* The complete subversion of a BadassBoast that is "Aquabat March!"
-->Please don't kill us, we're just the Aquabats,\\
We're just trying to have a little fun!\\
So if you want to fight, we can duke it out\\
Please just don't kill me with your gun!
* The send-up of Music/{{Korn}}s beat-boxing during "I Fell Asleep On My Arm!".
* The Commander's random ScatSinging at the tail end of "Just Can't Lose!".
* The SpellingSong segment from "Hey Homies!"
-->H is for Homies, hugging home-girls who is hot
-->U is for You, my bro, can I get a hug or not?
-->G is for... [[BuffySpeak Good... hug... guy?]]
* "Radio Down!" features [[WordSaladLyrics a hilariously nonsensical rap]] by guest singer Biz Markie.
-->Pump the bass, pump it to highs\\
I want some ketchup on my hamburger and fries\\
You know me as B-I-Z M-A-R-K-I with an E\\
And this is how I slow it down in the place to be
* The amazingly gullible protagonist from "Hot Summer Nights". Who falls hook, line and sinker for Liz's various excuses to avoid him. Including moving to Alaska and being an identical cousin.
-->I didn't know they even had identical cousins.