* When the mutants are attacking the ship in the first episode and kid Lion-O is told to stay in the sword chamber where it's safe.
--> '''Lion-O''': I don't want to be safe! [[TooDumbToLive Safe is boring!]]
** In "The Time Capsule" the Thunderkittens say the same thing.
-->'''Wilykit:''' Safe is boring!\\
'''Wilykat:''' I'll say it is.
** Snarf's sarcastic remark in the first episode: "Snarf didn't to anything, of course. Just found the sword, that's all."
* In "Unholy Alliance", the Mutants trying to keep Lion-O from saying "[=ThunderCats=]' hooooo!!!"
-->'''Slithe:''' The sword! Seize the sword!\\
'''Monkian:''' That's what we're-- trying to do!
* In "Slaves of Plun-darr", the whole chase scene with Monkian and the Thunderkittens, until Monkians ends up falling on his ''rear''.
-->'''Jackalman:''' And you let them escape?!\\
'''Monkian:''' ''(rubbing his behind)'' Well, they, uh... got lucky. That's all.
** Lion-O being surrounded by the Brutemen he's freed.
-->'''Lion-O:''' You're not prisoners now. You can leave this dungeon.\\
''(The Brutemen come closer)''\\
'''Lion-O:''' No! NO! That way-- the way out is over there!
** After Slythe then throws a warp gas grenade at them:
-->'''Lion-O''' Feel... strange. Angry. ''(the Brutemen start to gang up on him)'' Get out of my way! Let me out of here!
** After the warp gas wore off:
-->''(the Brutemen leave)''\\
'''Panthro:''' What made them switch off like that? Not that I'm complaining.
** They got hit by warp gas the second time and [[HereWeGoAgain start coming towards Lion-O again]].
-->'''Lion-O''': [[OhNoNotAgain Oh no. Not again!]]
* When Lion-O faces off against Tashi in the episode "The Doomgaze."
-->'''Lion-O''': She's... so beautiful...
-->'''Snarf''': Lion-O...
-->'''Lion-O''': I-In a kind of evil way, of course.
* While it's technically not apart of the ''actual'' show, the infamous [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftU5GfORvH8 blooper reel]] certainly qualifies.
** It introduced us to the word, Samoflange!
--->'''Lion-O''': What the fuck is a Samoflange?
* I liked Slithe's own ''unique'' version of the "No * * Sherlock" line from the episode "Return of the Thundercubs".
--> '''Vultureman''': We're up side-down!
--> '''Slithe''': Thank you Sherlock Holmes!>:[
* I'll be the first to admit I'm not a Captain Bragg fan but, that crow sidekick of his cracks me up just about every time he talks. It's probably got a lot to do with the fact that I am a huge [[MarxBrothers Groucho Marx]] fan!
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbzzUi1SFp4 This whole scene]] between Mumm-Ra and Snarf.
* That time a fly randomly landed on Mumm-Ra's nose while he's giving a monologue. He angrily flicks it away and rants that it will pay for disturbing him.