[[folder: The Sandlot ]]

* When Smalls tells Mr. Mertle the now-destroyed ball was signed by Babe Ruth.
--> '''Mertle:''' ''George'' signed this?!
--> '''Smalls:''' George Herman Ruth? Yeah.
--> '''Mertle:''' I take it back, you're not in trouble; you're dead where you stand!
** Before this Mertle was built up by Squints to be a ScaryBlackMan. When the kids own up and say what was going on he gives this.
-->"Why didn't you just knock on the door? I'd have gotten it back for you." ''Cue everyone pelting Squints with hats''
* After Smalls gives his stepfather [[spoiler:the new autographed baseball, to make up for the one he lost]].
--> So I was grounded for a week, instead of the rest of my life.
* The look on [=DeNunez=]'s face after Smalls runs the ball to him all the way from left field.
* ''' ''FORRRRRR EHHHHHH ''--VER!'''.....''' ''FORRRRRR EHHHHHH ''--VER!'''.....''' ''FORRRRRR EHHHHHH ''--VER!'''....
* Squints' KissOfLife
-->'''Wendy''': LITTLE PERVERT!
-->'''Timmy''': Oh man, he's in deep shit!
* The immortal line: "You play ball like a '''''GIRL!'''''" Made especially funny by the reactions of the other kids, who immediately go dead silent like Porter just cursed in church. To judge by his expression after he said it, even ''Ham'' realized he crossed a line, but stood by the insult.
* Ham's psyche-out conversations with the batters of the snobby team, making them all strike out.
--> '''Ham:''' You know, if I had a dog, who was as ugly as you, I'd shave his butt, and tell him to walk backwards.
* When Ham hits a home run, everyone yells at and hits him with their gloves for losing the ball while [[https://youtu.be/DtJBCFRTscM?t=4m36s he just runs around the bases bragging]].
* The "exploding treehouse." Granted it's not ''really'' exploding, it's just a vacuum cleaner the gang was using to try to get the Babe Ruth ball back from Mr. Mertle's yard bursting after The Beast pinches a hose shut, blocking the air and making the pressure build up. But from the boys' point of view, it's a case of OutrunTheFireball.
-->'''Hamilton''': '''IT'S GONNA ''BLOW!!!'''''
* During the WhereAreTheyNowEpilogue, Bertram is mentioned to have "really got into UsefulNotes/TheSixties and no one ever saw him again." The narrator's delivery of the line sells it.


[[folder: Heading Home ]]

* The scene where the kids go into Mr. Mertle's abandoned house.
* "I'm the biggest!" "Don't you mean the fattest?"
* Two-ton's uncle tries to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Tommy, who's just waking up.