* ''Of Ducks and Dimes and Destinies'': When Magica meets Scrooge's father, she mistakes him for Scrooge and jumps Fergus so quickly she knocks over toddler Hortense in the process: "Scrooge! How did ''you'' get here? Never mind! I'll fight you through all the ages! I'll..." (she then realizes it's not him and has to apologize).
* Part 10: ''The Invader of Fort Duckburg'':
** Scrooge's sister (and eventually Donald Duck's mother) Hortense chasing off a cavalry charge ''by herself''.
** [=BlackHeart=] Beagle telling his sons IWantGrandkids. The look on one of the Beagle Boys' face as he hears this is priceless.
* ''The Sharpie of the Culebra Cut'': Hortense and Matilda's continuous efforts to flirt with cowboys throughout the story, with most of them trying their best to escape the love-crazed sisters.
* What of Scrooge and Goldie's story back in his Klondike days isn't heartbreaking is absolutely hilarious. See: the "rescue" during the burning saloon scene in "Hearts of the Yukon": It begins with Scrooge and Goldie staring each other down, Scrooge trying to think of what he should do, and Goldie waiting for him to make the first move. After a few seconds, Goldie breaks the stalemate by pretending to faint and as Scrooge rushes to help her, he gets knocked out by a chunk of ice from a fire hose. Once Goldie notices Scrooge hasn't come to her, she gets up, drags the unconscious Scrooge out, poses him next to a crate with his arms out and lies down on them and then proceeds to theatrically wail about how some brave stranger rescued her. ''Then'' a couple of locals grab her to escort her to the doctor, and she switches to swearing up a storm at them for ruining her plan.
* Part 7: The dreamtime duck of Never-Never:
-->'''Narrator:''' At this moment, young Scrooge is on the absolute opposite side of the planet from his Scottish home.\\
''(panel showing fish underwater)''\\
'''Narrator:''' Well, no, that would be in the Pacific Ocean, south of New Zealand, actually...
* When Scrooge is present at the eruption of Krakatoa, the sound effect is withheld because it was the loudest known sound in history [[ThinkOfTheChildren and the editors don't want to hurt the readers' sanity... or ears]].
* In ''The Richest Duck in the World'', when the Beagle Boys are escaping, part of the fight spills over a couple's apartment. The wife, shocked out of her wits, calls the police, despite the sleepy husband complaining it's probably a publicity stunt from a certain song...
-->'''Husband''': You know, 11 pipers piping, 12 drummers drumming, 13 Santas brawling and so on and so on and so on!
** The gag goes on. When the police catches up with the Beagles, one of the officers tells the other to watch out for the drummers. A few panels later, [[FunnyBackgroundEvent the officer's seen pursuing a completely innocent drummer down the street]].
* The bit in "The Billionaire of Dismal Downs" where Scrooge is trying to plan his trip to Duckburg while Hortense and Matilda tease him about his lock of Goldie's hair. Scrooge gets so rattled and distracted he continually fumbles the name of the city before yelling at his sisters to shut up.
-->'''Scrooge:''' The girl... I mean the '''land''', is in the state of Goldiesota... I mean '''Calisota'''... in a small settlement named Goldieburg... I mean '''Duckburg!''' Drat!
* In ''The Dream of a Lifetime'', while in Scrooge's dream about his childhood, one of the Beagle Boys gets a hold of Scrooge and is told to force the combination out of him, but asks if he ''has'' to when ten-year old Scrooge is so ''cute''.
* When the bartender is trying to keep Scrooge from shooting up his bar to get revenge against Glomgold, he holds up a flyer reading "Free Lunch Special Today - $5".