* The results of the magus' pep-talk to Gen in ''Queen of Attolia'' are equal parts awesome and hilarious.
-->'''Gen:''' You told me I could still do something.\\
'''Magus:''' I meant talk your queen into surrendering, not [[spoiler:burn our navy in its own harbor!]]
** And Sounis' reaction once he realizes that it was the Thief who did it.
-->'''Sounis:''' What was he doing?\\
'''Adviser:''' Well, your majesty, stealing your magus.
* Gen deliberately unnerving the council by playing with a coin and tossing it in the air. Just when the spokesperson seemed like he had enough, Irene kicked Gen with her foot, causing him to jump with outrage. Made awesome when Gen still manages to catch the coin while glaring at her.
* Phresine tells Gen the story of the king who promised the moon goddess never to tell a lie under her eye in exchange for a prosperous kingdom. It looks like she's working up to a DownerEnding as the king, years later, almost gives a false name while acting as PrinceIncognito, and Gen is getting more and more uncomfortable... then the king's friend breaks an amphora of wine over his head. Which reminds him of his promise.
* Irene tells Relius that she once threw an inkpot at Gen during their [[spoiler: wedding night]]'')
-->'''Relius''': I never thought you would be a [[spoiler:fishwife]].
-->'''Irene''': Lo, the transforming power of [[spoiler:love]]
* Sounis [[spoiler:Sophos]] returns to the court of Attolia.
-->'''Attolis''': You ''shot'' [[spoiler: the ambassador?]]
-->'''Sounis''': You gave me the gun!
-->'''Attolis''': I didn't mean for you to shoot [[spoiler: an ambassador]] with it!
-->'''Magus''': [[DeadpanSnarker Oh, how our carefully laid plans go astray.]]
* A good 75% of Gen's interactions with Costis count, although Costis is very often too exasperated to fully appreciate the joke.
--> '''Eugenides''': Am I insufficiently kinglike? Costis has been telling me so.
--> '''Irene''': Unkingly in so many ways, My King. Not least of which is listening to your guard tell me so.