Even in a dark story such as [[Fanfic/TheShapeOfTheNightmareToCome this one]], there are still a few moments of hilarity. The fact that the whole story is filled with the [[CrapsackWorld ble]][[CosmicHorrorStory ak]], [[DarkerAndEdgier harsh]] [[NightmareFuel hopelessness]] of ''TabletopGame/Warhammer40000'' ramped UpToEleven make them stand out all the more.

* On the detail of how the "Webway Waaaagh" started, the narrator says the Orks assaulted a maiden world. The kicker here is where he describes the name of the planet: "Fourst-K’tikaritix-[=HeHet=] Mudastiron (or '''‘pretty wurld’''' to the Orks)."
* Section 15: after a failed Dark Eldar assassination attempt Biel-Tan received a cask of Commoraghan wine (unpoisoned even)and a note from Vect himself congratulating them on having such a "exquisitely brutal" mistress as their leader and wished them luck in their war with the Mon'keigh.