* One particular moment from the first season:
-->'''Dick''': You think you're pretty clever, don't you? I happen to know that every word in your book was published ''years'' ago. Perhaps you've read... ''the dictionary!''
** Then he challenges him for "the woman that we both love" (referring to Mary), only for Jeff to go to ''his wife'', and accuse her of cheating on him. She denies ever having met Dick, only for Jeff's brother to step in and declare that he's the one she's been cheating on him with, and the situation devolves from there.
** Same episode: Dick has a dog treat in his hand and makes kissy[=/=]whistling noises. At ''Mary.''
* The first season is just full of one-line hilarity. Another one, from the very first episode when the aliens arrive at the Dean's faculty party:
-->'''Hostess''': Won't you come in?\\
'''Sally''': If you'll back up.
* In the first season finale, when Evil Dick has trapped Dick inside a very small, invisible force field:
-->'''Dick:''' My God... [[LargeHam HE'S TURNED ME INTO A MIIIIIME]]!
* A sexist mechanic refuses to take Sally seriously and keeps wisecracking with Tommy and Harry instead. How does she get his attention? By grabbing a wrench and [[GroinAttack crushing his scrotum.]] Also a CrowningMomentOfAwesome for Sally.
* Tommy laments in "Truth Or Dick" about how he can grow a pimple, but not a mustache. Then asks Mrs. Dubcek:
-->'''Tommy:''' What's your secret?
* In "Dick is From Mars, Sally is From Venus," Dick has had enough with everyone's problems.
-->"I try to mold us into a family that will blend in, and what do I get? A surly teenager, a sister obsessed with a man, and a brother who drinks too much! Is there any other family in the whole like this?! I don't think so!"
** The parent/teacher conference over Tommy's refusal to climb the rope in gym class.
--->'''Dick:''' Since when did my son become my responsibility? I mean, you're the ones who are falling down on the job. You're supposed to educating him! Knowledge is the only chance this planet has for survival. One day, you're gonna have to find someone to pull your butts out of the collective butts out of the cosmic pliers and all you'll have to pick from are a bunch of rope climbers!\\
'''Teacher:''' Solomon, I think you're avoiding the real problem: the home environment.\\
'''Dick:''' Well, of course I'm avoiding it! It's full of crazy people!
** At a bar, Mary encourages Sally to deal with her pain over Brad not calling her by "letting it out." Sally responds by '''''screaming at the top of her lungs.'''''
--->"That really helped."
* The episode where Dick [[DisguisedInDrag dresses as a woman]] to infiltrate Mary's study group. Meanwhile, Tommy considers telling August that he's an alien.
-->'''Tommy''': I can't stand this anymore, I've got to tell you something and you're not going to believe this at first and it might even make you sick. It's about my family.\\
''[cue Dick running into the room in drag]''\\
'''Dick''': Well, that was a wash! ''[takes off shoes and wig]'' The woman I love won't let me be a woman! I need some herbal tea and a fat free cookie.\\
''[Dick exits, leaving August looking horrified]''\\
'''Tommy''': Listen, August, what I needed to tell you is that -\\
'''August''': Don't speak, Tommy... don't speak.\\
''[she hugs him]''
* In "Assault With A Deadly Dick," Dick takes Mary down to the station to identify his mugger from earlier in the episode - but not before GettingCrapPastTheRadar in spectacular fashion.
-->'''Officer Don:''' Okay, Mr. Solomon, it's time to finger your perp.\\
'''Dick:''' ''[pointing at Mary]'' Believe me, I've tried, but she just won't let me!
** In the same episode, Dick chewing a ''ton'' of Bazooka Joe bubble gum and spitting out the huge wad when Mary enters the room, grossing her out.
* "I Brake For Dick." August storms out on Tommy for the zillionth time, leading to this TakeThatScrappy moment:
-->'''Tommy:''' I don't understand her.
-->'''Sally:''' What's to understand? Kill her and get a new one.
-->'''Harry:''' No no no no no, you can't do that. See, you get a new one first. ''Then'' you kill her!
* "A Nightmare On Dick Street, Pt. 2." Dick and Sally all doped up on medication is hilarious, but the best is when Tommy confiscates the container and orders Harry to get rid of them, to which Harry responds by attempting to eat the entire contents.
* In another episode, Alissa walked in on Tommy (actually the oldest of the aliens) cuddling a distraught Dick. Alissa was freaked out and ran from the room. Tommy immediately said "Alissa, look, he's not really my dad, he's just some guy I'm living with!" After a {{beat}}, Tommy realizes that made it sound even ''worse''.
* In the episode from the first season when Harry first found out about the "thing in his head", Dick assures him that "it's not in the part you use -- it's in your brain."
* Harry deciding that clothes are one big scam.
-->'''Tommy''': What should I wear to school tomorrow?\\
'''Harry''': EL NADA!
* William Shatner, in a guest appearance as the Big Giant Head, gets off a plane and talks about how he had looked out the window and seen "something on the wing". Dick (John Lithgow) replies, "Same thing happened to me!" This is a double ShoutOut to a classic ''Series/TheTwilightZone'' episode starring Shatner, which was later [[Film/TwilightZoneTheMovie remade]] starring Lithgow.
** And of course, it actually ''had'' happened to Dick in the show in ''Snow Dick''. His first time on airplane, along with Mary, ended with him freaking out over "something on the wing" which was actually the engine. The plane hadn't even taken off and Dick's outburst led to the two of them being kicked off.
* Harry's "dance of death" with a power tool.
** From the same episode, there's an homage to ''Film/PlanesTrainsAndAutomobiles'' where Dick and Strudwick [[ItMakesSenseInContext have to share a bed at a hotel together]]. Don the cop busts through the door, thinking that they're serial killers or something, and Dick then violently cuddles Strudwick while shouting ''"Don't shoot! We're going to have a baby!"''
* "When you're thinking of giant heads, think of the BIG Giant Head."
* In the first season, after Mary spends a weekend away, an overjoyed Dick runs to her in slow motion. It leads to Mary trying to crawl away from Dick on the floor as he glomps her, all the while Nina's hitting him with a newspaper. It must be seen to be believed.
** Especially the part where it wasn't filmed in slo-mo - the actors did it all themselves. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64QzT3xIu0g See for yourself]].
* ''Two Faced Dick'' altogether. The Big Giant Head switches Dick and Sally's brains for the duration of the episode. John Lithgow has to act like Kristen Johnson's character, and vice versa, right down to the body language and tone of voice.
** "Hey, Dick. Can we touch 'em?" "Be my guest, they're not mine." "HEY!"
** Sally, in Dick's body, is still ''very'' attracted to Don. HilarityEnsues when the running gag pertaining to Sally and Don being able to sense when the other is nearby is still in effect, and Don freaking out when he turns around to see Dick.
** On a double date with Mary and Don, the two Solomons briefly kiss the other's boyfriend/girlfriend. Dick in Sally's body has a reserved but sensitive and thoughtful moment, whereas Sally in Dick's body goes to town on Mary, who breathlessly mentions "That's a lot more tongue then I'm used to."
* In ''Dick Solomon Of The Indiana Solomons'', the unit is mistakenly invited to a family reunion for some guy named Richard Solomon. During the reunion, Harry meets Uncle Abe and starts to take on his mannerisms, and the two JustForFun/StatlerAndWaldorf their way throughout the whole episode.
** Dick and Jacob get into an argument, and Mary intervenes, leading to this:
--> '''Jacob's wife''': I'd stay out of this, honey.\\
'''Mary''': ''(offended)'' "Honey"?! Well let me tell ''you'' a thing or two, ''honey'': Whoever did your electrolysis missed a spot!
* The entire episode of ''Dick vs Strudwick,'' especially towards the end of the episode where Dick turns discussion of Strudwick's new physics textbook into a [[Series/TheJerrySpringerShow Jerry Springer]]-esque brawl.
* In one of the early episodes where the aliens are discovering some of the frustrations of human family life. Dick and Sally are arguing and Tommy comes into the kitchen.
-->'''Tommy''': You know, August finds us quite charming in our naive determination to stay together.\\
''[Tommy drinks from milk carton]''\\
'''Dick''': You tell your little girlfriend August to mind her own business!\\
'''Sally''': Yeah, and don't drink out of the milk carton!\\
''[Tommy loudly spits milk back into carton]''\\
'''Tommy''': Fine!
* When Mary's brother Roy comes to visit her at work and runs into Nina.
-->'''Roy''': Gosh, you don't sound black on the phone...\\
'''Nina''': *{{Beat}}* It's just something I picked up in spy school.
* Dick's trouble using the copy machine, until he declares "I'm going to beat you with your own toner!" At the end of the episode, Mary tries to show him how to do it, only to run into the same problem and also pull out the toner.
** She doesn't pull out the toner. She starts hitting the machine with her fist, and THEN Dick hands her the toner.
* When Sally thinks Alissa is going to break up with Tommy:
-->'''Harry''': Oh god, there's nothing we can do! We're POWERLESS against ALISSA!
* In one episode, we find Dick reading through a physics textbook, laughing his ass off. Then he pulls out the Creator/DrSeuss...
-->'''Dick:''' "When beetles fight these battles in a bottle with their paddles and the bottle's on a poodle and the poodle's eating noodles...they call this a muddle puddle tweetle poodle beetle noodle bottle paddle battle." ''(slowly closes book, looks at cover)'' This man is a genius.
** Not just ''any'' physics book - it's A Brief History of Time.
-->'''DICK:''' The people on this planet will swallow anything.
* The baby food scene. Featuring Joseph Gordon Levitt [[{{Corpsing}} visibly cracking up.]]
* Dick's leather pants.
** Then he leaves, offended by the age joke in Mary's birthday card - ''squeeeeeksqueeeeeeksqueeeeeksqueeeeek''...
* Dick's FailedAttemptAtDrama after an argument with a neighbour. "Fine! We can tell when we're not wanted!" He storms out. Harry, Tommy and Sally don't move. Dick comes back. "We're not wanted." They get it and follow him.
* Dick not understanding how Good Cop/Bad Cop is supposed to work.
* Sally suddenly starts to flatter and praise Dick, then...
--> '''Dick:''' ''What'' are you doing?
--> '''Sally:''' Lie.
* "FAME! I wanna live forever! Burn in the sky like a flame! '''[[LargeHam FAME!]]'''
* In one episode Sally wants to act like a centerfold model. Harry tells her the numerous actions he has observed centerfold models do to look seductive, and one of them is that the models look at their boobs and act as if they saw them for the first time. So he tells Sally to reenact the first time she saw her boobs. Sally looks at them and screams.
* From ''Jolly Old St. Dick'':
** While choosing Secret Santa for the office Dick picks Judith and is ANYTHING but subtle about it.
** Harry working as an elf for a MallSanta, where he describes it as a winter wonderland for children "one to ninety-one".
--->'''Harry''': Oh, um, please note that children 16 to 91 should ''not'' sit on Santa's lap.
--->'''Dick''' (''standing in line''): DAMN!
** Dick decides to get a Christmas tree and arrives in a man's front lawn.
--->'''Man:''' Hey, buddy, can I help you?\\
'''Dick:''' No thank you. I have a chainsaw. Merry Christmas!\\
''(as Dick starts cutting, sirens sound and lights flash)''\\
'''Dick:''' Merry Christmas, officer!
*** "Have you ever felt a taser? Not nearly as much fun as it looks."
** And then, in a glorious bit of ComedicSociopathy, he chases carolers off his lawn by ''throwing Christmas decorations at them.''
* From "Eat, Drink, Dick, Mary," Tommy comes home to find Harry, Sally and Dick revealing two bags of "herbs" and demanding an explanation.
-->'''Tommy:''' Okay, it's not what you think-
-->'''Dick:''' It's ''exactly'' what we think. It's [[BaitAndSwitchComment oregano and fresh rosemary]]!
-->'''Sally:''' I don't believe it, you can ''cook!!''
-->'''Harry:''' You punk!
-->'''Tommy:''' No, I can't cook, I swear!
-->'''Dick:''' Then how do you explain this?
-->'''Tommy:''' This? uh... it's marijuana! ''[the others scoff]''
-->'''Dick:''' This whole time we've been eating her slop and you're a DAMN GOURMET!!!
-->'''Tommy:''' No! It's pot! I swear! I smoke it with my friends! I... like to toke up on the fat daddies........ dude!
** From the same episode, Sally brags to the others about how Don got to second base. With Don standing right next to her. Plus Don's FreudianSlipperySlope trying to get out of there.
* The scene in ''Feelin' Albright'' where Sally locates all of [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUIlcxMBj5Q Don's previous girlfriends]]. They all talk about things that happened during their time with him. The icing on the cake, though, is Don's surprised reaction to seeing them gathered in Dick's place.
* "Dick Puts The ID In Cupid." Dick has a breakthrough after his first session with Mary's therapist, leading to one of the greatest {{Malaproper}}s of the series.
-->'''Dick:''' From now on, I am a human being. I am John Q. Pubic.
* All of the HilariousOuttakes.
-->'''Harry:''' I have ''no'' idea what I'm supposed to say!
* Dick interrupting an argument about the nature of truth with Mary in "Truth or Dick" to hunt down the fly he'd been trying to swat at the beginning of the episode. He tracks it down to Mary's desk, only for her to bugspray it.
* Sally using TechnoBabble to describe various snacks at a party, then simply calling a cocktail weenie a cocktail weenie. Followed up by Harry mentioning that he's seen them before, and that they should be bigger.
* The cold open to "Dick for Tat", where the Solomons are playing an adult board game.
--->'''Sally''': (moving piece) Okay, "Lover or Loser". That should be fun.
--->'''Dick''': (reading card) With what celebrity would you be tempted to cheat on your mate?
--->'''Harry''': Jon Voight.
--->'''Tom''': Man, let her answer.
--->'''Harry''': Say Jon Voight.
* And of course, when they played Monopoly.
--->'''Harry''': Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, and do not, I repeat, do not drop the soap.
* According to a transmission through Harry, the Big Giant Head apparently has an assistant appropriately named Big Giant Jenny.
-->'''Sally''': I hate that bitch.
* During ''Dick And Taxes'', the aliens freak out during their audit when they believe their secret is about to be blown. So Sally, as security officer, offers this [[AxCrazy brilliant]] course of action.
-->'''Sally''': This is what we're gonna do! He comes back in here, I break his neck. Then we make our escape and I snap everyone's necks from here til we get home! ''There's no way they'll catch us!''
-->'''Dick'''': ...Let's call that Plan B.
* In "Stuck With Dick," Dick plans a romantic moonlit picnic with Mary, hoping it will win her back, but they get trapped in the library together. He freaks out until he realizes he's still alone with her, and he's got the champagne.
-->'''Mary:''' I'm beginning to think you planned this all along.
-->'''Dick:''' Actually my plan was for us to be doing it right now... under a pine tree, by the reservoir.
-->'''Mary:''' On the ''ground''?
-->'''Dick:''' Not on the ground... I brought ''newspaper''.
* In "Dick, Smoker", when Dick is kicked outside to smoke:
--> '''Dick''': Mrs. Cross, you smoke, too?\\
'''Mrs. Cross''': (''extremely'' low and gravely voice) It comes as a surprise to many people.
* Mary on the phone disputing her cable bill during the credits of "Stuck With Dick": [[note]]Keep in mind Harry, Tommy, and Sally broke into her house earlier in the episode and used her pay-per-view.[[/note]]
--> '''Mary''': Well, I don't understand these charges. I did ''not'' watch ''Beastmaster's Revenge'' four times. I don't even know what a Beastmaster is! (listens) Well, that does sound intriguing, but I didn't order it. And what is ''Ultimate Warrior Bloodbath '98?'' ....Oh, wait. I ''did'' order that.
* After an obnoxious professor dies at a party being held in his honor, Sally and Harry freak because Sally thinks she killed him considering she threatened to rip his eyes out after he made a pass at her. Dick is livid, and mentions that Mary also wanted the guy dead but did she kill him? No, because she's a lady. Meanwhile, Mary is chugging down one martini after another to deal with the fact that she wished the guy was dead.
** Some time later, and with no explanation given, Harry somehow [[spoiler: stole the professor's corpse from the mortuary because he wanted someone to talk to.]] Even more amazing in that the aliens somehow managed to [[spoiler: get the body back with no one the wiser.]]
* Dick, after being told smoking will take years off his life:
--> '''Dick''': [[WhoWantsToLiveForever Yeah, but that's off the ''end'' of your life, and those years are crappy anyway.]]
* Dick re-enacting John Lithgow's speech from ''Film/{{Footloose}}''.
* "Mary Loves Scoochie, Pt. 2." In a last-ditch effort to stop Liam from destroying the world, the Solomons try to make him feel a bit more empathy for humanity:
-->'''Dick:''' You're missing the real Earth. Like the happiness in a child's eyes when a loving parent tucks him in safe at night.
-->'''Sally:''' Or the wonder of two young lovers as they stroll down the beach dreaming of what is yet to be.
-->'''Tommy:''' Or the quiet contentment of a couple in their autumn years as they sit and reflect on a life well spent together.
-->'''Harry:''' Or hookers.
* In the series finale, when Dick tells Mary to think back on all their experiences together, with the perspective that he is an alien, she plays out a symphony of emotions, running the gamut from heartwarming joy to nauseated disgust to sheer terror, forming a glorious summation of the entire series.
** The very last scene of the show, with the Solomon's singing, only to forget part of the song and just mumble along for a couple lines.
* "Tricky Dick" is hilarious all around. Mary, after breaking up with Dick, took her anger out by sticking pencils into Dick's Mr. Potato Head doll. The rest of the episode is Dick and Mary pulling pranks on each other.
** Dick forges a letter from the White House to Mary, signing it "Bill and Hilary Rodham Potato Man".
** Mary notices the plans Dick has for having his name bigger than hers on the office door, and tells the worker that Dick's last name is actually Salmon, "like the big, pink, stinky fish".
** Mary's car breaks down. Dick tells the repair man, who only speaks Spanish, to repair her car, repaint it, and install huge speakers. Mary, who doesn't speak Spanish, doesn't know about this.
** Mary puts thermal-bond epoxy on Dick's desk. Dick's hands get stuck, then so does his face. Dick and Mary call a truce. Then...
--->'''Judith:''' Mary... [[BrickJoke it appears your Volvo is back from the shop.]]
* "When Aliens Camp" has some pretty hilarious parts as well.
-->'''Mary:''' Oh my God, Tommy. You didn't eat these, did you? These are finch berries! They make coffee beans look like sedatives!\\
'''Harry:''' LET'S GO!!
* In "The Big Giant Head Returns," Dick does a rather flawless impersonation of Vicki's hammy tendencies while enacting a scene with Harry. It's so perfect he almost makes out with Harry before the Big Giant Head asks what the hell they're doing.
** Sally's shoe dependency has become so bad the guys force her to go cold turkey. While ordering pizza, after making sure Tommy's out of the room, she starts asking the delivery guy what kind of shoes he's wearing before trying to get him to buy a pair for her.
* "The Art of Dick": Dick decides to support Harry's gift of painting by being the model for the art class he's taking. It's done in the most hilarious way possible:
--> '''Dick''': Prepare to meet... YOUR MUSE!!! ''(disrobes to his birthday suit; gives a naughty face to Mary)''\\
'''Harry''': ...I'm gonna need more pink.
* ''Eleven Men and One Angry Dick'': The subplot involving Harry and Tommy participating in Mary's classroom exercise of communicating using no words. The two forget the objective almost immediately, playing charades:
--> '''Mary''': One more word out of you and you're not getting paid!
** In a class a couple days later, Tommy and Harry act out a scene and invite Karen into their shelter. But Harry and Tommy get into a physical fight over who gets Karen, prompting a RageQuit from Mary:
--> '''Mary''': Stop! Stop! This experiment is over! ''(Harry and Tommy bow; the class claps)'' Shut up! ''(to Harry and Tommy)'' Get out!\\
'''Harry''': Where's our money?\\
'''Mary''': ''(hands it to them)'' Here. Get out!\\
'''Tommy''': So, um, you want to book us for next semester?\\
'''Mary''': No!... [[ImmediateSelfContradiction We'll see.]]
* This exchange from the first episode, when Dick tries to apologize:
--> '''Dick''': I want to try again. I want very much to feel, and I want, even more, to be felt, and I mean that [[{{Malaproper}} from the heart of my bottom]].\\
'''Mary''': Well... yours up.
* "Superstitious Dick": The RunningGag of Mary continuously having bad luck, who refuses to acknowledge it's because she threw out a chain letter. At one point she hobbles to a hockey game with bandages on her head and says, "Sorry we're late, my carburetor caught fire! ''(laughs)''"
--> '''Dick''': It was a tad strange; the car was turned ''off'' at the time...
** And moments later, she's nailed by a hockey puck.
** It culminates in Mary mentioning a rock broke her windshield. Nina corrects her by saying it was a ''meteor'' to which Mary defensively says the tests aren't back yet.
** The final act, when Dick performs a ton of good luck charms while receiving a ''science'' grant. Among the highlights: Only stepping on the white tiles on the floor, bringing in Mrs. Dubcek as his good luck charm, saying "Franks, ''(taps shoe)'' beans, ''(taps shoe)'' collared ''(taps shoe)'' greens", ripping out page 13 of his proposal, and spinning around while chanting "Andrew K. and Eileen B. Fleischman Foundation Grant!"