!!The book:
* Johnny awakens from his coma and hears that [[UsefulNotes/GeraldFord Ford]] is President. He immediately freaks out because he thinks it's ''Henry'' Ford.

!!The series:
* Johnny is in bed with Dana, when contact with bed mixes his visions with Sarah when they were together. Just when you think it's the best scene ever, [[FanDisservice the Reverend]], an ex-lover of Dana, pops into the fantasy saying "Make room for Daddy." [[UpToEleven Then his mom. Then the sheriff. Then his doctor. Then Bruce.]]
* A vision leading Johnny to tell Bruce, "I'm pregnant." [[SilentSnarker Bruce stares at him for a moment,]] and then remarks, "Yeah...you have that glow."
* Johnny's vision of Stilson asking him for help leads to his snarking to Bruce, "Fasten your seat belt. I think hell is about to freeze over."