!In General
* Like in ''Literature/PercyJacksonAndTheOlympians'' by the same author, the chapter titles often only [[ItMakesSenseInContext make sense in context]]. But they're nearly always hilarious out of it.
** Highlights from [=ToF=]: "We tame a Seven-Thousand-Pound Hummingbird", "The Ice Cream Man Plots Our Death", "The Revenge of Bullwinkle the Moose God", and "We Visit the House of the Helpful Hippo".
*** How about "Camels Are Evil..." and "...But Not As Evil As Romans"
*** "Major Delays at Waterloo Station (We Apologise for the Giant Baboon)"
* Carter and Sadie squabbling over the mic, and the occasional mention of what's going on while they're recording. Doubly funny if you're listening to the audiobook version.
!The Red Pyramid
* "Somebody get a can opener, I've got a god stuck in my head!
* "You got your ''head cut off?''" "I got better."
* How does Bast justify stealing a car?
--> '''Bast''':My dear, I am a cat. Everything I see is mine.
* This one appeals to myth experts: Anubis threatens Sadie with the still-to-be-invented mouth closer ritual.
!The Throne Of Fire
* "Oh noes, vegetables!"
** Said by king-of-all-gods Ra, no less.
* One word: Penguins.
** "Penguin in the fireplace if anyone's interested."
** Expanding on that, anything Felix does or says is funny to some degree.
-->'''Felix''': Yes! I found my path. [[spoiler: I'm supposed to follow the god of ice!]]
-->'''Carter''': [[spoiler: There's a god of ice? [[FridgeLogic Egypt is a desert. Who's the ice god?]]]]
-->'''Felix''': I have no idea!
* Camels are evil...
* Ptah explaining how words can get him into trouble.
-->'''Ptah''': "Once, just for fun, I made up the word platypus and..." instantly a duck billed furry thing appeared on the floor scrabbling around in a panic "Oh dear, yes that's exactly what happened."
* Set's introduction in Throne of Fire. Apparently, he likes the name "Rockin' Red Reaper" better than "Evil Day". Then again who wouldn't?
* In the audiobook version, Carter's "I don't think I could've been more surprised if Bes had said 'By the way, you're leaning against a hydrogen bomb'" because the latter is said in Bes's voice.
!The Serpent's Shadow
* Shelby is both adorable and hilarious beating the enemy magicians on the butt with her wand and chanting 'Die, die'.
* The interactions between [[spoiler: [[TheHeroesOfOlympus Drew]] and Sadie]] are this and awesome.
* "Sadie, please do not call the Destroyer of Souls 'poochiekins'."
* The return of Hindenburg the camel. "If you're confused think how the criosphynx felt."
* The chapter where Amos/Set is fighting with Sarah Jacobi. Sadie rushes in to help her uncle, only to be nearly killed by Jacobi, and then Walt/Anubis steps in and takes care of her. The words exchanged between Set and Anubis is just lulzy:
--> Set: "That's my boy!"
--> Anubis: "Shut up, Father."
** Also a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming considering that the two have ''never met'' until this moment.
* Carter's narration about Sadie's attempts in crafting magical statues.
--> Last week she'd created a magical Thermos with googly eyes that levitated around the room, yelling, “EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!” until it smacked me in the head.
** That one could not be a more obvious ShoutOut to Series/DoctorWho...
** ''Clearly'' Sadie is a huge fan, because who else could she be channeling when she [[spoiler: tricks the goddess Neith into believing in a ''jelly baby'' conspiracy in a display of [[MotorMouth rapid fire]] stories half-remembered from a past encounter with her grandfather's veteran friend in the spur of a moment, while deviously scribbling down the glyph for a protection barrier as the sun slowly set towards their victory]]?