* This exchange between Bumblebee and Thundercracker in issue 11 :
-->'''Bumbleebee''': "You know what I think? I think you need friends."\\
'''Thundercracker''': "Oh, you do? How many months has it been since I helped you out in the desert?"\\
'''Bumbleebee''': "A little over four."\\
'''Thundercracker''': "And how many times have I seen you since then?"\\
'''Bumbleebee''': "None."\\
'''Thundercracker''': "Yeah. I don't think this friendship is working out."
* Kup once told a story about how Prowl managed to be so boring, that his lectures were considered a method of torture. After being placed in a room with a captive Decepticon named Violator for about two days, Violator was begging for someone to slug him in the face just to break up the horrific monotony of hearing Prowl read off a comprehensive list of the 'Con's felonies. Once he ran out, he began reciting the ''entire lawbook'' from heart. [[TalkingTheMonsterToDeath Violator triggered his killswitch halfway into the third day.]]