!!Relating to [[Theatre/TheBookOfMormon the Broadway Musical]]

[[caption-width-right:350:''I'm wet with salvation! WE JUST WENT ALL THE WAY!!!'']]

Oh Jesus Christ (of Latter Day Saints), where do we start?
* "You and Me (But Mostly Me)"
** It's typically staged that at one point, as Elder Price has the spotlight, a bunch of dark walls/curtains cover Elder Cunningham as he tries to peek out of the darkness.
*** Even better, according to the official book, that wasn't planned until Josh Gad got caught behind the closing wall during rehearsal unintentionally and [[ThrowItIn they just had to keep it.]]
* When Elders Price and Cunningham are waiting for their plane, an African sunset backdrop suddenly falls while a woman dressed in a Lion-King style costume leaps out and sings an {{Expy}} of the opening vocals to "The Circle of Life." The curtain then drops to reveal it was just a surprise to send the boys off to Africa.
* "Hasa Diga Eebowai"--both the reveal that it means "Fuck you God!" and the SubvertedRhymeEveryOccasion when Hatimbi introduces Nabalungi.
** From "Hasa Diga Eebowai":
--->'''Elder Price:''' You have to stop saying that!\\
'''Elder Cunningham:''' Hasa diga--\\
'''Elder Price:''' No! It means something bad!\\
'''Elder Cunningham:''' What?\\
'''Elder Price:''' They are saying "F you!" to the Heavenly Father.\\
'''Elder Cunningham:''' "F you, Heavenly Father?!?!" [[OhCrap Holy Moley!]] I said it like [[ThirteenIsUnlucky 13 times!]]
** Before the reveal, Elder Price asks Hatimbi what "hasa diga Eebowai" means:
--->'''Elder Cunningham:''' Does it mean "there will be no worries for the rest of your days"?\\
'''Hatimbi:''' [[HesitationEqualsDishonesty ...]] ''[[ChangeTheUncomfortableSubject Kind of.]]''
** And then there's the climax of the song, where they start singing "Fuck you God in the ass, mouth and cunt-ah!" repeatedly, and then suddenly turn it into a [[CrossesTheLineTwice African rhythmic chant]] with the women singing more rounds of Hasa Diga Eebowai on top of it.
* From "All American Prophet", in the middle of the song...
-->'''Elder Price:''' Even though people wanted to see the golden plates, Joseph never showed 'em...\\
'''Doctor:''' ''[in a deep, operatic voice]'' I haveeeee maggots in my scrotummmm! ''[beat]''\\
'''Elder Price:''' Uh, okay. Well anyways...
** Joseph Smith and the Mormons [[FunnyBackgroundEvent boogying it up in the background]] while Elder Price sings also qualifies.
* All of [[ArmoredClosetGay Elder McKinley]]'s lines in "Turn It Off", but in particular:
-->'''Elder [=McKinley=]:''' Imagine that your brain is made of tiny boxes, then find the box that's gay and '''CRUSH IT!''' Okay?
** Another stand-out of "Turn It Off"? In the stage performance, the part where they start clapping ''literally'' makes the lights go out, plunging the stage into total darkness for a couple of seconds. The second time this happens, when the light comes back up, [[spoiler: they're all now wearing sparkly, hot pink vests on top of their normal clothes.]] Elder Price looks totally confused for a second, before deciding to go along with it.
* After General BFN shoots one of the villagers and Elders Price and Cunningham run into the Mission hut (with Price covered in blood), Elder [=McKinley=] tells them that the mission president is asking for a progress report (which is a problem, as there is no progress to report). Elder Price gets the idea to talk to the president and ask for a transfer, grabbing [[ArmoredClosetGay Elder McKinley's]] face in his excitement. [[http://67.media.tumblr.com/0d2224556ca3ba284f29e4b10d89ef24/tumblr_nbsuvnMvpi1qdhtpxo2_r1_250.gif McKinley's reaction must be seen.]]
* "[[DareToBeBadass Man Up]]", hilarious as it is just on the recording, is 10000x funnier on stage when Elder Cunningham, in his quest to [[TitleDrop man up]], stabs a monster in the face and [[StarWars defeats Darth Vader while declaring]] [[LukeIAmYourFather he is not his father]].
** From the same song: "Heavenly Father, why do you let bad things happen? More to the point, why do you let bad things happen ''to me''?"
*** It is important to note that Elder Price sings this while trying to wipe blood off of his previously pristine white shirt.
* [[RunningGag I have maggots in my SCROOOOOOTUUUUUUUUM!!!!]]
* Elder Cunningham's version of the Book of Mormon (with all the fantasy and sci-fi references). Especially at the end, when it's used to threaten General Butt-Fucking Naked.
** The chorus to "Making Things Up Again" becomes ever increasingly funnier when Elder Cunningham's conscience takes the form of his father, [[Literature/TheBookOfMormon Joseph Smith and Moroni]], [[Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries Lieutenant Uhura]], [[Literature/TheLordOfTheRings Sam and Frodo]], and [[Film/StarWars Yoda]] ("Up again making things, you are").
** From the same song:
--->'''Gotswana:''' This is all very interesting, but [[GroinAttack women have to be circumcised]] if that's what the General wants!\\
'''Elder Cunningham:''' No, doing that to a lady is definitely against Christ's will!\\
'''Gotswana:''' How do you know? Christ never said nothin' about no clitoris!\\
'''Elder Cunningham:''' ... '''''YES!''''' '''YES HE''' '''''DIIID!'''''
** The first time he opens the Book of Mormon to read a random passage to the Ugandans. Which one does he land on? The one that says God cursed people into being black.
* Elder Cunningham's constant mispronunciation of Nabulungi's name--he calls her, among other things, "Necrophilia" and "Nutella."
** And, notably in the West End production, "Creator/NigellaLawson" and "Nigel Farage."
** In the Chicago production he calls her "Nic Rouleau," the actor playing Elder Price at the time.
** In the production at the Saenger Theater in New Orleans he calls her "Nicki Minaj."
** The gag has even substituted in "Neosporin" and [[Disney/TheLionKing "Nala"]].
** After Creator/JohnTravolta screwed up Creator/IdinaMenzel's name at the 2014 Oscars, his mangled version, "Adele Dazeem," was added into the joke.
** A list can be found [[http://lifeaskew.tumblr.com/post/19170236353/names-for-nabulungi-used-by-cunningham here]].
* "Spooky Mormon Hell Dream"
** "[[MistakenIdentity ... Mickey?]]"
** "I can't believe Jesus called me a dick!"
** "[[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment Jesus hates you, this we know. For Jesus just told you so]]."
*** This one is actually a play on a Christian children's song, which begins with the lines "Jesus loves me, this I know. For the Bible tells me so."
** The spirits of UsefulNotes/GenghisKhan, [[SerialKiller Jeffrey Dahmer]], UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and Johnnie Cochran]].
** The SMHD costumes alone are hysterical, from Halloween-style devil outfits with plastic pitchforks to maple doughnut hats to demons wearing giant coffee cups (who torture Kevin by force-feeding him coffee) to sparkly black top hats and waistcoats.
** Elder [=McKinley=] randomly showing up, [[CampGay swanning around in a sparkly turtleneck and feather boa before giving a demon a blowjob.]]
** The transition into "Spooky Mormon Hell Dream", particularly for fans of ''Film/{{Inception}}''.
--->'''Elder Price:''' Wow! I'm in Orlando! It's weird, cause I don't even remember how I got here...
** When the elders then discuss the Spooky Mormon Hell Dream:
--->'''Elder [=McKinley=]:''' We've all had the Spooky Mormon Hell Dream. Heck, I have it ''every night!''
** Leading to the positively wonderful and horrifying FridgeBrilliance that Elder [=McKinley=] probably [[ItMakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext gives blowjobs to demons]] on a nightly basis.
** Elder [=McKinley=], again, after waking Elder Price from the Spooky Mormon Hell Dream:
--->'''Elder [=McKinley=]:''' You had the Mormon Hell Dream? ''Was I in it?!''
* "I Believe" is a funny enough song as is. The fact that Elder Price is practically prancing up to a maniacal warlord and grabbing his hand, however, makes it priceless--the only reason that the General's men aren't shooting him is because they're too confused by what's going on.
-->'''General Butt-Fucking Naked:''' ... The fuck is this?
** "I believe... that in 1978 God changed his mind about black people!" (followed by the choir echoing "black people!").
* Elder Price, after having the Book of Mormon shoved up his ass, gets completely wasted... [[GRatedDrug on coffee]].
** Which becomes a bit of FridgeBrilliance, when you realize that Elder Price is purposely trying to avoid sleeping at all costs, hence the coffee.
--->'''Elder Price:''' Well, if it isn't Elder Cunningham! The super-Mormon!
** This is followed up by his monologue on why he became such a devout Mormon. [[spoiler: He hoped that when he died, he'd get his own PLANET ORLANDO!]]
* "I am Africa" is hilarious, but one line particularly stands out.
--> Let us smile and laughrica!
** There's a brief break in the song where we see Elder Price on all fours on a hospital bed after an... unfortunate incident regarding [[AssShove General BFN and his Book of Mormon.]]
--->'''Doctor:''' Something incredible... you've done something incredible! I've never seen a rectal blockage of this kind!
* From "Baptize Me": I'M WET WITH SALVAAATIOOON!!!
* It's hard to describe "Joseph Smith American Moses", but... "Joseph Smith, magical AIDS frog! Brigham Young, frog on his clit face!"
** "Compassion! Courtesy! Let's be really fucking polite to everyone!"
** Also, the summation at the end of the song: "Joseph Smith, AIDS frog; Brigham Young, clit face; Shit come out the butt; Jesus says 'fuck, fuck,' Mormoooooons!"
** The entire song is a CrowningMomentOfFunny, but "Hi, my name is Joseph Smith. And I'm going to fuck this baby," and "Brigham Young! His nose was a clitoris! What will you do, Joseph? Will you fight the clitoris man?"
** Desperation! Mortality! Loss of faith! I... [[MoodWhiplash got the golden plates!]]
** The [[FridgeBrilliance Fridge Brilliance]] is that the tribe were ''never'' told it's not okay to say "fuck." ''That's why the song is so cuss-filled--they think there's nothing wrong with saying the word.''
* The ending with the Ugandan Elders. "Hello, my name is Elder Matumbo..."
--> "Hello, my name is [[spoiler: Elder Butt-Fucking Naked]]."
** "And if you put that gun down I will--oh, okay, I'll leave!"