* In the [[Music/RedHotChiliPeppers I'm With You]] review, Anthony lets Cal Chuchesta "give some background information on the band":
--> '''Cal''': Thank you, Anthony. Uhh, the uhh, the band, the Red Hot ''Jalepino'' Pepper is a uhh, super duper group. Rock, rock music, that's very funky, with a lot of bass...
--> ''(Anthony sighs)''
--> '''Cal''': Like ''dom dom dolom''. And uhh, their first album came out ''befur'' Anthony was ''burn''. And uhh, [[CriticalResearchFailure California]].
--> ''(Anthony, baffled, looks at the camera and [[SarcasticClapping claps sarcastically]].)''
--> '''Cal''': [[SarcasmBlind Thank you. Thank you.]]
* Cal Chuchesta's brief stint working at [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOf7-Imlw4Y&index=23&list=PL-Ut_kC6M7n7EIN_aVFgEfW_uw7ilRCX3 MTV.]]
* Oh dear god... his review of WebVideo/FilthyFrank's album [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQIuDXJTGbc Pink Guy]]. How? Well, Anthony's biggest complaint is that it ''wasn't offensive enough.'' Then he goes on and ramble about things that completely weren't on the album like 30 Rick Ross and a Beyonce feature and that the song "Kill Yourself" didn't make him want to kill himself.
** Cal's part. For one thing, Cal is ''dressed'' like Anthony and states he's staying out of the review, confirming it's going to be ''"[[JustForPun Low-Cal]]"''. Before saying after a {{Beat}}, '''[[SuddenlyShouting FUNNY!]]'''.
* Cal's song, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtvnXDlm7Lc "iwas throwin up (on a teusdeay)"]].
** As well as [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Rk5pJ0BXgY "coco (teh drenk!)"]].
** If the cocoa song wasn't bad enough, Cal got [[WebVideo/FilthyFrank Filthy Frank and Pink Guy]] for [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bgd8pClvLc the remix]].
*** The moment when Cal compliments himself and then thanks himself.
-->"Get your butt to the store, and buy me a baby seal! Cuz that's...the deal! (''Good rhyme!'') Thanks! (''You're welcome!'')"
* The start of the ''[[Music/{{Swans}} To Be Kind]]'' review. Cal is standing by a sign [[spoiler:that spoils the review, letting the audience know that the album will get a 10/10]]. Anthony angrily demands that Cal cover up the sign, and Cal obliges by standing in front of it. He then stays there, even while he's talking to Anthony.
* The start of the ''[[Music/DeathGrips Government Plates]]'' review. While Anthony talks, Cal is grinning excitedly and holding up a piece of paper with "10/10" written on it. Anthony then states that he was feeling nothing more than a 6 on the record. Cut to Cal, with a mortified expression on his face, as the paper falls from his hands.
* Anthony and Cal's cameo in [=FrankJavCee=]'s "how to review an album". Anthony is watching a video of Frank reviewing his own album, and he is superimposed over a vinyl collection via green screen. Cal doesn't know what green screen is and repeatedly compliments the collection, even saying that Frank is "a better music man" than Anthony.
-->'''Cal''': Listen to 'em in the car...(''cut to Anthony with a blank expression'')...listen to 'em in the shower...
-->'''Anthony''': Or...outside.
-->'''Cal''': Listen to 'em out--
-->'''Anthony''': ''[[SuddenlyShouting OUT]]'''''''[[NoIndoorVoice SI]]--'''''
-->(''SmashCut to Cal standing in the backyard shivering and holding a vinyl'')
* From Anthony's review of Music/DeathGrips' "Birds":
* The ending to his review on the album ''Darker Witchcraft'' by Trap Them. After Anthony scores the album, Cal comes in complaining that he's not interested in the obscure bands Anthony reviews (all while Anthony [[BreakingTheFourthWall looks at the audience and quietly says "I hate Cal Chuchesta"]]) and [[{{Mondegreen}} screws up Trap Them's name by calling them "Mouse Trap"]] as he says they're "not a good band" and says they would only be good if "they'd be number one on the cherts". Cue Anthony giving a huge "'''[[BigShutUp SHUT UP!]]'''" to Cal as he jumps in fright and storms off.
* In Anthony's review of The Pop Group's new album ''Citizen Zombie'', Cal interrupts him and asks if [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin the band really are pop music]]. As Anthony tries to explain that isn't the case, Cal interrupts him again and insists they "gotta be real, gotta be that real pop-", to which a furiously Anthony screams "'''WE'RE NOT GONNA GO THERE!!'''", causing Cal to hit the wall and slide down it slowly. Anthony then just continues the review like nothing.
* In his ''[[Music/DeathGrips Powers That B]]'' review, Anthony tries keeping the viewer waiting for just a bit longer ("Susthony Spencetano" indeed) before giving the review, before Cal finally caves in and shouts, "REVIEW THE DANG ALBUM ALREADY! '''GINNY DEBT 10!'''"
** And Anthony's reaction afterwards.
* In his ''[[Music/TameImpala Currents]]'' review, when Anthony notes on the album's new sound, we have Cal going into meltdown with "'''I DON'T LIKE CHANGE!'''"
* '''EVERYTHING''' off of Anthony's review of Cal Chuchesta's "mixtape" [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBm3upSqKvw 'The New CALassic']], just the surreal and abstractness of the review.
** The beginning just being Anthony looking he's ''regretting everything at the moment'' while Cal is dancing in the background, asking him to review his mix tape.
* [[spoiler: During the 'Cal is in Hell' arc, Anthony gets a hold of the contract Cal signed with the [[Music/{{blur}} Da]][[Music/{{Gorillaz}} mon]], only to find out it was literally just a piece of paper that says "'''YOU GO TO HELL'''". Anthony is obviously not amused]].
* From his review of ''Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz'': ''WHY DEY PUT DA DICK IN DA PUSSY?''
** "({{beat}}) Fuck you."
** This was continued into the comments where Anthony posted four comments all saying "WHY THEY PUT THE DICK IN THE PUSSY?"
** The beginning of the review simply has Cal begging Anthony not to review the album...and Anthony just has a blank expression.
-->'''Cal''': No, Anthony, no! Don't do it! Don't pap a Miley!
** "....Fuck it. ''[[DarthWiki/SoBadItsHorrible Strong 1]]''. *exits*"
* In his ''[[Music/{{Hopsin}} Pound Syndrome]]'' review, Cal gets confused over [[WhosOnFirst Hopsin's name]].
* Anthony's ''[[Music/{{Chvrches}} Every Open Eye]]'' review has Cal proclaiming his love for "Laurey". [[MythologyGag Anthony then reprimands him for being a sexist pig]].
* The opening for the review of ''The Incredible True Story'' by Logic features Cal doing a dramatic reading of [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyLYH0s9rHM a youtube comment.]]
* The spoof of the opening monologue from [[Music/{{Prince}} "Let's Go Crazy"]] in the ''Purple Rain'' review.
* His entire 50-minute video for Corey Feldman's [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3E0kq9YkjA Angelic 2 The Core album]], mainly due to the album just being ''that'' incredibly SoBadItsGood, and Anthony's frequent [[{{Corpsing}} hysterical]] [[LaughingMad reactions]] to its sheer incompetence. Some more specific examples, though:
** "If you just kinda want to laugh at it a little bit, if you really want to make yourself question whether or not you should live, and y'know, get those suicidal thoughts bubbling up in your head, please, listen to this whole record, because that's going to happen!"
** Anthony's sheer contempt at the bizarre skits [[WhatHappenedToTheMouse (which inexplicably disappear halfway through the album without resolution)]], especially with how despite them clearly being a ''Series/CharliesAngels'' reference, they're introduced using the intro sound to [[Series/{{Batman}} the Adam West Batman TV show.]]
** This bit:
--> '''Female Backup:''' Come on boy, play with me...\\
'''Corey Feldman:''' *in his growly singing voice* I wanna get a taste...\\
'''Anthony:''' ''(stops the song)'' "Ooh, [[FetishRetardant I don't want to hear about]] [[{{Squick}} Corey Feldman tasting anything in a sexual manner."]]
** ''(while slowly spinning in place)'' [[ThereShouldBeALaw "How is this legal? How is this allowed? How is this okay? Shouldn't someone go to jail? Shouldn't someone be in prison?"]]
** "Goddamn! I can't say no to the beat! ''I can't say no to the beat!''"
** "We're already in this deep, we're already this close to killing ourselves. Let's just take that extra step and see if that happens."
** "'Bring the stars up to the moon'? [[ArtisticLicenseAstronomy The stars are farther away]] ''[[ArtisticLicenseAstronomy than]]'' [[ArtisticLicenseAstronomy the moon.]]"
** ''(referring to a godawful jazz-inspired piece)'' "Y'know, it's stuff like this that when people say 'White people ruin everything,' I know that's not true, but in the face of this, I can't come up with a retort."
** [[{{Mondegreen}} "'Thinking about my niece?' I know he didn't say 'knees,' but 'my niece?']] I get he's a concerned uncle."
* His NOT GOOD of Music/TheChainsmokers' "Memories...Do Not Open" -- in which he slams it for being incredibly clichéd, shallow, disingenuous, and downright patronizing to its teenage audience to the point of insult -- is hilariously yet poignantly summed up in the last 20 seconds.
--> '''Anthony''': It's not this album's sound as much as what it sounds ''like'' that makes it so terrible to my ears, because this album sounds like a fake polaroid.\\
'''Anthony''': This album sounds like nothing bad ever happened to you.\\
'''Anthony''': This album sounds like you have at least two friends with trust funds.\\
'''Anthony''': This album sounds like your mom paid for your concert tickets.\\
'''Anthony''': This album sounds like your only concern in life is when Kylie Jenner is posting to Snapchat again.\\
'''Anthony''': This album sounds like you spend too much time on your phone.
* From "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgKAF_j11c8 SIRI PICKS THE BEST ALBUMS]]":
** "Siri, what is the best Hopsin album?" ... "It is [[spoiler:Ra-" "JOKING, THERE'S NO GOOD HOPSIN ALBUM]]"
** The best Can album? "Blood by Kendrick Lamar is number 1."
** Siri picking Dopethrone as the best Electric Wizard album ''and'' the best Ghost album.
** For the last question, Anthony chooses The Rolling Stones:
--> '''Anthony:''' Siri, what is the best Rolling Stones album? *under his breath* If you say it's the new one[[labelnote:note]]''Blue and Lonesome''[[/labelnote]] I will ''fucking'' kill you.\\
'''Siri:''' [[spoiler:Anthony, your language!]]