* From [[http://www.talesofmu.com/other/in-the-beginning In the Beginning]], dragons' CreationMyth in all its glory:
--> ''In the beginning, there were dragons.''\\
''And it was good.''
* Mack and Ian ask Two why Mack's FurBikini Veil costume now suddenly has a crown and a cape to go with it.
--> '''Two''': It's from Sooni.\\
'''Ian''': Can't be. She doesn't have this much fur.
* The shared dream between - initially - Mack, Two and Pala starts out weird and keeps getting weirder.
** Everybody argues about whose dream it actually is. Two wins, by virtue of having put up a sign.
** When Ian appears, {{naked|PeopleAreFunny}}, Two covers him up by ''invoking'' a CensorBar.