!!''Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree''
* The RunningGag of Gopher falling down his self-dug holes.
** And "[[StealthPun he's]] [[CanonForeigner not in]] [[LampshadeHanging the book]]".
* Pooh sneezing and causing Rabbit's decorations to fly onto him.
-->'''Rabbit''': Why did I ever invite that bear to lunch? Why, oh why, oh Why?"
** And before that, Rabbit trying to make Pooh's bottom like a moose trophy, but Pooh giggles as Rabbit draws the mouth, making it all crooked.
-->'''Rabbit:''' Oh Pooh, you messed up my moose!
-->''(cut to Pooh on the other side wearing a similar expression as the "moose")''
* When Rabbit overhears Gopher offering honey to Pooh, he yells, "Honey?! OH NO!" He then begins to run outside, only to trip over a chair with a rather priceless expression.
** And shortly after stopping Pooh from eating honey and telling him that he'll taste it for him, Rabbit leaves and then comes back to hammer a sign that says, "Don't Feed The Bear" with his own fist, saying, "[[PunctuatedForEmphasis DON'T! FEED! THE! BEAR!]]"
** At the beginning of the scene, Pooh is sleeping like a baby, while on the other side, Rabbit is sitting there completely stressed with eyes wide open.
* "Christopher Robin, I have come to a very important decision. These are the wrong sorts of bees!"
* Pooh accidentally ripping his backside during "Up, Down, Touch the Ground".
-->'''Pooh''': Oh, stuff and fluff.
* Christoper Robin is asking why Pooh rolled around in the mud. Pooh says in a completely matter-of-fact way "I'm a little black rain cloud, of course." It's the way that Pooh says it that really helps to sell the punchline.

!!''Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day''
* Pooh and Piglet are blown onto Owl's window.
-->'''Owl''': Well, I say now. Someone has pasted Piglet on my window.
-->''(Pooh slams into the window as well and smiles)''
-->'''Owl''': [[UnusuallyUninterestingSight Well well! Pooh too!]]
** The rest of the scene involves Pooh and Piglet being thrown across Owl's room, while Owl is oblivious to the severity of the storm outside and keeps rambling on about his family. HilarityEnsues.
** If you pay attention to that scene, the tree falls down exactly in the direction Pooh was sitting in Owl's dinning room. So, as antique and fragile as the tree was already, it might have been Pooh's fault actually, making that scene's last lines funnier.
-->'''Owl''': Pooh, did you do that?
-->''(Pooh stays silent for a second before answering)''
-->'''Pooh''': I don't think so.
* Pooh introduces himself to Tigger
-->'''Tigger''': What's a Pooh?
-->'''Pooh''': [[DeadpanSnarker You're sitting on one.]]
* Tigger's interaction with his reflection, complete with scaring himself and ducking under the table.

!!''Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too''
* Tigger tugging on his own tail while being "lost".
* For that matter, Rabbit's hilarious HoistByHisOwnPetard moment in the woods, trying to get Tigger lost and losing the way himself.
* "I almost bounced clear out of the book!"
* Roo swinging on Tigger's tail and singing a little rhyme about it, all while poor Tigger is getting "seasick" from it.
-->'''Tigger:''' Stop it, kid! Please! S-T-O-P, STOP! You're rockin' the forest!

!!''Winnie the Pooh and A Day For Eeyore''
* Piglet attempts to knock someone's door, at which point Pooh arrives and offers to knock for him:
-->'''Pooh:''' Well. Whoever lives here certainly takes a long time answering his door.
-->'''Piglet:''' B-b-b-b-but Pooh, isn't this ''your'' house?
* Piglet comes to Eeyore revealing he brought him a present. Eeyore faints.