* "NUNS?! NUNS think I'm a bad mother?!"
* Debbie reads aloud from a ''WeeklyWorldNews''-type tabloid magazine: "Oh, look! A 99-year-old woman gave birth to twin 3-headed cows! And the father is a chicken!"
* Nigel tries to edit the newest footage himself... resulting in him accidentally having a warthog lip-synch his introduction.
-->'''Nigel''': The warthog is talking like me! ''(chuckles)''
* Donny.
* Come on, say it:
-->[[MemeticMutation I'll do]] ''[[MemeticMutation this]]''[[MemeticMutation ...with my]] ''[[MemeticMutation hands]]''[[MemeticMutation ! Blaaaaaaaaarghghghghghgh!]]
* From the first episode:
-->Mount Kilamanjaro, Africa's highest peak. And roaming in its shadow, the king of beasts, the lion, known to local tribesmen as--ACK OOK ICH ACH BLUAH!
* Anytime Darwin's [[DeadpanSnarker snarky side]] shows.
* Nigel's line in in 'Reef Grief.' "We seem to be faced with a ''fascinating'' lack of options!"
* Nigel's attempt at throat-singing at the end of 'Horse Sense.'
!!The Movie
* When Darwin sneaks into Eliza's bag and causes a food fight in the lunch room. He is therefore forced to be left in the horse's barn.
-->'''Darwin''': Where's the bathroom?\\
'''Thunder''': You're ''standing on it!''\\
''(view to Darwin's feet sinking in horse manure)''\\
'''Darwin''': AAAAH!!!!
** Later Grandmumsy Cordelia and Grandpa Ratcliff report to Debbie that Eliza escaped from boarding school. Debbie's response?
-->'''Debbie''': Wait a minute! Hold on...[[ComicallyMissingThePoint THE MONKEY GOT TO GO TO LONDON?!]]

* "Excuse me while I go find a container for my joy."
* When Debbie runs into the natives, who send one of them named Boko as her guide. While Debbie tries to tell Boko he can't come, Boko notices a ''large snake approaching her'', and ''fights it'', while Debbie, ''utterly oblivious'', babbles on and on as Boko continues fighting the snake, then tosses it aside.
* This gem as Nigel and Mary Ann leave Debbie with Donnie.
-->'''Nigel''': We'll be gone until after the eclipse. Will you be all right with Donnie?\\
'''Debbie''': [[SarcasmMode Are you kidding? This'll be the highlight of my young life!]]\\
'''Nigel''': That's the spirit, poodles!\\
'''Debbie''': [[LampshadeHanging Dad, have you completely lost your ability to recognize sarcasm]]?\\
'''Nigel''': [[SelfDeprecation I'm not sure I ever had it, Deborah]].