[[folder: Toby the Tram Engine ]]

* In Dirty Objects, James mocks Toby's shabby paint. Toby has the last laugh in the conversation.
-->"James," he asked, "why are you red?"\\
"I am a splendid engine," answered James loftily, "ready for anything. You never see ''my'' paint dirty."\\
"Oh!" said Toby innocently, "that's why you once needed [[NeverLiveItDown bootlaces]]; to be ready, I suppose?"\\
James went redder than ever and snorted off.


[[folder: Duck and the Diesel Engine ]]

* The Barber telling off Duck for scaring his customer rather then crashing into the Barber Shop, then covering his face in shaving foam.
** He only got ''that'' far because Duck interrupted him tending to a customer by apologising. The customer even tried to look at what had happened, only for the barber to quietly turn his head back to [[UnusuallyUninterestingSight continue his work as Duck sat halfway through the debris that was his shop.]]
-->'''Barber:''' It's only an engine.


[[folder: Stepney the Bluebell Engine ]]

* From the beginning of "Bluebells of England", Percy is singing about the bluebells, which Douglas finds it annoying.
-->'''Douglas''': If you must sing, Percy, can't ye sing in tune?!