* From ''Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream'':
-->'''Chiyuri:''' Do as I say, if you value your life.\\
'''Mima:''' No. ♥\\
'''Chiyuri:''' ......... *sweatdrop*
* Same cutscene, different player character:
-->'''Chiyuri:''' You'd better do as I say, if you know what's good for you.\\
'''[[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} Kotohime]]:''' Okay, I will! ♥\\
'''Chiyuri:''' Couldn't you show a little resistance?
** Pretty much everything about Kotohime, really. Especially most characters' reactions to her.
-->'''Marisa:''' [[LateToThePunchline ...Princess?]]
-->'''Rikako:''' [[NoJustNoReaction Just go home quietly.]]
* In ''Shuusou Gyoku'''s Extra Stage, when VIVIT encounters Marisa, Marisa's first line is "Shoot and I'll move!"
** Marisa reprises the line when encountered in Reimu's storyline of ''Imperishable Night''.
--->'''Marisa:''' Move and I'll shoot!
--->'''Marisa:''' I messed up. I mean, "shoot and I'll move". In a flash.
* And at the end, after VIVIT defeats Reimu:
-->'''Reimu:''' Wow, you're strong...\\
'''VIVIT:''' Well, will you listen to my request now?\\
'''Reimu:''' Guess I've got no choice. ... what are you looking for?\\
'''VIVIT:''' I have to find the "Holy Grail"! And I have to find it today.\\
'''Reimu:''' ... what's that.\\
'''VIVIT:''' You know, that special artifact that's said to have held the blood of the Christ after his crucifixion.\\
'''Reimu:''' ... who's that?\\
'''VIVIT:''' *sob sob sob*
* Cirno in her first appearance:
-->'''Cirno:''' I'll cryo-freeze you along with some english beef!
** Cirno's infamous "Icicle Fall" pattern on ''Embodiment of Scarlet Devil''[='=]s Easy difficulty. One of the very few spellcards to have a blatant blindspot...which is ''[[EpicFail right in front of her]]''. For this reason, some fans refer to it as [[FanNickname "Icicle FAIL"]].
* Reimu vs. Chen in ''Perfect Cherry Blossom'':
-->'''Chen:''' You can't leave once you wander in.\\
'''Reimu:''' Is that so? By the way, I hear that Mayohiga's items bring you good fortune if you take them home.\\
'''Chen:''' Yeah, that's true...\\
'''Reimu:''' ''Then let the plundering begin!''\\
'''Chen:''' Uh... ''what!?''
** If the dialogue doesn't get you, Chen's face when she says the last line most likely will.
* Same game, Sakuya vs. Alice:
-->'''Alice:''' So, for what reason do you worry? About yourself.\\
'''Sakuya:''' Because I'm carrying only three changes of clothes. For myself.\\
'''Alice:''' Ah, good reason.\\
'''Sakuya:''' That, [[KnifeNut and a spare set of knives too.]]\\
'''Alice:''' Ah, I-- KNIVES?!
* Quite a few bits of dialogue from the Touhou series in general are really amusing. Like this one from ''Imperishable Night'' against Reimu:
-->'''Alice:''' Why the stuttering? Just yell at her like you always do. ''Bitch, get out of the way!'' Like that.\\
'''Marisa:''' No, don't! We'll be in for it if she gets mad!
** And then later:
--->'''Marisa:''' Okay, okay, I give up. You're right. [[ArsonMurderandJaywalking The endless night, stealing the full moon, hiding the human village, and putting funny hats on stone statues.]] It's all Alice's fault. Now, ''bitch, get out of the way!''
* From the same game, there's the choice between each branch, which really encapsulate Marisa's ("Go kick Eirin's ass! (Final A) / Blow up everything you can! (Final B)") and Youmu's ("Go where lady Yuyuko says (Final A) / Go where lady Yuyuko says (Final B)") personalities.
* And again, Alice and Marisa, in ''Subterranean Animism'':
-->'''Marisa:''' Whew... This is so hot. So hot I could die!\\
'''Alice:''' (Are the dolls okay?)\\
'''Marisa:''' Yeah, but it's so hot I wouldn't be surprised if they burned up.\\
'''Alice:''' (I think the dolls themselves will be fine, but it would be bad if the gunpowder inside caught fire.)\\
'''Marisa:''' Why the hell did you stuff gunpowder in 'em?!
** The entire [[PortmanteauCoupleName MAlice]] scenario in SA was just one hilarious line after another.
--->'''Satori:''' "Before that, [[KleptomaniacHero let's search the house]]...." you think. I won't allow that. Please head to the courtyard immediately.\\
'''Marisa:''' Damn!
* ''Great Fairy Wars''. Just about any conversation among the fairies:
-->'''Cirno:''' Huh, all of you really are here.\\
'''Luna:''' The three of us are as one!\\
'''Sunny:''' Though a single arrow is broken easily, if you bundle three together...\\
'''Star:''' You'll run out of arrows three times as fast! :D
* The fourth chapter of ''Strange and Bright Nature Deity''. Two words: Stomach Cleaning.
* This little show of, ''ehm'', teamwork with Reimu and Yukari after beating Keine in ''Imperishable Night'':
-->'''Keine:''' Tell me, where are you trying to go anyway?\\
'''Reimu:''' That way.\\
'''Yukari:''' This way.\\
'''Keine:''' ... If you're after the ones behind the abnormal moon, it's ''that'' way.\\
'''Reimu:''' Hah, I was right.\\
'''Yukari:''' Reimu, your finger is off from hers by 70 degrees.\\
'''Reimu:''' But you're off by 110...
** There's also the dialogue in the Youmu and Yuyuko scenario:
--->'''Keine:''' There is nothing around here. Just move along already.\\
'''Youmu:''' But honestly, we have no clue where we're headed.\\
'''Keine:''' Are you wandering around without purpose?\\
'''Yuyuko:''' No, no, Youmu. We're certainly heading in the right direction. All you need to do is follow me.\\
'''Keine:''' What is your purpose?\\
'''Youmu:''' To restore the corrupted moon.\\
'''Yuyuko:''' No, no, Youmu.\\
'''Youmu:''' Eh!?\\
'''Yuyuko:''' It's a wonderful midnight snack tour across the land.\\
'''Keine:''' You two are really suspicious. Even more suspicious than typical ghosts.\\
'''Youmu:''' Wait, I can't just let you get away with saying that. Ghosts in general aren't suspicious.\\
'''Yuyuko:''' No, no-\\
'''Youmu:''' Shut up.
* Marisa [[ComicallyMissingThePoint not quite getting it.]]
-->'''Flandre:''' I've been in the basement. For about 495 years.\\
'''Marisa:''' That's sweet, I only get weekends off.
* Sanae's final battle in Touhou Hisoutensoku ends up with [[spoiler: a timed FreeFallFight.]] The funny part is that her opponent is actually [[spoiler: [[http://youtu.be/eqaBpqEU9vc?t=7m50s waving her arms fast once in a while as if it would slow down the fall]]]]!
** That's just her flying animation. [[spoiler: Earth gods aren't very comfortable in the air.]]
** Also the fact that up to this point, Sanae believed that she would end up fighting a HumongousMecha, only to be disappointed[[spoiler: when Suwako shows up, stating that the giant is just a useless doll made by the kappas to advertise her temple]] causing Sanae to demand they fight out of sheer annoyance.
* Most spellcards are named after historical events or items, or supernatural phenomena. Then you get some that are blatantly a TakeThat against a character the user doesn't like, such as Reimu's ''"Exorcism of the Newspaper Subscription Solicitors"'', which consists of a GIANT seal saying "No News Solicitations! (Thank You)"[[note]][[MemeticMutation That means you, Aya. Bad girl.]][[/note]], or Mamizou's ''"[[http://youtu.be/LvOvmA6qERc?t=5m49s Pseudo-Exorcism of the Stupid Shrine Maiden]]"'', where she transforms into Reimu and spams her trademark homing bullets... while still having her Tanuki tail!
* Marisa after fighting and insulting Futatsuiwa:
-->'''Mamizou''': You... I shall have my revenge upon you! What is your name?\\
'''Marisa''': [[BlatantLies I'm Reimu Hakurei.]]\\
'''Mamizou''': Marisa Kirisame? I'll remember that.\\
'''Marisa''': Hey, go after Miko, not me!
** Even better, it's a CallBack to Marisa's EX stage run in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. Flandre asks Marisa her name, and then later reveals that she heard everything that happened upstairs earlier in the game when Marisa tries to lie.
--->'''Flandre''': Here I am.\\
'''Marisa''': And you are?\\
'''Flandre''': Before you ask someone else's name...\\
'''Marisa''': Oh, me? I'm [[BlatantLies Reimu Hakurei. A shrine maiden.]]\\
'''Flandre''': I am Flandre, miss Marisa. (There's no way you could be a shrine maiden.)\\
'''Marisa''': And who are you? (Maybe I should have said nurse?)
*** Speaking of EOSD's extra stage, after Marisa beats Flandre, they end up discussing [[AndThenThereWereNone a "famous rhyme"]]. Marisa claims that the "real" song ends with the last Indian getting married (as opposed to hanging herself), and [[LesYay suggests introducing Flandre to Reimu for that purpose]].
* For that matter, the entire ''Ten Desires'' extra stage fight is this: Mamizou uses some of the most... interesting danmaku you'll ever see. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvOvmA6qERc See for yourself.]]
* Miko's third card, where she summons Futo and Tojiko over and over to attack you while not doing a single thing herself. The best part is that Futo and Tojiko will eventually start complaining about it (instead of boasting or threatening you).
* In ''Symposium of Post-mysticism'', Miko talks about how Futo used to be scared of Buddhist statues, and responded by lighting them on fire.
-->'''Miko''': And then before we knew it, the fire spread to the temple. We definitely went overboard that time...\\
'''Marisa''': Uh, that isn't really what you'd call cowardice. (sweatdrop)\\
'''Byakuren''': Maybe I should turn everything to stone for fireproofing. And make the statues stone, too...
* Mamizou's last word in ''Hopeless Masquerade'', since it has a lot of cartoony sound effects.
** Her new spellcard in version 1.30 has her turning whoever she is facing into various animals with hilarious results.
* In Miko's ending in ''Hopeless Masquerade'', [[spoiler:she manages to create a perfect Mask of Hope for Kokoro...which is a [[TerribleArtist crude rendering]] of Miko's own face]].
* In the ''Wild and Horned Hermit'' manga, there's quite a number of funny moments:
** ANYTHING involving the nameless Kitsune who transforms into Marisa.
** Marisa attempts to go to Kasen's place to steal some stuff but ends up getting lost. That is, until she encounters Kasen's pet tiger and [[TooDumbToLive attempts to steal it due to its rare pelt]].
** "I don't think they're weak against psychological attacks." *Cue to an image bubble of Kanako, Suwako & Suika*
** Never EVER PISS OFF Reimu. One of the Yamawaro tells Reimu [[TooDumbToLive to get lost]] since they're not bothering anyone. Sure this is considered a CrowningMomentOfAwesome but another Yamawaro looks at her with a [[OhCrap shocked reaction]] thinking "Did you really say that to the shrine maiden?" At the end of the chapter, Reimu is still pissed and decides to go to war with them.
** The hobgoblin learns the meaning of fear after staying at Gensokyo for a few days.
** Anyone who drank the sake using Kasen's special drinking box.
---> '''Marisa:''' *carries Reimu* Look I can pick you up without breaking a sweat! *Cue to Reimu doing a [[DivingKick Dive Kick]] at her*
*** Let's not forget what happens the next day where everyone who drinks using Kasen's special drinking box behaves like an oni.
** Kasen happening upon Reimu and Byakuren about to have a duel. She starts loudly cheering for Reimu... before revealing that she bet ''against'' her.
---> "Reimu always screws up when she gets cocky. There's no safer bet."
** The discussion of Gensokyo's energy policy in the second chapter. Made even funnier when you remember how [[DrunkenMaster ZUN]] usually draws inspiration.
--->'''Sanae:''' True nuclear fusion isn't meant to power hot springs. It's meant to be used to establish a self-sustaining energy source. Do you know where Gensokyo's energy comes from?\\
'''Reimu:''' From getting your three square meals a day.\\
'''Marisa:''' And booze.\\
'''Sanae:''' =.=
** How does Kasen solve the problem when Reimu neglects her duties by doing fortune telling (Which is actually a huge success for her)? Enter Miko Kasen.
** In chapter 21, Marisa wonders if there's anything special in the SDM's own version of the Setsubun festival [[note]]The Setsubun festival is an event of good fortune where you eat (or scatter in Reimu's interpretation) beans to supposedly drive out your inner demon / "oni", but since Remilia hates beans, she holds one without them.[[/note]], which consists of eating futomaki while facing east, Sakuya flat out answers that there's no meaning to it. Cue Marisa doing a FaceFault.