* In level 1:
--> '''Alister''': The video is going to make me sick if you keep on swinging, Lara.\\
'''Lara''': Look away from the screen, then.
* In Tokyo (level 3), after Lara blows up a canister which allows her roof access:
--> '''Lara''': It's not a party until something gets broken.
* At the start of England (level 6):
--> '''Zip''': Hey, now that the power's on, maybe you can go back and pull out Excalibur.\\
'''Alister''': It's not Excailbur! The Sword in the Stone and Excalibur were two different bloody swords. Arthur got Excalibur after the Sword in his battle with Pellinore. Oh, good grief, nobody gets it straight.\\
'''Zip''': That's because nobody cares.\\
'''Lara''': Boys...\\
'''Zip''': Sorry.
** When Lara is underwater:
--> '''Zip''': Probably won't be able to hear each other too well when you're underwater though.\\
'''Lara''': [[DeadpanSnarker There is a God.]]\\
'''Zip''': Hey, I heard that.
* At the beginning of the Nepal level, Alister warns Lara to be careful climbing across the ledges:
--> '''Lara''': I ''have'' done this before, you know.