* Gromit's attempt to use a power drill.
* If you look closely, you'll notice they have a [[Film/CitizenKane sled named Rose Bud]] in their basement.
* [[SeriousBusiness "No crackers Gromit! We've forgotten the crackers!"]] ''*DUN-DUN! DUN! DUN!*''
* Rats with sunglasses.
* ''*creepy space noises*... *toast*''
* The robot gluing a piece of cheese back.
* The cooker robot trying to take down Wallace from behind with a truncheon, only to run out of change inches from his head. Gromit's boggled expressions throughout only make it funnier.
* On their first moments on the moon, Wallace kicks a ball into the air...it never comes down. During the credits [[CreditsGag you see it]] [[BrickJoke spinning through space.]]
* Gromit forgetting to turn off the brake on the rocket as it prepares to take off.

* The premise alone! Just try saying it out loud without cracking up at it's sheer lunacy.
** In particular, the very idea of a criminal penguin (complete with chicken disguise!) as the villain.
* Gromit threatens Feathers [=McGraw=] with a rolling pin. Feathers pulls out a revolver. [[OhCrap Gromit instantly throws his arms up.]]
* Wallace's wild race around the town in the techno-trousers, controlled by Feathers [=McGraw=]. Particularly the shot of Gromit looking at a poster in the foreground, when Wallace suddenly whizzes past in the background, trying and failing to hang onto a lamppost, yelling for Gromit, who then looks around as if to say, "Somebody call my name?"
** The shot immediately afterwards as Wallace continues to hyper power-walk down the street, arms flailing, is a masterpiece of deliberately awkward animation.
* "It's [[TitleDrop the wrong trousers]], Gromit! [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment And they've gone wrong!]]"
* Five words: [[WantedPoster "Have you seen this chicken?"]] [[PaperThinDisguise The "chicken" is a penguin with a red rubber glove on its head]]. Calling the disguise "paper-thin" is a little too generous.
** Wallace takes a while to cotton on, [[CloudCuckoolander despite being kidnapped by him]]: 'Good grief! It's you!?' Even Gromit the [[OnlySaneMan Only Sane Dog]] looks genuinely surprised when Feathers drops his 'act'.
* Wallace removes a painting of a piggy bank to reveal a safe... [[ShapedLikeItself with a piggy bank in it]].
* "Dog Reads Paper". And below it: "Sheep Found Guilty".
* Wallace balancing on the train. In the Techno-Trousers. And later in just his vest and underpants.
** The entire train chase (on a toy train, no less) is three minutes of pure hilarity. The best part has to be Gromit laying down track rapid-fire as they go.

* Throughout the entire short, the musical cues just up the ante and make every ludicrous action seem incredibly dramatic. Sweeping melodramatic soap opera music as Wallace gets swept away from his beloved by a herd of sheep. Salutary flying ace music as Gromit bombards Preston's truck with a porridge cannon. Huge, overblown dramatic cues for mundane things. And of course, as mentioned below, the greatest scene in cinema history.
* Wallace and a bunch of sheep break Gromit out of prison by forming a tower. Then Wallace steps on a bar of soap, falls to the ground, and looks up at the sheep as they fall on top of him.
** Wallace and the entire herd of sheep are chasing Preston's truck, all on ''one'' motorcycle. Wallace yells for them to "get yourselves organised down there!". A moment later, Preston does a double-take as he looks in the side-mirror and see the sheep and Wallace in a perfect jet-ski style formation on the motorbike.
** Then Preston decides to try and scrape them off by going under a viaduct, only for (in a sort of inverted ImpactSilhouette) the sheep to quickly rearrange themselves into a horseshoe-shaped formation so they all fit through the hole.
* The porridge scene where the porridge keeps hitting Wallace until Gromit shuts it off.
* Wallace goes through an epic ''Series/{{Thunderbirds}}'' style sequence to get into his window washing gear...and then Gromit just walks through the door into the garage and rolls his eyes.
* Wallace seeing his new sheep with no fleece left and deciding to name him Shaun.
* "We tested [the Wash-O-Matic] on Gromit. Haven't we, lad?" Gromit nods despairingly.
* Preston grabbing the propellor of Gromit's plane when it comes at him, causing everything ([[LettingTheAirOutOfTheBand even the music]]) to stop for a full second before the plane starts spinning violently, catapulting Gromit out.
** Doubles as a CallBack to the power drill scene in ''AGrandDayOut''.

* "Just a bit of harmless brain alteration, that's all."
* Most of the Double Entendres in ''Curse of the Were-Rabbit'', but the box Wallace uses to cover himself reading "Warning: [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar Contains nuts]]" is a standout.
* The villagers' meeting gives us one of the most perfect FacePalm moments ''ever'', after Lady Tottington suggests giving Anti-Pesto a second chance:
--> '''Victor:''' How on earth would those tiny-minded buffoons ever catch such a big rabbit?\\
'''Lady Tottington:''' Mr. Wallace? *turns to him*\\
'''Wallace:''' Um...well, uhh... *beat* With a big trap!\\
* cue epic FacePalm from Gromit*\\
'''Villager:''' By Jove...he's got it!\\
* cue the other villagers all congratulating Wallace*
* The plane fight with Gromit and Phillip. Specifically when it's interrupted by the plane's time running out and requiring the entire fight to cease as the combatants root around for change.
** Made funnier by Phillip's brightly-colored, flower change-purse. Mostly because it is ''definitely'' not what you'd expect a dog like [[JerkAss him]] to have.
* First Victor's hair, and then Victor himself, being sucked into the Bun-Vac.
** Another Victor moment: after Victor arrives at the vegetable competition to tell Constable Mackintosh that the Were-Rabbit isn't dead yet, Mackintosh accidentally yells it into a megaphone while standing in front of the crowd. [[ChirpingCrickets Some cotton candy tumbleweed blows past,]] Mackintosh quietly says, "...Oops", and then everyone panicks. That's pretty funny, but what makes it even funnier is that in the foreground as Mackintosh says "Oops", Victor is facepalming and slowly shaking his head in exasperation. There's something about it that just looks so SILLY.
** And then when Victor, trying to get the panicking crowd's attention, fires his gun in the air...which was loaded with the second of three golden bullets.
--->Victor: I've only got two...(Beat) I've only got ''one'' gold bullet left!
** And then Victor letting out a BigNo and then throwing a tantrum and screaming, [[UnusualEuphemism "Potty poo!"]] after [[spoiler:Gromit rescues Were-Rabbit!Wallace by having the Golden Carrot Award hit his plane instead.]]
* Wallace reading "Ay-Up!" magazine in ''Were-Rabbit''.
* [[spoiler:Wallace's [[TransformationSequence first transformation]] is pretty scary,]] but has a lot of funny moments in it:
** Gromit locking the door ''veeeeeryy slooooowlyyy'' as he sees the shit about to hit the fan.
** [[spoiler:Victor getting Wallace's underpants in his face]]
** Victor looking at Gromit and Gromit shrugging.
** Phillip scratching at the door to the van and Gromit slowly shaking his head no at him.
* "Nun Wrestling."
** Also, when Victor is going to the Vicar for advice, each dramatic sentence is punctuated by some DramaticThunder...up until Victor closes the shutters so they can talk normally.
* This line from the Vicar [[spoiler:when he and the mob are chasing after Victor disguised as the Were-Rabbit]]:
--> "Destroy! Drive out the monstrosity!"
** Another line from the Vicar after Victor gets his trousers caught on a weather vane:
---> "Beware the moon!"
* "DE-ICE, DE-MIST, DE-MUD" ''Cue Gromit's vehicle shaking''.

!!A Matter of Loaf and Death
* [[CaptainObvious "Oh, Gromit! It's a bomb!"]]
** "[[ItMakesSenseInContext Gromit! There's a bomb in my pants!]]"
** "Well done, Wallace! Sharp as a brick!"
* "I'm not a fruitcake, am I, lad?" [[SilentSnarker Gromit]] [[NoExceptYes just taps him on the shoulder]].
* "Are you still ballooning?"

* A LOT of Gromit's facial expressions.
* In one advert they did, Wallace's idea of light holiday reading is ''[[Literature/FiftyShadesOfGrey Fifty Shades of Greyhound]]''.
* The Autochef malfunctioning, babbling and then saying a single word before exploding.