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[[folder: Epic 2 ]]

** Nozomu forced to drag Alata by the ear to prevent him from telling Nozomu's father the truth about who he is. Nozomu scolds Alata with a reminder that the Goseigers are the one who told ''him'' that humans weren't supposed to know.
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[[folder: Epic 20 ]]

** A flashback to Prof. Amachi's youth and memories of teen romance...except that ''they don't even bother with casting a younger actor as him.'' TakeThat, DawsonCasting!
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[[folder: Epic 23 ]]

** Hyde suffers a heat-inducing attack, leading to his going through all sorts of summer methods to beat the heat, including wolfing down shaved ice. GilliganCut to Hyde's Epic ice cream headache.
** The highlight of that episode has to be the ''epic'' RockyRollCall between Alata, Hyde, and Agri, which starts out serious but soon devolves into an OverlyLongGag. The part that pushes it into Crowning territory is that while they're caught up in this they're paying absolutely no attention to Eri or Moune, [[{{Irony}} who they're supposed to be rescuing]].
*** The real funny part comes a moment later, when the boys take so long to beat [[MonsterOfTheWeek Zaigo of the Starfish]] that his fireworks launch Eri and Moune right into the sky. Luckily, Datas Hyper (equipped with the Mystic Brothers heli-pack) flies in to save them... [[WardrobeMalfunction and ends up blowing their bikini tops clean off]]. The boys panicking when the tops land on them as well as Datas's LuminescentBlush only add to the hilarity.
*** After Zaigo is enlarged, Eri and Moune change and leap from Datas Hyper to kick him in the eyes.
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[[folder: Epic 24 ]]

** After the team has won thanks to the help of getting their MidSeasonUpgrade from the Miracle Gosei Headders, they all transform back to their regular forms, talk to the Miracle Gosei Headders, and Miracle Dragon Headder forgets its own strength for a moment when it headbutts Alata!
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[[folder: Epic 31 ]]

** Makuin and Kinggon's combination move.
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[[folder: Epic 35 ]]

** The team is trying to figure out what they want Alata, who is impatiently waiting for them to decide, pick up for dinner with each team member insisting to get something different with Eri saying a dessert in between team members with her proclaiming cake and everyone saying no. At the end of the episode the group is still arguing Alata decides that they would just get everything the team wanted and throw it all together.
** Hyde tries to figure out the combination by putting in all the possible combinations, starting at 0000000, which obviously fail, and sends an alarm that brings Bibi soldiers.
*** And while the Goseigers take on the Bibi soldiers, Hyde is working on the combination, trying every possible one.
*** And when Agri asks how many combinations there are, Hyde calmly responds that there are 10 million combinations, much to the shock of his friends.
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[[folder: Epic 36 ]]

** Then there's the gang's methods of helping Agri train for a 100-meter dash competition in Epic 36, culminating in [[spoiler:Gosei Knight assuming Groundion form to chase Agri across a field]].
*** Later after the MonsterOfTheWeek is beaten, Agri is laid out on the couch, covered in treated bandages and in severe muscular agony, on account of having overstrained himself during all that training.
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[[folder: Epic 37 ]]

** At the start of the Epic, Moune decides to secretly use one of her Tensou Techniques to move an unruly man out of the way. But when the Tensouder starts [[CallingYourAttacks announcing the Tensou Technique]], she has to quickly ''HandGag'' it to not give the game away.
* ''Goseiger Vs [[Series/SamuraiSentaiShinkenger Shinkenger]]''
** Jii goes into one of his Tono introductions, and the Kuroko deliberately move a banner behind him [[LampshadeHanging just to frame the scene.]] It pales in comparison to [[IncomingHam Ryuunosuke's big entry]] though.
** There's also the moment when Hyde and Moune are meeting up with Kotoha at the airport, and Kotoha's confusion at how, [[LampshadeHanging despite being angels]], [[OurAngelsAreDifferent the Goseigers do not have wings or halos.]]
** The Goseigers want to understand samurai better. What does Hyde have in mind to help them? Give the team wigs. Including ''Datas''.
** Alata's FreakOut when he was introduced to Takeru's, ahem, [[AbsurdlyYouthfulMother mother]].