!!The Bourne Identity:
* The first time Bourne and Marie meet. He throws a stack of banknotes at her (ten thousand dollars) and offers more in exchange for a ride to Paris. Marie, after the trouble in US embassy and seeing Bourne looking away from a passing police car, suspects Bourne for a scammer. But then Bourne asks for his money back. Marie fingers the money for a moment, and the scene cuts to Bourne and Marie, driving.
* This troper giggles a bit when Bourne enters his 'home' in France and mutters "This is my kitchen..." after seeing the insides.
* Bourne and Marie spend a bunch of time forming a plan to get something, complete with codewords, specific instructions, and all the convoluted twists and turns you'd expect, especially given the layers of conspiracy and spycraft surrounding the series. In practice though she ends up getting what they need just by telling a friendly employee that she's someone's personal assistant. Bourne is left more or less saying "Oh... that's good" as if realizing how sometimes a simple plan works just as well as being Batman. It's one of the only funny scenes in the whole series and despite the fact that it might seem out of place, it does work really well.
* "Uh, We got a bump coming up...", proceeds to drive down a set of stairs in a mini-cooper to escape Parisian police, Marie screaming the entire way.

!!The Bourne Ultimatum
* During the NYC chase:
-->"Sir, he drove off the roof."\\
''"He drove off the roof!"''
** Also Bourne ringing Vosen [[spoiler:from his own office.]]
-->'''Vosen''': I'm in my office.
-->'''Bourne''': Oh, I highly doubt that.
-->'''Vosen''': Why is that?
-->'''Bourne''': If you were in your office, [[spoiler:we'd be having this conversation face-to-face]]. (''hangs up'')
-->'''Vosen''': (''OhCrap look'')
* Also, Bourne talking Ross into walking next to a guy in a blue hood... who promptly gets nabbed by the CIA. You can see Ross's expression of "What have I gotten myself into...?".

!!The Bourne Legacy
* Aaron Cross is driving Dr Marta Shearing away from a squad of agents that tried to force her to shoot herself:
-->'''Marta''': What's your plan?
-->'''Aaron''': I'm going to wait until another person tries to kill you, then see if they can help me.
* Also Aaron's realization about how little Marta actually noticed him despite the fact that he's had thirteen visits to her over the past four years and has spent a not insignificant part of that time trying to flirt with her.
-->'''Marta''': Is that your name?
-->'''Aaron''': What? James? No! You don't know my name? What do you call me? What do you put on my blood work?
-->'''Marta''': Five.