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* O' Reilly's exasperation when trying to coach one of of the villagers who just keeps getting too excited when trying to shoot. Finally he's had enough and takes the gun from the man, and proposes a ''different'' use for the weapon.
--> "You take the gun like this (''holds the weapon like a bat'') and you use it like a ''club!''
** Creator/YulBrynner is doing everything within his power not to laugh right then and there.
* Most of the scenes with O' Reilly and the three boys are funny moments.
--> '''Village Boy #2''': We drew straws. And we got you!
--> '''O'Reilly''': You got? What's that mean? You got me.
--> '''Village Boy #1''': If you get killed, we take the rifle and avenge you.
--> '''Village Boy #2''': And we see to it there's always fresh flowers on your grave.
--> '''O'Reilly''': That's a mighty big comfort.
--> '''Village Boy #2''': I told you he'll appreciate that!
--> '''O'Reilly''': Well, now don't you kids be too disappointed if your plans don't work out.
--> '''Village Boy #1''': We won't. If you stay alive, we'll be just as happy.
--> '''Village Boy #2''': Maybe even happier.
--> '''Village Boy #1''': Maybe... (''cue awkward silence'')
* The "greatest" shot in the world.
--> '''Britt''': The worst. I was aiming for the ''horse''.