* When Ev accidentally juices the spider and drinks it.


[[folder: Mystery Science Theater 3000 ]]

* When the spider starts killing off cast members. "You know, I hate it when the movie kills off a beloved character... ''this'' is great, though!"
* "You ''rolled'' on me!"
* "Let's go up to Rhinelander and roll on each other."
* "Brett Favre at home", which ties into the Packers running gag listed below. After he left to join the Vikings in 2009, Packers fans appreciate it more, too.
** "Packers won the Super Bowl! Yeaaaa!"
*** "Packers! Woooo! Packers!"
* "Free Bobby Seal!"
** "Free Mumia!"
** "Free BEER!!"
* "Could it happen?" "COULD the movie get even ''worse?''"