* When the Spartans are regrouping after the first battle (read: killing wounded Persian soldiers), and Leonidas receives an offer to parlay:
-->'''Leonidas''': ''(takes a bite of an apple, speaks with his mouth full)'' There's no reason we can't be civil, is there?\\
'''Spartan''': ''(stabbing a wounded Persian)'' None, sire.
* Leonidas in general during the parlay. He's deliberately trying to piss off Xerxes and his dialogue is glorious.
-->'''Leonidas''': Ah yes. {{Kneel| Before Zod}}ing. [[DeadpanSnarker About that, after slaughtering all of your men, my leg, it has a cramp. I'm gonna have trouble with that.]]
** During the same conversation, Xerxes says that there is much their cultures could share with one another. Leonidas shrugs and says he and the Spartans have been [[ProudWarriorRace sharing their culture with the Persians all morning]].
* Astinos recalling Stelios' comment about how the Spartans will "fight in the shade" while the Spartans are all hiding under their shields to avoid a sun-blocking barrage of arrows.