* Just like the Awesome entries, each chapter is sure to be filled with this.
* Part 10: ''The Invader of Fort Duckburg'': Scrooge's sister (and eventually Donald Duck's mother) Hortense chasing off a cavalry charge ''by herself''.
* What of Scrooge and Goldie's story back in his Klondike days isn't heartbreaking is absolutely hilarious. See: the "rescue" during the burning saloon scene in "Hearts of the Yukon".
* Part 7: The dreamtime duck of Never-Never:
--->'''Narrator:''' At this moment, young Scrooge is on the absolute opposite side of the planet from his Scottish home.\\
''(panel showing fish underwater)''\\
'''Narrator:''' Well, no, that would be in the Pacific Ocean, south of New Zealand, actually...
* When Scrooge is present at the eruption of Krakatoa, the sound effect is withheld because it was the loudest known sound in history and [[ThinkOfTheChildren and the editors don't want to hurt the readers' sanity... or ears]].