!!The books:

* One of the chapter books has the students get back at the principal for setting a new dress code. They decide to violate the dress code without actually breaking anything. The dress code says no ''blue'' jeans, AintNoRule about ''GREEN'' Jeans... The Dress code says no ''Superman'' capes. This is a ''Batman'' cape. The principal promptly throws a tantrum and installs an ObviousRulePatch on the very first day.
** At the debate on the dress code in the end, the argument the students have prepared is...a slide show on the [[IWasQuiteAFashionVictim fashions the adults were into back in their day.]] Even better, it focuses on the biggest supporters of the dress code; Papa Bear in Ti-dye wear, Miss Glitch in a mini-skirt, and Vice-principal Grizzmyer in a zoot suit, chain-and-watch included.
* The chapter book about the Galloping Ghost has Papa Bear telling Brother and Sister that everyone is afraid of something. When Sister asks what Papa is afraid of, he answers with "[[DeadpanSnarker Your mama]]."
* Mama Bear's DeadpanSnarker moments. In "Too Much TV", when Papa asks how he can check the weather without watching the news, Mama answers with "Try this. It's called sticking your hand out the window to see if it's raining." Similarly, in "Too Much Junk Food", Papa asks what kind of healthy liquids he and the cubs should drink. Mama says, "Try this. It's called water."

!!The Hanna-Barbera series:
* The 1985 TV adaptation of "The Messy Room" has some pretty funny moments even though Mama may be at her worst; one moment of perfectly timed comic relief is when, after screaming at the cubs about being "No More Mrs. Nice Guy", she claims she is putting her foot down, which she does... Onto Brother's model plane cement. Naturally, Brother tries to lighten up the situation from it.
** Of course, Mama's blowup is hilariously over-the-top in and of itself, with even the spider inhabitants running in terror.
** Mama falling victim to the cubs' ExplodingCloset. Somehow a ''banana peel'' is among the debris which Mama flicks off her shoulder.
* Papa Bear uncovering the cubs' lie in "Tell the Truth". They invent a story where a bird flew in the house and knocked over the lamp but Papa sees right through it:
-->'''Papa:''' Or was it a '''white''' bird with '''black''' spots, like that soccer ball underneath my easy chair?

!!The Nelvana series:
* "Go Up And Down", from Papa almost driving off without taking the cubs and the fishing equipment to him having to repeatedly [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin go up and down]] a long set of stairs to get whatever equipment they might need which quickly wears him out.
-->(Papa and the cubs sit down in a rowboat, without oars)
-->'''Papa''': Let me guess. The oars are back up at the cottage.
-->'''Lizzy''': Uh-huh.
-->(Papa groans wearily)
* In "Papa's Pizza," Brother and Sister hosting a party at their place, trying to figure out what everyone wants to eat, and finding that seemingly everyone around them is a PickyEater. Points in particular to Ferdy Factual for telling brother that he's trying to cut back on calories and lower his intake of non-hydrogenated fatty acids.
-->'''Brother''': (''frowning'') Huh? ({{Beat}}) Uh... never mind. How do you spell "hydrogenated"?
** Later...
-->'''Brother''': It looks like the only thing everyone can agree on is crackers and water.
-->'''Sister''': But Lenny only likes unsalted crackers.
* In "The Female Fullback," Betsy will only join Brother, Freddy and Too Tall's football team if they help her with her other activities, which are track, basketball and ballet.
-->'''Brother''': So if I'm helping Betsy with track...
-->'''Freddy''': and I'm helping her with basketball...
-->'''Too Tall''': ...then I guess I'm helping her with... ballet?!
** Later he suggests that they might want to swap activities...
-->'''Freddy''': No thanks, tutu. I mean Too Tall.