* The Radio quoting ''Moby Dick''.
-->'''Radio:''' Damn thee, thou accursed whale, from the depths of Hell, I stab at thee!\\
'''Kirby:''' Climb on, you idiot!\\
'''Radio:''' Oh, it's you.
* More like Crowning Moment Of Tragicomic, Radio's panicked reaction to the appliances sinking into mud.
-->'''Lampy:''' Wow. Poor guy didn't stand a chance ... Just "pffft" ... and that's it.\\
'''Radio:''' Well, don't look now, pal, but you're about to "pffft" yourself!
* Even Radio's "dying" words as he is the last one to be sucked into the swamp:
-->'''Radio:''' Well that uh, concludes our broadcast day... Er, week... Actually, it concludes any future broadcasting of any sort! WE'LL SIGN OFF NOW WITH A... SUITABLE T-TUNE!!" (Plays Al Jolson's "Mammy" bit)
* Everything Radio says, especially since he's almost always doing ParentalBonus / GettingCrapPastTheRadar jokes, too.
-->'''Lampy:''' Hey, come over here. I'm gonna...
-->'''Radio:''' Why, do you dare to cross foils with the greatest Saxon swordsman in the land? Haven't you the slightest idea who you're dealing with?
-->'''Lampy:''' Precisely - a total idiot!
-->'''Radio:''' If your sabre wags as loosely as your Norman tongue, you'll be run through in an instant. Defend yourself, Sir Lampy of Locksley! [[AndThisIsFor A blow for Richard! A blow for Marion! A blow for Mario, the garbage man! And for Carl and all the boys at the delicatessen! And here's one for the guys on 5th street!]]
** Some get a little risque with a definite GeniusBonus:
--->'''Blanky:''' You can't fool us. We love you.
--->'''Radio:''' That's right, [[TheBeard like Mrs. Roosevelt loved her husband.]]
** Or {{Stealth Pun}}s:
--->'''Radio:''' North by northwest. [[Film/NorthByNorthwest Watch out for low-flying aircraft.]]
** "Why, if only we were all wiener dogs, our problems would be solved!"
** Or when he tells Bankey, after warning the gang not to cross his sleeping space.
--->'''Radio:''' This is my sleeping space, see? And nobody crosses this line.\\
[Moments later...]\\
Blanky wanted to sleep beside Radio, he was about to get near him when...\\
'''Radio:''' Watch it! Hey! Hey! What are you blind, there's a line. Hye! Hye!
* Part of the montage when the appliances are desperately trying to figure out how to leave the cabin, the Radio tries to make Blankie a magic carpet, intoning, "Arise, Hassan! Arise, O magic carpet!". The ''real'' funny part is that while the Toaster and Kirby look at each other in disgusted disbelief, Lampy is completely ecstatic, thinking it'll ''work''!
* "Why wander endlessly through this sprawling wasteland they dare to call a city when your dreams are all under one roof? Our roof! Corner of 3rd and East. ''Crazy'' Ernie's ''Amazing'' Emporium of... of... ''TOTAL BARGAIN MADNESS!'' '''[[SanitySlippage BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!]]''' Heh..." *collapses*
* After the appliances are stranded in the swamp and Toaster walks off, dejected:
--> '''Radio:''' Oh come on now, it's not your fault! Things could be worse, you know.
--> '''Lampy:''' How?
--> '''Radio:''' How what?
--> '''Lampy:''' How could they be worse?
--> '''Radio:''' They couldn't, I lied.
* When trying to get Kirby to join the search for the Master:
-->'''Toaster:''' You know...I thought it would be good to have somebody come along...who's really...strong!
-->'''Lampy:''' And ''loud''.
-->'''Blanky:''' And ''grumpy''!
-->'''Radio:''' And ''oblivious to reality''!
-->''(Toaster [[BeQuietNudge knocks all three back]] and glares at them)''
* This troper finds the meadow scene to be hilarious. If only because of that random ''singing FISH'' that came outta nowhere and fought with a bird to get a worm to use as a ''microphone''. It's hard not to laugh at how ridiculous and random that scene is.
** Or how when he first shows up, singing to the frogs, they all simultaneously almost ''instantly'' splash water in his face to shut him up,
* The frog making faces with Toaster's reflective surface... as Toaster grows increasingly annoyed.
* And let's not forget all of Lampy's great lines.
** "That's very interesting. ...Good night, slothead." ''(thunk)''
** "Oh yeah!? Who's supposed to be the big-shot navigator around here!? Mr. Loudmouth! Mr...Big...LOUDMOUTH!"
** "Heeeeeey, everybody, look! A CLEARINNNGGGG!"
** "I'm just curious as to whether or not it was him. I hate being left in the dark, y'know."
*** ''(After Blanky starts crying)'' "I guess we can assume it wasn't him, right?"
** And this moment:
-->'''Radio:''' I'm as sure as I am honest!
-->'''Lampy:''' In that case, we're definitely lost.
* There's a great scene in the forest, where Lampy finds a hollow tree, thinking they can sleep inside, and turns his bulb on, revealing the hollow to look like a giant demonic face, and the other appliances freak out and run, with Lampy stuck inside, completely oblivious.
-->'''Lampy:''' W-what's the matter?
-->'''Radio:''' Eaten alive, the poor sap!
-->'''Lampy:''' *turns around to see the face* WHOA, WHOA, WHOOAAA! *runs off in terror*
-->'''Radio:''' (clearly annoyed) Awww, I thought you were a gonner...