* In "Onyx's Gem", Onyx runs off in the middle of practice for the talent show. Amethyst tries to call her house and gets the answering machine.
-->'''Onyx:''' Hey. You ever feel like a freak talking to a machine? Don't let that stop you. '''[BEEP]'''
* One episode has Amethyst ask Onyx if anything's wrong. She says the universe will eventually implode, rendering their very lives utterly without meaning.
* In "Topaz Possessed," Simon's reaction upon possessing Topaz is to examine his new body and laugh evilly.
-->'''Simon:''' ...I'm a girl. [[EvilLaugh Ahahahahaha!]]
* "A Dragon's Tale" has Topaz dramatically jump over a table to stop Sapphire from eating a cucumber sandwich.
* "The Day the Magic Died" has Simon tells the girls of his plan to find magic amber, leading to this conversation.
-->'''Topaz:''' Okay, I don't get it. Why would he do that?\\
'''Onyx:''' Set a trap for us?\\
'''Topaz:''' No, tell us what his plan is!\\
[{{Beat}}; Simon and Snarf shrug]\\
'''Onyx:''' He's the ''villain''. They always give away their plans!