[[folder: To The Moon ]]

* Just about everything Neil says.
** When [[spoiler: Eva is removing River from John's memories and Neil is trying to stop her]], Eva calls Neil:
-->''(phone rings)''\\
'''Eva:''' Hello, Neil.\\
'''Neil:''' ...[[{{TheMatrix}} Morpheus?]]
** Eva even made a note about him
--> Dr. Neil: Village idiot.
* The RPG-styled fight between Neil/Eva and the squirrel at the start of the game.
* "You are ''so'' getting resetted."
* And while it later becomes a FunnyAneurysmMoment, Eva proves she's NotSoAboveItAll by refusing to disable Neil's tastebuds just as he's about to start eating [[TrademarkFavoriteFood pickled olives]] with Johnny.
* Neil and Eva's attempts to convince Johnny to go to space at various points during his memories [[spoiler:after being unable to locate the source of his wish]], even though he doesn't want to [[spoiler:up until the point that River dies]]:
** Also when trying to convince a young Johnny to go to space [[spoiler:after being unable to locate the source]], he impersonates a NASA employee. Being Neil, it's as hammy as humanly possible.
** The dreadful movie Eva makes to try and encourage young Johnny to go to the moon. The icing on the cake is that its title is "To The Moon". You can then find an NPC outside the theatre who [[SelfDeprecation dismisses To The Moon as pretentious]], saying it [[HypocriticalHumor lacks a certain je ne sais quoi.]]
** When River and Johnny are pony-riding:
* [[spoiler:Neil chasing Eva through memory loops and fighting off "Zombievas" by magically firing out ''potted plants''.]]
* In the ending sequence, while Eva and Neil [[spoiler:are watching Johnny's space shuttle launch]], Neil attempts to casually sidle up next to and [[ShipTease put his hand on Eva's shoulder]], and she [[ShipSinking promptly swats it away]].
* One of the Steam trading cards for the game is called "Sharing Olives". The picture on the card is the (toy) platypus eating olives with the blue and yellow rabbit. The card's description is "Because this totally happened in the game.".
* When Lily puts her kids to bed.
-->Tommy: I don't wanna go to school...
-->Lily: It's Sunday.


[[folder: [=Sig Corp=] Holiday Special ]]

* The mock-up game Neil makes of the Johnny and Eva story in the minisode, including [[spoiler: hordes of "zombievas"]] as enemies. It's as [[CrossesTheLineTwice funny]] as it is tasteless.


[[folder: [=Sig Corp=] Minisode 2 ]]

* It starts off with Neil and Eva chatting in a meeting room, when in come the ''very'' [[HappilyMarried flirtatious Dr.'s [=McMillan=].]]
-->'''Willis''': Why, if it weren't for my back, I'd pick you up and... ''(notices Neil and Eva)'' Hey.
-->'''Eva''': Hey.
-->'''Willis''': ...it's snowing outside.
-->'''Neil''': Yeah... it sure is.\\
''({{Beat}} before the [=McMillans=] run out into the hall)''


[[folder: A Bird Story ]]

* The boy attempts to [[AllAnimalsAreDogs play fetch]] with the bird with a paper airplane. Instead of giving it back to him, the bird just ''runs off'' with the plane, or at one point, even dunks it in the lake and uses it as a boat.
* The nurse and the teacher chasing the boy through the corridors of the school, using a number of ScoobyDoobyDoors, set to the tune of a SuspiciouslySimilarSong of "Yakety Sax".