* The lineup scene. Creator/BryanSinger knew that would be a major part of the film, so the actors did take after take. Eventually, they got bored and started goofing around and acting annoyed [[ThrowItIn just like people who were really pulled into a police lineup would.]] [[ClusterFBomb The line they had to read]] didn't help, and the actors [[{{Corpsing}} had a hard time keeping a straight face saying it repeatedly]] (before Fenster's delivery, everyone even starts laughing and he has to be bumped to remember to say the line). To make things worse, one of the actors ate something earlier that made him a [[ToiletHumour farting machine]] (Kevin Pollak claims the guilty party was Creator/BenicioDelToro, but del Toro only says that "someone" ruined twelve takes in a row by farting). Everything fell apart from there.
** Hockney gives a straight reading, but then [=McManus=] sets the tone for the rest of the lineup:
--->'''[=McManus=]''': '''"[[NoIndoorVoice GIMME THE FUCKING KEYS YOU]] [[ClusterFBomb FUCKING COCKSUCKER MOTHERFUCKER]] [[{{Angrish}} BLAAAHHHHH--!!!]]"'''
** Fenster's [[WhatTheHellIsThatAccent strange, unidentifiable accent]] causes problems with his reading (the detective's reaction, and Fenster's reaction to that, were unscripted):
--->'''Fenster''': [[MotorMouth Hanmeedakeys ya cogsucka.]]\\
'''Detective''': In English, please. \\
'''Fenster:''' Excuse me? \\
'''Detective:''' In ''English''.\\
'''Fenster:''' Hanmeedafugginkeys ya cogsucka! What da fuck...
** Then Keaton gives a reading, and finally it's Verbal's turn:
--->'''Verbal:''' ''[in a thoroughly bored voice]'' Hand '''me''' the keys, '''you''' fucking cocksucker.
* [=McManus=]'s version of "Old Macdonald".
--> And on that farm he... shot some guys. Bada boom bada bing bang boom.
* This bit:
--> '''Agent Kujan''': Who's Keyser Söze?!\\
'''Verbal''': Ah, ''[[PrecisionFStrike fuck!]]''
* Hockney, as per his [[DeadpanSnarker role]], gets some pretty good zingers:
--> '''Cop:''' You know what happens if you do another turn in the joint?
--> '''Hockney:''' (''shrugging casually'') I fuck your father in the shower and have a snack. Are you gonna charge me, dickhead?
* [=McManus=] before that:
-->'''[=McManus=]''': ''What'' truck?
-->'''Detective''': The truck with the ''guns'', fucko!
-->'''[=McManus=]:''' Fucko? (''mock shudders'')
* And:
--> '''Fenster:''' Guy had his finger up my asshole tonight.
--> '''Hockney:''' Is it Friday already?
* Fenster's interrogation.
-->'''Fenster''': Say who?
-->'''Cop:''' [=McManus=]. He told us something else entirely.
-->'''Fenster''': Oh, was that the one about, uh, the hooker with, uh, dysentery?
** And after Verbal's description:
--->'''Cop:''' What are you saying?
--->'''Fenster:''' I said he'll flip ya.
--->'''Cop:''' He'll what?
--->'''Fenster:''' ''(makes arm motion)'' Flip ya. Flip ya for real.
--->'''Cop:''' ''(sarcastically)'' Yeah I'm shaken. Come on.
--->'''Fenster:''' Ok.
--->'''Cop:''' Answer my question.
--->'''Fenster:''' Can ya hear me in the back? ''(taps on desk three times)'' Hello?
* Kujan revealing that Hockney was the one who hijacked the truck in Queens. The others look at him and he shrugs as if to say, "Yeah, what of it?"