after the sketch ends) Those lines fit in almost ''too'' well.

[[folder:World's Worst]]
* Colin makes an awesome crack at Clive in World's Worst.
--> "I'm Clive Anderson and I used to have no neck. But with new Neck Insert...Look!"

!!First US version, hosted by Drew Carey:

[[folder:In General]]
* Chip's spot-on impression of [[ Snagglepuss]]? Amazing. Colin's ATTEMPTED impression of Snagglepuss? HILARIOUS.
** Something of a CrowningMomentOfAwesome in there - when Chip goes "exit stage right" and breaks into a dash, his stool is left ''bucking back and forth in his wake''. A stock ''Looney Tunes'' effect done for real, and likely unintentional.
** Chip's Snagglepuss is great and all, but Colin had the best joke when it came to this impression (if cartoon characters were in famous films): "Rosebud, even!"
* "[[ Wait, that wasn't ''Close Encounters''!]]"
* The episode with the [[ "Captain Hair"]] running gag (about Colin, of course), especially when Ryan said Colin's nickname in German would be "Herr Hair!"
** The look Colin gives Ryan after he says that is priceless. Not to mention Ryan having to hold Colin back twice.
** Then there's the Green Screen that happened in the green screen mentioned above, where he made the bald joke comment. The two in conjunction...
** "Well, another crisis solved! Now it's time to find the guy who made that suggestion!"
* [[ "Would you like some jello...Hitler?"]]
** Especially throughout the whole episode how the guys weren't allowed to do anything on Hitler [[GodwinsLaw for some reason]], so they took stabs at the topic occasionally, culminating in this bit from Hoedown:
--->'''Ryan''': Our director, he really is the boss,\\
At yelling and screaming, he's never at a loss,\\
He's the meanest guy that you will ever see,\\
He should sprout a mustache and move to Germany!
** He got a standing ovation for his TakeThat at the director.
** Fun Fact: This was also the 100th Hoedown aired (adding the UK and US airings).
* [[ Colin's 'I'll help you fluff your Garfield' moment.]]
* Even Kathy Greenwood has one. [[ Goat]], anyone?
* "[[ Wayne's got a tickly butt.]]"
* ''[[RunningGag Oooooooo]][[ oooo]][[ oooo...]]''
* In one episode, Drew brought a tape recorder in which he previously recorded "1,000 points" into it. Later on, Wayne steals the recorder, records his own message into it, and [[ Hilarity Ensues]].
** [[spoiler: "My ass. My ass. My ass. My ass."]]
*** Drew's reaction is just hilarious.
* Perhaps Drew's most infamous screw-up is when he apparently forgets what he learned in geography, and accidentally calls Africa a country. [[ Naturally, the others make him pay dearly.]] Plus a CrowningMomentOfAwesome to a contestant that got picked during Drew's ''The Price Is Right'' run with a custom T-shirt referencing the blooper and for Drew to make light of the incident.
* [[ Colin as the "king of the zombie men"]].
* "[[ BIG MEATBALL!]] [[Film/RaidersOfTheLostArk ''Raiders!'']]
* [[ This clip]] from the game Bartender.
* Colin and Ryan... [[ and twin belly dancers.]]
* World's Worst: [[ "I'd like to thank everybody I've ever met:]] [[LongList Jim, Sarah, Bob..."]] '''BUZZ''' [[LongList "...Shirley, Bill, Aunt Doris..."]] '''BUZZ''' [[LongList "...Uncle Peter..."]] '''BUZZ''' [[OverlyLongGag "...Henry Fonda..."]] '''BUZZ''' [[OverlyLongGag "...Jill the weathergirl, Susan, my first wife Cheryl..."]] '''BUZZ''' [[OverlyLongGag "...Dick York..."]]
* Drew brings up the zippers on Wayne's pants after a Superheroes game, and Wayne responds "It's my tribute to [[MichaelJackson Michael]]" and breaks into his trademark Michael impression. [[ Greg, not to be outdone.....]]
* In one episode, after coming back from a commercial break, Drew waved his hand in front of his face for some reason and said "Pew, welcome back to ''Whose Line is it Anyway'', the show where everything's made up and the points don't matter..." Ryan interrupted by saying, "You know how that's gonna look when you come back from commercial and you go, "Whoo!" (indicating that Drew just farted, of course)
* This:
-->'''Ryan:''' Damn rolling black-outs!\\
''(Wayne starts rolling across the floor)''\\
'''Ryan:''' No, not ''that'' kind!
* Anytime Greg laughs, it's pure joy. Notable instances: Laughing at Drew accidentally calling Africa a country, laughing at Colin's LMAD quirk of "his anger management thong tightens when he gets upset", his brief but loud "HA HA!" when Drew read the "Hollywood Director" scene that he was playing Van Helsing, kicking down the door to confront Dracula, the "Party Quirks" when Drew said that Wayne was a "chicken with an attitude" (Greg briefly doubled over with laughter), and his laugh in "Let's Make a Date" when Drew read that Ryan was Colin's highly competitive uglier brother (this one made Greg laugh so hard he fell out of his chair!).
* Drew, after a commercial break: "And by the way, if you're watching the show in Beirut, for God's sake, turn off your TV and move. I mean God, what do we have to tell you??"
* After a "Weird Newscasters" where Wayne played a girl scout possessed by the devil:
--> '''Drew''': (to Wayne) This is gonna sound funny, but you're not the first girl scout I've seen possessed by the devil.\\
'''Ryan''': Those weren't real girl scouts; those were girls you paid to ''pretend'' they were girl scouts!\\
'''Drew''': ...Tell your wife I said "hello". (audience laughs) Let's just stop this; I love you, man.\\
'''Colin''': Hey, come on, make fun of the bald guy! I'll be your lightning rod of hate! (audience laughs)\\
'''Ryan''': (laughing) Lightning rod...\\
'''Drew''': You asked for it; this next game is for Ryan and Baldy!
* All of Drew's various "That's ME!" remarks, said after he described a sordid individual:
--> '''Drew''': Hey, you know that disheveled-looking transvestite you always see leaning on a lamppost when you're driving home late at night? That's ME! :)
** Another example:
--> '''Drew''': Hey, you know when you get on the internet and you get an instant message that's really disgusting and filthy, but it almost turns you on? That's ME! :)
* Whenever Drew tells the audience to shut up. One example:
--> '''Drew''': The points are just like Father's Day at Madonna's house. (audience says "Ooooohhh") What, is she here? Shut up.
* After a game, Drew awarded points and Ryan whistled.
--> '''Drew''': Hey. 1,000 'cause you whistled.
** Similarly:
--> '''Drew''': 1,000 points- (Ryan's holding up two fingers) What? Okay, 2,000 points. (Ryan looks pleased; Drew mouths, "I love you.")
* One of the "winner gets to do a little something special with me" jokes:
--> '''Drew''': ...And the loser has to go back to CANADA where he ''belongs''! (a stressed Colin rubs his eyes)
* In one episode (from the same taping as the "Africa's a country" mistake), Drew initially said the next game was "Let's Make A Date" (which the performers just got done with), prompting Greg to call Drew "Captain Alzheimer". Later in the same episode, this issue of saying the wrong game came up again:
--> '''Drew''': Let's go onto... Song Styles! Greatest Hits! (audience laughs; Ryan shakes his head in disbelief)\\
'''Greg''': This is for all four contestants; Wayne is gonna be choosing a date, but they're not exactly what you'd think!\\
'''Drew''': ({{Beat}}) ....Well let's go onto a game called Greatest Hits!
* The batch of episodes where Drew gave Halloween candy to the winners. In one of the episodes, he only had jellybeans to throw and, after a game, sloppily threw the jellybeans in their general direction.
--> '''Greg''': Jellybeans on the floor? This is the best Halloween ever, Drew!
* This "back from commercial" bit in-between games:
--> '''Drew''': Hey, I want to send a special thank you to everybody who sends in audition tapes. Tonight's winner is Riley Breen from Sandusky, Ohio, so congratulations, Riley. We're going to be taping the show tonight over your audition tape.
** Another one:
--> '''Drew''': During the break I had a cheeseburger, two pizzas and a six-pack of beer. Now we'll move on to- [[VerbalBackspace 'cause I'm a pig.]] Now we'll move on to...
* After a "Hollywood Director":
--> '''Drew''': Thousand points to everybody, especially to you, Colin.\\
'''Colin''': Why, thank you, Drew!\\
'''Drew''': (laying it on thick) 'Cause, you know, you're the best director ever.\\
'''Colin''': (feigned modesty) Gosh.\\
'''Drew''': (to camera) I gotta humor him 'cause he's bald.\\
'''Ryan''': Jeez Louise.\\
(audience awwwws)\\
'''Drew''': Oh man, never make fun of the popular funny guy, that's the thing you shouldn't do. Sorry, Colin.\\
'''Colin''': That's all right.\\
'''Drew''': Now, let's go on to a game called... ([[SoundEffectBleep bleep bleep]]) Colin. Let's go on to a game called-\\
'''Ryan''': I don't wanna play ''that''.\\
'''Drew''': ''I'' do!
* The episode where Drew gave $100 bills to the winners of the games gave quite a few funny moments:
** After "Remote Control" when Drew threw the first prize, Wayne examined the bill and was amazed that it was real. Ryan asked to see it, and dismissed, "It's not a ''real'' bill.", only to put it in his own pocket.
** After a particularly [[HoYay "friendly"]] "Let's Make a Date" where Colin kissed Ryan and Wayne, Drew said, "Colin... Colin... another $100 here, buddy. Thanks." (kisses Colin on the mouth)
--> '''Drew''': How bad you want it, Mochrie? Come on, get your dirty money.
** After "Sound Effects", Ryan and Colin gave their $100 prizes to the women who provided their sound effects. Cut to a surprised Drew.
--> '''Drew''': I was just about to-\\
'''Ryan''': I'm sorry, did you want that back??\\
'''Drew''': No, you just saved me $200. I was just about to do that, but now I don't have to anymore.\\
'''Colin''': Hey, that was our money!
** After "Motown Group", Drew complimented Colin and offered him another $100. Colin turned it down, so Drew threw the dollar into the crowd.
--> '''Ryan''': (pretending to be one of the audience members; miming punching) That's MY dollar!!!
* After a playing of "Award Show" where all the performers were supposed to moon the audience, Wayne says something to Brad over the audience applause, which Drew notices:
--> '''Drew''': Are you serious? Are you serious? (Wayne points to his ear) No, I read your lips, are you serious? (Wayne presumably nods off-screen) Wayne just said to Brad, "I would've done it with you, but I have a G-string on!"\\
'''Wayne''': (audience cheers) Yes, I... (some audience members sound audibly grossed out) Hey, it gives me support! What's up!\\
'''Ryan''': It's not like it's a ''leopard'' G-string, is-is it...? (Wayne hand waves this)\\
'''Drew''': I thought you were jokin' around.\\
'''Brad''': (sounding macho) It's a ''G''-string!\\
'''Wayne''': Right. When I'm hangin' with my homies. Hold on... (pulls one of the straps out from his pants)\\
'''Drew''': Holy crap, he ''is'' wearing a G-string!\\
(audience cheers)\\
'''Wayne''': You like that, huh?
** For a follow-up to this, see the Party Quirks tab.

[[folder:Moments with Special Guests]]
* The episode with [[ Richard Simmons]] definitely earns Crowner status here. It may be ''the'' MagnumOpus of the show's funny moments.
** The ''Living Scenery'' game is notable as it is one of the few instances where Colin [[{{Squick}} actually loses his composure]]. Richard [[RefugeInAudacity winking at the camera]] [[LargeHam multiple times]] didn't help.
* The whole episode with RobinWilliams as the guest fourth player could count, especially that episode's [[ Scenes From A Hat]]. Like the Richard Simmons one, it's also commonly cited as perhaps the show's greatest episode.
** Hollywood Director. The second style? {{Riverdance}}. It ends with Robin, Wayne, and Ryan striking dramatic poses.
--->'''Colin''': ''[Enter]'' CUT!\\
'''Ryan''': At the end, that seemed a little too ''Series/CharliesAngels''.\\
''(Audience laughs)''\\
'''Colin''': I ''WISH!'' Now what we need to--\\
'''Robin''': Can I take a moment?\\
'''Colin''': (To Robin) Take it.\\
'''Robin''': Done!\\
'''Colin''': Alright! That's why I love working with you!\\
'''Wayne''': What about me?\\
'''Colin''': SHUT UP!\\
'''Wayne''': :(
** "I'm Spartacus!"
*** "And I'm Spartacus!"
** In addition to that, Ryan doing Dirty Harry's famous speech in the style of Carol Channing.
** "I have a career, what the hell am I doing here?"
** Two other great Robin moments: At the very start of the show, Drew said the points don't matter, "just like ''Blair Witch 2''." Instantly, Robin ran up to a camera and said, "Get out get out!" Later, after the first commercial break, Robin was hiding under Drew's desk and "scared" him by popping out.
* [[ The Irish Drinking Song]] during Kathy Griffin's episode causes a massive RunningGag.
** Blood? In ''my'' stool? [[MemeticMutation It's more likely than you think.]]
* [[ Florence Henderson in a session of Dubbing. Brad takes full advantage of the situation. Only three lines in and Wayne jumps out of his seat!]]
** [[PunctuatedForEmphasis WHAT! THE! HELL! IS! GOING! ON! HERE!]]
** Also Wayne jumping up in surprise and then walking closer to get a better look.
** The BradyBunch parody skit featuring Ryan in a wig playing Jan. Pure hilarity!
*** [[ "I don't feel pretty!"]] (Wig falls off)
**** Made all the funnier by Florence Henderson deliberately subverting her image as the perfect TV mom, calling Ryan-as-Jan a twit and "not very pretty" and slapping "her".
** And of course there's Florence's introduction in "Song Styles", where Wayne calls her "Mom" and she declares he's the lost Brady kid ("the cute one"), with Wayne adding in the song that he's [[ChocolateBaby the one they didn't like to talk about]].
* All of the Jerry Springer episode, but especially the Three-Headed Broadway Star song [[ I Dream About Your Yarmulke]].
* [[ Wayne (as David Hasselhoff)]] tells Colin he's one of the most exquisitely honed women he's ever seen in his life.
-->'''Colin''': You gotta get out more.
** Also: "Look at [[GagPenis this weapon I have in my hands!]]"
** The other great Hoff moment: [[ "I Can't Live Without Your Mother"]].
* [[ Josie's idea of a bad restaurant theme.]]
** Josie's InvaderZim-ish [[EvilLaugh laugh]].
* StephenColbert's [[ epic rap!]]
* WhoopiGoldberg scores a personal CrowningMomentOfAwesome in this ''[[ Questions Only]]'' game. She held out for so long that Ryan only got ''one line'' in.
** She also has some good ones in ''[[ Scenes from a Hat]]''.
* Who could ever forget [[ the 'Chyna' incident]]?
-->Colin: Oh it's so nice to have a woman on the show!
** Especially good is Colin holding one finger, high in the air as if to say to his wife "It was worth it!"
* The episode with the twin belly dancers. Not only does a snake go for Wayne's crotch, but Ryan & Colin have more fun playing Living Scenery than they ever have before.

* [[ This blooper reel]] contains many funny mess ups, starting with a botched game of Hoedown:
--> '''Brad:''' I was feeling frisky, I went for a drive/ I took all my handguns and shot myself alive, I...\\
[Brad realizes his mistake, grins, then collapses on the floor.]\\
'''Wayne:''' [once the Hoedown resumes] I consider myself quite a [[TongueTied fugal frella]]/ But sometime-\\
[Brad cracks up.]\\
'''Wayne:''' ''Shut up!''
** Then, after the Hoedown:
---> '''Ryan:''' Tarzan think you no love him anymore. Must get back to roots.\\
'''Colin:''' What do you mean?\\
'''Ryan:''' Before you come, [[ButYouScrewOneGoat Tarzan only have animals]]. Animals think Tarzan forget about him now.\\
[The audience gives a disgusted reaction, Brad cracks up.]\\
'''Ryan:''' [[ThatCameOutWrong I mean as friends]]!
** Also, during an attempt at 90-Second Alphabet:
---> '''Drew:''' Bozo the Clown said they had the best desserts here.\\
'''Ryan:''' Clowns!? We never serve clowns!\\
'''Drew:''' Don't you deny it!\\
'''Ryan:''' [[EpicFail G]]ood gracious, sir, I've tried to make your meal...\\
[Audience laughs, Brad hits the buzzer.]\\
'''Ryan:''' Oh, shit! [collapses on the floor]
* "[[ We'll be right back to Happy Waldo and the Salty Monkey...]]"
* Ryan's [[ unaired Halloween Hoedown verse]] brings the entire hoedown to a complete halt.
--> '''Ryan''': (singing) I have to say that Halloween is my favorite day / When I open up the door, kids and mothers run away / I have no costume, I don't care in the land / I open up the door, I've got my penis in my hand. (talking) What do you want? What do you want? Everyone took mine.
* "[[ I smell like condiments.]]"
* [[ This reel]] contains a great verse from Greg about puberty, as well as Ryan accidentally spilling water on his shirt and trying to cover it up.
* The [[ Ian Gomez taping]] bloopers feature two hoedown verses from Brad (and some suggestions from Drew) that would never make it to air:
--> '''Drew:''' I think the censor just exploded up in the booth.
** "Whatever it is, it's got six dicks."
--->'''Drew''': Thousand points apiece for keeping it clean.
* Brad and Wayne serenading an audience member in the style of a 50's crooner ballad. As Wayne pretends to pull a comb through his "hair" (with a mock ''gssssssh'' sound to imitate the gratuitous amount of hair product):
-->'''Brad''': BLIPBLIPBLIPBLIPBLIPBLIIIIDIP blipblip...we're really doing this??\\
'''Wayne''': ''(realizes Brad's crack and dies laughing)''
* Drew CrossesTheLineTwice in an unused intro:
--> '''Drew''': This is how the show works: I kill myself, and you get to cheer me on as I lop off different parts of my body, turning into a fat vest. And when I'm down to my penis - because my penis is hopping around - the game ends, the penis awards the points, and then you carry off the bloody penis on a stick while marching round the town square...
** Something similar:
--->'''Drew''': Let's move onto a game called Fuck Me Silly. This is for...\\
''Colin and Ryan [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere get up and leave]]''
* Brad's first line during a "Song Styles" to a younger woman was: "Well I can't stop staring at your breasts!" Take two, Brad is now singing to a much older woman. His first line? "Well I can't stop staring at your breasts!"

[[folder:Action Replay]]
* The whole point of this game seems to be Wayne performing hard-to-do physical moves that Ryan and Colin will have to suffer through. So imagine Wayne's surprise when Colin successfully imitates his "stop drop and roll" maneuver (which involves kicking your legs up in the air while doing a belly flop onto the ground).

[[folder:All in One Voice]]
* The one with Brad/Ryan playing Kermit and Colin/Wayne playing Miss Piggy. As the lyrics are often sung slowly and deliberately so that the two performers can stay in sync and sing the same thing, it was unexpected for Colin and Wayne to suddenly speed through some lyrics:
--> '''Colin/Wayne''': The..... first.... ''time I saw you swimming''.... I..... knew.... ''it's your love I'm getting!''

[[folder:Award Show]]
* The award show for hillbillies. Specifically these moments:
** Wayne says the award is for the best in "hillbillery".
** Some of the locations that the nominees are from, such as "Alama-hachee-hoochee, Tennessee" and "Chattahoochie Skunk Lick Falls".
** Ryan, during his acceptance speech:
--> '''Ryan''': I'd like to thank my acting coach, [[Film/{{Deliverance}} Ned Beatty]], for all the work.... and, I'd like to thank the mother of my baby, my ''mother''.
** They also thank the Lord:
--> '''Ryan''': ...For making us, and... others like us...\\
'''Colin''': And puttin' us all in the same vicinity.

[[folder:Daytime Talk Show]]
* [[ This gem.]]
* [[ And this one!]]

[[folder:Dead Bodies]]
* In one session, Colin had the female audience participant seduce Ryan. He accidentally got her hand too close to Ryan's crotch. Colin caught himself just in time, pulled her hand away as quick as he could, and made [[ the funniest guilty face of the century]] (2'20"). And just for fun, [[CrossesTheLineTwice he does it again]] at 3:50.
** "I'll fight you, using the martial arts I know." "Oh, hot."
* Then there's [[ this]] playing where Colin spends the first half screwing with Drew. Just when you think it's over... WAW-BUP! WAW-BUP! [[ What we don't see]] is the part where Colin abruptly and randomly decides to make them speak turkey noises.
** And [[ this.]] "OH, ME HAGGIS!"
*** "I am so not afraid of you I will fight sitting down!"

[[folder:Doo Wop]]
* After one playing about Peggy who died in a taxidermy accident, Drew asked Colin to do his "cheek jiggling" thing again (that is, the mouth movement he made when he said "Buhbuhbuhbuhbuhbuh").
--> '''Ryan''': They're on the sides of his head! (Colin looks annoyed) I'm saying it's a gift.\\
'''Colin''': (unconvinced) Yeah.

[[folder:Dubbing/Scene with Audience Member]]
* What starts as an AffectionateParody of ''Theatre/WestSideStory'' flies OffTheRails. [[ Here it is.]]
* [[ This]] audience member gets into the groove of things a little too well.
* [[ Another]] affectionate parody, this time of {{Tarzan}}.
* [[ Time for stretching!]]
** Incidentally, the funniest bit takes place even before the scene technically begins: After Drew announces the character Ryan's playing, an expressionless Ryan walks off-camera in a stilted fashion. It was enough to get Drew laughing.

[[folder:Film, TV & Theater Styles]]
* In one playing, Drew got suggestions from the audience, and one of them was Australian soap opera. Another suggestion was shouted: "Disaster!" Ryan remarked, "Oh, it'll be a disaster." When the Australian soap opera style was used in the game, Colin's attempt at the accent was priceless; he sounded more like an Irishman than an Australian. Perhaps realizing this, Colin quickly abandoned his accent after only a couple lines and lampshaded this by saying his accent was gone and he's trying to find it.
* An example of SoBadItsGood: In another playing, the style switched to "cartoon", and Ryan just kind of went in a circle and flopped his hands up and down, not really doing anything indicative of what comes to mind when you think of "cartoon". [[ Link.]]
* In a season 6 episode, Wayne played a mob hit man. The highlight was when the style switched to opera, as Wayne sang while Colin and Ryan provided backup by chanting "Aah!"/"Oh!" in different notes to the beat of Wayne's words. The way the three synchronized with each other was just perfect.

[[folder:Film Dub]]
* The scene with ''Film/TheBlackScorpion'' is wall-to-wall gold.
--> '''Greg''': I've got an interesting specimen here, I want you to take a look at it, but me first. (view inside microscope; microbes are seen) Oh look! It's the traffic outside of Los Angeles!\\
'''Ryan''': (playing a physicist) I wouldn't worry about them, they seem to be moving rather slowly.\\
'''Greg''': Mmmmmmm. ({{Beat}})\\
'''Ryan''': You know, many years ago, when I worked in this lab- (sees assistant coming) Well, more on that later. (grabs beakers) Look, I want you to take this sample down to the lab. (indicates second beaker) Don't get it confused with this sample. (indicates third beaker) This one's very dangerous, (indicates fourth beaker) and this should not be mixed with the others. Now run!\\
'''Colin''': (as his character leaves) There's no good parts for Latinos!\\
'''Greg''': (to Ryan) All of those tubes were empty.\\
'''Colin''': (as another character) Me-OW.\\
'''Ryan''': Now, this is my work of art. (everyone walks over to a big rock) This is a stone I passed, last week. Very difficult indeed.\\
'''Greg''': You mean to say you cast-\\
'''Ryan''': It was this big when it first came out, and I clenched myself, like this, and it came out! (everyone laughs)
* [[ "Domino's!"]]
* I don't know about you, but after this [[ round of Film Dub]], I'm getting me some corn on the cob!

[[folder:Foreign Film Dub]]
* A sneak peek at the upcoming [[ "Oot 'n' Aboot"]], the CANADIAN action film.
** Colin and Ryan's reactions to some of the 'Canadian' have been described as "a rare treat".
* Critics call Kathy Greenwood's performance "Stellar!" in [[ the Russian action film "Dead in the Gulag"]].
* Jeff Davis earns a BilingualBonus nomination for his performance in [[ the Spanish movie "El Donkey".]]
* The cult hit [[ German action movie "Sausages"]] was met with critical acclaim when it first hit theaters.
** And then there was the acclaimed [[ "Don't Touch My Sauerkraut!"]] with veteran actor Stephen Colbert!
* Of course, one of the most treasured moments in film history was the French (which, for no reason at all, turns German, Japanese, and Russian) spy film "Escargot" starring Sid Caesar. It was a SURPRISE hit.
* "The Vodka Express" in Russian. The best part was when Drew took off his blazer and his mic got loose. Josie was dubbed to say that Drew was bugged. Drew's Russian dance in the same scene was pretty silly, too.

[[folder:Greatest Hits]]
* A pretty hilarious scene for Colin and Ryan was the [[ tapioca incident]].
** Another Ryan breakdown when Colin again said something completely random and completely funny. [[ See it here]].
* The 'We're watching animal porn!' scene.
** Colin's I-just-said-something-stupid face just made it twice as funny!
** Just to add to that: for non-viewers, Greatest Hits involves Colin and Ryan introducing songs for the others to sing, but a tradition is that they say the name of the programme they're "interrupting", normally a ridiculous pun. In [[ this case]], however, Colin couldn't think of a pun, and just said the first thing on his mind, which he [[CrossesTheLineTwice immediately makes even more offensive]]...
*** And after the Animal Porn, pulling "[[DiggingYourselfDeeper Mary Had a Little Lamb]]".
*** This is why in second Greatest Hits of the motorcycle in which Ryan cracked up regarding "Humpty Dumpty" if the viewers were to watch this first.
** And then the first song is pure, epic, CrowningMomentOfAwesome. Timeless.
*** The second song as well. A CD which only had The "Harley of Seville" and "Alabama Motorcycle Mama With A Llama" on it would likely be a big seller among series fans. Those two songs were among the best they ever did.
* The Greatest Hits where [[ Colin breakdances]]. Of course, this bit [[GoneHorriblyRight goes horribly right]] when the contestants, and the audience, make him get up and do it all again.
* The [[ "Songs of the Western"]] Greatest Hits that contains Colin's "Arctic Tern" moment and Brad and Wayne performing as opera singers warming up.
** One hard rock number with Brad and Wayne ends with Wayne "smashing" his guitar, while Brad just calmly puts it back in the "guitar case" and "closes" it. ''[[PokeThePoodle Wayne takes it and smashes it anyway.]]''
* Drew's meltdown at Colin in Greatest Hits when he says 'We'll be right back to Happy Waldo and the Salty Monkey in just a moment.'
* Greatest Hits: "[[ Songs of the Attorney]]." At the end of it, Wayne has to play YokoOhNo. Win.
** Website/YouTube's "Transcribe Audio" function [[EvenTheSubtitlerIsStumped even gives out completely]] [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome at that part.]]
** Not to mention singing in Yiddish, or singing a ridiculously fast jugband song. That cuts off halfway in.
*** "Just flip Disc 1 over and you get the other half of that song." "It also comes with ''Dick Clark's Practical Jokes & Jug Band Bloopers''."
* [[ Songs of Horror]]. Colin is the master of segues. [[Music/RedHotChiliPeppers BED COT FILLIE PAPER.]]
** This playing also had a great bit:
--> '''Colin''': Anyway, they [Red Hot Chili Peppers] did a song, and it has to do with hurrur. (coughs)\\
'''Ryan''': (enunciating) "Hor-ror". (chuckles) Are you all right?\\
'''Colin''': I'm fine. I just swallowed my "horror".\\
'''Ryan''': That's gonna cost ya.\\
'''Colin''': Yeah. Anyway, they did a song, and it went like this: "Oooh-" no, here's the title. (Ryan cracks up)
* Songs about retirement. Featuring [[ the singing blues of Wet Biscuit McGlee.]]
** Made even better by the fact that even though he's TheUnintelligible, he still has a Scottish accent.
** Wayne dragging out the end of a song by tweaking the guitar string till it's ''juuuuuust'' right.
** Not to mention this bit, when Ryan describes his days in the '60s:
--> '''Ryan''': Check out this tattoo!\\
'''Colin''': Wow, it's not often you see the entire King family!\\
'''Ryan''': (chuckles) No!
** Ryan has an amusing bit when he announces the next song, which was in the style of a protest song: "I'm Movin' to Florida".
--> '''Ryan''': ...I'm not sure why that's a protest [song].
* [[ "Songs of the Bus Driver"]]. Ryan announces the next song is a bluegrass number called "Pffffffft", then grins evilly at Wayne. And then Wayne proceeds to sing an entire jug band song about bus drivers ENTIRELY IN ONOMATOPOEIA.
* The players' ribbing at Drew reading out the wrong card (usually for the game they'd just finished) finally reaches a peak when Drew crumples and throws a card ''[[ at Ryan's face during Greatest Hits]]''. What does Ryan do?
-->Ryan: (picks up card) "Wait... apparently we have a special bonus!" (reveals it) "It's one of DrewCarey's cue cards, ''[[TakeThat which has never been read]]''!"
** [[LateToThePunchline And then it hits you:]] from the players' outfits, this ep was from the same session as the 'Africa is a country' incident, which explains why Ryan opening 'Greatest Hits' with "We'll return you to OutOfAfrica in just a moment" [[BerserkButton would incite it.]]
* The one in a million moment where [[ Colin laughs!!]]
-->'''Colin:''' ''(game show host voice)'' You know, if you order now we'll send you --free-- a box of fresh AIR!! That's right!! Air!\\
'''Ryan:''' Oh we just can't give away fresh air!\\
'''Colin:''' Yes we can! From the makers of Breath Free, makers of air for Eternityyyy! (starts to laugh at what he just said)
** What's even funnier is the fact that he tries to hide it!
* Another instance of Colin laughing in [[ Songs of the Lunch Lady]] after he turns an accidental choke into a tale about how he used to be in a punk band. The whole banter between him and Ryan descends into madness and for bonus points, Chip works that "punk think" into the resulting song.
** In the same game:
---> '''Ryan''': Y'know, there's so many hits on this CD set, and sometimes it goes by areas. Uh, been down south lately?\\
'''Colin''': No, have ''you''? (Ryan looks thrown for a loop) Oh I'm sorry, was I not supposed to engage you in conversation? Yes, I have been down south!\\
'''Ryan''': No need to get testy with me, we won't sell this anymore.\\
'''Colin''': We'll talk about this back home!
* In "Songs of Marriage", Colin suggests a song by TheBeachBoys called "I'm the Groom". Wayne messes up a line and [[{{Corpsing}} loses it]]. [[ Here]] is the bit.
** From the same playing, the first song was in the style of honky-tonk. At one point during the song, Wayne sung, "Oh, my bride, she's not too happy, not in the least, [[IntoxicationEnsues because of Jack Daniels]] [[TheLoinsSleepTonight I couldn't]] [[UnusualEuphemism unleash the beast!]]" After the song concluded:
--> '''Ryan''': And by the way, there ''is'' a parental advisory on this CD set.\\
'''Colin''': That was actually the first time that the popular honky-tonk phrase "unleash the beast" was ever used.\\
'''Ryan''': Yes, but not the last!
** Also from "Songs of Marriage", there's Brad's absolutely ''spot-on'' [[Music/TheB52s Fred Schneider]] impression during "Cash Bar."
* In "Songs of the Circus":
--> '''Ryan''': Y'know, Colin, this is my last infomercial with you. I'm running away, to join the circus!\\
'''Colin''': Oh, [[RunningGag I noticed the clown shoes!]]
** Also, after the first song:
---> '''Ryan''': Funny story: Last time I was in Hawaii, I took the kids to a luau, they had the pig under the ground, roasted it for dinner... I took one of the kids and went, "Look, it's {{Babe}}!" (laughs) She loved that.\\
'''Colin''': How's the therapy going?\\
'''Ryan''': Good.
* Ryan's running gag on "X Songs on Y [=CDs=]". Like "Las Vegas": 777 songs (three 7s, jackpot) on 4 [=CDs=]. Or "The Safari": 6 songs on 8 [=CDs=] (each is less than 15 seconds long). Or "Retirement": 43 songs on one big CD made out of chocolate. You get the idea.
* In "Songs of the Traveling Salesman", Ryan keeps using music styles with "blue" in the genre description (blues, bluegrass), prompting a derisive comment from Colin ("What is it with you and the color blue??"). Finally they come to the last style, soul:
--> '''Ryan''': Wait a minute: Soul is also a musical style-\\
'''Colin''': (sarcastically) Yes, sometimes ''blue''. (Ryan does a long [[{{Beat}} pause]] as he holds an irritated look on his face)\\
'''Ryan''': (threatening) I'll see you when we get back to the house, I'll talk to you about it-\\
'''Colin''': Oh, you'll talk to me? I'll talk to ''you''!
* "Songs of the Doctor" had this gem, after the first song concluded:
--> '''Ryan''': It doesn't hurt as much until you get that bill! (Colin barely laughs; Ryan proceeds to do four forced, loud laughs in response to Colin's weak support)\\
'''Colin''': ({{Beat}}) ...Y'know, mambo music is great, isn't it-\\
'''Ryan''': (bitter) Don't laugh, 'cause I'm not laughing with ''you''.\\
'''Colin''': (annoyed) Oh ALL RIGHT. I'm sorry, ha ha ha ha ha.
* In another one, Ryan said the word "polka", putting a lot of emphasis on the "P". He remarked: "Oh, I guess Destiny's Child doesn't make you spit; '''p'''olka does!" Later, after the polka-themed song, Colin got back at Ryan: "I also like '''P'''eter, '''P'''aul, and Mary! But that's just me." Ryan mimes being hit in the face by Colin's spit, and then squeezes his tie dry.
* "Songs of Pregnancy":
--> '''Ryan''': Come on, let's go, let's go, let's go.\\
'''Colin''': Hey Ryan, whatcha doing?\\
'''Ryan''': Well my wife's delivering tonight; we gotta get this commercial done.\\
'''Colin''': Oh well, isn't that a coincidence! Because what we're selling here is songs of pregnancy!\\
'''Ryan''': (fake laugh) I was just kidding about my wife.\\
'''Colin''': I know.\\
'''Ryan''': (ashamed) She won't come near me.\\
'''Colin''': I ''know''.
** Later in the scene:
--->'''Colin''': ...This Music/{{KISS}} pregnancy song- (both are amused) They're kinda linked in a way, aren't they?\\
'''Ryan''': It sure does! One leads to the other!\\
'''Colin''': Yeah, I guess it does! ''You'll'' find out. (Ryan looks ashamed again)
* In another "Greatest Hits" about motorcycles (from the same taping as Colin's "Animal porn!" outburst):
--> '''Ryan''': Y'know, Colin, there isn't a lot to protest nowadays, is there?\\
'''Colin''': (has a look of disbelief) No, ''nothing''.\\
'''Ryan''': Well sure, I guess if you really want to look for something, the first five questions of ''[[Series/WhoWantsToBeAMillionaire Millionaire]]'' are way too easy. But it's not like in the '60s, when {{protest song}}s were sang from here... (points) well, to over ''there''.
* Another hilarious musical blooper in [[ Songs of the Fast Food Joint]].
** "And you can vote for your favorite of those three endings."
* One "Greatest Hits" offered this odd segue into the musical style of Creator/{{Motown}}:
--> '''Colin''': I'm from UsefulNotes/{{Canada}}.\\
'''Ryan''': I know that!\\
'''Colin''': Which is right across from UsefulNotes/{{Detroit}}.
* "Songs of the Teacher", particularly Colin's "Teachers are the most misunderstood of all mammals", Wayne's aside during "Scaring the Substitute" ("My real name is Gordon, I actually was a teacher before I joined The Police, that's a little bit of general knowledge."), and Ryan asking, "Is that a tear?" and gently touching Colin's face, to which Colin replied, "It is ''now''", closing his right eye in mock pain. It was made even funnier that Colin kept talking normally with his right eye shut.
* In the "Greatest Hits" about Vegas, the whole song "I Dropped My Chips in Your Nuts". Brad sung it in Brian Johnson (of Music/{{ACDC}}) style, which of course is tough on the vocal chords. Oddly, Wayne never helped him out, merely playing air guitar. After many verses, Brad sang, "And I'm losin' my voice, right on stage!" At the end of the game, he briefly bent over, presumably exhausted from the incredible strain of imitating Johnson.
* "Songs of Rome":
--> '''Ryan''': How many music styles can you name that are also food?\\
'''Colin''': Oh!.... Squash is the only thing that comes to mind.
* In Songs of the Psychiatrist", Ryan took advantage of Colin's stuttering:
--> '''Colin''': You know, there are more songs on this C... D compilation than...\\
'''Ryan''': It's a hard word. It's not even a word, really, it's just two letters.\\
'''Colin''': Perhaps I should get some help! (both laugh)
* Just the fact that Colin even attempted this elaborate setup.
--> "Y'know, one of my favourite artists of all time made this little song; it wasn't one of her biggest hits, it was one of her finest. And that of course is Tina Turney's - ({{{beat}}) - [[VerbalBackspace Tina Turner's]] (quick cut to Drew losing it) - a close friend of Tina Turney's... (another beat) Music/TinaTurner's big hit, 'Hey Man, Tie Up Your Dog'."

* The playing where Greg Proops put on a big fish mask. For a few moments it's very quiet, then you can hear Greg laughing to himself. Finally he takes the mask off and says:
-->'''Greg''': [[ I have a giant fish head on.]] I'm forty-two [[PrecisionFStrike fucking]] years old.
** There are a few more from that skit, including Greg's "gatekeeper" and Wayne's Don King impression.
--> '''Wayne''': You and me, on a date, January 12th, at Madison Square Garden!
** [[ Related to the above...]]
* [[ Wayne]] abusing the GeorgeWBush mask. It's not till the end that you realize that the mask was hiding the fact that Wayne was cracking up the whole time.
** Related to the above, [[ Wayne has a Donna Summer (possibly) mask, and Colin has a rare off day.]]
* Ryan's mask at the start of [[ this one]]. And he brings it back later ''for no reason whatsoever.''
* [[ Ryan's really hungry.]]
* A dash of HilariousInHindsight [[ here.]]
* [[ This one]], just for the existence of a mask of Film/TheThreeStooges. (As in, all three.)
* Greg, wearing a bald head hat: "Hello, I'm Colin Mochrie. Have you been to Canada?
* Wayne wearing an African hat: "If you don't love me now, [[IncrediblyLamePun Uganda!"]]
* [[ Happy birthday! Now blow me out.]]
* Ryan, holding a wrestling title belt:
--> '''Ryan''': Wanna [[TongueTied why-]] know why they call me [[Wrestling/DwayneJohnson The Rock]]?

[[folder:Helping Hands]]
* Ryan getting a pie in the face from Drew in an early playing where Ryan played a birthday clown. The timing of it was just perfect, as Ryan was counting to three and Drew caught him by surprise by hitting him on "two".
* In one playing, Ryan was a bad-tempered owner of an ice cream shop. At one point:
--> '''Ryan''': You can talk ''to'' me, just don't talk ''at'' me. You understand the difference?\\
'''Drew''': No.\\
'''Ryan''': ...You and your network...
* The whole "Ryan is a cold-blooded pirate captain who's teaching new recruit Whoopi how to be a pirate" scene, especially:
** The RunningGag of Ryan drinking (real!) booze. The topper is when, after one swig, he sighs contently/drunkenly for a moment.
** Ryan's sudden [[MoodSwinger crying]] when his parrot is knocked off the table.
--> '''Ryan''': Argh, no, you killed her! (bawling) WHY, WHY, WHY?!
** Ryan's song to Whoopi about what being a pirate's like. What's funny is not so much the song, but how Ryan plays the mini-accordion: He just smashes it together, producing no melody, just the same two notes over and over.
* The one with Kathy Greenwood and Ryan playing newlywed lovers enjoying breakfast. At one point, Colin flung grapes in the air and Ryan was supposed to catch them in his mouth. But all three attempts failed, and on the fourth try, Colin merely stuck the grape in his mouth.
** And at the end of the game, Colin accidentally spilled scalding hot coffee on his hands.
--> '''Colin''': It really ''is'' quite hot.\\
'''Drew''': I saw steam coming up from that.\\
'''Colin''': ("no shit" tone) Yeah!

* Akin to ''any'' Hoedown, Ryan will protest he '''HATES THEM TO DEATH.''' However, after the [[ Vending Machine Hoedown]] was screwed up so much, he used the [[PrecisionFStrike magic word]].
* Perhaps one of the best Hoedowns involves [[ an epic putdown]] against Colin by Chip, followed by a veritable verbal slaughter from Colin in retaliation. And it is hilarious.
** In fact, every verse in that Hoedown insults features an insult towards a player--not even Wayne, who had the luxury of sitting it out, was spared.
* The [[TemptingFate Going Bald Hoedown]]. After suffering the inevitable bald jokes from Drew and Brad, Colin [[ hits back with style.]]
* Ryan insults Drew. No surprise there, unless Drew ''[[ refuses to repeat the punchline]]'' and is barely willing to announce a commercial break (something he usually does with enthusiasm) while he tries to hide from the camera.
* [[ That one Ryan-less Hoedown]] which Chip gets the final verse and does some epic wordplay.
* Ryan's verses in the ''Backstreet Boys'' Hoedown:
--> '''Ryan''': A lot of people think that they're the best ones in the land / But the Backstreet Boys aren't my kinda band / Many people think that they are heaven-sent / But you're not a band unless you play an instrument.

[[folder:Hollywood Director]]
* Colin's numerous crap [[ declarations]] during the game.
* Greg's attempt at a Dutch accent: (SPAWN OF DE DEVILE, FROM DE CENTRE OF DE EARCE!)
** The look on Ryan's face when he tries to come up with a name is hilarious.
--->'''Ryan:''' I'm... (''confused'') Count Dracula.
** The intro to the game alone is hilarious:
--> '''Drew''': The-the scene is... right. All I gotta do is read these, isn't that amazing?\\
(Wayne makes fun of Drew by muttering gibberish; Greg laughs)\\
'''Drew''': The scene is, Ryan is a vampire bat... (makes vampire bat flying noise) who flies into the bedroom, out of mouthy college girl Wayne... [[ThatCameOutWrong oh, "of", I'm sorry, not "out of".]] (laughs twice) Lemme get some of my medicine. (drinks) Ah. Ryan is a vampire bat, who flies into the bedroom of mouthy college girl Wayne, who is showering and getting ready for a date.\\
'''Wayne''': Every night, baby.\\
'''Drew''': That's right. After Ryan is transformed into Count Dracula, Professor Van Helsing, Greg, ''WHAT''?! Man, I gotta read these ahead of time... kicks down the door to confront him. (Greg emits a loud "HA HA!" before covering his mouth)
** The nearsighted take, in which Greg misses Ryan and Wayne and starts yelling his lines at Drew, who offers him his glasses.
** The part from the first take where Greg-as-Van Helsing tries to ward Ryan-as-Dracula off with a cross, only for Ryan to reach out and snap it in two.
-->Dot's de old guy, I'm de new generation!
* [[ This segment]] with Greg and Ryan as rival bikers takes [[HoYay a very interesting turn that nearly gives Drew a heart attack]].
* [[ Or this one]] where everyone is doing Spanish accents.
-->'''Kathy:''' [[SoBadItsGood Yoou know...I doo not dance for the likes of yooou.]]
-->'''Wayne and Drew:''' *crack up laughing*
-->'''Ryan:''' You're from Canada, aren't you?
-->'''Kathy:''' Yes, and my mother is from Sweden.
-->'''Wayne:''' Let go of the girls. I said "girls", but I mean "girl".
-->'''Ryan:''' [[LampshadeHanging "Funny how we all come from a different part of Spain..."]]
** Also:
--->'''Colin:''' Choo know, when I firs com to this contry with [[NoodleImplements nothing but a hammer and a powerful laxative...]] I tot to myself, I wouldn't have to deal with this CROP!\\
'''Ryan:''' Sorry, it's a Spanish piece, we thought-\\
'''Colin:''' "Sponnish"? Is that what you are, ''Sponnish''? Pleh on you.
** There's something of a MythologyGag here, as this one and the 'Dracula' one above both add some vision-impairment into the scene ('incredibly nearsighted' Greg shouting his lines at ''Drew'', and Wayne 'in perfect dark' doing his bit in the wrong part of the stage).
** "Leesten to mee because I spit and I'm happy!"
* Wayne falls into [[ an icehole.]] Let me say that again. Wayne falls into an icehole. ''[[RunningGag An icehole.]] '''[[GettingCrapPastTheRadar A big icehole.]]''''' [[spoiler:A big, hairy icehole.]]
** Brad's entrance (as another explorer who stops to help) is done straight for about ten seconds before the scene is violently yanked OffTheRails.
** "[[LeaningOnTheFourthWall You guys wanna see my fingers]] [[CensoredForComedy turn blurry]]?"
* Ladies and gentlemen...[[ Jailhouse Stomp.]]
* Ryan (playing Judge Frollo) began the game by telling Whoopi (playing Esmerelda), [[ "All right, there's your pole, get to it!"]]
--> '''Wayne:''' (as Quasimodo) "He hit me on my hideously ugly ass!"\\
'''Ryan:''' (breaking character) "...A little [[RatPack Sammy]] coming though there?!"
** In the same playing:
--> '''Colin''': (to Whoopi) What are you doing there, Hoopi? Don't be hoopin'.\\
'''Whoopi''': Hoopin'?\\
'''Colin''': NO HOOPING ON MY SET!
* [[ "I broke Ryan!"]]
* "Dear Wayne Brady: I love when you did your [[ slow-motion spin in midair!]]"
* At the end of the playing with Ryan as a bank robber, the final style is strippers, and Colin tells Wayne to strip as WesternAnimation/{{Goofy}}. That is worth the price of admission alone.
* In one playing with the scene of ''[[Film/RoboCop1987 RoboCop]]'', the style switched to '70s disco dancers. After Chip and Wayne did energetic disco moves, Colin grumpily said, "Cut cut cut cut. You're making me ''tired''. We need... (to Ryan, who's still pointing, disco-style) by the way, I can't see you anymore."
* One game had Ryan as a pet store shoplifter with Wayne as the store cop who catches him. After Wayne calls 911, Brad enters, saying "LAPD, LAPD..." [[CrossesTheLineTwice and begins beating up Wayne]].
** In the same game, Colin told everyone to do it in the style of Elvis.
--> '''Wayne''': Uh.... pardon me, fella. (mimes his Elvis hair unraveling) I couldn't help notice you puttin' a guppie inside yo mouth.\\
'''Ryan''': Well baby, you got it all wrong.\\
'''Wayne''': (doing Elvis's signature hand gestures) Hold it right there, hold it right here!\\
'''Brad''': Freeze! Humma-babah, humma-babah, humma-babah, humma-babah... (to Drew, indicating his wig) Hold this. (back to Wayne and Ryan) Now which one of you is, uh, uh, uh, uh, doin' somethin' wrong, here? (twists his legs to imitate Elvis's dance moves, then does the Elvis hand gestures) Was it you, or...... you??

[[folder:If You Know What I Mean]]
* Colin's "I'll help you fluff your Garfield, if you know what I mean."
* The one taking place at the track meet. Notable bits:
** Colin's "Hey...", followed by "I know what you mean!" "You know what I mean? I didn't want to say it."
** What ends the game:
--> '''Colin''': I've been having trouble... I been...\\
(Brad smiles as he waits for Colin to come up with something)\\
'''Colin''': ...disqualified for an early start, if you know what I mean.\\
'''Ryan''': Maybe you should just clean and jerk, if you know what I mean.\\
'''Brad''': Nothing better than a 200 pound [snatch], if you know what I mean.\\
(Brad [[{{Corpsing}} fails to keep composure]] as the audience erupts)\\
'''Ryan''': That's, uh, that's never gonna make it to air, if you know what I mean.

[[folder:Improbable Mission]]
* Then there was the "impossible mission" game where Colin and Ryan had to clean a new Burnoose for the Emir of Groovefunkistan. Every single member of the cast broke down in laughter at some point. At least one Whose Line forum has adopted "The Cat!" and "The cat's wet now!" as catchphrases, and sell them on T-shirts. [[ See for yourself.]]
-->'''Colin:''' "The faucet's rigged!"\\
'''Ryan''': "What?"\\
'''Colin''': "The faucet's rigged!"\\
'''Ryan:''' "In what way?!"\\
'''Colin:''' "With an explosive!! [[LampshadeHanging How long have you been a spy?!]]"\\
'''Ryan:''' ''[trying not to laugh]'' I guess they really don't want people taking baths in this room!
** Just about everyone starts cracking up in this scene. Even Colin kind of bites his lip when he mis-remembers the VIP as being "the Snackerfarker of Emar" mid-way through.
* [[CallBack If only we had]] [[ a cat...]]
* In [[ one]], Colin and Ryan had to wash a car. In the attempt to wax it, Colin said, "Look! A turtle!" and proceeded to [[CrossesTheLineTwice crack it in half over his knee to wax the car with it.]]
* In this skit, the mission is to go to the supermarket to make breakfast for the President of Eat-All-You-Can. Ryan pointed at Drew while saying he has a picture of him on the wall. Drew then retaliates by throwing an altoid mint at them.
** "Oh look! Drew's on a potato diet!"
** Towards the end of this one: '''[[ BECAUSE I WANTED MY NIPPLE HARD!]]'''
** "I wish I could give points for that, but I wasn't paying attention, I was too busy eating donuts and lard. 'Cause I'm such a fat ass."
** [[HilariousInHindsight Joke's on them now: Drew slimmed down]] after getting on ''Series/ThePriceIsRight.''

* [[ DOO DOO DOO DOO! I have no hair!]]
** [[HilariousInHindsight Even funnier still, that's a vuvuzela.]]
* In [[ one session]], [[FindingABraInYourCar Colin pulls a piece of skimpy lingerie out of the prop-box]] [[FunnyBackgroundEvent while Ryan is distracted.]] Colin gets a look of horrified recognition, and tosses it away.
* In an introduction:
-->'''Ryan:''' I'm Jimmy!
-->'''Colin:''' I'm... not!
* Ryan, after grabbing a duster from the box: "Should I dust in the bedroom, Mr. Nelson?"
* [[ One game]] ends with a random CargoShip moment when Ryan chucks one of the items, a ''Franchise/{{Barbie}}'' doll, back to the box rather roughly - causing Wayne to walk over, pick it up and lay it in place as gently as possible, [[CrossesTheLineTwice mouthing 'call me' to it as he went back to his seat.]]
* The playing where Ryan kept mixing up "cellulite" with "celluloid". Another great moment in that one:
--> '''Ryan''': You know, we have so many products; well, let's take a look at one of them right now, Col. A simple bag of green peas.\\
'''Colin''': Why, Ryan, how could that possibly fight the war against cellulite?\\
'''Ryan''': (clearly unprepared) Well, let me tell you....... You know, celluloid is caused... cellulite.\\
'''Colin''': Cellulite is caused by eating too much, of course.\\
'''Ryan''': Of course.\\
'''Colin''': Of course.\\
'''Ryan''': (speaking slowly and clearly making it up as he's going) We find if you eat the foods inside the bag without taking them out, you don't get the nutrition or the fat from the food-\\

[[folder:Irish Drinking Song]]
* In this game, each player sings one line of the song; Colin gets the ending line every time. [[HilarityEnsues You can imagine how that turns out.]]
** The [[ Broke Up]] Irish Drinking Song.
** The [[ Passed Gas]] Irish Drinking Song.
** The 3 Irish Drinking Songs about [[ Graduation.]]
** The Irish Drinking Song about [[ Calling Out the Wrong Name in Bed.]]
* The first Irish Drinking Song about [[ Drew.]]
* The second Irish Drinking Song about [[ Drew.]]
* The [[ Got Mugged]] Irish Drinking Song.
* "Fell Out of the Car" had a great last line from Colin:
--> '''Colin''': She has gravel in her snot!

[[folder:Let's Make A Date]]
* The one with Greg as [[DirtyOldWoman Dr. Ruth]] [[CompressedVice with a sudden penis fixation]], Colin as Film/TheMummy who disintegrates in the end (presumably because he never absorbed anyone's innards), and Ryan as a Broadway choreographer, who manages to close the whole performance with this line:
--> [[ItMakesSenseInContext "We are NEVER going to get this routine done in time! (indicating Colin) He's sand! (indicating Greg) And I'm stuck with MISS PENIS!"]]
* Colin's [[SkywardScream Skyward]] BigNo as a [[LargeHam soap opera doctor]] [[ is only one of his Crowning Moments of Funny.]]
** Also look at Ryan without seeing his quirk. Is he an old lady on a roller coaster, or an old lady being possessed by the devil?
* One hallmark of this show is how the players deliberately crossover their individual skits with each other on the fly. Pay attention to how these three contestants' quirks [[ actually interact perfectly.]]
** Similarly, [[ another]] session had Colin as a drunken fireman and Ryan as a goldfish, which ultimately ended with [[WhatTheHellHero Colin throwing out Ryan and using his goldfish bowl to extinguish a fire.]] Yes, [[TheAce Ryan]] has his ButtMonkey moments too, they're just easier to miss.
** You seem to have forgotten the fact that Colin kisses everybody. Then this happened:
---> '''Drew:''' Just when you thought ''Series/WillAndGrace'' was the gayest show on TV, along comes ''Whose Line is it Anyway''.
** And 'then' the cast members all show their wedding rings. Except for Jeff, because he doesn't have one, then he goes on to [[HoYay kiss Colin]].
* The episode where Wayne played the Barry White of the rooster world:
--> '''Greg''': Contestant #1, when I was growing up on a farm in San Francisco, (Drew laughs) we would've called him a ''cock''. However, I'm going to say that he's a large rooster.
--> '''Drew''': Well who's the real famous ''loooove'' rooster from the '70s?
--> '''Greg''': ..."The famous love rooster from the '70s"? I don't ''remember'' a famous love rooster.
* Ryan as "Drew Carey the Musical":
--> '''Ryan''': (singing) I'm the luckiest guy in the world / the luckiest guy in the world / My eyes are covered with glass / And look at the size of my ass!\\
'''Ryan''': People say I don't care about anybody but myself, but that's not true, because... (singing) I'm in love with a girl named Maria... (mimes blowing up a blow-up doll; cut to annoyed Drew) She's my special gal! (blows it up completely and mimes dancing with it[[spoiler:...and then it blows up on him.]])\\
(''Drew buzzes'')\\
'''Drew:''' I got some bad news: during the game, [[Series/TheDrewCareyShow Lewis]] died.\\
(After the game...)\\
'''Drew''': It was fine, I can take a joke just as good as anybody, so 1000 points to everybody...\\
'''Ryan''': ''(mouthing out)'' BUT RYAN.\\
'''Drew''': ...except for Ryan. (he later subverted this and gave Ryan 5000 points because Ryan "thought (he) was rather ''kind!''")
* Greg as a cast member of ''Series/TheRealWorld'', and Wayne's disgusted reactions.
--> '''Greg''': Shut up, buttmunch! I got class in the morning!\\
'''Wayne''': You need to have some class right ''now''!
* When Ryan's quirk was: "an evil scientist in his lab about to mutate into a horrific version of the other two bachelors". Not only did he do an amazing impersonation of Music/MichaelJackson, but he did a great parody of Colin Mochrie as well, using no words but merely pulling his hair back with his hand and sporting a dopey grin.

[[folder:Living Scenery]]
* See the Moments With Special Guests section for the RichardSimmons incident.
* [[ Playing shower]] [[IncrediblyLamePun gets steamy]] with Kathy Greenwood...
** But making waffles is CrossingTheLine.
---> '''Colin''': Oh... just the way I like it!
* In the Living Scenery where Ryan and Colin were at a carnival:
--> '''Whoopi''': Welcome to the Big Bear Jamboree. We're here with all our good friends, and you can watch us pee.
* At a ski resort, Ryan gets in a hot tub mimed by Kathy Greenwood, and Colin tries to join him:
--> '''Ryan''': Not in ''my'' hot tub, you're not! Get your ''own'' hot tub!\\
(Wayne seductively beckons Colin with bubbles)\\
'''Colin''': Mine's... it's kinda cold, I better turn up the temperature. (tweaks Wayne's nipples)

[[folder:The Millionaire Show]]
* In the "frisky old people" version, Wayne was Ryan's caretaker, who claimed to have [[Film/TheNuttyProfessor relations]] with tons of men at one time.
--> '''Ryan''': (as Wayne is rambling) Oh, she gets into her stories, and she never stops...
* For hillbillies!
* Now [[ Germans]]!
** Even funnier now that David Hasselhoff [[GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff himself]] has been on the show.
* "[[ A JAR OF ALMONDS!]]"
** Best part of that playing:
--> '''Brad''': I have lots of amphetamines rushing through my system right now! I'm just so pleased to be anywhere without [[AccidentalMisnaming Kathy Lee Crosby]]. (Ryan whispers to Brad) Whatever, whatever her name is!
* The Jerry Springer version, but in particular, Colin's belligerent attitude towards Ryan, Wayne as a redneck in the audience ("I played football in high school! I- it's "D"." "You sure?" "No, but then again, I'm not sure if you're my SON!"), and the top prize being only $100 (at least as far as Kathy knew; Ryan clearly gave Colin a "Don't tell her that the top prize is more" look while delivering this line).
* [[ Gangster Edition]]
-->'''Colin:''' [[ItMakesSenseInContext That's one smart sheep.]]
** This bit:
--> '''Colin''': What's your name?\\
'''Ryan''': Bugsy Bugsy.\\
(Colin slaps Ryan)\\
'''Colin''': Your NAME?!\\
'''Ryan''': Bugsy Malone.
* In the Frat Boy Edition, Ryan uses Kathy Greenwood as his phone-a-friend lifeline and tells Colin that he was going to break up with her anyway, so it's killing two birds with one stone. After he gets the answer from Kathy and says, "I think we should see other people.", Colin guilt-trips him about it. Suddenly, Wayne (playing the friend in the audience) shouts, "CAN I HAVE HER, BRO?"
** When Ryan answers the final question:
--> '''Colin''': Augh. You're gonna need all the lovin' you can get... or maybe you can just [[SuddenlyShouting BUY HOOKERS!]] You are a millionaire!

[[folder:Moving People]]
* [[ Tonto and the Lone Ranger]]. Ryan's not-so-subtle hints throughout the scene are priceless, until finally Joe moves Ryan's head, right as he says "My head? You mean my head ''moves''?!"

[[folder:Multiple Personalities]]
* Any time someone gets multiple props (and someone inevitably will) forcing them to act like all the characters.
** In particular, the time when Colin had to combine the impressions of Carol Channing, William Wallace from ''Film/{{Braveheart}}'', and JimmyStewart. The result has to be seen to be believed.
** How about the time Ryan combined Creator/JohnWayne and Franchise/ScoobyDoo?

* [[ The Pizza Place]]:
** This bit:
--> '''Colin''': Is there any way you can make it any faster, I'm expecting company.\\
'''Ryan''': Well, the dough doesn't rise quite as quick as you do.
* [[ The Supermarket]]. [[NoodleIncident I knew him from years ago.]] He wasn't worth anything then - he's not worth anything now." (Ryan marks Colin down)
* [[ The Gas Station.]] "He had a face only a mother could love, if that mother was blind in one eye and had that kind of milky film in the other one..."
* [[ The Circus.]] "Excuse me, seen any tall freaks?"
* [[ The Bike Shop.]] "Having being blinded by his tie, it took me a while to see [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything that he actually had a banana seat sticking out the top of his pants...]]"
* [[ The Airport Terminal.]] "[[ItMakesSenseInContext Make up your own joke here.]]"
* [[ The Lingerie Shop.]] "It was a cold day in October. But something went horribly wrong when they put the clocks back, it was now March."
* [[ The Maltese Burger.]] Colin drinks his fries, and [[HoYay/WhoseLineIsItAnyway gets kissed by Ryan]].
* [[ The Barber Shop.]] "He fit the description of the man I was looking for. 6 foot 5, 4 foot 2 naked."
* [[ The Bus Stop.]] "It was now or never. There was only one thing I could do. I wish I knew what the hell it was."
* [[ The Maternity Ward.]] "Yeah, I remembered him. When he came out, I didn't know which end to slap. He still looked the same."
* [[ The Bowling Alley.]] "He was good looking like I had an afro."
* [[ The Operating Room.]] "[[ItMakesSenseInContext Sure, he seemed to know all the jargon...]]"
* [[ The Oval Office.]] "I knew he had big problems. But I was used to big problems, and I knew how to keep people with secrets quiet. [[UsefulNotes/BillClinton Cigar?]]"
* [[ The Laundromat.]] "It was a day like any other, except it was 14 hours long and everybody was wearing pastels."

* [[ This]] Newsflash game is widely considered the show's single funniest game, if only for the line:
-->'''Colin''': It all started with a badly-timed bald joke!
** Which ironically makes it the best timed bald joke ever. Also, you can see the second where it dawns on him by this line.
--->'''Chip''': Now I notice you're not wearing sunglasses for that incredible shine!
*** After Colin catches on, he deliberately starts commenting on how beautiful the situation is.
*** And after the buzzer, when Drew asks him exactly what it was:
---->'''Colin''': I hope it's me with my clothes ''on''.
** [[ Among related videos, quite appropriately...]]
** A great runner-up is the one using clips from ''Film/TheValleyOfGwangi'' that apparently started with "a very bad bowl of soup!"
* Not only does Colin get nailed in Newsflash: [[ so does ''Ryan Stiles'']].
-->'''Chip:''' Could you explain to us all the different [[IncrediblyLamePun Stiles]] they have?\\
'''Colin:''' I'm trying to confuse it!\\
'''Ryan:''' Colin, I think you confuse it on a daily basis.
* [[ And speaking of breasts....]]
-->'''Greg''': We wish you weren't there.\\
'''Colin''': Pardon?\\
'''Ryan''': This is one of those stories where you're just getting in the way, Colin.\\
'''Colin''': Am I?! Well, it's my job to be here! I'm gonna stick my nose in there and make sure that I get every bit of information I can!
** Longtime viewers may have noticed Colin [[MythologyGag doing the "stick his nose in" joke at least three times during the run.]]
* [[{{Deconstruction}} "It IS getting kinda boring,]] [[ it's just the same thing over and over again!"]]
** Then, there's a skateboarder who has a ''terrifying'' near-miss with an oncoming van... and everyone lets off one great big '''''"OHHHHHHH!!!"''''' Ryan's eyes are bugging out with shock!!
* Also noteworthy is the [[ Newsflash]] where Colin is standing in front of numerous wipeout crashes involving dirt bikes, skis, marathon running, ice skating, and gymnastics.
** One gymnast performing a floor routine takes a bad spill and nearly lands on her head (she did get up immediately, however). It then {{Smash Cut}}s back to Drew, who is shaking in sympathy pains.
* The green screen actually catching Chip and Ryan [[ goofing around behind Colin]] before one game.
* [[ In the "Newsflash" about bodybuilders]], Ryan asked: "Along the same ''vein'', let me ''pose'' another question." Immediately after he says that, there's a close-up of a bodybuilder's bulging head vein, and Ryan responded to that footage with: "Oh God...".
-->'''Ryan''': Colin, a question on everyone's minds - [[AmbiguousGender Man or woman?]]
* The [[ Newsflash with the plethora of rats]], but particularly Ryan's vague clue: "Well Colin, Kathy and I find this hard to watch and, quite frankly, the two of us ''need look no more.''" Drew discussed this line after the game, to which Ryan and Colin [[Music/MichaelJackson sung it.]]
--> '''Ryan''': A little obscure. I didn't want to just go, "Hey, look out for the rats!"
* [[ The Maggot Newsflash]]. Kathy and Ryan lose their composure and Colin keeps hitting the mark perfectly. Of course, Ryan couldn't help but comment:
--> '''Ryan''': Well look at the festive colors!
* Colin saying how these clips started, ranging from the want of a nail to a revival of "The King And I" starting Jerry Springer.
* The Newsflash with pro wrestling footage, particularly this line:
--> '''Ryan''': Is that [[Wrestling/TripleH Triple Preparation H]] helping you?
* The Newsflash with a stripper in a police uniform.
--> '''Ryan''': Colin, any desire to cop a feel?

[[folder:Number of Words]]
* The Whosers take on ''Star Trek'': [[ Just watch the whole thing.]]
* Colin absolutely steals [[ this one.]] "My pants metal!"

[[folder:Party Quirks]]
* Ryan's [[ shattering the light on Drew's desk with his head]] is a Crowner for the game itself.
** Even better was that even as glass was falling out of his hair, Ryan ''[[TheShowMustGoOn stayed in character the entire time]].''
-->'''Cathy''': Carol? It is Carol, right?
-->'''Ryan''': I used to be, [[EasyAmnesia I can't remember anymore.]]
** After the fact, this exchange topped it off:
--->'''Ryan''': There better be some extra points in this.
--->'''Drew''': [[SarcasmMode I'm sorry, we spent all the points]] ''[[SarcasmMode replacing the glass.]]''
--->'''Ryan''': Was that lit?
--->'''Colin''': Oh yeah, it was. It would have been better if [[IncendiaryExponent your head burst into flames.]]
*** Or this, immediately after:
---->'''Drew''': [[HowManyFingers How many fingers]] am I holding up? (He's constantly changing.)
---->'''Ryan''': ...four?
---->'''Drew''': Eh, close enough.
---->'''Ryan''': How 'bout me? ([[FlippingTheBird One.]])
** Ryan's impression (Carol Channing whose head keeps getting stuck to things) was hilarious, even before the accident.
--->'''Ryan''': ''(head "stuck to" the floor)'' Is this shag? It's just ''gorgeous''!
** Wayne's sudden deceleration from how fast he talks to Kathy to when he first sees Drew. It caught ''everyone'' off guard.
* When Colin was the [[ Evil Tickler.]]
* [[ This playing.]] Wayne makes a truly great Scottish Demon. Also:
-->'''[[CasanovaWannabe Colin]]''': '''NICE BOOBS!'''
* Ryan was [[ a foal being born.]] There were no survivors. ([[ItMakesSenseInContext Colin is an inept circus performer.]])
* The HoYay in one between Greg and Colin has to be [[ seen to be believed.]] Colin was a person who liked to put his hands in other people's pockets, and...well...he chose Greg.
-->'''Greg''': Colin, I'm gonna lock the door and not let anyone else in, is that okay? (''Colin nods enthusiastically'')
* [[ Wayne fighting wild fluctuations of gravity.]]:
-->'''Drew''': What holds you to the Earth?
-->'''Greg''': Why, my love for you, Drew!
* Ryan is given the quirk of being [[ a bloodhound trained to sniff out complete idiots]]. So naturally he goes straight over to Drew and starts howling.
* Colin pretending to be a fish made into a fishstick. At one point, Colin was flopping on the floor and a puzzled Greg said, "Colin's a... he's a ''freak'' is what he is." Later in the game, when Drew tried to give Greg more hints, Greg said, "I don't care anymore!" and joined Colin on the floor.
* [[ Ryan as an activity leader at a nudist camp]]. Of course, he used his abnormally large penis for ''everything'', but the best part is when Brad (who hadn't figured it out yet) said, "Can I take your coat?" and a baffled Ryan remarked, "...I wasn't aware I was wearing one!"
* In one game, Wayne was the "'I've Got a Secret' episode of the South American [[Series/TheJerrySpringerShow Jerry Springer Show]]". Hilarious as he was, Drew pointed out afterwards that he forgot the South American aspect. Wayne, confused, reread his card before realizing his mistake, prompting Ryan to say [[CallBack "Someone's thong is too tight..."]]

[[folder:Press Conference]]
* [[ Santa Claus announcing his retirement]].
* [[ The Queen of England]].
* [[ Yogi Bear announcing he's killed Boo Boo]].
* [[ The Tin Man announcing he and Dorothy are having a child]].
* [[ Batman announcing he's out of the closet]].
* [[ Noah announcing he's eaten all the animals on the Ark.]]

* [[ Ryan gets a little too rough with the props in this one.]]
* [[ Colin really hates]] [[KickTheDog Tiny Tim.]] It happens more than once, too!
** And Denny gets flak over birth jokes.
* [[ Playing human horseshoes]] doubles as a CrowningMomentOfAwesome. (See 6:28)
* Essentially, if the prop is suggestive, the cast will find ways to exploit it.
** Madonna's [[{{Squick}} redwood forests of armpit hair.]]
** [[ Sexual undertones of the gag boob or phallic variety.]]
** The overly-groomed hair of stereotypical gossiping black women.
** For that matter, Princess Leia curls.
** Mocking the prince of England's elephant ears.
** Relating a prop to something so off the wall... any hope of sense is lost.
* One of the funniest Props was when Drew and Ryan had a red concave object that was used as a cap, among other things. For one of their uses, Drew set the prop on the floor and climbed into it, but lost his balance and hit the floor faster than he liked. After regaining his composure, he continued with the character he was playing: A baby. Ryan seemed confused by the whole ordeal.
** From the same playing: Drew was standing in front of Ryan, covered by the prop. Ryan: "I can't believe I'm having Drew's baby!"
* In one playing, Wayne used the prop as crutches and pretended to be [[Literature/AChristmasCarol Tiny Tim]]: "God bless us, one and all." Then Colin pushed Wayne down, in a great moment of DarkComedy.

[[folder:Questions Only (and Variants)]]
* Questionable Impressions. Most of it is because it's hilarious to see Colin try to do impressions. [[ One favorite, which doesn't include much Colin, is the end of this one where Greg (as Yoda) completely cracks up when Wayne comes on as Jar-Jar Binks.]]
* After the [[ Questionable Impressions of the Hospital]], Drew made a nice comment of it: "Y'know, we're going to change the name of that game to "''Hey! Let's all make idiots out of ourselves''", in which Greg nearly does a spit-take.
** Another funny bit in the "Questionable Impressions" at a hospital:
--> '''Ryan''': (as [[Series/TheEdSullivanShow Ed Sullivan]]) Do you know, that right here, there's a man in need of an operation?\\
'''Greg''': (as Creator/SeanConnery) May I ask who ''you'' are?\\
'''Ryan''': Is the face not familiar to yeeeuuuu? Rrrrrright here?\\
'''Greg''': Have I made love to you before?\\
'''Ryan''': Are you prepared to welcome into your hospital... four mop-top kids from Liverpool... (is buzzed out)\\
'''Drew''': Hey, who was that, by the way?\\
'''Ryan''': I dunno.
** Then Colin comes in as James Cagney and brings down the house, mainly because of the exaggerated shoulder shrugs and arm spasms:
--> '''Colin''': Do youuuu know where the doctor is? (Greg and Drew loudly laugh off-stage)\\
'''Wayne''': (as Jimmy Durante) A-rinky-dinky, where's the doctor?\\
'''Colin''': I need some help... (walks off as Greg continues to laugh)
** This bit as well:
--> '''Ryan''': (as Charles Nelson Reilly) Is it time for the operation? (does Reilly's laugh)\\
'''Colin''': (as Yogi Bear) Will you pay me in pic-a-nic baskets?\\
'''Ryan''': (about to laugh) Ah jeez! (buzzed out)
* Then there's the one where Colin does a not-quite-impression. "Got anything for a Craig T. Nelson?"
** [[ Here's the clip.]] Compounding the hilarity is Jeff's "I-I'm Creator/JeffGoldblum, of course."
* Wayne, as Sammy Davis Jr., completely forgets he's playing Questionable Impressions: "I would dig this casket for my friend, 'cause that cat is ''gone''."
* In the playing of [[ "Questionable Impressions" on the freeway]]: Brad starts to do his Jimmy Stewart impression, but Drew hadn't started the game yet. His reaction caused Ryan to start laughing.
---> '''Ryan''': (as Charles Nelson Reilly) Do you know which way it is to Pomona? (does Reilly's signature laugh)\\
'''Brad''': (as Jimmy Stewart) A-a-aren't you on your way to {{Lidsville}}? Uh-uh-uh- (Ryan, smiling ear to ear, just waves his hand and leaves)
---> '''Wayne''': (as Ed Wynn) Heavens to betsy, do you know the way to Pomona?\\
'''Colin''': (as Creator/PeterLorre) [[HypocriticalHumor Can't you do anyone from the last ten years?]]
* This exchange from [[ a game of Questions:]]
-->'''Ryan:''' You're Canadian?
-->'''Colin:''' Can't you tell?
-->'''Ryan:''' Have you ever heard of a town called Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan?
-->'''Colin:''' Isn't that right beside Left...Noob?
-->'''Ryan:''' (hesitates, turns wordlessly and leaves)
* Colin's [[ masterful Peter Graves impression]].
* In the Questions Only about [[ a bawdy Saturday night at the height of the gold rush]]:
--> '''Wayne''': Where's the sheriff?
--> '''Colin''': Who's askin'?
--> '''Wayne''': Don't you recognize your dear ol' pa?
--> '''Colin''': Wasn't I told I was adopted?
--> '''Wayne''': Weren't you?
--> '''Colin''': Shouldn't you know, being the donor of the sperm... (gives up and walks off)
* In [[ this game]] that takes place on a WWII submarine:
--> '''Brad''': Didn't you know I'm supposed to be in charge of paint?\\
'''Ryan''': ...What's paint?\\
'''Brad''': Haven't you ever heard of paint? A polymer that's applied to the sadidadida- [gives up and walks off]
* [[ This one]], where Wayne messes up:
--> '''Wayne''': [comes in] Ecuador.\\
'''Brad''': ...What? (Wayne is buzzed out, Ryan comes in)\\
'''Ryan''': Ecuador?
* How about the [[ scene from a teenage soap opera]]?
--> '''Ryan''': [as a cheerleader] Who's the team that is the best? Who's better than all the rest? ...Is it the Wildcats? Is it the Wildcats?\\
'''Wayne''': Is it? Is it?
* Any time a performer is screwed up by a seemingly simple question is hilarious:
--> '''Ryan''': Haven't you heard Black Bart's out to get you?\\
'''Colin''': Why?\\
'''Ryan''': ...Oh, I don't know [walks off].
* In one "Questions Only", Drew's out-of-nowhere question to Ryan, "Are you ''gay''??" It backfires when Ryan responds, "Don't you know that Drew Carey is the only man who can give you the answer to that question?"
* Anytime Karen Maruyama played the game, she worked in some great come-on lines:
--> '''Karen''': Do you want me?\\
'''Karen''': Do you want to touch my breasts right now?

[[folder:Scenes From A Hat]]
* This bit:
-->'''Drew''': The good news and the bad news.\\
'''Brad''': ''[To Wayne]'' The good news is we're going to name a disease after you. ''[Wayne relaxes and once Brad leaves, he realizes it's not good news.]''\\
'''Colin''': ''[To Wayne]'' You're in a very funny show. It's against Friends. ''[Wayne looks upset]''\\
'''Wayne''': ''[To Colin]'' Honey! I'm pregnant. Meet the father! ''[Brad comes in happily and hugs Wayne while Colin leaves]''
** And in [[ another episode]]:
--->'''Wayne''': Phew. The elections are over (opens a newspaper) President Bush?!\\
'''Ryan''': The good news, the surgery was successful and you look like a movie star. The bad news is that movie star is Drew Carey.\\
'''Greg''': Merry Christmas, Tommy! (to Wayne) Look, [[CrossesTheLineTwice it's Geppetto on DVD!]] (Drew starred in the film)\\
'''Drew''': ''(gives them all a DeathGlare)''\\
'''Wayne''': I liked it! I was in it!\\
'''Greg''': I liked it too! The bad news was it was Christmas.\\
'''Drew:''' I like this good news and bad news one, that was pretty good. Uh, this is another one: Pull the string on the Drew Carey doll and it says...\\
'''Colin:''' (pretend to pull the doll string) It was nice the time we worked together, Greg, [[TakeThat you're fired.]]\\
'''Ryan:''' (pretending to pull string on doll) Lower.\\
'''Greg:''' ''VRRRRP!'' [[TheDrewCareyShow Mimi]] and I are the same person!
* This entire SFAH [[ here.]]
** "Things that should not have ejector seats."
---> ''(Wayne runs over to Drew's buzzer, pushes it, then looks up, waving goodbye, while Drew gives him a scathing DeathGlare)''
** "Times when 'Eeney-Meeney-Miney-Mo' is not an appropriate method of selection."
--->'''Brad:''' Miney, moe. Congratulations, [[TakeThat Mr. Bush.]] (Bonus points that they had on shirts with the right [[ColorCodedForYourConvenience colors for the parties]]: Colin was wearing red; Ryan had on blue)
* "Something you never want to hear from a Surgeon."
--> Ryan: "...Oops."
* Anything from Scenes From A Hat, ever. Especially [[ this one]].
** "What color is your poo first thing in the morning?"
** "Professions where breaking into song is discouraged:"
*** "[[LyricalDissonance We're gonna]] ''[[LyricalDissonance fry you this morning, fry you this morning...]]''"
*** '''I'M A MIME!'''
** Things that makes the audience boo!
*** "And the Oscar for Best Actor goes to: KeanuReeves." '''''BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!'''''
*** The best part about that one is that the booing goes on for almost ten seconds. Also, just before Colin and Ryan make a scene, the audience start to boo. And after making the suggestions most of the audience laughed rather than booed even during Ryan's 'Push the old lady' scene.
* [[ Nightly bedtime prayers of Whose Line cast members:]]
** "Lord, please make Ryan stop wearing clown shoes."
** "Lord, please get me ringside seats when Ryan kicks Brad's ass."
* '''''[[ VOUS N'ESCAPEZ PAS]]!''''' (while everyone cracks up wondering who's he imitating as) [[Series/HogansHeroes Colonel Klink]] in French! Thank you!
* Refreshingly honest statements that could earn you a black eye. (The clip in question is [[ here.]])
** "[[TakeThat Drew doesn't do a damn thing! Not a damn thing, he just reads the cards and goes eh! eh! eh!]]"
** That one doubled in hilarity when, after Wayne delivers a rather lame joke, Drew pantomimes laughter and Wayne launches right back into it: ''"Not a damn thing!"''
--->'''Brad:''' ''(to Ryan)'' "I want you to punch me hard in the eye." ''[[GroinAttack He punches Brad somewhere else.]]''
* A "Scenes From A Hat" comes back to bite Drew in the ass, involving things you shouldn't do when you're talking to your wife.
-->'''Wayne:''' ''(pretends to be watching TV with the remote in his hand)'' ''(Deadpan)'' Yeah, honey. Love you, too. (CLICK)\\
'''Drew:''' "Scenes From Wayne's Real Life." ''(entire audience jeers at Drew for ripping Wayne)''\\
(Drew picks up another card from the hat)\\
'''Drew:''' "People You Wish Would Just Shut Up."\\
'''Wayne:''' ''(Pretends to act like Drew pulling the suggestion out of the hat)'' "People You Wish Would Just Shut Up." ''(audience cheers)''
* "Bad Causes to Raise Money For."
-->'''Ryan:''' Give Drew Carey a third show? Give Drew Carey a third show? Anyone?\\
'''Colin:''' Bathe the whales!
** HilariousInHindsight because he ended up on ''ThePriceIsRight'', of all shows!!
* This one:
-->'''Drew:''' "Difficult Questions for Mommy to Answer."\\
'''Wayne:''' Mommy, how come no one looks like me on ''{{Friends}}''?\\
'''Colin:''' Mommy, how come no one looks like '''''me''''' on ''Friends''?\\
'''Drew:''' If you weren't listening, I said ''difficult'' questions!\\
'''Colin:''' I'm adorable.
* [[ "Naked Photos You Wouldn't Want to See on the Internet"]]
-->'''Wayne:''' Hi, I'm Bea Arthur!\\
'''Ryan:''' C-A-R-E-Y. Hmmm...\\
'''Ryan:''' ''Face scrunches with horror''; ''Pretends to click away from the website...'' ''Hurtles computer out the window''\\
'''Drew:''' Careful what you wish for, buddy...
* [[ TV in Hell and Hillbilly Fortune Cookies]]. 'Nuff said.
* The one where they had to make Drew do a spit take, and Colin and Ryan ''actually kissed.'' Needless to say, there was a spit take. Afterwards, those involved were literally washing their mouths out.
** If anyone's curious, the clip is right [[ here]].
* Another with Colin and Ryan: the topic was "Things You Shouldn't Lick." Ryan walked up to Colin, brought him to center, and then they both stood mute, Ryan pointing at Colin.
* [[ Songs from a musical about breasts]]. 'Nuff said.
** Colin scores some major points for his second bit, dancing back and forth with a big smug grin and getting laughs before even opening his mouth.
*** "I like to stick my head in and go...[[MarshmallowHell GBBBBBRRRRRR!!!!!"]]
*** His suggestion before that was pretty darn funny as well:
---->'''Colin:''' (singing) I've got a dime for two nipples...
---->'''Wayne:''' Mammaries...
---->'''Wayne:''' "Ooooooohhhhhhh, damn that's some big (titty)!"
---->'''Ryan:''' (''pretending to turn something'') Come in Tokyo, come in Tokyo...
---->'''Wayne:''' You make me young.... (''sucks'')
---->'''Brad:''' "Strike up the old Victrola; I'm showing my Areola!"
* [[ This scenes from a hat]] features Colin singing the ultimate break-up song (don't worry, he's still happily married):
-->'''Colin''': You are dead to me/Nothing but ''scum''/When I look in your eyes/I get inflammation of the ''bum''/You make me feel putrid/I hate the way you... ([[VaudevilleHook Ryan drags him off the stage]])
** "Baby baby baby you got to go, you got to go/Why why why? Because you's a hoe/Bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-byeeeee....!"
** "Oh I'm one lucky little mister/ I don't need you I'm dating your sister!"
** [[TakeThat They're all wearing toupees!]]
* One word: [[ COME!]] Second place: Get off the mailman! Get off the mailman!
** From that same clip:
---> '''Wayne''': ''(As Dorothy to the Wizard)'' Um, Mr. Wizard, I'd like some hair for my friend.\\
'''Colin''': ''(death glare)''
** Also doubling as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming when Colin trips on the stairs and Ryan catches him. Ryan: (astonished) I just saved your life! ''(Colin pretends to leap off to his death; Ryan shrugs)''
* Another two words: [[ Nice Pants!]]
* Jeff Davis' [[ rendition]] of that [[TearJerker very sad scene]] from {{Titanic}}, Dr Seuss style.
** On the topic of DrSeuss, let's not forget Wayne's Seussian version of {{Terminator}}.
** And then there's the unfortunate names from US cities (that shouldn't have a song written about them):
--->'''Ryan''': [[ElmuhFuddSyndwome We wuv u]], [[ Walla Walla, Washington...]]\\
'''Colin''': [[MundaneMadeAwesome Proud citizens of]] [[ Doglick!]]\\
'''Ryan''': We call it [[ Butte (not Butt), Montana...]]\\
'''Jeff''': Who wants an [[ Oxnard]]? I do! I do!\\
'''Ryan''': (with a stoned look on his face) What's the matter with [[ Weed]]?
*** Even the fictional city, whose name is outrageous enough for its own joke, never mind Wayne's personal RunningGag:
---->'''Wayne''': Our arms are wide open at [[InherentlyFunnyWords Muscalahoochiehala, Alabama!]] '''MUSCALAHOOCHIEHALA, ALABAMA!''' Come on in, come on in!
** FIRE!
** Alright, push Mrs. Johnson.
** I can't believe I broke my old record of eating six burritos!
** I'm the little voice in your head. No, '''I'm''' the little voice in your head. ''I'm'' the little voice in your head. Will the real little voice in your head please stand up? No, it's me, I'm the little voice in your head. I'm the little voice in your head....
** It's hilarious how many times Ryan (of all people) has to play TeamMom and [[VaudevilleHook drag Colin off.]]
* Speaking of {{Titanic}}, [[ this song]] will never be featured on the movie soundtrack:
-->'''Colin''': [[BlackComedy Corpses bobbing in the sea...hahahaha heeheehee....]]
** "Some people say that [[IncendiaryExponent rodents aren't flammable]], well..."
** "Hi, I'm Colin Mochrie for Rogaine."
* [[ Worst]] LyricalDissonance EVER.
-->'''Colin''': Hey, I didn't mean to cook your dog/But hey those things just happen/Mine was just standing there/And his little toes started tapping/So I cut his throat/Well, go get a goat/And I put him on the barbeque... ([[VaudevilleHook Ryan drags him off the stage]])
** "I see. '''''[[MoodWhiplash WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!????????????]]'''''"
** And early in that session, Colin making fun of Wayne's Queen Elizabeth laugh turned out to be funnier than the actual punchline he supplied...
* A great funny moment is when Ryan hangs himself for a [[ "circus act" that didn't last long.]].
** Strange subjects for a lounge singer to sing about:
-->'''Ryan:''' I passed a stone today, I passed a stone today...
-->'''Colin:''' It's time for a prostate examination...
-->'''Wayne:''' Don't stand behind me after I get finished eating, trust me, it's not good! Because I'll blow your hair off, pfft, yes, indeed! Because I...
-->'''Chip:''' Cannibaliiiiism! Cannibaliiism! (''buzzer'') Gotta go!
-->'''Wayne:''' (''imitates piano''') These words, they come so whimsically... I know your wife [[UnusualEuphemism Biblically]]]... (''cracks up'') But please be...
-->'''Ryan:''' I love to see Phyllis Diller in spandex...
* [[ This]] [[Series/SesameStreet Scenes From A Hat is brought to you by]] [[NotWhatItLooksLike the letter 'h']].
* '''[[ HOW DOES FOOD BECOME POO? I'LL...TELL...YOU!!!!]]''' (starts dancing)
* [[ This]] features one hilarious moment.
-->'''Wayne:''' [[BedmateReveal (wakes up to find Colin sleeping beside him)]] COLIN!? \\
''(Colin pops out and Wayne runs off [[ScreamsLikeALittleGirl screaming]])''\\
'''Colin:''' [[ImYourBiggestFan TEACH ME HOW TO SING LIKE YOU!]]\\
'''Ryan:''' [[ThrowItIn (pops out of bed)]] What's his problem?\\
'''Colin:''' I dunno!
** "Here, velociraptor!" (Colin comes in as said dinosaur and bites Brad's neck)
** "Baby Names that will get your child's ass kicked."
--->'''Ryan''': Aww, is [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Kick My Ass]] getting hungry?\\
'''Colin:''' "Come here Colin." ''(Awws from the audience, then Brad and Wayne feign beating him up)''
** The ultimate OH EXPLOITABLE scene comes from this clip--"Little Known Facts About Our Host, Drew Carey": First, Drew's reaction at the beginning when he reads the card that is likely that suggestion, refusing to read it out loud and putting it back into the hat. Everyone knows something is up. He waits until the hat is down to that one card, doing his best to dodge the bullet, until he sucks it up. Then, after he does announce it, he buzzes the guys out before they can say anything. Finally, Ryan's fact after Drew lets him go: "Kind of a middle name is [[EmbarrassingMiddleName Allison?]]" It's true, too.
* [[ With the wig]], [[WholesomeCrossdresser you remind me of Julia...]]
** Drew even said Colin sounded so sincere when he said that.
** "A teacher? A TEACHER? Honey, prostitutes make twice that money."
** So whoooo's the slightly effeminate one? That's me! That's me!
* [[ A look]] into the dreams of Colin Mochrie. [[TakeThat The other three became bald!]]
** Doubles as a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming. Also HilariousInHindsight since Wayne is now balder than Colin.
** "Yeah, you were great, Creator/SharonStone. No, I'm not going to call ya."
** Here, pussy!
** Wayne and Greg making out, followed by them nervously continuing the Irish Drinking Song is another funny moment.
* [[ IT'S A BOY! YEAH!]] [[CrossesTheLineTwice *spikes baby*]]
** "Dear diary, when will people find out that I'm not a man?"
*** "Wonder if that's all true?"
* "[[NoodleIncident So then my colon is lying right on my chest.]] [[MeatgrinderSurgery I wake up in the middle of the surgery;]] [[BodyHorror I accidentally swallow half of it!]] [[UnusuallyUninterestingSight 'How did that happen?' I'm wondering.]] [[OhCrap Well then all of a sudden,]] [[CrossesTheLineTwice that's when the laxative hits!]] [[AndIMustScream So I'm LYING there, wondering]] [[ 'how the heck am I gonna get out of this'?"]] ''([[[VaudevilleHook Ryan drags him offstage]]])''
** "How are the hemorrhoids?" '''''"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"'''''
* This entire [[ SFAH]] featured some classic moments.
** If statues could speak:
*** [[OhCrap Uh oh... No doo-doo, please.]]
*** Hey, come on baby! Statues stay harder longer!
*** With Ryan then saying to Colin, "[[IncrediblyLamePun Taking it for granite?]]"
** [[{{Squick}} Old people kissing.]]
*** Colin as a senior stripper.
**** "9-1-1! What? Huh?"
** (shaves head) "Man, I should have read my contract."
*** Which leads to Drew pretending to eat "Oh yeah! I should read my contract. Om nom nom nom"
** [[LukeIAmYourFather Drew Carey's my daddy.]]
** "I can't keep this secret any longer. [[BodyHorror Do you know why they always pick me to play the woman?]]"
* [[ Difficult things to say with a straight face. Both times.]]
** "Water skis."
*** "They call it...a thong."
* [[ Giving your date's parents too much information.]]
** Don't worry, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, I'll have her back by 10. It's when the wife gets home.
*** Don't worry, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, ''we'll'' have her back by 10. (cheeky grin)
*** [[CrossesTheLineTwice Don't worry Mrs. Johnson, I'll have Mr. Johnson back by 10.]]
** Yeah, I'll have a [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything foot-long?]]
*** Can you super-size that?
** '''''[[EatTheDog SCRUFFY!]]'''''
** Cough.
* [[ "I'm Colin Mochrie"]] (stripper music)
** [[TakeThat "I'm Brad Sherwood!"]]
*** Strange chants overheard when jumping rope:
---> '''Colin''': "Monkey monkey chew the butter, see my buttocks? There is better batter. Batoota. Batoota monkey monkey. Look there's a gerbil. I'm going up and down. 60 Minutes, where are you? Here's an expose for you. Libilala. Libilala. Libilala" \\
'''Brad''': (comes in) Time for your pill. ([[VaudevilleHook then pushes him out]])
*** This is the only time that Ryan ''didn't'' pull him out of the stage as he was laughing too hard until Brad did it for him.
** Documentary subjects you'll never see:
*** Today we're going to show you how to catch a bullet. [[BoomHeadshot (bang)]]
* [[ My wife just doesn't understand...]]
* [[ This]] SFAH has some great moments.
** [[TheBlairWitchProject "There's gonna be a]] [[{{Sequelitis}} crappy sequel!"]]
** "Yea, the two revenuers from Verona approacheth! (''silence'') Read a book, people!"
** And then he invites me over to his desk. And then he said "Hey, you're the winner!" * sobs*
** "My boss will see you now." [[ThrowItIn "Well take your finger off my c***."]]
** But nothing is compared to Drew hitting the camera by accident. You'd think it was staged if not for his profanities and Ryan and Colin's reactions.
* [[ This Scenes from a Hat]] with 'Strange welcome greetings on signs as you enter into different US states.'
-->'''Wayne:''' (''pretending to drive'') Come and "hang out" in Alabama! (''starts turning around'')
-->'''Ryan:''' Welcome to Montana, there's nobody here...
-->'''Greg:''' Entering Ohio, watch out for Drew- (''pretends to drive over a bump'')
-->'''Ryan:''' Welcome to Hawaii, how'd you get here in a car?
-->'''Colin:''' Entering Rhode Island. Thanks for visiting Rhode Island.
-->'''Ryan:''' Utah welcomes you and your wives.
* [[ "Things you can say about/to your X but not your girlfriend."]]
* [[ Ryan's got]] [[BillClinton a cigar!]]
** "OOH, JAR JAR BINKS SING BLUES!" [[spoiler:And immediately after, "OOH, JAR JAR BINKS RUN FOR PRESIDENT!"]]
*** [[BringMyBrownPants "GET MY BROWN PANTS!"]]
* [[ Things you don't want to hear your grandmother singing about.]]
* "What phone sex operators are doing on the other end". Drew gets Ryan to do one, even though Drew just picked the next topic and Ryan said it wasn't good. It was him and Colin playing Yahtzee.
* This from the 100th episode:
-->'''Drew''': Statements that will get bleeped by the censor.\\
'''Wayne''': In Spanish, they call me El Grande Ricardo, but you can call me BIG ''DICK!''\\
'''Greg''': I'm George Bush, and I'm a '''''[[PrecisionFStrike FUCKING]]''''' [[TakeThat Idja-min-it!]]\\
'''Colin''': Here, ''pussy''!\\
'''Drew''': Outtakes from the first 100 episodes of "Whose Line".\\
'''Colin''': Here, ''pussy''!
* Greg doing [[ the French version]] of ''Whose Line:''
-->'''Greg''': ''(in an obnoxious French accent)'' I hope you are not watching the idiotic Belgian version. This is, of course, the French version where nothing matters. ''(audience laughs)'' '''BUZZ''' Don't laugh! '''BUZZ''' Stop buzzing! '''BUZZ''' The points don't matter, the buzzing doesn't matter! '''BUZZ''' I asked you to stop!
* Rejected State Anthems:
-->'''Colin:''' Come to Florida and die! Come to Florida and die!\\
'''Ryan''': (singing) Whores and gambling, whores and gambling, that's Nevada! (opens arms wide)\\
'''Greg''': (singing) Goin' back to Mississippi, where my cousin is my dad!\\
'''Wayne:''' Well, [[CrossesTheLineTwice you'll never find me in Alabama!]] No-no-no-no-no! In Alabama, it's no fun! In Alabama, all I ever do is run! In Alabama, in Alabama, in ALABAMAAAAAAAA!
* "The last thing Drew thinks about before he drifts off to sleep". Wayne happily says, "Money...", then adds: "It's true, right?" Drew didn't exactly say no.
* Baby Drew's first words.
--> '''Colin''': Colin's bald!
--> '''Wayne''': [[InstantSeduction Hey nurse, come on!]]
--> '''Ryan''': Pizza!
--> '''Brad''': Show me 'dem boobs! Come on!
* "When a Kiss is Out of Line":
--> '''Wayne''': Your kid's been beatin' up my kid!\\
(Colin kisses Wayne)
* "Bad Segues to Tragic News Stories", mainly for Drew's comment after one of them:
-->'''Chip:''' ...and everyone died. Speaking of dying, Iíve been *dying* to see that new Creator/BruceWillis flick! It's coming out...
-->'''Wayne''': It was a big, big loss. Speaking of big, right after this, ''Series/TheDrewCareyShow''!
-->'''Drew''': You are all gonna pay.
* "First Lines of the Worst Poems Ever Written":
--> '''Brad''': Did you see the jugs on the girl in row four? (a line which was used immediately before this for "things the pilot wishes he hadn't said when the intercom was on")\\
'''Wayne''': When I was drunk, you were beautiful.\\
'''Colin''': Though you come from the small town of Pockpucker...
* [[ "Bad things to say to someone on their deathbed."]]
-->'''Ryan:''' What are you gonna do with your stereo?
-->'''Chip:''' (''pretending to put a bedsheet on and off'') Peek-a-boo! Peek-a-boo! Peek...
-->'''Colin:''' Yeah, about that 20 bucks you owe me...
-->'''Wayne:''' (''holding a scythe, in a deep voice'') It's me, Death! (''pretends to pull off mask'') Just kidding!
-->'''Colin:''' So when do you think Jane will be ready to date again?
* [[ "Rejected names for bras"]]:
-->'''Colin:''' The new Wonder [[MarshmallowHell GBBBBBRRRRRR]]!
-->'''Ryan:''' Milk Duds!
* "What GeorgeWBush thinks to himself during cabinet meetings":
-->'''Greg:''' Hmm, what does the "W" stand for? (''buzzer'') Whatever!
-->'''Colin:''' [[LiteralMinded There isn't even a cabinet in here]]...
-->'''Wayne:''' ''[[RunningGag That's]]'' [[RunningGag where poo comes from]]...
* One suggestion was "[[Film/TheWizardOfOz The Munchkins]]: What are they doing now?":
** "Weeeeeelllllllll... your fries are ready! [[{{Pun}} I'm a short-order cook!"]]
** "Looks like you're gonna need a new muffler!"
** "In this corner, the mayor of Oz, in this corner, Gary Coleman, FIGHT!"
** (mimes popping out from under desk) "You forgot to give points, Mr. Carey."

[[folder:Scene To Rap]]
* Creator/StephenColbert adds a lot of flair to [[ this one.]]
* [[ Colin tries to rap]]- oh, boy... you can expect what happens next!
* ''Film/TheExorcist'' [[ Scene to Rap]]. "I'm Richard Simmons, the Exorcise-ist!"
* The [[ black hole rap]]. Highlights include Wayne's on-the-spot innuendo and Colin's T-rex dance moves.
--> '''Wayne''': It's only a black hole, I've got one!
* The [[ "School"]] scene to rap has some of the most mistakes out of any of the aired sketches.
** Greg initially brings the song to a screeching halt after messing up.
** Later in the song, he forgets to rhyme.
** Finally, at the end, Ryan apparently forgot he was playing a woman.
* [[ Colin is the king of the zombie men.]] 'Nuff said.

[[folder:Show-Stopping Number]]
* Every single playing, particularly [[ this one]] when Colin suddenly mutters gibberish.
** What makes this game fun is when Colin suddenly [[ChewingTheScenery hams up]] or the player's reaction whenever after being buzzed. Example [[ here.]]
** [[ Or when the player randomly dances before thinking of lyrics.]]
* One game had the performers doing a Broadway musical, and must burst into song and make a number about whatever they just said whenever Drew hits the buzzer. Just about every time Drew hits the button, you can see some really funny gems like when they FacePalm or Wayne looks at the camera with a "I'm going to kill the host" look on his face.
* During the game at a factory, Wayne sings "Without a Hole, Where Would Ya Be?".
** His song (and Ryan and Colin's background "jazz hands") caused Drew to laugh hysterically after the game, and the camera held on him a good fifteen seconds after he threw to commercial.

[[folder:Song Styles/Duets]]
* [[ TWO BIG MEATBALLS!]] Wayne catches himself ''just'' in time to avoid the wrath of the censors.
* [[ The Song Styles from the 100th Episode.]]
** Best bits from that playing:
** Drew commenting on Colin wearing the sailor hat:
--> '''Drew''': Colin, you look like a Cracker Jack box with a baaaad prize inside.
** The song abruptly going to double time (due to Laura Hall unintentionally hitting the tempo accelerate button), and everyone commenting on it after the game:
-->'''Drew''': I didn't even know The Village People even did polkas!\\
'''Colin''': I don't think it was that noticeable.\\
'''Drew''': Man, it was like a wind-up monkey!\\
'''Greg''': (to Wayne) Watch out for those tempo changes, man. 'Cause when we go into the second bridge, this [[SoundEffectBleep (shit)]] takes off!\\
'''Drew''': If this ever makes it to air, I'll be so amazed.\\
'''Wayne''': It's hard to spell at 210 beats per minute.
* ''WhoseLineIsItAnyway'' meets ''TheRockyHorrorPictureShow'' and yes, [[ it even is more catchy than the original Time Warp.]]
* Wayne's song to bodybuilder [[ Jayne Trcka]] (hilarity starts at 1:40).
--> '''Ryan''': What time do you want me to be home, honey?
--> '''Greg''': That woman would snap you in half like a praying mantis.
* During one playing, all four actors are called on to pretend to be the Temptations. You better believe HilarityEnsues! [[ "Here's a little dance tip for ya, white people..."]]
* Brad Sherwood's beautiful playing where he has to come up with rhymes for a girl named [[ Naroshi.]]
** "Let's get some brioch-ee!"
** WHY! Couldn't you have an easy rhymin' name?
* When Wayne and Brad sang to Florence Henderson:
--> '''Brad''': Oh come on Mrs. Brady / please give me a treat / I'll be Sam the Butcher / and then you can try my meat!
* "When You're a Goat", sung in the style of Theatre/WestSideStory. Notable bits include Kathy Greenwood's "ramming" and Wayne's incredulous reaction after the game was over: "You can't air ''that''!"
* When Wayne sang to Chanel the Polynesian dancer, the style was a love ballad that gradually increased in tempo. By the end of it, he was singing so fast that he was virtually unintelligible, and pretends to faint from exhaustion. Ryan looked startled in the background.
* Wayne and Chip sing to [[ Derek]] in the style of the Music/VillagePeople. Between his vague job description, the fact that [[SpellMyNameWithAnS Wayne and Chip spell his name differently (D-E-R-R-I-C-K and D-E-R-E-K) respectively]], and that he led them in a can-can, it was a perfect storm of hilarity.

[[folder:Song Titles]]
* Colin has a great ending line in [[ this one]]:
--> '''Ryan:''' What's New, Pussycat?\\
'''Colin:''' When You Wish Upon A Star.\\
'''Ryan:''' [points down] Ah, Blue Suede Shoes.\\
'''Colin:''' [looks down] ...Nice Pants.
* [[ This one]] gives us an even better one:
--> '''Colin:''' What's New, Pussycat?\\
'''Ryan:''' I've Got A Feeling.\\
'''Colin:''' Feelings?\\
'''Ryan:''' One.\\
'''Colin:''' What's The Buzz? Tell Me What's A-Happening.\\
'''Ryan:''' Nowhere Man.\\
'''Colin:''' ...Really? That Sucks.\\
[everyone cracks up, Colin walks off]\\
'''Ryan:''' [singing] ''Really that sucks''\\
'''Chip:''' [singing from the side] ''Really that su-ucks''
* [[ This one]], which takes place at a beach party:
--> '''Chip:''' [pantomimes swimming] Theme from Jaws?\\
'''Colin:''' I'll get a harpoon! Lala lala? [walks off]
* [[ This one]] gives us another great line from Colin that actually follows the rules of the game:
--> '''Colin:''' You Wanna Dance?\\
'''Ryan:''' Do You Know The Way To San Jose?\\
'''Colin:''' Route 66!\\
[the two start slow dancing]\\
'''Ryan:''' Ah, Oklahoma!\\
'''Colin:''' Theme from Titanic.
* It's always hilarious when the performer is completely stumped. One such example:
--> '''Colin''': Another Saturday Night.\\
'''Ryan''': Ahhhh. ({{Beat}}; walks off to buzzer)

[[folder:Sound Effects]]
* The crowning moment here is the fabled "[[ Quacking Elephants]]," a Sound Effects sketch GoneHorriblyWrong. Drew's meltdown during and after has to be seen to be believed. (Creator/ABCFamily actually made a whole promo out of Drew laughing after this game!)
* How about [[ the worst take on Batman since Schumacher]]. All I can say is OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH.
** Or what Ryan referred to as "The universal sound effect".
* Or [[ Defending the Queen]]? "Actually, it's just crumpled paper!" And "Apparently the Queen takes offense with your shirt!"
* At the complete opposite scale as the quacking elephants, [[ these two]] get over-enthusiastic with sound effects. The crowning moment is when a baby enters the scene.
* A [[ Sound Effects]] game with Ryan as one of the Series/CharliesAngels and Colin as Bosley, due to Ryan's inability to remember that [[IAmNotShazam Colin is Bosley, not Charlie.]] The best part is it's impossible to tell whether he's actually forgetting, or it's part of the character. Not to mention:
-->'''Ryan:''' Shoot something out of your pants that will go over the wall so we can climb up!
** A moment earlier in the skit is great too, when Colin and Ryan both try out various buttons on their plane's control panel. Since each performer had a different audience member supplying the sound effects, the buttons sounded decidedly different. This caused Ryan to observe: "I've got the deeper ones."
* "Put your pants back on! Everyone's screamin' at you with a baby hangin' out of you like that! TAXI!"- Ryan to Colin, in the [[ "Sound Effects" where Colin was Ryan's heavily pregnant wife]]. The line came after the two audience members off-stage made a screech noise (which was supposed to represent a cab pulling up).
** Same game, Colin ''pushing the baby back inside'' definitely was one, though it wasn't prompted by any sound.
* When Colin and Ryan played two [=GIs=] escaping from a POW camp, there's a moment when Ryan is trying to dig his way out of the camp with a shovel, and one of the audience members says, "I don't know." Ryan improvises: "Oh my God, there's somebody in there!", and then mimes pulling them out of the hole he dug and leading them off. Drew's off-camera laughter makes this gag even funnier.
** From the same playing: Ryan's character struggles to lift a hatch door, and the audience member made a "Bwwaaaaaaaaaaack" sound. Ryan's observation? "There seems to be a chicken on it!"
* Colin, with sound effects by Ryan, [[ teaches us how to perform surgery.]]
* Before one playing, Drew asked an old woman he got from the audience: "Sally, do you own a little bird named Tweety?" After much laughter at her expense, the other much younger woman good-naturedly told him: "Easy on my mother!" Drew responded, "Oh it's your mother, I'm sorry, she has a remarkable resemblance." Ryan, smiling wide but probably embarrassed for Sally, couldn't even look at Drew during all this, which makes it all the more hilarious.
* One playing had Ryan and Colin playing two firemen. Towards the end of the scene, one of the ladies providing sound effects shouted, "OH HELP! HELP!" Ryan observed: "It's an old Indian woman!"

[[folder:Stand Sit Bend]]
* Pretty much any of them. These skits had great physical comedy, due to the performers having to constantly adjust to each others' movements. It's a shame the game never really appeared very much outside of some U.K. episodes and the first two U.S. seasons.
** Just one example: Ryan playing a woman in labor. Every time he sat up to breathe, Colin had to lay on the ground. Then when Ryan went back to lying down, Colin got back up. Repeat this a few times.
*** Later in this playing, Wayne (playing the midwife) delivered Ryan's baby. His remark is priceless:
---> '''Wayne''': You are the owner of...\\
'''Colin''': "The owner"?? You're not really a midwife, are you?!\\
'''Wayne''': No, I used to be a used car salesman!
*** And capped off when Wayne and Ryan try to sit in the same seat, essentially leading to [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything Ryan in Wayne's lap]]:
---> '''Ryan''': [[CrossesTheLineTwice HEY! Gimme a week will ya?]]
** When Colin was getting a tattoo, but especially for this great call back at the beginning of the game, when Drew accidentally read the wrong scene for the game.
--> '''Wayne''': See, honey? Aren't you glad I brought you to this tattoo parlor?\\
'''Colin''': [[WhatCouldHaveBeen I'd rather be camping under a full moon.]]

* When Wayne was "[[ Caught in a Wind Tunnel Boy]]".
* [[ Colin leads the team]] as CaptainObvious, but the real fun starts when Wayne arrives...
* [[ Captain Hair.]]
* Wayne's performance as [[ Show-Stopping Number Boy]]
** As Drew says, "The best part about that... that was that really was a show-stopping number!"
* '''Drew:''' You know it's good to know that if trouble rears its ugly head, [[BlessedWithSuck Captain Bloodloss]] [[ will be there.]]
* '''Drew:''' [[ We're outta milk, Slappy!]] [[TemptingFate What are you gonna do?]]
** The Bitter Drunk Kid!
* [[ This]] one with Greg Proops leading the squad as "DelayedReaction Man".
* The series of heroes suggested by the audience for Brad which were rejected by the censor.
** "Cross-Dressing Man" who was called to save the crisis of "Frizzy Hair"
---> "Hold Please"
---> '''Colin''': Can't use frizzy hair.
---> '''Ryan''': Can't use frizzy hair, people ''have'' frizzy hair.
** Another one, "Blind Jim"
--->'''Brad''': What? They're saying no? What a surprise!
--->'''Ryan''': How about Crippled Carl? Is that okay?
--->'''Drew''': Retarded Ricky!
--->'''Brad''': It's Herpes Hank!
* Greg as "Not Hot But Spicy Man". The name alone is great.
--> '''Ryan''': You're not even ''that'' spicy. (leaves; audience "ooohs")\\
'''Greg''': At last, he's found out my secret. I'm leathened with delicious avocado.

[[folder:Three-Headed Broadway Star]]
* "[[ Bubbles]], while dramatic, was funny.
* "[[ I Lost My Legwarmers]]". Funny moment within this -- Colin using the word "YOU!" nine times ''in a row'', then Ryan gets to say "YOU!"...and Colin and Wayne turn to look at him in perfect synchronization. Or maybe it's Wayne's falsetto out of nowhere.
** Even better: once Ryan steals "you!" from Colin, what's the next thing Colin says? "I!"
* "[[ You Are My Butterstick]]".
* [[ "Flea Dip" from the Tony-winning musical '''Bob: The Musical.''']]
* "[[ You've Got Sole]]"
** "♪And take me on a...♪ [[EpicFail Oh, sorry, one word at a time]]..."
* "[[ Timber]]":
** "Would. You. Like. To. Bring. A. Sword?"
** "Every. One. Loves. You... Steve."
* "[[ Bald Spot]]" one can stand up to those ones.
** Your. Bald. Spot. Can. Reflect. Lasers!
* How about "[[ I Can't Stop Thinking about Your Pants]]?" Watch this, then try to hear the word "existential" without giggling anymore.
* Or [[ "When I Think About Your Pants"]], which is surpringly coherent for a song solely about Drew Carey's pants.
--> "I can't live without your pants, so I'll take them off!"
* "[[ They Threw it Away]]", mainly due to unresolved mother issues and attempted high notes. One [=YouTube=] comment even noted how this song qualifies as a TearJerker for the fictional musical:
-->The trashman, scrounging for garbages to pick up. is asking himself what our world would be without them. His heart is crying about the fact that garbage men are unappreciated in the society. He then narrates his tragic childhood with his mother that led him to became a garbage man. He is "almost free" because he cannot escape his past. He then laments on how he wants to throw his heart away and just get away from it all.
* [[ "These Aren't My Hips"]] is a serious contender for that Tear Jerker position.
* "[[ You Fill My Life With Jell-O]]".
* "[[ Worms]]", because it actually sounds like ''an actual song''
* "Whenever I See Your Teeth", mainly for the RunningGag of "abyss". The game ends with the performers asking the woman from the audience to "kiss their abyss".
* Colin in "[[ You Are My Chili Dog]]".
** "Love you always 'cause taste is PA-RA-MOUNT!"
** "When you enter my room I eat your ESSENCE. *Audience laughter, and Colin does shifty eyes*"
** "[[DoubleEntendre Buns... are... firm.]] (Audience laughter). [[ShapedLikeItself Meat... is... (pause) meat!]]"
** "Chili dogs! Cos you're mine and... (Colin hesitates) f...ffflourish!"

[[folder:Title Sequence]]
* "Hillary and Monica": The song begins with the hilarious lyrics: "One's a first lady, the other's a tramp..."
* "Cosby and the Insurance Salesman": Originally supposed to be "Cosby and Hitler" [[ExecutiveMeddling before it was nixed by a producer]], Ryan managed to work in a Hitler gag during the song anyway: He randomly did a "heil Hitler" salute.

[[folder:Weird Newscasters]]
* [[ One of the best "Weird Newscasters" games]] had Ryan as a matador in a bullfight. He begins a bullfight...with the camera. The camera plays along ''and wins.''
-->'''Colin''': ...That reminds me, tomorrow we're having an interview with [[IncrediblyLamePun Al Gore]]...
* [[ Ryan finds a portal to the gates of Hell.]]
--> '''Ryan:''' ''(spies Drew from within Hell)'' So ''[[TakeThat THIS]]'' is how you got [[TheDrewCareyShow two]] shows!
** Drew, imitating Wayne before the scene when he gives Ryan his quirk: "Why does my ''weather map'' always have to cover the gates of Hell?"
* Gregs reaction to his prompt
-->'''Drew:''' Greg, you're a nerdy white guy desperately trying to act street.
-->'''Greg:''' I know. Whats it say on the card?
* [[ This "Weird Newscasters"]] has Wayne as a sadistic Marine drill sergeant, and he manages to pull an audience member into the sketch in the process. The leaf-green shirt he's wearing really sells it, too.
*** "This just in: BeverlyHills90210, {{UsefulNotes/Cleveland}} Browns 3."
** [[ Ryan's take on it.]] Minus points for the shirt, and plus 2000 points for roping in more audience members '''and''' convincing them to climb Colin's "Newsflash" wall.
** What's even better is that he clearly didn't expect them to actually ''do'' it.
** Funniest of all, when they ''are'' climbing it, [[spoiler: it ''breaks''. And then Ryan chews out the ''wrong'' guy for gripping it too hard!]]
* As another great example of audience participation, observe Ryan's tour-de-force as Frankenstein's monster in [[ this playing]].
* [[ This one]] has Greg as a politician doing a smear campaign on his rival Drew, Wayne as a frat boy doing increasingly crazy stunts, and Ryan as the rise and fall of a 1940s boxer. If for nothing else, this must be seen for Ryan's performance alone, which is probably one of his greatest ever.
* Welcome to the Six o'clock news. I'm Chester Snapdragon [=McFisticuffs=].
** Actually, everyone's fake names can be added to this list.
* From the [[RunningGag "Meow Episode"]], we have Wayne doing the sports report as, so his character description reads, "An aging female Broadway performer doing a big song and dance number whose extensive plastic surgery begins to collapse." It must be seen to be believed.
* Any "Weird Newscasters" that features Colin as the [[StraightMan normal newscaster]] is comedy gold, but the crown for the Crowning Moment must be given to his top story at the beginning of [[ this game]]. 1000 points for referencing RudolphTheRedNosedReindeer ''and'' MyFairLady in the same gag.
* One of the harshest disses the show gave witness to is when [[ Ryan is sliding down the evolutionary scale]]. First, he falls back to caveman, then monkey, and finally, [[spoiler: '''DREW.''' Even funnier- Drew mouths "I KNEW IT."]] And then Ryan takes immense flak for it- but it's resolved soon. Later, the joke becomes the subject of the credits.
* [[ Wayne's looking for a prized greased pig]]- three guesses who gets to suffer ButtMonkey antics.
** [[ The complete scene,]] where three supposedly unrelated acts are somehow woven into a tale of betrayal, action and drama... and possibly some incest.
* [[ Colin is in the middle of the Tour de France]], Wayne disturbs a beehive, and Ryan [[MrFanservice fights the inner urge to be a stripper.]]
* Any time Wayne pretends Drew is a woman, such as when he played an Italian stud:
--> '''Wayne''': 'Scusi, senor, you look like the most beautiful girl I ever seen!
** Or when he played a Jamaican love god:
---> '''Wayne''': Before we talk about the baseball and the football, I'll tell ya about my ''favorite sport of ALLLL''. No, it's not baseball, but me use a ''bat''. It's the sport of makin' love, and I only make love to the most beautiful women in the world, like this woman here. (signals to Drew)
* In one playing, both Wayne and Ryan made fun of Drew in their skits: Wayne played a Russian weightlifter whose biggest challenge was lifting Drew (he was unable to do it, and walked away, disgraced) and Ryan, playing Prince Charming looking for the foot that fit the shoe. After trying out numerous audience members, he hesitantly walked towards Drew and tried the shoe on. It fit, Ryan shouted "NOOOOOOOOO!!" and hung himself. After the game, a miffed Drew said:
--> '''Drew''': Well, that's 1,000 points each to Kathy and Colin. (audience laughs) Ryan and Wayne, it was nice knowin' ya.
* Greg: "That's the news, stay tuned for ''Geppetto 2'', where Geppetto moves in with a grown man that he's created." (cut to annoyed Drew)
* [[ Ryan as John Wayne thinking the studio's under attack,]] complete with a cry of "Indians!" and an attempt to mount a camera.
** From the same scene: [[ "NASA sends probe to Uranus, people everywhere giggle!"]]
* This line:
--> '''Colin''': Our top story tonight: a man is still in critical condition after swallowing two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in large bills. No change is expected.
** Also from that segment, [[ Wayne as a Girl Scout possessed by the Devil]].
---> "And I shall earn my merit badge for '''''DAMNATION!'''''"
* The one where Wayne played an employee who wants to find out who Xeroxed their butt.
--> '''Wayne''': Um, before I go on and tell you folks about the sports tonight, I just have a little question. Last night, we had a little party, and everything was great, and folks came, and it was nice, but, um... (mimes pulling out photo) [[SuddenlyShouting WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!]] Okay, when I took this job, I took this job because I thought this was a nice, decent company! I didn't come here to see nobody booty all over this paper!
** Then, when he realizes the ass in the photo belongs to Drew, he mimes folding the photo back up (which takes a really long time because it's so big) and warns him, "I'm watching you."
* The one where Ryan's about to die, and his whole life flashes before his eyes.
--> '''Ryan''': Let's make this quick, not that I care about the five day forecast. There's gonna be some rain over the weekend... I remember the first time I saw rain. What a life it's been. (pretending to flash back) Push! Push! (acts like a baby coming out of his mother's vagina) Whaaaaa!! Whaaa!! (flashes forward to being a toddler, and is amazed that he has an erection. Flashes forward to his high school days) Would you like to come to the prom with me? (mimes dancing; flashes forward to young adult) What are we even fightin' for Grenada for? I don't even want this country! (flashes forward to present; singing) Ooooohhhhh, we'll do another Hoedown, that makes 300 now. Doin' another Hoedown, it's comin' out of my head, before I do another, I'd rather be dead. (mimes heart attack, falling over. Then he mimes sprouting angel wings)

[[folder:Whose Line]]
* The [[ Braveheart scene]] was funny in a similar vein to the Alamo.
* Some fans consider the [[ Alamo playing]] of Whose Line to be one of the best scenes ever played. By any measure, it's a riot.
* [[ Butchering Star Wars has its perks.]]
* The ''Film/{{Gladiator}}'' parody in general, but especially:
--> '''Ryan''': You think the lions are gonna roll over and have a little giggle at that one?\\
'''Colin''': Wait wait wait wait wait, LIONS?! What's with the lions?\\
'''Ryan''': Who did you think you were fighting today?\\
'''Colin''': ...Two little guys?
* ''Whose Line's'' take on ''Disney/BeautyAndTheBeast'', particularly:
** The doorbell for the Beast's palace chimes "Beeee-eeaaast".
** Ryan, as the Beast, delivers one of the pre-written lines: "Get a load of them kielbasas.", and continues: "Don't you know that beasts love kielbasas? Any sort of meat in a tube!"
** This:
--> '''Colin''': ...How old are you?\\
'''Ryan''': 32.\\
'''Colin''': [[LarynxDissonance You sound a LOT older.]]\\
'''Ryan''': Really?
** Ryan doing a dance to calm Colin (playing Belle).
--> '''Ryan''': Am I so scary now?\\
'''Colin''': You're kind of a lot ''scarier'', actually.
*** [[HilariousInHindsight The dance even looks like the "Gangnam Style" dance]].
** The final line: "Spit out the gums and kiss me hard!" Colin: "COME ON! Spit out my dad's gums and kiss me hard!" Ryan: "What if I kiss you ''with'' your dad's gums?" (does so; Drew doesn't buzz) "I guess that won't do...!" (Drew finally buzzes, sparing them a HoYay kiss)
* Their take on ''Film/GoneWithTheWind'', especially Ryan's first pre-written line "you look like two pigs wrestling under a blanket", which results in this exchange a few moments later when Colin reads his pre-written line "Hey, what smells?":
--> '''Ryan''': Damn it! Damn it, Scarlett, Atlanta was burning, I smelled something.\\
'''Colin''': It was the pork roast.\\
'''Ryan''': ''You're'' my little pork roast.\\
'''Colin''': What is it with you and the pig analogies all the time?!

[[folder:World's Worst]]
* [[ Priest or Rabbi]]: Drew's Jerry Lewis impression almost puts Wayne in a coma! Not to mention it makes Colin and Ryan laugh.
* [[ Leader During a World Crisis]]: Many, but Wayne's Bush jokes and Colin's flat OhCrap reaction stood out. (later part of video)
* The SuperBowl [[ Halftime Show]].
* [[ Self-Help Videos]]: Hilariously offbeat.
* [[ TV Show]]: Prime material for fellow Tropers!
* In the World's Worst about "Person to Live Next Door To", one of Drew's examples is:
--> '''Drew''': Oh, me? I'm a jackhammer tester. (audience barely laughs) That'd be a really annoying person to live next door to, huh? A ''jackhammer'' tester. Because they'd be using their jackhammer, they'd be doing it all (bleep)ing day!
* In the [[ World's Worst about TV advertisements]], Wayne's example, which is such a pointless device that it's hilarious:
-->'''Wayne''': I'd never be able to find myself if it weren't for this: Brojack! I know where I am 24 hours a day! (beeps) I'm right here!
* Later in that same game...
-->'''Wayne''': *dramatically* "Millions of men in America have been diagnosed with Chronic *phrrt!* Syndrome."
** Immediately afterward...
---> "Not only am I a member, I'm the *phrrt!* president."
** However, Colin wins this game with all three of his suggestions:
-->"It's a breath mint '''and''' a suppository!"
-->"Aluminum. The condom you can trust."
-->"The Wayne Brady Surfboard, [[CallBack with a bump big enough to sit on!]]"
** This one by Drew has become HilariousInHindsight:
-->'''Drew:''' Hi, I'm Drew Carey for Slim-Fast!
* In one episode, after Greg's suggestion (where he utilized Drew), [[ Drew stepped backward but tripped and fell down.]] At this, Ryan and Greg mocked this by purposefully falling down in the most exaggerated ways possible. Colin just stood and watched the craziness unfold.

!!Second US version, hosted by Aisha Tyler:
[[folder:In General]]
* One end credits reading has Wayne and Jeff giving Colin and Ryan lap dances, whereupon Aisha joins in by pulling a "make it rain" maneuver with her cards. Which ''breaks Wayne's {{corpsing}} meter'' and leaves him laughing uncontrollably.
* "I'm sorry, was that Bitch-Coin?"

[[folder:Dating Profiles]]
* [[ Colin]], imitating a ventriloquist: "If you don't mind a guy with another guy... [[DidIJustSayThatOutLoud up his ass...]]". Cue {{Corpsing}}.
** Wayne: "I don't have any pictures of myself, ''but I have plenty of you.''" (perfect rape face expression)

[[folder:Dubbing/Scene with Audience Member]]
* A ''Dubbing with Audience Member'' game based on ''Series/TheWalkingDead'', which gets out of control when Wayne is "turned" and special guest Lauren Cohan resorts to ''kicking him out of frame''. What follows is Wayne ''doing a [[GirlyRun girly]] [[ZombieGait shamble]] [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere off the stage]].'' This gets turned into an episode-length RunningGag along the lines of "Meow!" and "Africa is a country" from the old show--in a later game, where [[ItMakesSenseInContext Cohan is a bird]], Ryan warns Colin, "Watch out, that one looks like it could ''kick''!" (in the context of a stray dog that may bite)
* Kyle Richards of "Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" surprisingly got one when she was a guest; on top of hamming it up (which is to be expected with [[LargeHam Colin]] doing the dubbing), Colin then seemingly threw her a curveball by telling [[ItMakesSenseInContext fashionista Wayne]] that he can't do the splits, "like this". Cue Kyle doing a [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome perfect split]], leaving the audience (and cast) in shock. Wayne then tries to do a split himself...[[EpicFail it doesn't work]].
* The one with [[Series/{{Glee}} Darren Criss]]. Colin nearly crosses another line when he refers to Wayne as "[[Franchise/RoboCop Ro-Bro-cop]]".
* The one with [[HartOfDixie Mircea Monroe]]. She's supposed to turn into a werewolf, but from the looks of it, she's got no idea what that should be like, and from the sound of it, neither does Colin. Then it CrossesTheLineTwice when ''Wayne joins in her pseudo-epileptic fit.''
** It also marks the first time Colin digs at Ryan's nose since ''DrewCareysImprovaganza''!

[[folder:Greatest Hits]]
* [[ "My Husband's Home"]] may be the finest example of LyricalDissonance to date, not to mention one of Wayne's best yet.
* Colin: "We'll be back to the porn medical drama, [[Literature/FiftyShadesOfGrey Fifty Shades Of]] Series/GreysAnatomy in just a second..."
* Wayne and Jeff as KanyeWest and NeilDiamond debuting their duet: "I Pulled Down Sally's Pigtails." As soon as Colin announces the artists, the camera cuts to Wayne and Jeff doing rock-paper-scissors over the roles.
* Wayne and Jeff's German Metal Song, "Kelp!"

[[folder:Helping Hands]]
* The ep with just [[KeyAndPeele Keegan Michael Key]] may mark a first for the series, as Ryan finds himself ''[[VomitIndiscretionShot spitting up something the moment it hits.]]''
--> "I wasn't actually expecting it to be ''real tequila! Wow!''"
* The one with [[Series/HartOfDixie Wilson Bethel]]. Despite just playing the barman on his own show, Wilson paid enough attention to the medical bits to do a very good game (aside from a wildly off the mark blood pressure reading, when he even had the numbers backwards,) even combining both aspects as he ''takes a swig of the prop urine sample like it was a shotglass''.
-->'''Ryan''': "I am awaiting your diagnosis..."\\
'''Wilson''': [[CrossesTheLineTwice "He's been smoking weed, sir."]]
** Then later, Ryan (who's playing the doctor) attempts to taste some cough syrup, Colin dumps half the bottle down his throat, and he's visibly affected by it.
-->'''Ryan''': "Hm, I detect alcohol. Whoo, no wonder little Jimmy ain't coughing."
* The [[ entire scene]] with [[{{Series/NCIS}} Michael Weatherly]] where he's been hauled over by Ryan who play as a Customs officer for showing a suspicious Chinese passport.
* The scene with [[UsefulNotes/AmericanFootball Rob Gronkowski]]:
** Ryan tosses aside a chicken breast. Gronk: [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar "I only eat other kinds of breasts."]] Later...
-->'''Gronk''': [[CrossesTheLineTwice "Is that milk from those breasts I eat?"]]
** Ryan's "explanation" of electrolytes.
** This exchange.
-->'''Ryan''': "Why don't you take 10 dollars from that $30 million and, I don't know, [[SuddenlyShouting BUY A BOOK?"]]
-->'''Gronk''': [[SelfDeprecation "I can't read. That's why I'm a football player."]]

* It's fairly clear that the ''only'' reason they were able to get a Hoedown round into the new show was because Ryan was out sick for a couple of episodes. He hates the game ''that much''.
** Funnier yet, the audience roars at the news there is going to be a [[EnsembleDarkHorse Hoedown]].
** And even when Aisha calls down the cast for the Hoedown, Colin visibly grimaces, since it's the one game that requires so much effort on his part not to screw up it really terrifies him.
* They finally did a Hoedown ''in an ep with Ryan''.
--> "When he's eating cheese, it makes him really sick[=/=]and with that last remark, Colin you can [[ThisTropeIsBleep *bleep*bleep*bleep*]]"

[[folder:Hollywood Director]]
* The first new game with [[Series/KeyAndPeele Keegan-Michael Key]]:
** Just the fact that Wayne's idea of a 'bitchy fashionista' involved dancing around in the most pretentious fashion possible.
** Keegan going into JerrySpringer mode ''[[LargeHam far]]'' too easily.
* In one scene, Colin instructs Wayne, Ryan, and Nyima Funk to play a ''Franchise/{{Batman}}'' scene as high-energy game show hosts. Naturally, Wayne starts making deliberate references to ''Series/LetsMakeADeal''... when Colin cuts the scene. Ryan hints Colin about him being on that show and Colin slams Wayne by saying "You're great on the show, especially since you [[Series/ThePriceIsRight lost all the weight]]." Needless to say, Wayne got crushed by this remark, getting his mutters bleeped and the crowd was rejoicing at how they finally got a Drew Carey joke.
* In the second season, one game has Colin simply telling them to "do as many impressions as you can". Wayne gets upstaged once again as Keegan-Michael Key ''steals his BillCosby act.''
** [[RunningGag "Schling-dong!"]]
* The Ryan-less episode has Greg and Jeff as airline pilots, when Wayne as the panicking passenger attacked by snakes enters the cabin. Wayne gets the idea to act as if the snakes are in his pants, resulting in a brief moment when Greg and Jeff ''really go for Wayne's pants when Colin yells 'cut'.''
* The one where Wayne ends up doing both his [[DeepSouth hillbilly]] and {{Blaxploitation}} acts.
--> "You mean 'Appalachian brothers' or 'Appalachian ''brutha'''?"
* Ryan upgrades his "schlingdong" for [[ the Notre Dame one.]] Then Wayne comes in with an exaggerated "donnggg...", leading to:
--> '''Ryan''': [[DoubleEntendre Did you see the size of that dong! Twas huge!]]\\
'''Jeff''': [[CrossesTheLineTwice It is true what they say about black hunchbacks!]]
** Which leads to Ryan and Wayne giggling like immature kids while Colin is apparently torn between mock disapproval and {{corpsing}}, forgetting the 'crap' jokes for the first time in a long time.

* The first new Infomercial game, with the predetermined suggestion of "picking up girls" instead of some skin problem, treats us to a barrage of them. [[ It must be seen to be believed.]]
** "On the first date it's really hard to get..." and Ryan produces a toy animal head that can only be a [[StealthPun beaver.]] Then Colin claims it's a 'crack-the-ice beaver', re. 'breaking the ice', leading to Ryan calling it a [[CrossesTheLineTwice "crackhead beaver".]]
*** After which Ryan brings out a {{Frankenstein}}-looking head, to which Colin says "next to ''[[BodyHorror this]]'', you're gonna look good!"
** Ryan clearly trying to goad Colin into {{corpsing}} with his [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything reactions]] to the cartoony pointer.
--> '''Ryan''': "Wet it first! Lick it!"\\
'''Colin''': ({{Beat}}) "We're helping ''them.''"
** Ryan and Colin in bling. Gangsta rapping.

[[folder:Irish Drinking Song]]
* Technically a guest appearance of Aisha, Laura and the regulars on ''The Arsenio Hall Show'' revival, but Colin proves he can still [[ kill the other singers]] with one line.
* [[ The Brand New Baby Irish Drinking Song]] ends with Colin making everyone unable to sing at the end once again. Aisha didn't know who to award points to, Colin shocked her too much.
* At this point, Colin can say pretty much anything for the final line of the song and get a laugh, [[ even if it's complete nonsense.]]

[[folder:Let's Make a Date]]
* Wayne as a morning radio shock-jock is sublimely impressive.

[[folder:Living Scenery]]
* Colin spending far too long with [[TheVampireDiaries Kat Graham's]] leg wrapped around him. UnfortunateImplications ahoy! The episode with the synchronized swimmers was especially great to see how awkward it made Ryan and Colin ... Colin mostly resorted to making some funny straight-faced double entendres (which he's usually not great at) instead of using them as props in awkward ways.
* The episode where [[AustinPowers Verne Troyer]] was the special guest.
* The one with [[{{Series/Supernatural}} Misha Collins.]] Wayne gets the idea to act as a famous fountain in LasVegas by sipping and spitting water from his glass... and then Brad hands him the whole pitcher.
** [[GroinAttack Colin opens Wayne's door.]]
** The 'adjustable bed' which somehow requires Misha to ''[[CrossesTheLineTwice spread his legs in a way that forces Aisha to hit the buzzer.]]''

* Amazingly, they manage to outdo some of the classic ones like the maggots and skateboarding ones with ''[[ dental work]]'', from Heather Anne ''and the whole audience'' screaming in fear, Ryan managing to drop some hints amidst being {{Squick}}ed out himself, to Colin genuinely {{Corpsing}} at all this. The Website/{{Twitter}} hashtag shown on the screen is #[=DentalFears=], which may well be an ''understatement'' given the [[NauseaFuel reactions from everyone involved]].

* Add four phallic-looking props and remove Ryan, [[ and you still get one of the most NSFW games of Props ever.]]

[[folder:Scenes From A Hat]]
* All of the "Things You Can Say To Your [X] But Not Your Girlfriend/Partner" rounds from "Scenes From A Hat" have some of the raunchiest {{Double Entendre}}s in the show's history.
* The scene: [[ "Unlikely Lines from Hair Commercials."]] Gary Anthony Williams, Wayne, and Colin step on stage and stand together. They don't say a word, and they don't have to.
* "What Harry Potter does in his room when he's all alone." Two words from Wayne: "[[PowerPerversionPotential Erectus Giganticus!]]" Then he CrossesTheLineTwice with "Erectus Blackmanicus!"
* "[[ Songs that celebrate divorce]]" could easily be a rehash of the old "ending a longterm relationship in song" one, but the guys can still keep a fresh spin on it:
--> '''Wayne''': "What's that sound? It's the sound of you shutting the hell up."\\
'''Ryan''': "[[BlackComedy We're cutting the dog in half...]]"\\
'''Colin''': "[[UnusualEuphemism I swear, she was just giving me mouth-to-mouth and got lost...]]"\\
'''Ryan''': "[[MindRape It's too late, now you've turned me gay, turned me gay...]]"
* "Flavors rejected by ice-cream chains"
-->'''Colin''':"Scoop of baboon ass?"\\
'''Ryan''': "Would you like a cone or a bowl of jock strap?"
* [[ What the guys say in their sleep.]] Starts off innocently enough, until they start ''joining each other in bed''. And of course, Ryan sweeps in at the end to deliver the cherry on top.
* "Unlikely Greeting Card Messages":
--> '''Greg''': "Hooray for you! You finally dumped that loser you been with!" ''(Wayne comes in, grabs the card, and leaves in anger)''
** Then Jeff comes in bashing Greg:
-->'''Jeff''': "Hey Greg, [[SarcasmMode funny]] [[TakeThat joke!]]"
** Then, Wayne helps Greg get revenge:
-->'''Wayne''': "Hey, Greg."\\
'''Greg''': ''(walks to Wayne)'' "What is it, Wayne?"\\
'''Wayne''': "Won't you send this to Jeff?" ''(Gives imaginary card to Greg.)''\\
'''Greg''': "Alright." ''(takes imaginary card)''\\
'''Wayne''': "Why don't you open it? It's one of those pull-tab cards."\\
'''Greg''': "Oh, OK." ''(opens imaginary card, Wayne's [[FlippingTheBird censored middle finger pops up]] facing the camera)'' "Whoa!"\\
''(Audience loses it; camera cuts to Jeff laughing, then back to Wayne and Greg opening and closing the card repeatedly, then Wayne returns to his spot.)''\\
'''Greg''': "Thanks, Wayne!"
** [[FreudianExcuse Wayne has a good reason for such anger]]; there was a four-year gap between the show's original cancellation and his divorce. The other guys all met him well before that.
* The entire game in Gary Anthony Williams' first Season 10 appearance. Aisha can't read a card without cracking up. '''''BOING!'''''
* [[ This one]] only gets 3 suggestions done, mainly because the guys go to town with the last one. [[CrossesTheLineTwice Again, and again...]]
* "[[ If the Old Testament were a]] Main/SoapOpera". Colin wasted no time in depicting the Immaculate Conception as a case of infidelity.
** Cain and Abel. Keegan milked Wayne's EpicFail for all its worth!
* "Things Not To Say At A Wedding":
--> '''Colin''': I now pronounce you, man and - ''[[JumpScare oyy!]]''
* From the Robbie Amell episode, the "Letter H" gag returns, only this time Jeff's doing the bending instead of Colin.
** [[CrossesTheLineTwice "Capital H"]]
** Aisha has to walk down the desk and comfort poor Jeff, with him saying "I don't want to be on the show anymore".

[[folder:Song Styles/Duets]]
* Wayne and Gary sing to world champion sumo wrestler Byambajav Ulambayar. Wayne attempts to ''[[TemptingFate wrestle with him]]'' and Ulambayar ''shoves him to the floor''. Wayne immediately scampers away from him and runs around Aisha's desk back onto the stage while she laughs herself silly. When he gets back on stage, Ulambayar pats Wayne on the back for being a good sport. However, Wayne timidly backs away from Ulambayar and [[{{Corpsing}} doubles over in unstoppable laughter]] when Gary's lyrics change to pleas for Ulambayar not to wallop him like Wayne.
--> You broke Wayne Brady's neck
--> ''(Gary starts laughing)'' I don't want that for me, no ''(Wayne loses it)''
--> Tell me how to say "Please don't do that to me" in Japanese
--> Don't do the sumo
--> No, no, don't do the sumo ''(Wayne joins in, still half-laughing)''
* The duet between Wayne and Jonathan Mangum to [[UsefulNotes/AmericanFootball Rob Gronkowski]] ends with Gronk stiff-arming Wayne towards Aisha's desk, then bench-pressing Jonathan.
* The duet to Robbie Amell spawns yet another running gag: Counting to five.
** Whatever made Wayne sing ''this'': "Because you have got that mind, and you've got [[LeastRhymableWord telekinesis]]/You can just, see you dance, but don't ''[[FreudianSlip show people your penis]]-''" ({{corpsing}} ensues)
** And then Ryan caps it off at the end:
--> "[[OneDirection The one with the eyebrows is called Niall,]] [[SeriousBusiness so if you don't know anything about it, don't say anything.]]"

[[folder:Sound Effects]]
* The first game of Sound Effects for the revival series did not disappoint - [[ the audience member sounds have somehow gotten more ridiculous over the years.]] [[IJustShotMarvinInTheFace And abrupt, too.]]

[[folder:Weird Newscasters]]
* In Jonathan Mangum's [[ first televised game]] for Whose Line, he plays a game show host giving Colin away as a grand prize... and attempts to ''physically'' give him to Aisha. Unfortunately, Colin's heavier than he anticipated, resulting in a moment of pure CringeComedy.
--> '''Jonathan''': "A little help? ([[WorstAid Wayne tries to lift Jonathan instead of Colin]]) [[StopHelpingMe Not me! HIM!]]"
** Colin's fitting comeback: "[[TakeThat This just in, Jonathan only does]] [[Series/LetsMakeADeal one show.]]"
** Wayne returns to the sports desk as a ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAuto'' criminal, and once again, Aisha is not safe.
* Another Weird Newscaster business had Wayne doing an episode of "Oprah's Favorite Things" and even conned the audience into his act.
** In the above game, Ryan was ugly outer space alien posing as a weatherman whose disguise is coming off Ė and attacked Colin twice.
* They managed to make an epic one [[ without Ryan]] - Greg is back in his element, Jeff goes over the top as a drunken frat guy, and Wayne scores an awesome moment of his own by dragging a multitude of audience members for his "family photo".
--> "We only get together once every 4 years, because for legal reasons we can't be in the same place at the same time - [[NWordPrivileges This is the black sheep of the family...]]"
* Before the actual game even starts, in the second Gary ep.
--> "Wayne, you are the sportscaster who's going through an entire relationship with Aisha ''[[OhCrap oh my god.]]''"

[[folder:What's in the Bag?]]
* In this game, Colin and Ryan have to act out a scene with a third performer, using items from two audience members' purses. During one round of this, Colin looks into the purse, says "Ooh, I'm ready for a date later," [[TheUnreveal and closes the bag]]. Aisha (and the audience members) lose it.
* In the episode with Maggie Q: Ryan pulling out a spray canister and spritzing it in Colin's direction to make a bad breath joke? Funny. The resulting mist wafting into Ryan's face and turning out to be pepper spray? ''Hilarious''.
* The one ending with [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext Ryan sticking a car key into Wayne's butt.]]

[[folder: World's Worst]]
* Wayne did this in the first game on the [[ World's Worst commercial]] by trying to sell shit and even self-chiropractic.
** This completely accidental moment:
--> '''Wayne''': "Are you..." (starts {{corpsing}}, chooses to back out)\\
'''Colin''': (mock agitated) "Well, are you?!" (buzzed)\\
'''Wayne''': "I am." (buzzed)


Let's face it, this show is made of CMOF. After all, that's why we're dedicating an entire page to it.

Now we're going to read the credits as a bunch of Tropers. Goodnight, everybody!

* Created, devised, and compiled by Dan Patterson and Mark Leveson.
* CrowningMusicOfAwesome by Richard Vranch.
** And later Laura Hall, Linda Taylor, Anne King and Cece Worrall.
* David Fader was an especially {{egregious}} example.
* Played straight by Keith Mayes, but subverted by Naomi Neufeld.
* How have we gotten this far without mentioning Russell Norman?!
* Done several times by Louise Grime. [[JustifiedTrope Justified]] because Brian Lofthouse was mostly just an {{Expy}} of Terence Black, who was in turn a DistaffCounterpart of Annie Symons.
* [[WildMassGuessing Makeup designer Eva Marieges Moore disguised herself as Emma Elsworth to join the production team]].
** Hey, anything to get closer to Jim Imber and Adrian O'Brien!
** That would explain why film researcher Belinda Harris was always so suspicious of her.
* Starring Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady, Greg Proops, Chip Esten, Jeff Davis, and Brad Sherwood.
* Of course, Anne Marie Thorogood is a Time Lord and regenerated into Ruth Wallace.
* Totally skewered by Denise O'Donoghue.
* [[RuleOfThree Edited by Dan Patterson.]]