CrowningMomentOfFunny: Plenty to choose from, but here are the lead contenders:
* [[ When Amal first takes TJ's pants off]] (NSFW, and so's the quote):
--> '''Amal:''' Y-you're, uh...decorated.\\
'''TJ:''' Yeah?\\
'''Amal:''' Soooo...what's the story here?\\
'''TJ:''' ONCE UPON A TIME, some barbells got put in my dick and they all lived happily ever after. AMEN.
* Chapter 17 is one page long and a [[NoDialogueEpisode No Dialogue Chapter]], and still manages this. How? [[spoiler: All you get is a shot of the outside view of the titular duo's hotel room the morning after they finally get together. Cue a kid wandering past their door, followed by Dad, who for some reason is [[TheImmodestOrgasm blushing furiously]] and [[ChildrenAreInnocent eager to block Junior's tender ears]]. Cue Mom coming into the shot, obviously pregnant, and having Words with Dad that end with her snarkily pointing at her own swollen stomach. Message received: he's gonna have to find out how this got in here ''someday''.]]
* [[ Right after their first kiss.]]
-->'''TJ:''' Um, can ... can you do that again? Like, a ''lot?''
* "'''[[ Look, did we sleep warm or not.]]'''"
* [[ TJ's face]] after he realizes they're likely to find an all-night waffle house nearby.
* [[ Me, yer mama, an' some other whore...]]