* This series is full of hilarious moments. Examples include:

[[folder: Episode 6: The Missing Heir]]

* One of Chutney's traps (dropping a bowling ball on Benny) goes wrong and Benny asks about the resulting hole in his bed. Chutney's response? "Termites, king size, sir."
* [[DreadfulMusician Benny's piano-playing.]]
* When Dibble arrests Chutney, he doesn't have to arrest Griswald too: Chutney tried to make off with the money and put the blame on Griswald, and Griswald [[{{Understatement}} wasn't pleased]]. So Dibble drags Chutney off to prison with Griswald still biting him. Ouch.
* Top Cat's reaction when the "birthmark" on Benny's foot [[spoiler: turns out to be chewing gum]].
** And Top Cat's reaction when the ''real'' heir announces that he's given the money away.
--> '''Top Cat:''' I feel sick... sick... sick... sick sick sick sick sick!

[[folder: Episode 13: Rafeefleas]]

* Top Cat and co.'s reactions when they find out that the restaurant owner they've scammed is... Officer Dibble's cousin.
* After Dibble and the gang catch the real jewel thief, they're interviewed by the press.
--> '''Officer Dibble:''' ''[about Top Cat]'' I'm sure he'll use his share of the reward to pay [[BrickJoke an outstanding restaurant bill]].

[[folder: Episode 14: The Tycoon]]

* All the shopkeepers treating Top Cat like a millionaire because they know that he's got a million dollars, but Top Cat doesn't know it yet. So he has no idea why everyone's being so nice to him. HilarityEnsues.
* When Top Cat finds out that the cheque he tore up was for a million dollars, he and the rest of the gang chase the garbage disposal truck. A random passerby sees them.
--> '''Random passerby:''' How hungry can you get?
* The final scene, which shows the gang searching the dump for the pieces of the cheque.
--> '''Top Cat:''' It's got to be here, fellas, it's got to be here! Keep looking... and keep digging!

[[folder: Episode 15: The Long Hot Winter]]

* The. Whole. Damn. Episode. It's just one priceless moment after another (considering it's about Top Cat tricking Dibble into letting him and his gang stay in Dibble's house for the winter, how could it be anything else?).
* Some of the funny moments in this episode:
--> '''Spook:''' Where are we going, TC?
--> '''Top Cat:''' [[DeadpanSnarker We're going to a place]] [[StealthInsult you never heard of]]: the public library.

--> '''Top Cat:''' I feel it is my duty [[BlatantLies as a law-abiding citizen]] to perform a citizen's arrest on these scoundrels. ''[gestures to his gang]'' Of course, I will also turn myself in as an accomplice.
--> '''Dibble:''' Ringleader is more like it!

--> '''Dibble:''' Okay, you're all under arrest! ...But it's against my better judgement. ''[a few moments later]'' And to think, I thought [Top Cat]'d put up a great battle!

--> '''Top Cat:''' Sweet dreams, Officer Dibble.
--> '''Dibble:''' And a couple of nightmares to you, too!

--> '''Benny:''' Can you get me a drink of water?
--> '''Dibble:''' ''[half-asleep]'' Huh, what? Oh, sure... WATER? What do you think this is, a hotel?
--> [...]
--> '''Benny:''' Can you keep it down, sir? I'm trying to sleep.
--> '''Dibble:''' Why, of all the nerve! ''He's'' trying to sleep!
* Top Cat can't sleep because of Dibble's snoring, so he tells Choo-Choo and Brain to put Dibble in the closet. He continues snoring, so then they put him ''out on the fire escape''. And he sleeps through the whole thing! Then, the next morning...
--> '''Top Cat:''' [[ItMakesSenseInContext There must be eight hundred icicles out there; which one is Dibble?]]
--> ''[Dibble throws the door open]''
--> '''Top Cat:''' [...] What's for breakfast? A steak? Benny could make the dumplings.
--> '''Dibble:''' I'll make a dumpling out of you!
* Dibble takes the gang out to dinner.
--> '''Top Cat:''' Why aren't you eating, Officer? And such an expensive restaurant!
--> '''Dibble:''' You should know; you picked it.
* "Do me a favour, Brain, and don't tell anyone I know you!"
* Poor Officer Dibble. He just can't get rid of T.C.
--> '''Dibble:''' Well, I've got two choices. I can apologise to T.C. and bring him back so the Chief can get his publicity, or I can [[DrivenToSuicide commit suicide]]. But suicide is a felony; [[ComicallyMissingThePoint I could lose my job]].

[[folder: Episode 16: The Case of the Absent Anteater]]

* The anteater eating the gang's belongings, including a banana, an apple, and ''Top Cat's watch''.
--> '''Top Cat:''' The verdict is unanimous. No pets! Especially not ones with ten-foot tongues!
* Top Cat and Benny's efforts at sneaking the anteater out of the dog pound, which is complicated by Dibble and a fellow officer arriving.

[[folder: Episode 17: T.C. Minds The Baby]]

* At the beginning, Benny is hungry.
--> '''Top Cat:''' Being hungry is just a state of mind.
--> '''Benny:''' No, it isn't; it's a state of my stomach. It's empty.
--> [...]
--> '''Top Cat:''' We tried not eating, and it didn't work, so now let's try positive thinking.
--> '''Benny:''' I'm positive I'm hungry.
--> '''Brain:''' And I'm positive we're still broke!
* T.C's efforts at convincing Dibble that the baby's cries are Benny imitating a baby's cries.
--> '''Dibble:''' Incredible. I really thought that was a baby.
--> '''Benny:''' Me too!
* At the end, T.C. starts to get emotional (and tries to hide it).
--> '''Top Cat:''' What's the matter? Have you never seen someone with [[SandInMyEyes something in their eye]] before?
--> '''Choo-Choo:''' Sure we did, T.C., but not you.
--> '''Top Cat:''' And while you're gone, I'll do what the rest of you fathers are to busy to do.
--> '''Choo-Choo:''' Like what?
--> '''Top Cat:''' Like worry!

[[folder: Episode 18: Farewell, Mr. Dibble]]

* The opening narration, courtesy of Dibble.
--> '''Dibble:''' This is the city, and this is the toughest beat in it... ''my'' beat.
** What the gang do to keep cool during summer: turn on fire hydrants and float on top of the geyser that results.
* Later, the gang open another fire hydrant while Dibble sits nearby, relaxing (ItMakesSenseInContext). At the same time, the Sergeant and Officer Prowler are on their way to find Dibble, and the Sergeant is describing Dibble as a strict policeman. Then he gets hit with a splash of water from the fire hydrant.
--> '''Sergeant:''' [[LoudLastName DIBBLE!]]
* "Hey, what's wrong with you? This is a ''nice'' neighbourhood!"
* "Goodbye, gentlemen... [[StealthInsult and you too, Dibble.]]"
* T.C. can understand why the Sergeant is so confused:
--> '''Top Cat:''' Even ''I'' couldn't explain it to the Sergeant, and I set the whole deal up!