* Their comedy skit "Ti Kwan Leep", in which a master attempts to teach the titular martial art to a group of novices. The whole thing is awesome, but here's a sample:
-->'''Ed Gruberman:''' Listen shrimp, are you gonna show me some fancy moves, or am I gonna start wipin' the walls with you?
-->'''Master:''' Ed Gruberman, you fail to grasp Ti Kwan Leep. Approach me that you might see.\\
'''Ed:''' Alright, finally some action.\\
'''Master:''' Observe closely class. Boot to the head. '''[wh-thunk]'''\\
'''Ed:''' Oww! You booted me in the head!!\\
'''Master:''' You are lucky, Ed Gruberman. Few novices experience so much of Ti Kwan Leep so soon.\\
'''Ed:''' Ow, oh, my head...\\
'''Master:''' Now we continue.\\
'''Ed:''' Hey! Hey, I wasn't ready! Come and get me now shorty, come on, are ya ''chicken''?\\
'''Master:''' Boot to the head. '''[wh-thunk]'''\\
'''Ed:''' Ow! Okay, now I'm ready, come on, try it now.\\
'''Master:''' Boot to the head. '''[wh-thunk]'''\\
'''Ed:''' Mind if I just lie down here for a minute?
** And later:
-->'''Master:''' Have you learned nothing from the lesson of Ed Gruberman?\\
'''Student:''' Yes Master, I have learned two things. First, that anger is a weapon only to one's opponent.\\
'''Master:''' Very good.\\
'''Student:''' And secondly -- get in the first shot. Boot to the head! '''[whoosh]'''\\
'''Master:''' ''You missed.''
* And from the similarly themed "Last Will & Testament", about the reading of Mr. Muldoon's will: "And another for Jenny and the wimp." '''[SMACK]''' "Ow!" '''[SMACK]''' "Ow!".