! Movie
* This film is ''ripe'' with them but this troper nominates the cheerleader try outs that is interspersed with the replacement players interacting with each other for the first time, the bar fight (which doubles as a CrowningMomentOfAwesome), and the replacement players dancing to "I Will Survive" while in jail.
** "I'm not a Mick. ''I'M BLOODY WELSH!''"
** What can only be summed up as: Buttslap, "Hike!" Instant False Start call.
** The above-mentioned "Kickass" play called by Falco when he first take the field in the Dallas game. The entire team starts beating up on the opposing defense, causing a ton of flags to be thrown and pushing them back to the 1 yard line. And to cap it off, they score a 99 yard TD immediately afterwards.
** Honestly, anytime Danny's onscreen, he has the potential to bust one of these out. In particular is his exchange with Coach [=McGinty=] that ends with the coach mumbling to himself, "I hope he doesn't kill somebody."
** The Coach and Danny after Danny forced a turnover like he wanted. They're yelling at each other back and forth. Beat. Then, calmly, "Go sit down now Danny." "Okay."

!Disney Series
* The episode "Truth or Daring". Most of the funny comes from Todd's uncontrollable lying due to "[[ItMakesSenseInContext lie spice]]". Especially when he's calling Conrad as a desperate cry for help but keeps saying "No, I don't" all the while sounding desperate and tearing up.
** As for Riley (who in turn, got the "truth salt")-- after accidentally telling the truth about her father:
-->'''Dick''': ''(crying)'' I can't believe my own flesh and blood is running against me!
-->'''Riley''': I didn't mean to...! ''(covers her face in shame)'' And I'm adopted, duh. ''(covers her face again)''
-->'''Dick''': ''(continues crying)''
** It's worth noting that [[OpeningShoutOut this is the first time she mentioned that she was adopted]], meaning that despite the long run that neither Todd or Riley bring this up, they were aware of it all along.