* Seeing [=MacBadger=] faint when he hears that Toad traded Toad Hall for the motor car [[spoiler: and again at the end when he sees Toad in his new aeroplane]].
* CrowningMomentOfFunny: Cyril Proudbottom's epic slam against the crown prosecutor, when asked how Toad got the motorcar:
-->'''Cyril:''' The only way a gentleman gets anything: the honest way.
-->'''Prosecutor:''' And WHAT IS the honest way?
-->'''Cyril:''' HAHA! I THOUGHT you wouldn't know ''that'' one, guv'na!
* Toad, when he first gets Motor Mania. I dare you not to laugh.
* This gem:
-->'''Toad:''' Afraid of the police? I? Toad? Afraid of the police? (laughs until a loud knock comes from the door)\\
'''[[spoiler:[=MacBadger=]]]:''' Open up! Open up I said!\\
'''Toad:''' ''(horrorstruck)'' THE POLICE!
* [[CartoonPhysics Ichabod's various stunts during the chase scene of Sleepy Hollow.]]
* Tilda's enthusiasm over getting to dance with Brom.