* In issue 129, Peter's face while looking at the Hustler that Logan's reading.
* The crazy clothes on the people in the disco. John Byrne apparently was forced by Jim Shooter into including the disco to find a way to shoehorn in Dazzler, who had been created at great expense as part of a failed collaboration with Casablanca Records.[[labelnote:even then...]]the setting and everything in the scene with the exception of Dazzler only makes sense when you interpret "disco" not so much as "Studio 54" but as an underground PunkRock venue... making it a possible TakeThat?
-->'''{{ComicBook/Cyclops}}:''' Tell me Jean, is this where old discos go to die?[[/labelnote]]
* Issue 132:
-->'''Sean:''' Moira darlin', feel up to a jog around the island?\\
'''Moira:''' Dreadful thought.\\
'''Sean:''' Want to fool about, then?