CrowningMomentOfFunny: Plenty to choose from, but here are the lead contenders:
* [[ When Amal first takes TJ's pants off]] (NSFW, and so's the quote):
--> '''Amal:''' Y-you're, uh...decorated.\\
'''TJ:''' Yeah?\\
'''Amal:''' Soooo...what's the story here?\\
'''TJ:''' ONCE UPON A TIME, some barbells got put in my dick and they all lived happily ever after. AMEN.
* Chapter 17 is one page long and a [[NoDialogueEpisode No Dialogue Chapter]], and still manages this. How? [[spoiler: All you get is a shot of the outside view of the titular duo's hotel room the morning after they finally get together. Cue a kid wandering past their door, followed by Dad, who for some reason is [[TheImmodestOrgasm blushing furiously]] and [[ChildrenAreInnocent eager to block Junior's tender ears]]. Cue Mom coming into the shot, obviously pregnant, and having Words with Dad that end with her snarkily pointing at her own swollen stomach. Message received: he's gonna have to find out how this got in here ''someday''.]]
* [[ Right after their first kiss.]]
-->'''TJ:''' Um, can ... can you do that again? Like, a ''lot?''
* "'''[[ Look, did we sleep warm or not.]]'''"
* [[ TJ's face]] after he realizes they're likely to find an all-night waffle house nearby.
* [[ Me, yer mama, an' some other whore...]]
* When TJ and Amal get caught with one's hand down the other's pants in a thrift store changing room they immediately run out...only to realize no one was chasing them in the first place and TJ is still wearing the skinny jeans he had been trying on.
-->'''Amal:''' YOU STILL HAVE THE PANTS!?!
-->'''TJ:''' Hey, F*#& YOU, dude! I need ten minutes an' a CROWBAR to get out of these!