As befits a {{Homage}} to old-school '80s action movies, ''The Expendables'' comes loaded with six barrels of awesome, belt-fed with 1 round of funny every 10 links.


[[folder: The First Movie ]]

* Three meta-[[OutOfCharacterMoment Out Of Character Moments]] worth noting:
** Jet Li's entire characterisation rant when sitting in Stallone's truck - it's funny to see someone who's typecast as TheStoic in nearly all his Hollywood roles being given full LargeHam licence.
** Creator/MickeyRourke, keeping his look from ''Film/TheWrestler'' and ''Film/IronMan2'', now has an obsession with 'decorating' everything around him, whether it's Lee Christmas's ''head'' or a guitar he's planning to smash up when it's completed.
*** It's Mickey's "interpretation" of ''Literature/CharlottesWeb'' that really sells the scene, though.
** [[ActorAllusion The scene in the church]].
*** "This guy, he ''loves'' working in the jungle."
*** "He wants to be President."
* Speaking of meta, Randy Couture's explanation of his ear deformity is marked by everyone immediately having a HereWeGoAgain reaction.
* [[WhatTheHellHero "Are you CRAZY?! YOU COULDA KILLED ME!!"]] [[ExactlyWhatIAimedAt "You're welcome!"]]
* Immeidately after Hale Caesar guns down a small army with his AA-12.
* Jason Statham vs. {{Domestic Abuser}} {{Bastard Boyfriend}} and friends: [[GenreBlind "Don't worry, we got your back."]] [[HilarityEnsues Hilarity]] [[CurbStompBattle ensues.]]
* "Buddha. Pest."
* The [[HilariousOuttakes Gag Reel]]. Bruce Willis can't remember the name of the island, and Stallone can't hang up his damned gun belt.
** The second movie's gag reel features perhaps the ultimate showdown: Armed terrorists with assault rifles... versus [[spoiler: Novak Djokovic and his racquet.]]
* The deleted scene, where Gunnar tells off the pirate leader for not having a parrot on his shoulder.
* Speaking of Gunnar
** ''It's good to hang pirates.''