[[folder: The Sandlot ]]

* When Smalls tells Mr. Mertle the now-destroyed ball was signed by Babe Ruth.
--> '''Mertle:''' ''George'' signed this?!
--> '''Smalls:''' George Herman Ruth? Yeah.
--> '''Mertle:''' I take it back, you're not in trouble; you're dead where you stand!
* After Smalls gives his stepfather [[spoiler:the new autographed baseball, to make up for the one he lost]].
--> So I was grounded for a week, instead of the rest of my life.
* The look on [=DeNunez=]'s face after Smalls runs the ball to him all the way from left field.
* ''' ''FORRRRRR EHHHHHH ''--VER!'''.....''' ''FORRRRRR EHHHHHH ''--VER!'''.....''' ''FORRRRRR EHHHHHH ''--VER!'''....
* Squints' KissOfLife
-->'''Wendi''': LITTLE PERVERT!
-->'''Timmy''': Oh man, he's in deep shit!
* The immortal line: "You play ball like a '''''GIRL!'''''" Made especially funny by the reactions of the other kids, who immediately go dead silent like Porter just cursed in church.


[[folder: Heading Home ]]

* The scene where the kids go into Mr. Mertle's abandoned house.
* "I'm the biggest!" "Don't you mean the fattest?"
* Two-ton's uncle tries to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Tommy, who's just waking up.