Despite [[FixFic getting rid of the silly plot elements from the original canon]], this series doesn't get rid of all the sillyness.

* Touma's [[FirstPersonSmartass hilariously snarky]] narration.

!!''In Memoriam''
* This gem during Touma's first meeting with Mikoto, as narrated by the latter.
-->"You're a Level 5," he says with a shrug. "You're all some kind of batshit crazy."\\
"Aw, now that's just mean." I grin at him, but mentally tick off all the other Level 5's I've met or heard about.'' Accelerator...Shokuhou...Meltdown...freaking Sogiita...holy crap, he's right.''
* Despite her {{Adaptational Badass}}ery, Index is still a BigEater. For example, when she thinks about calling off her escape attempt:
-->''I could return to a life full of comfort, study, and [[TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers delicious home-cooked dinners]]''.
* The reason Maika doesn't want anyone using her brothers bed. As narrated by Index:
-->"Don't you know what he ''does'' in that bed?" she asks, horrified.\\
She narrows her eyes, and looks around, as if to check whether her brother has suddenly returned. "He ''[[ToiletHumour farts]]''," she whispers secretively. "A ''lot''."\\
That is more than enough to convince me that the bed in question is not suitable for use by either of us girls
* [[TheGadfly Troll]][[CharacterizationTags !]]Uiharu.
* Saten's introduction, as noted in the main page under EstablishingCharacterMoment. And then we learn she even has ''trading cards'' of Mikoto.
* Index's first meeting with Touma. Pretty much all of it.
* The following gems from Chapter 7:
** Touma's ignorance of Christian denominations and Index's attempt to explain them.
-->After I spend about half an hour attempting to elucidate to Touma exactly how the (admittedly vast and often confusing) variety of Christian denominations are organized, we both decide that the whole thing is rather more complicated than it ought to be, and look for a different subject to discuss.
** Index explaining the importance of materials:
-->" good magician would be caught dead without a very large bundle of telephone cables."
** And Index on other gods:
-->"I don't believe [[Myth/ClassicalMythology Hestia]] exists any more than I believe the UsefulNotes/FlyingSpaghettiMonster exists."
* This exchange from Chapter 13:
-->'''Stephen''': Whoa, easy there. Iím on your side.\\
'''Index''': And why would we believe that?\\
'''Stephen''': ''*Opens mouth, shuts it, frowns*'' Wait. Why would you believe that? I really should have planned this out better.
** Stephen in general has some pretty funny dialogue here and there.