Some funny moments from ''TheBiggestLoser'' include:

* Surprisingly enough, three in the Season 11 premier.
** When the contestants found out that their first challenge would be a 5K, several contestants made comments to the camera. Justin said that he'd seen them on TV, and thought "Who'd be stupid enough to show up to one of those?"
** When Arthur interrupted Bob's talking to the camera by falling over, the resulting conversation was rather amusing, and somewhat [[MemeticMutation memeworthy]]. "How am I supposed to stand up if I can't move my leg?"
** And lastly, when Jillian said something about not going to yell at people, Bob made an amusing comment about how "Jillian will always yell at people." ItMakesSenseInContext and is TruthInTelevision - she does, indeed, yell. Repeatedly.
* Season 11, third week's Last Chance Workout. At one point, Arthur threw up while on the the treadmill. Jillian's comment: "Oh, he ''did'' throw up, how sweet!"