-->"If you kill me a thousand more will take my place."\\
"But that isn't the point, is it? The point is, ''you'll'' be dead."

-->"[[RefugeInAudacity ...grinning like a necrophiliac in a morgue.]]"

* The Rite of [=AshkEnte=]. When Galder Weatherwax first suggests it, instead of the "No, no, not that!" response he was expecting, the other wizards simply go, "Sure, why not?" Then when they summon Death, the reaper has a cocktail. ([[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: "I was at a party" ]]
) Finally, after some exposition (During which Death refuses to go along with Weatherwax's attempts at drama), Death is allowed to leave;
-->'''Weatherwax:''' I hope it is a good party.
-->'''Death:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: At the moment it is. I think it might go downhill very quickly at midnight. ]]

-->'''Weatherwax:''' Why?
-->'''Death:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: That's when they think I'll be taking my mask off. ]]