* There's this exchange at some point in the game.
-->'''Soldier''': We'll be blown to kingdom come.\\
'''Sam''': Anything we can do to avoid this kingdom come scenario?\\
'''Soldier''': Pray?\\
'''Burns''': Thank God I'm an atheist.
* Sam can [[SmokingIsCool light up a cigarette while he is behind cover]], so he can throw it away after a quick puff [[SchmuckBait to distract nearby enemies]]. You can take cover, at some point, behind walls with obvious "no smoking" signs written all over them...
* The way the Unknown Robot's core grows legs and arms which it flails around while running away in a silly fashion once it has taken enough damage. It gets even funnier when you decide to [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential clobber the poor thing with a powerful melee attack]]... [[VideoGameCrueltyPunishment Only for the robot to reassemble itself and angrily retaliate with a very hard to dodge]] OneHitKill attack. [[BoringButPractical Guess you should have just kept shooting it from afar...]]