!! The musical
* After Addaperle's Magic Slate fails six times to correctly guess Dorothy's name, she finally asks Dorothy to sign the Slate, then uses pretend gestures and incantations to try and make it look like she used her powers to make the signature appear. Dorothy remains unimpressed.
* In an attempt to get the magic shoes, the ugly Evilene attempts to trade Dorothy all of her beauty for them. The Lion is quick to yell: "Woman! Please! Have mercy!".
* The Lion's revelation to Dorothy that Evilene is so terrified of water that she "Sends herself out to be dry cleaned."
%%!! The movie
!! The 2015 Live Version
* When the Wiz [[spoiler: ([[SamusIsAGirl Revealed to be a woman]])]] demands on why they think she is a liar, there is a {{Beat}} before [[spoiler: s]]he looks at the giant robotic head and says, "Oh right..."
* When Tinman reveals the name of his last love, [[spoiler: Bertha]], Scarecrow looks at him with confusion over the name only for Dorothy to give him a DopeSlap in response.
* Lion rants about having to go to a therapist;
--> Lion: Keeps asking questions like; "What do you want", "Why are you here?", "What do you think this means." I told her, "I ''think'' this means you're ripping me off because I'm paying you money and not getting anything!"
** Then he bemoans that Dorothy starts feeling sorry for him.
** Really, Lion is a Tsundere in this production as a whole.