The humor is mostly dialogue driven:

--> '''Jackie:''' Were you poor? Did you eat chicken pot pie?\\
'''Leslie:''' ''[sadly]'' Pancakes… Lots of pancakes. ''[walks away]''

-->'''Anthony:''' Would you like a glass of Liebfraumilch?\\
'''Leaslie:''' No thank you. I'll just have a glass of wine.\\
'''Marty:''' That's the name of the wine.\\
'''Leslie:''' Oh, I don't speak French.\\
'''Jackie:''' Who does?\\
'''Anthony:''' You do.\\
'''Jackie:''' Oh, that's right. I do.\\
'''Leslie:''' What does it mean?\\
'''Jackie:''' In French? I think it means something German.\\
'''Marty:''' It means "Loving Mother's Milk".\\
'''Leslie:''' You speak French?\\
'''Marty:''' ''[blank stare]'' No… German.

-->'''Jackie:''' ''[after Leslie demonstrates that she can say "I love you" in sign language]'' Don't leave this girl alone with any handsome, deaf, mutes, Marty, that's my advice to you.

-->'''Marty:''' Are you being wise?\\
'''Jackie:''' One day I woke up wise.\\
'''Marty:''' One day I woke up stupid.\\
'''Jackie:''' What'd you do?\\
'''Marty:''' I went back to bed.\\
'''Jackie:''' That was wise.

-->'''Jackie:''' Are you saving yourself for marriage?\\
'''Leslie:''' Oh, no. ''[gasps]'' Do you think I should've?\\
'''Jackie:''' If I were getting married I'd wanna check out the goods!\\
'''Leslie:''' Me too!\\
'''Jackie:''' So how are they?\\
'''Leslie:''' What?\\
'''Jackie:''' The goods.\\
'''Leslie:''' I can't talk about that. He's your brother.\\
'''Jackie:''' Pretend he's not my brother. I do.

-->'''Anthony:''' You never go hungry in the desert because of the sand which is there.

-->'''Leslie:''' I don't think you're insane.\\
'''Jackie:''' You don't?\\
'''Leslie:''' No.\\
'''Jackie:''' You don't think I'm an eensie weensie bit insane?\\
'''Leslie:''' I don't think you're insane. I think you're just spoiled.\\
'''Jackie:''' ''[exasperated]'' Oh please, if everyone around here is going to start telling the truth, I'm going to bed.