[[caption-width-right:350:"We'll be making people laugh, Timon. That's all I need."]]

''The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa'' is one of the Disney media that is commonly noted for its humor. Therefore, there's quite a bit of this.
* Brazil Nuts: The whole episode, with moments such as the[[BalloonBelly "fat"]] Timon, Eduardo confused horseradish for a horse and a radish, and the piranha running gag!
* Island of Manhood: Pumbaa singing "Timon is a meerkitten!"
** When Pumbaa imagines Timon as a baby, Timon tells the audience "What are you looking at, you mook?"
* Bora Bora: When Timon in ski clothes comes out of a delivery crate singing "Jingle Bells" only to realize he's on a tropical island, and Timon's face after Pumbaa claimed Timon hasn't done his other hoof.
* Never Everglades: The running gag of Pumbaa Junior biting Timon's tail.
* Kenya Be My Friend?: Pumbaa's reaction to Timon's poem, and Bampuu asking why he's supposed to think stars are balls of gas burning millions of miles away.
* Amazon Quiver: Timon and Pumbaa coming out of the tree in [[DistantFinale 2090]].
* Rumble in the Jungle: The whole episode. Particularly when Timon and Pumbaa are told by Rafiki to hug and make up only to turn into a sumo wrestling match.
* I Dont Bolivia: Timon constantly getting tricked by Toucan Dan, even thinking he is Santa!
* "Can't Take a Yolk": The whole episode.
* The "Stand By Me" short, where Pumbaa suffers AmusingInjuries every time Timon sings the short's title.
* This [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RRabXWDWcU scene]] in "Uganda be an Elephant".
* Fiji-Fi-Fo-Fum: Pumbaa laughing at the [[PieInTheFace pie in the giant grasshopper's face]].
* Mind Over Matterhorn: The entire episode.