For such a serious game, ''VideoGame/VampireTheMasqueradeBloodlines'' has a lot of hilarious moments.

* The Malkavian player character is the source for 90% of the game's humor.
** The Malkavian conversation with a stop sign. "No, you stop!"
*** "You've made a powerful enemy today, sign!"
** The best moment for the Malkavian player character option is probably listening to the various television sets' news reports. If you've played the game on normal mode, you may be surprised to hear the newscaster suddenly start addressing you or talking like a Looney Tunes character in his usual deadpan Ted Baxter-esque voice.
--->'''Anchor:''' ''[about the hunters taking Johansen]'' Police officials have gone on record as saying "Don't worry, that crazy bastard will save him."\\
'''Anchor:''' Los Angeles citizens were left shocked today following a vicious gun battle between the LAPD...and you. They were all like, "BANG! BANG! Ya filthy varment!", and you were all like "POW! POW! Oooh, you wascaly wabbit! You got me!"\\
'''Anchor:''' ''[about the thugs killed in the Surfside Diner]'' Police say that vigilantism will not be tolerated, and that they know it was you.\\
'''Anchor:''' ''[about the warehouse explosion]'' Police don't have any suspects at this time, but they're pretty sure the source of the explosion came from you.\\
'''Anchor:''' An official statement issued by the president says that [[ScrewTheRulesIMakeThem he can do whatever he wants. Who do you think put him there?]]
** The fact that most Kindred seem seriously ''annoyed'' that they have to deal with a Malkavian. Bertram's response is a classic example:
--->Oh ''shit.'' A Malkavian. I suppose I'll figure out what the hell you're talking about in a month or so. ''Man,'' I hate talking to you guys! [[MadOracle I always feel like I'm getting an answer to a question I haven't even asked yet]]. Oh well.
** [=LaCroix=]'s "uh-huh" reaction when you give him the bullet point summary of all the horrible things you've encountered in Santa Monica like ghosts, Thin-Bloods, serial killers, and worse.
--->''[In a 'I'm-talking-to-a-five-year-old' voice]'' Yes, yes. I'm sure it was quite an experience.
** Venus' reaction to your "confession" ("When the Dream Creature waves, sometimes I wave back!") is pretty similar, and arguably even funnier:
--->Aaaah, Dream Creature, hmmmm? O-''kay,'' somebody's circulating the bad candy again, I see. [[NotThatTheresAnythingWrongWithThat But that's alright!]] No sense, no fear, right?
** The abuses for Dementation are just horrible (and horribly funny). While some, like making Chunk feel worthless are kinda sad, most of them are just plain CrazyAwesome.
** Two such examples take place in Hollywood. How do you get that loud and obnoxious critic to write a bad review for a restaurant? Get him to think he's eating maggots! How to get Samantha off your back when she recognizes you? Make her think you're her pet turtle that she flushed down the toilet long ago!
--->'''Samantha:''' What's it like being a turtle?\\
'''PC:''' It's like being a walking house that eats lettuce.
** There's another great moment of VideoGameCrueltyPotential that is also just damn HILARIOUS. When Heather the Ghoul brings home a guy, you can cause him to go to the police and shout "I have a gun, piggies!" It causes a loss of humanity but it's tempting given the guy threatened your sweet but bugnuts servant.
** You can also deal with Milligan (the TV host in Pisha's lair) by making him fall in love with the moon!
--->'''Milligan:''' The moon... Yes, yes, the moon! (starting to laugh) I have to catch the moon! I must hold her, I must hold her in my arms... I must tell her how much I adore her glow, her glow! Out of my way! The moon!
** How do you get past Officer Chunk? ''Make him realize that his life is a joke.'' You can also make him think you're a key-chain, or get him to go to The Asylum and dance the night away. It's less mean, and a lot funnier.
** The Malkavian ability to know secrets no one else should know allows you to screw with people in some truly hilarious ways. Ming Xiao is a perfect example as she waxes on and on about how Cainites are inferior. However, you can call her on her FantasticRacism by mentioning the Yama Kings, the demonic Hell gods that are always threatening to eat Kuei-jin souls.
*** Not to mention when you instinctively know Velvet Velour's real name.
---->'''Velvet:''' There is only one part of me I don't want anyone inside. My mind.
** Just about all of the Malkavian quotes.
*** "Do you rage against the machine?"
*** "I'm a mighty thesaurus! Rawr!"
*** "I will invade this orifice."
** Heather the ghoul is sweet, adorable and eager to please and, if the player character is a Malkavian...absolutely nuts. The part where she went fishing and brought her catch home for you because you might like to dine in is priceless, as is the mild horror of the Malkavian at having a breach of the Masquerade in their bathroom. "You stay. Sit. Be good."
-->'''Heather''': I went fishing today... and I caught a big one. Can you hear him flopping around the bathroom? That's how you can tell he's fresh.\\
'''Malkavian''': [[RapidFireNo No no no no no]]... fish travel in schools!\\
'''Heather''': [[ComicallyMissingThePoint You don't like fish?]] I thought it would be nice if you ate home, for a change...
** Making the Vandal Cleaver go LaughingMad after having denied you any future blood. After spending several dialogue options just laughing his ass off, he soundly recovers and asks the player what the hell they were talking about, after which the player will be able to buy blood from the guy like nothing ever happened in the first place.
** [[spoiler:Before you stab [=LaCroix=] with his letter opener: "Give you a massive chest wound? My pleasure!"]]
** In the same line as the Stop Sign conversation, there's also [[ the scene in which you can talk to the news anchor inside the TV and tell a few jokes with each other]].
** When you first meet the bail bondsman Arthur Killpatrick in Santa Monica: "[[Film/{{Ghostbusters 1984}} Are you the keymaster?]]"
*** If you then get the info from Killpatrick that Trip sells weapons, the Malkavian will actually still refer to him as the Keymaster when asked who told him about that. Resulting in this reaction from Trip:
---->'''Trip:''' "The keymaster"?! What have you been smoking? [[TheStoner And more importantly, where can I get some?]]
** When you have to tell the three Russian mobsters in the Empire Arms Hostel parking lot that Venus won't pay her debt this time, one of the lines consists of using Dementation to convince their leader that he is a hungry bear and his friends are salmon. Doing so results in the leader attacking his own friends, thus sparing you the pain to fight them as they kill each other.
** When you meet Beckett in the museum basement he'll eventually ask for your opinion on why vampires exist. A Malkavian can give the response: "We exist because the jellyfish wills it so. WHY ELSE?" Beckett will react to this simply with a deadpan "Can't say I've heard that one before."
** The fact the Malkavian PC is somehow convinced [[TheMafiya Boris]] is the Tzar and [[KnightTemplar Grünfeld Bach]] the Pope.
** [[ The Malkavian secret ending]]. "You dancing fool!" indeed. For reference, [[spoiler:choosing this option causes Lacroix to turn into a werewolf and start dancing while techno music plays in the background]].
** Players who have already finished the game will enjoy the Malkavian speaking to Rosa, the Malkavian thin-blood, as they give away plot points freely. When Rosa frets about what will happen when the sarcophagus is opened, the Malk will get excited and say, "Yes! The night sky will shine bright!" It's doubly funny if the Malk sides with Lacroix, proving that just because the Malk can see the future, ''he's too crazy to pay attention to its warnings''.
* Combined with VideoGameCrueltyPotential, any vampire character can convince one of the Thin-Bloods that he needs a holy stake and unicorn blood to become human again. You can also send him to his senseless death by telling him he needs to kill Prince [=LaCroix=], Nines Rodriguez, or the President of the United States. Why? Because they're the head vampire.
-->'''Malkavian PC:''' Hail to the Chief! The President is a bloodsucker!
* The fact that the PC can run around Los Angeles wielding a severed arm to beat people to death and no one calls them on it.
** In a Doctor Seuss meets Superfly Pimp outfit or Stripperiffic Policewoman's uniform too potentially.
* Throughout the game one can listen to a radio show where a woman takes calls from all sorts of people that tend to be oddballs. One of the more special guests though is [[spoiler:''[[EvilIsPetty Andrei the Tzimisce]]'']]. After his rants about how the end of the world is coming, the radio host just brushes off his statement and continues with her show.
** A frequent caller on said show is Gomez the ConspiracyTheorist. After spending the game babbling insane over the top theories involving cameras on traffic lights, secret moonbases and the Illuminati, his final call to the show is...a summary of the ''entire plot of the game''.
** In the tabletop World of Darkness, most of Gomez's theories are actually true. The Technocracy (a faction of the Mage splat) really has secret moonbases, sorta ''is'' the Illuminati and isn't above putting cameras into traffic lights.
* A more intellectual bit of humor is the fact that the entire game is one long SpannerInTheWorks joke. [=LaCroix=] sends you on a mission [[spoiler: to die almost immediately after you're embraced. You survive because the Sabbat aren't at the warehouse at the time and then go on to pretty much survive every trap laid out for you.]] By the end, [[spoiler:[=LaCroix=]'s entire empire has unravelled because of your obstinate refusal to die when you're told.]]
* The way certain people react to a Nosferatu protagonist: Trip the pawnshop owner compliments you on your body-sculpting job, the stranded Blue-Blood can only mumble "Oh ''my...''", Officer Chunk vomits in terror, Fat Larry nearly shits his pants (and gives you an earful for it), Venus provides directions to the [[DeathMetal Corpse Fluid]] gig playing at [[IDontLikeTheSoundOfThatPlace Possession]], the clerk at Red Spot [[IgnoreTheDisability tries not to mention your facial deformities and fails]], the bartender at the Asylum nightclub thinks you're an actor for a movie, and a few people ask if you've been tortured. You can nonchalantly pass it off as a [[BlatantLies birth mark]], a [[NoodleIncident bad blender accident]], or from getting into fights with people who ask about your face.
** And the obnoxious critic? All you have to do to get him to leave in a puking fit is mention that you're a chef at the restaurant he's reviewing. Or, if you're in a really sadistic mood, ask him to check if the [[NauseaFuel boil on your shoulder is still leaking.]]
** The hostess at the Red Dragon can only stare at you in horror and utter "Oh my god..." for several speech panels until she finally calls for security. In the meantime, your Nosferatu character is trying to get information out of her and acting as if he or she doesn't know why the hostess is so horrified.
** The cultist girl inside the Brotherhood of the Ninth Circle building will mistake you for Brother Kanker, one of the higher-ranking members of the cult. Quite apart from the girl's stammering awe and terror, what makes this even more hilarious is the fact that you killed Kanker to find the building in the first place. This also happens before you kill the guy too, when questioning the homeless people on the streets; because you have no way of disguising yourself with Obfuscate in the game, you're forced to scare the shit out of them. And yes, this results in your last informant, Tin Can Bill, having a heart attack while under the impression that Kanker has come back to eat him.
** If you go to the Surfside Diner to try and find a lead on Lily, you can talk to the old lady at the counter. "Yeah, yeah, what'll it be... LORD! OH, SWEET JESUS!" You will only get out three words before she literally dies of shock. For a Nosferatu, looks CAN kill.
*** Alternatively, if the quest for Lily isn't active, you can either say "Booga-booga!", or even "I'LL SWALLOW YOUR SOUL!" if your humanity is low enough. Doing the latter will net you [[VideoGameCrueltyPunishment a loss of humanity, a masquerade violation, and the Southland Slasher butchering you if he happens to be in the diner at the time]], but god ''damn'' if it isn't hilarious.
** Boris's bodyguard mistakes you for ''Baba Yaga'' of all people and immediately starts shooting at you. Made even funnier if you know the lore of the source material and realize Baba Yaga IS a Nosferatu, a rather low generation one at that. Backhanded compliment much?
*** In the old Soviet fairytale-based films, Baba Yaga indeed [[ looks the part]].
** The retired hitman Ji Wen Ja offhandedly addresses you as "Hey, Ugly!" and goes into full GrumpyOldMan mode if you try to intimidate him for it:
---> "What you do, break my other hip? Oh look! Is Mistah Senior Citizen Boxing Champ!"
** The sight of you throws off the ex-military herbalist's NoIndoorVoice delivery completely.
---> "WELCOME TO TSENG'S HERBAL REMEDIES! I AM TSENG! HOW MAY I-- ''Ughhhhh.'' Um... Tseng is not licensed to medical advice... but I don't think herbs will help your... uh... condition..."
* A bit of {{fridge}} hilarity here: When you ask Mercurio about [[MsFanservice Jeanette]], he'll state that she has a "body built for bedrooms" and that he knows a number of people claim to experience in that field. This prompted him to ask [=LaCroix=], who told him that Kindred can't and/or don't get any enjoyment from sex, at least for the most part. The funny part comes in when you realize that this basically means that [=LaCroix=] had to give Mercurio the vampire version of TheTalk.
* Chunk. Female PC. Clueless admirer. "Security teddy bear", anyone? Half the comedy comes from the knowledge that if she could, your character would reach through the monitor and ''kill'' you for what you're putting her through.
* Alistair Grout's musings on the superstition of the Camarilla.
-->"...their linguistic flourishes belie a faith in superstition over the providence of empirical reason that must be an all-pervasive theme in this society of darkest night...damn it all, now I'm doing it too."
** Grout also complains about his Ghoul test subjects, most of whom are incredibly uncooperative due to being exposed to debilitating Malkavian blood and/or the finest in pre-freudian psychology techniques:
-->"The one called John went so far as to ''gnaw off his arm'' and escape into the floorboards like some feral rodent. I still hear him scurrying about at night; he must be making an ''atrocious'' mess..."
* Many of the radio ads count, but the InsaneTrollLogic heavy political ads really take the cake:
'''Announcer''': ''[sinister music]'' Last year, Democratic Candidate Micheal Rebbins has purchased a Sports Utility Vehicle. Three months later there have been two separate incidences of hit-and-runs by unidentified [=SUVs=] in his area. Is Democratic Candidate Micheal Rebbins to blame? Can you afford that chance? Can your children? ''[upbeat music]'' Vote Republican Senator Robert Thorne, a candidate who has never committed vehicular homicide!\\
'''Announcer''': ''[sinister music]'' Democratic Candidate Micheal Rebbins has never publicly stated his opinion on child pornography. Is it because he's hiding something? Would you want a child pornographer voting on this nation's laws? Would you trust your children's future to someone like that? ''[upbeat music]'' Vote Republican Senator Robert Thorne, who is committed to locking up child pornographers!\\
'''Announcer''': ''[sinister music]'' Democratic Candidate Micheal Rebbins recently sued Senator Robert Thorne for accusing Rebbins of being a murderous child pornographer. But Rebbins had previously said he was against clogging up courts with frivolous lawsuits. Wouldn't this make him a hypocrite? Would you want a hypocrite as your next Congressman? Would you want your children to become hypocrites? ''[upbeat music]'' Vote for Republican Senator Robert Thorne! A candidate ''not'' accused of being a murderous child pornographer!\\

** The ad for the {{Troperiffic}} action movie counts, as well:
--->InAWorld [[CaptainObvious where people live. . . and DIE]] [[OneManArmy "Do you think you can just go in there and handle this by yourself?"]] [[BadassBaritone "If that's what it takes!"]] [[ArchNemesis He was about to meet his greatest foe.]] [[IncomingHam "KILL THEM ALL!]] ''[[KillEmAll ALL OF THEM!"]]'' [[DesignatedLoveInterest And a girl.]] [[MeetCute "Hello." "Hi."]] [[PluckyComicRelief And a comic relief sidekick]] [[ShooOutTheClowns who won't make it to Act III.]] [[CasualDangerDialogue "I picked the wrong month to cancel my life insurance."]] [[HeroicBSOD "No. Don't say that! You're gonna make it!"]] [[TypeCasting With the guy from that other movie that was slightly popular, and whatshername, from that show you sometimes watch.]] [[ConspicuousCGI In a movie with two spectacular CGI battle sequences,]] [[AdvertisingCampaigns an an advertising campaign that will leave you no choice but to see this film.]] [[TropeOverdosed See it, because it's a moive, and all your friends are going.]] [[HilariousInHindsight In theaters Friday, and on DVD in three months.]]
* One of the more interesting weapons to use for a stealth kill in the game is the baseball bat - when your character uses it, the sound effect that plays afterwards is a crowd cheering.
** You also get crowd cheers if you manage to pitch a severed head into a basketball hoop.
* Not sure if you only get this if you're a Malkavian, but-
-->'''[[ Hostess]]:''' Hey, Andrea! Uh-huh? What? The Dark Father returns? No, he's not! No, he's not! No, he is ''not''! Hold on, Andrea, I've got another call. Hey, Serena, did you hear about-? Yeah, he is! Yes, he is! Yes, he totally is! I know! I was just on the phone with Andrea, and I was all "No, he's not!" Yes, he is!
** You do only get this if you're a Malkavian. If you're not a Malkavian, the hostess still talks to Andrea about "no he's not yes he is", but she doesn't mention the part about the Dark Father.
* Persuading [[TheRenfield Vandal]] to sell you blood by telling him a story of violence and death from your MultipleChoicePast, and his reaction:
-->That's some vile, depraved maniacal shit. You are ''sick,'' mother! Yeah, I'll sell you some blood.
* The drug dealer's introduction:
-->Uh-huh, yeah, you look ''real'' good at me. Before we do business, before anything changes hands, I want you to hear this: if you try to cross me, I will fuck you. If you tell the cops about me, I will find you, ''then'' I will fuck you. And if you ''are'' a cop... I will fuck you and your whole family, includin' that squirrel in your front yard!
* [[HonestJohnsDealership Fat Larry's]] introduction:
-->Playa, what's the score, how they hangin', good evening and all that commotion! Welcome to Fat Larry's Truck of Mack, the only store for all your needs after ten o'clock: I am the proprietor and salesman of the months several years in a row, the ladies call me "Oh God!" but you can call me Fat Larry with an F-A-T, cuz I know I got a weight problem an' I just don't give a fuck!
** If the player character is female, however, Fat Larry's introduction has a slight variation: instead of saying "cuz I know I got a weight problem an' I just don't give a fuck!", he says "cuz there's mo' of me to love!"
** His immediate response to a Malkavian is to insist he doesn't sell "that stuff" anymore. The Malkavian reply:
--->Fine, no feast of Ben Franklins for the fatman tonight.
** Also a response to a Malkavian, he makes a comment about how he doesn't need to see the freeze-dried ice cream to know a space cadet when he sees one.
* If you initially refuse to cooperate in the Fu Syndicate while playing as a Malkavian, the voices actually say "You're in for it now..."
** Also, when [[DragonLady Ming Xiao]] offers you tea, the voices say "Try the free arsenic..."
* Said by the player character right after helping a Japanese demon-hunter dressed like a schoolgirl to slay a Japanese SharkMan:
--> Wow... bet you're glad that thing didn't have tentacles, huh?
* The museum mission briefing adds this little gem if you're playing a low-Humanity character:
-->'''[=LaCroix=]:''' (...) And no killing.\\
'''PlayerCharacter:''' What, none?\\
'''[=LaCroix=]:''' ''None''.
* One of the 'sins' you can confess to Venus is 'voted Republican'. She sarcastically notes that she's not sure what she can do to wash away ''that'' sin.
* Just about anytime [[DeadpanSnarker Beckett]] speaks. It is amazing how he manages to make every line sound sarcastic, even when he clearly didn't mean to.
** And there are many intentionally sarcastic remarks that're truly funny:
--->'''PC:''' ''(about Johansen's whereabouts)'' And you worked all that out by sniffing around?\\
'''Beckett:''' [[HighAltitudeInterrogation Actually, there were two hunters on the roof of the building opposite the hotel who were positively delighted to tell me everything they knew -- provided I stop dangling them headfirst over the side.]]
** ''(About what's in the Sarcophagus)''
--->'''Beckett:''' ...And I suspect most Kindred in this city would love to sink their stakes or teeth into its imagined occupant. If indeed rocketing it to the moon was out of the question.
** Directly asking him what he thinks is in there:
--->'''PC:''' What do you think's inside?\\
'''Beckett:''' Put your ear to it -- I'll shake it and you tell me what you think's inside.
** A Malkavian PC suggesting a way to open the sarcophagus:
--->'''PC:''' 'TNT' and 'key' have the same amount of letters.\\
'''Beckett:''' Ugh! Yes, how foolish of me, that would be the sound, reasonable course of action. A priceless piece of history -- by all means run out and pick up some TNT.
*** What's even funnier is that speaking to Rosa proves the Malk knows [[spoiler:the sarcophagus is full of TNT, and is actually ''telling Beckett what's inside''.]]
* Sneaking into the Santa Monica warehouse lets you listen in on this little conversation:
-->'''First Guy:''' I'm hungry, let's order a pizza.\\
'''Second Guy:''' Order a pizza, ORDER A PIZZA? Where they gonna deliver it, numbnuts? Thirteen abandoned warehouse full of kill on sight hot heads way?
* The anarch and independent endings, provided you kept your Humanity up. [[spoiler:Karmic retribution on [=LaCroix=]?]] Good. [[spoiler:Karmic retribution that gives him just enough time to watch his aspirations turn to ash before blowing him sky-high without you having to lift a finger?]] Better. [[spoiler:Karmic retribution that you realize [[GambitRoulette has been set up before the plot started]], has spent the plot getting to its rightful recipient, and comes complete with a send-off note with a smiley face on it that makes [=LaCroix=] [[LaughingMad crow like a madman]]?]] ''Hilarious''.
* Playing a low-Humanity vamp during the plaguebearers quest in downtown LA. A high-Humanity PC will react with shock and disgust at seeing how brutally the Brotherhood of the Ninth Circle treats humans. But drop your Humanity below 5-- and the PC actually tries to repeatedly ''join'' the Brotherhood. It's made even funnier when you fight your way to Bishop Vick, and the PC asks "So are you the guy I need to talk to if I want to join up?"
* One of the callers on the ''Deb of Night'' radio show is a wannabe screenwriter (who has never actually written anything) who pitches his idea for a screenplay about an FBI agent trying to track down a serial killer, only to discover that ''[[TheKillerInMe he is the killer]]''. ClicheStorm doesn't even begin to describe it.
* A male Toreador can resolve the Samantha situation by pointing out that you look almost identical to a fourth of the [=NPC=]s in Hollywood.
** One of the Malkavian's lines in the same conversation mentions "feeling generic".
* In one sidequest, Velvet Velour describes an aspiring screenwriter scripting a horror film about secret societies and creatures dealing with inner beasts and persecution by elder monsters before asking if it reminds you of anything. Aside from the obviously correct answer, you can also say [[AcceptableTargets "He's writing a movie about the Bush administration?"]], [[WesternAnimation/CareBears They're making another Share Bears movie?"]] and [[BitingTheHandHumor "A movie about the game industry? He stole my idea!"]]
* The blue-screen message on the computer controlling access to the Warrens.
--> A fatal error occurred, you should be panicking. 09.31.2004.
--> Your system will now explode. It is now safe to go to your happy place.
--> * Press the any key to help others learn how to read.
--> * Press CTRL + CTRL + CTRL to donate money to me, you know the computers will soon take over, why fight it?
--> Press the any key to continue.
** For added Fan Bonus, 09.31.2004 is the date when the "Old World of Darkness"-setting canonically ended in its original run.
* If you sneak around the Elizabeth Dane and eavesdrop on the cops, you'll hear some of them talking about the symbols written in blood around the sarcophagus. They will go over various possibilities - occultism, gang symbols, pirate signs - until one of them provides a completely mundane, but hilarious explanation. Oh, [[spoiler:Jack]], you're such a troll.
--> '''Cop#1:''' It's a bunny.
--> '''Cop#2:''' A ''what''?
--> '''Cop#1:''' A ''bunny''.
* If you say to Yukie that you aren't a demon she tells you to go to a hospital because your heart has stopped beating.
* The stealth kill for the fire axe and the sledgehammer is giving a powerful sideways swing straight to your target's head. Even though it sends them flying through the air, trailing blood as they go, it's still silent.
* One of the sidequests for Gary involves him asking you for specific items (a video tape of one of his old movies, a Nosferatu picture owned by Haunted LA...) and exchanging them for naughty posters of various female characters in the game to decorate your haven with. The first and second ones are posters of [[MsFanservice Jeanette and Velvet]], and the third one is... [[TheBaroness Ming Xiao]].
-->'''Gary''': I got a picture of this Kuei-Jin through security camera. It would have been wrong to turn it into a dirty poster using photoshop. [[{{Troll}} So I did it.]]
** A later poster he promised is described as representing a lovely woman "you won't look in the eyes". When you actually get said poster, [[ExactWords it turns out to represent a woman who is literally eyeless]].
* If you choose the right dialogue options, you can get this exchange with Venus when she sends you to kill Boris:
-->'''PC''': What's the catch?
-->'''Venus''': Boris is high-ranked in [[TheMafiya the Russian Mafia]]. Is that a problem?
-->'''PC''': I didn't think it would be that easy.
* Jack's political 'discussions' and his viewpoints on most things are usually hilariously crude and/or to the point. Especially the one given to the Society of Leopold:
-->'''Jack:''' Ah yes, holy vampire hunters. "STAKIN' FER JESUS!"
** Even better is his opinion of the Sabbat, which he compares to fake zombie tits: fun to watch, but serves no real purpose.
** Jack also gives all young vampires some very sound advice, in his trademark fashion:
--->'''Jack''': ''(in regards to the Masquerade)'' We're livin' in the age of camera cell-phones, ''fuck-ups ain't tolerated.''
* If you manage to hack the mails on Milligan's computer, you can find two mails. One of them is from an angry viewer who rightfully calls out Haunted LA for being a hoax... except the ''one'' example he lists (their episode stating [[spoiler:there is a werewolf in Griffith Park]]) turns out to actually be true later on in the game.
** It gets even better - if you check the 'future shows' folder, you can learn that their next show after the old hospital was going to be the same graveyard in Hollywood that you end up going to on behalf of Isaac. You know, the one where there is a small-scale ZombieApocalypse...
** And to put icing on the cake, the mail ends with the angry viewer wishing Milligan and his crew to get "devoured by a carnivorous monster". ''Boy'' did he get his wish...
* Asking [[WaifProphet Rosa]] (the thin-blooded Malkavian) if she knows who stole your bike in fifth grade causes her to remind you that she sees the future, not the past.
** If you ask her if you'll win in the end she tells you it doesn't matter if you beat the game, just if you bought it.
* [[ValleyGirl Patty]] is designed to be ''[[ItsAllAboutMe extremely]]'' [[AttentionWhore annoying]]. If you're feeling sadistic, there's a certain level of satisfaction from sending her to [[ImAHumanitarian Pisha]]. Talk to Pisha afterward, and she'll comment that it's the first time she's had a meal delivered.
* The various anti-pickup lines made by the potential Blood Dolls are comedy gold.
--> "Come here, I wanna whisper something in your ear - FUCK OFF!"
--> "If you were the last person on earth, I'd reconsider my views on beastiality."
--> "Even if my pants were on fire, I would NOT take them off in front of you."
--> "Are you undressing me with your eyes? Got a picture in your head? Good, that's as close as you're ever gonna come to seeing me naked."
--> "I'm not gay, but I'm willing to learn."
--> "Ooh, you're the type of man every woman wants... to get hit by a train!"
--> "As much as I'd love to ride around in your short bus, I think I'll take a cab home."
--> "Okay, let me just pick up some protection.... A couple of cans of pepper spray should do the trick."