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[[folder: Season 1/Volumes 1-4]]
* In Episode 1 of the anime/Volume 1 of the Light Novel, Klein was {{groin attack}}ed twice. The first was from a Frenzy Boar and the second for Kirito from asking info of Kirito's sister. Both times he overreacts before realizing that the game doesn't ''actually'' transmit pain.
* Kirito's CrashIntoHello situation with Asuna in Volume 1. He experimentally [[ThanksForTheMammary grasps something soft]], tries to figure out what it is, realised that he's groping Asuna... and [[OhCrap he can't remember]] any of the [[GenreSavvy placating statements he prepared for a situation like this.]]
* After Kirito and Asuna meet for the first time, she borrows the bath in his rented room. Kirito's reaction to the idea of Asuna in the bath:
-->"I didn't know averting my eyes from that door required such a high will saving throw."
** When Argo knocks on his door, Kirito ''[[GenreSavvy knows]]'' this is going to end badly. His first instinct is to flee.
* The first time Klein and Asuna meet, he immediately regresses from being a confident swordsman and leader into a nervous wreck. Then he's annoyed that [[ObliviousToLove Kirito]] is in a party and practically on a date with Asuna.
** And then he asks Asuna to treat Kirito well, even though he's not very good with words, isn't very fun and battle-obsessed. The reactions are what cross the line. Asuna's declaration: "Please leave him to me!" Kirito's response is to run away.
* During the last day of their honeymoon, Kirito and Asuna agree to help an old player with a rare fishing based monster spawn. While Kirito is reeling in, everyone else flees a couple hundred yards when they realize how massive it is. When Kirito looks up to see the hulking monster climbing onto land, he takes off like a bullet, cowering behind Asuna and complaining about how his wife ran away and left him to die.
* "Warmth of the Heart" (Episode 7/Light Novel 2): The way Kirito says [[LeParkour he thinks they should escape the giant hole by running up the wall]] signals a hilarious EpicFail is on the way.
** What really sells it is how utterly blasé Kirito is about the entire situation:
--->'''Lisbeth:''' You're insane.
--->'''Kirito:''' Maybe, but that's all I got for ideas right now.
--->*cue EpicFail, punctuated further with [[ImpactSilhouette a Kirito-shaped hole in the ground]]*
--->'''Kirito:''' *seemingly unfazed by the fall* ...If I had more of a running start, I probably would have made it.
--->'''Lisbeth:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Yeah, I don't think so.]]
* Asuna said that marriage in SAO is romantic and pragmatic, after a brief pause this happens
--->'''Kirito:''' So, uh, [[AskAStupidQuestion how many times have you been married, anyway?]]
--->*Asuna immediately grabs a fork and holds it to Kirito's face*
--->'''Kirito:''' Wait, I didn't mean it! That didn't come out right! You were talking about how it's romantic and plastic and--
--->'''Asuna:''' *interrupts Kirito* I did NOT say that, you ass! *kicks Kirito in the shin* What I said is that it's romantic and pragmatic! For your information, the word "pragmatic" means "practical."
* After Kirito loses to his sister in a sparring match, he tries to [[DamnYouMuscleMemory sheathe the bamboo sword the same way he sheathed his swords in the game]]. Suguha's comment about whether he "hit his head" makes it even funnier as she was the one to smack it a few moments earlier (with a shout of "Men").
** There's also the comment he made after his defeat, about how she "[[MasterSwordsman would've wiped the floor with]] [[FinalBoss Heathcliff]]."
** He even does it again in Gun Gale Online! Twice!
* Kirito learns that (most of) his SAO skills carried over to [=ALfheim=] Online. When he learns that he needs to delete all the incompatible items that also got carried over so he doesn't get attention from the Game Master, he struggles to press Delete. Think about it for a second. Kirito is forced to erase all his hard-earned loot, something dedicated players of other games wouldn't even dare to do that easily. He did retain Yui as well as massive amounts of Yrd, the latter important later in the arc.
* After Kirito straight-up ''destroys'' a Salamander raid team aimed at his head with the Beast Form spell, Leafa has a moment of FridgeHorror when she realized Kirito ''basically ate some of them'' and in the anime she asks him what they tasted like, he responds by saying "kinda like grilled meat just before it gets burnt, all crispy and" then gets cut off by Leafa saying, "Sorry I asked". Cue Kirito teasingly chomping down on her hand, and getting smacked for it.
** Later on once they're in Lugrue, Kirito still has a red hand print on his face, he tries to explain he was just trying to break the tension with a joke, Leafa flatly tells him "Bite me again and I'll cut you in half"
** The handprint's texture seems to indicate that [[ArmorPiercingSlap he took HP damage]].
* Kirito getting surrounded by two beautiful women and making him uncomfortable is funny in itself, until you look closely at Kirito's [[http://www.baka-tsuki.org/project/images/7/7d/Sword_Art_Online_Vol_03_-_301.jpg left-breast pocket]].
** Related: [[Creator/LaurenLanda Sakuya]] and [[Creator/CristinaValenzuela Alicia]] vamping it up in the English dub of the anime.
-->'''Alicia:''' Oh come on, Sakuya, [[ACupAngst that's not fair]]! [[BoobsOfSteel You're totally seducing him with those things!]]\\
'''Sakuya:''' ''I'm'' seducing him? [[ClingyJealousGirl If you were any closer to him,]] he'd be ''wearing'' you!\\
'''Kirito:''' [''Kirito makes a "Why me?" expression'']
* At Agil's party, Kirito orders a bourbon on the rocks. Agil hands him a glass, but then Kirito says, "What gives? This is oolong tea!" Sorry Kirito, you may be the hero of SAO, but you're still only 16.
[[folder: Season 2/Volumes 5-7]]
* Near the end of the GGO arc, Kirito and Sinon take shelter in a cave during the [=BoB=] tournament. As the number of players decline to a relative handful, livestream cameras start looking at them. Kirito is worried about what others may think of the two appearing so cozy, [[MistakenForGay especially considering]] [[DudeLooksLikeALady Kirito's avatar]]...
-->'''Sinon''': I don't care, they can think what they want! The guys in this game are dorks. If they think I'm gay, at least they'll stop hitting on me every five seconds.
* The party for the ''Calibur'' arc becomes Fridge Humour when you think of party balance. Five members (Kirito, Asuna, Liz, Silica, Klein), out of a maximum of seven (players), are SAO survivors. SAO survivors see their weapons as proof of existence and thus don't use magic. The end result is that their only magic is healing from a few CombatMedic[=s=], [[CripplingOverspecialization so they don't have any offensive spells]]. Their sixth member is Suguha, whose first VRMMORPG was ALO, so she doesn't have any bias... except she's a real-world kendo practitioner who joined ALO for the freedom of flight, so Leafa is a speed-focused Sylph with a bit of buffs and healing. [[RunningGag So they don't have any offensive spells]]. Their seventh member is Shino, who's originally from GGO and only joined ALO to have fun with Kirito and his friends... except Sinon was a sniper in GGO, so she forgoes magic and swordplay in favour of being "the only player in ALO who wants to snipe someone from 100 meters". [[RuleOfThree So they]] ''[[WhatAnIdiot still]]'' [[RuleOfThree don't have any offensive spells]]. None of them fully realize the impact of this until they run into a DualBoss with a physical-resistant specialist and a magic-resistant specialist and they're all but '''boned'''.
* At the conclusion of ''Caliber'', after Sinon succeeds in retrieving Excalibur for Kirito, she turns to him, presents the sword with a big smile, and says, "Please think of me every time you draw this sword." Kirito can feel the {{Death Glare}}s from his girlfriend and harem.
** Klein then proceeds to sum up the UnwantedHarem trope in ten words:
-->'''Klein:''' 'Man, it must be so hard for you chick magnets.
-->''(Kirito kicks him in the face, still holding Excalibur)''
** The cause of that was because of one sentence, [[http://www.baka-tsuki.org/project/images/3/3e/Sword_Art_Online_Vol_08_-_241.jpg "Thanks for the Tsukkomi."]].
** In regards to Kirito's hairstyle in ''Caliber'' side story :
--->A little fairy flew from Asuna's shoulder—she was a Navigation Pixie named Yui, landed on my head and sat down. My Avatar, the Spriggan «Kirito», had long pointed hair, at Yui's request now I have my old hairstyle. The reason was it was «hard to sit on».
* In Volume 7, a while after Kirito arrives to HoldTheLine against an entire guild so Asuna and the Sleeping Knights can take on the floor's boss, Klein also shows up behind said guild to assist Kirito. Then we have this hilarious exchange between Klein and Kirito, shouting at each other from across the room.
'''Klein:''' ''SORRY, I GOT LOST!!''
* Later on, when Asuna's mother, Kyouko, goes online for the first time, she notes how light she is, and Asuna points out that since the avatar weighs approximately 40 kg (only 88 pounds, significantly lighter than an adult woman). [[NotSoAboveItAll Kyouko takes umbrage]], and suggests that perhaps Asuna's the one who's overweight.

[[folder: Season 1 and ''Extra Edition'']]
* After the players real looks are exposed on their avatars, a beautiful couple that we saw earlier are actually revealed to be [[ThoseTwoGuys two older guys]]. Their reaction is priceless:
-->'''"Pretty Guy":''' ''You're a guy?''\\
'''"Pretty Girl":''' ''You were lying about being seventeen?''
** Post-ALO, at least one of them [[spoiler:was trapped in Sugou's experiments]], and they're seen hugging each other. Heartwarming, yes, but their bodies just make it look funny.
* In Episode 4, Kirito knocks on Silica's bedroom door, and she nearly answers the door while in her underwear.
* In Episode 10, while Kirito and Asuna are at Asuna's house, Asuna strips down to her underwear and tells Kirito to get undressed as well. When a flustered Kirito says that wasn't what he meant when he said he wanted to spend the night with her, Asuna punches him out. With a Sword Skill.
* In Episode 12, after defeating a bunch of frog monsters easily, Kirito comes over to Asuna saying they dropped some items, after she asks if there was anything good, he shows her a giant frog leg telling her it's Scavenged Toad Meat and says maybe she can cook it later
-->'''Asuna:''' Not on your life! ''[grabs leg and throws it away]''\\
'''Kirito:''' What the hellll?! Oh, come on, what'd you do that for?! Damn it! Okay, fine! ''[holds up a ton of frog legs]'' What am I gonna do with these?!
-->'''Asuna:''' ''[throwing the legs one by one]'' No! No, no, no, no, no!
-->'''Kirito:''' Asuna! I-It's good meat!
-->'''Asuna:''' Get rid of it!
-->'''Kirito:''' But it's delicious! You just have to eat it warm!
-->'''Asuna:''' Shut up!
* In Episode 16 of the anime, Suguha and her mother are talking about Kazuto's parents. Midori mentions that Kazuto asked about them when he was about 10, and Sugu wonders if that's got to do with his escapism since middle school. Midori doesn't think so... because he built a machine out of junk parts at age 6. This can give you the very amusing mental image of [[Film/IronMan Tony Stark]] as Kirito... or, alternately, Kazuto as Iron Man.
* [[http://i.imgur.com/AjqtCr0.png Used equipment salesman Kirito]].
** Context: Kirito just ate all the poor Salamander's party members. Due to ALO's PvP mechanics, that 45080 Yuld and those 14 items are his prize. If the poor guy tells Kirito about why he's there, he'll give them back.
** Immediately after the Salamander agrees, Leafa turns to Yui (who's still on her shoulder at this time) and mutters, "Men." Funny enough on its own, but then your realize that, if Suguha ''ever'' learns that Yui is not just a Navigation Pixie, but in fact Kazuto's adoptive daughter A.I. with true intelligence, it is after the Alfheim arc is over. She speaks to Kirito's Navi-Pixie because ''Yui is the only other girl there at the time''.
* Kirito's failed attempts at flying during his first log-in in ALO especially this:
-->'''Leafa:''' Kirito, you ''do'' know how to land, right?\\
'''Kirito:''' [''{{Beat}}''] [[OhCrap ...No, not really.]]\\
'''Leafa:''' [''freaking a little''] Uh-I-Oh, crap. [''sheepishly flying off''] Too late now! You're on your own!\\
'''Kirito:''' WHAT?! '''YOU'RE KIDDING MEEEEEE!''' [''cue Loud Crash Offscreen'']
* After getting to Legrue, when Leafa has to log out she asks Yui to watch over her avatar while she's gone, saying "I don't want your dad to mess with it while I'm out" which leads to Kirito saying totally [[DeadpanSnarker deadpan]] "You gotta be kidding me."
* [[RecapEpisode Sword Art Online Extra Edition]] contains hilarious scenes where Rika/Lisbeth lampshades stuff, namely: Keiko/Silica looks nothing like Suguha (especially in the chest), Kirito and Asuna having sex and getting married in SAO, and Suguha's [[KissingCousins more than familial feelings for Kirito.]] Everyone gets very defensive when these things are brought up.

[[folder: Season 2]]
* Season 2, Episode 1, When Kazuto gets to the restaurant he's meeting Kikuoka at, Kikuoka calls out to him in an excited manner that's a bit inappropriate for where they are, after sitting down Kazuto tells Kikuoka not to call him 'Kirito' in public.
** There's also the way Kazuto looks so seriously at the menu when told he can order anything he wants and Kikuoka will pay for it, then he seems to have a bit of trouble pronouncing the names of the sweets he orders. The prices of the sweets weren't helping either (going up to 1800 Yen (Approx: $18 USD), for a slice of cake!).
*** It's also quite funny in the light novel, when Shino, a student who has trouble making ends meet in real life, is shocked that a cake would cost 2200 yen (approx: $22 USD).
** There's also a darkly humorous line, where Kazuto starts figuring out what Kikuoka has really invited him to talk, and is asking him to do, [[DeadpanSnarker Deadpan Snarking]] that Kikuoka should come out and say it, that he wants Kazuto/Kirito to let himself be shot by Death Gun in game to get clues on the case. Kikuoka actually contemplates this as a legitimate idea for a moment.
** Which in turns pisses Kazuto off, declare that there is no way death's in game are the direct cause of causing the death of GGO players in real life. Kikuoka is forced to get on his knees, and clings to Kazuto's pants, and you can hear Kazuto is trying to walk away, with a funny, annoyed look on his face.
** Kikuoka casually talking about video game-based murders, the condition the bodies were in when they were found and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking exotic foods like kiviak]], {{Squick}}ing out the rest of the patrons within earshot and causing them to make their displeasure known.
* Episode 2, Silica getting caught by a plant monster's tentacle ''again''. Some things never change.
** What makes this especially funny is that in order to keep the gag going in ALO, Silica tries to fly, but the monster sprouts wings itself. It's the equivalent of a Dalek spouting wings to get up a flight of stairs.
* Episode 3, The entire scene with Kirito and Aki the nurse, she touches his butt the second he enters the room, causing him to freak out, she plays it as feeling how he's recovered, then she gives him a note from Kikuoka about debriefing details, which included
---> P.S. just because you're alone with a pretty nurse, you're still on the clock, try to keep your hormones under control.
** Causing Kirito to angrily crumble the note into his pocket, followed by Aki then telling him to strip, as he freaks out she explains it's for the electrodes to monitor him, then "Oh don't worry, I've seen all your goodies already" which makes him put his hands over his crotch. They settle on him just taking off his shirt, which the nurse seems disappointing at, finally, she tells him not to worry while he dives because she's keeping an eye on his body, which doesn't reassure him at all.
* Episode 4, Season 2: The scene where Kirito tries to get help from Sinon are cranked further in the anime where he ''intentionally'' acts girly. For extra points, much of his deliberately-feminine act is peppered with gestures and body language cues he's copied from Asuna.
** Seeing everyone mistake Kirito for a girl is hilarious, especially with the whistling.
** The scene were he beats the seemingly-unwinnable gun shooter course, winning 300k credits in the process. We know Kirito's reflexes are top notch, [[JawDrop but no one else did.]] ''[[UpToEleven Even the robot cowboy got in on it.]]''
*** The GratuitousEnglish lines the robot cowboy was spouting out were funny as well. "I'll kill you!" "You loser!" "Die!" "Go to hell!" To be fair, it's completely valid English, and they get an actual American to voice him.
*** And the cowboy has an incredibly exaggerated "[[BigNo NOOOOO!]]" when Kirito pats him on the chest.
*** When Sinon asks Kirito just how he managed to dodge the cowboy's final laser attack from point-blank range, Kirito claims he just predicted where the cowboy would aim: "Predicting the predictions", in his own words. [[JawDrop Even the robot cowboy is incredulous!]]
* Episode 5, Season 2: Sinon, still thinking Kirito is a girl, has no problem with being only in her underwear. When confused by Kirito freaking out, he then reveals his true gender, much to her shock ("Male!? You're a guy? With that avatar!?")... then the inevitable situation slowly dawns on her. Kirito gets slapped for his troubles, leaving a hand print on his face that looks [[{{Callback}} awfully familiar.]]
** Again, the handprint looks like HP damage. [[FridgeLogic Isn't the BoB waiting room a safe zone?]]
** After this, Kirito follows Sinon around, and she acts like he's stalking her.
** Later, while Kirito starts being annoying while Spiegel is around, he uses his "girly" voice, making the scene even funnier.
* Episode 8, Season 2: Most of the other players still think Kirito is a girl, so Kirito pulls a cutesy stance and asks them all to root for him.
* Episode 9, Season 2: The Dyne vs. Pale Rider vs. Death Gun fight from the end of the last episode gets MST3K'd by the gang watching in ALO.
-->'''Lisbeth:''' [Pale Rider] must be one of the front-runners.
-->''(Pale Rider is sniped by Death Gun)''
-->'''Klein:''' Hey, turns out he sucks!
* Episode 11, Season 2: Chrystheight (Kikuoka) logs into ALO and meets up with Kirito's friends. He refuses to give any details on Kirito's mission, so Yui explains the situation herself. Chrystheight promptly offers Yui a job working for the government, earning a mean look from Asuna. It becomes even more hilarious when you realize he just tried to recruit a 3-year-old!
** And an A.I. to boot.
*** And a Navi-Pixie - which, unlike the above, ''he cannot possibly NOT know!''
* Episode 13, Season 2: Shino/Sinon decides to make both her and Kirito winners....'''by using a grenade and hugging him.''' Cut to a shot from behind of Klein, Leafa, Silica and Lisbeth looking at the screen in surprise without speaking, as though to 'WTF did we just see'.
** Don't forget that Asuna also saw the scene, as Yui streamed the gameplay to a TV screen at the hospital. Uh-oh.
** Even more hilarious is Kirito's reaction. He has no idea what Sinon's plan is, while she places the grenade in his palm. It's not until she pushes the activation button and it starts beeping that realizes what Sinon meant by a "souvenir grenade". [[OhCrap He flat out panics and starts juggling it not sure what to do.]] Sinon suddenly [[TheGlomp glomping him]] with a happy smile on her face while he has a nervous and ridiculous grin and laugh, as he's realized ThisIsGonnaSuck, and is probably deciding what's worse, that he's about to be blown up by the grenade, or knowing that ''everyone watching the tournament live can see this happening, and he is going to have some explaining to do to his friends and girlfriend back in ALO'' just sends the scene over the top in hilarity.
* Episode 14, Season 2: Shino's interaction with Kirito outside her school. And her classmates think that he's her boyfriend.
* Episode 15, Season 2: ''Calibur'''s tail grab scene. What's added is Silica looking at her own tail...
** Klein, upon encountering Tonky the jelly-phant:
-->'''Klein''': My grandpa's dying words were, "Don't ride in foreign cars or on flying Cthulhu elephants!"
** Also in that episode: if Klein and Sinon are going to help Kirito find a legendary weapon, then he's going to have to help them find their own.
--->'''Kirito:''' That dungeon [where the legendary katana is being held] is freakin' hot!
--->'''Klein:''' And this Jotunheim place is freakin' cold!
--->'''Kirito:''' ''(to Sinon)'' You've hardly had your avatar for two weeks and you're already looking for a legendary weapon?
** Also also in that episode: the SAO survivors ponder falling in Jotunheim.
--->'''Liz:''' I wonder what would happen if we fell from up here?
--->'''Asuna:''' I'm sure the one right here - the one who [[NoodleIncident once]] plummeted from a pillar outside Aincrad trying to [[DungeonBypass climb up to the next level]] - I'm sure he'll exepriment with that one day!
--->'''Kirito:''' Speaking of falling from great heights... wouldn't that be right up a cat's alley?
--->''(Sinon and Silica shake their heads)''
** When Tonky goes into an abrupt nosedive, we get a sequence of two-at-a-time shots of everyone holding on for dear life - except Leafa, who just cheers like she's having the time of her life.
* Episode 16, Season 2, after the party encounters Freyja.
-->'''Kirito:''' It's a trap.
-->'''Liz:''' It's a trap.
-->'''Sinon:''' It's ''totally'' a trap.
-->'''Yui:''' She has an HP gauge.
-->'''Asuna:''' It's a trap.
-->'''Silica:''' Yes, it's a trap.
-->'''Leafa:''' I'd say it was a trap.
-->''([[AnimalReactionShot Pina cries out]])''
** Made even funnier in the next episode when it's revealed that Freyja [[spoiler:is TRULY another definition of [[UnsettlingGenderReveal trap]].]]
* All throughout the Calibur arc, Yui is giving the party game-engine pointers; identifying the giant floating lady as an NPC before they all draw their weapons, pointing out that Freyja is an NPC and has an HP bar, identifying the layout of the Thrymheim castle. Think about that for a moment. Their "Navi-Pixie" is an ''omniscient A.I. girl''. Which means (A) Kirito and his friends are totally defying the system structure, or (B) Navi-Pixies will completely ruin your sense of immersion by pointing out [=NPCs=]. Either way, it's funny.
* Episode 19, Season 2: The UnsettlingGenderReveal scene where Asuna, envisioning the mysterious Zekken to be a knight in purple armor, is shown that [[SamusIsAGirl Zekken is a girl]]. Cue her grabbing Liz and demanding an explanation on the matter since she didn't fully mention about this. Then she shifts to Kirito, thinking that he went easy on Zekken because she was a girl. The intense, [[SayingSoundEffectsOutLoud vocalized]] DeathGlare she gives her boyfriend really sells this scene.
* Episode 13, Season 1 has a good one just before the opening where Kirito meets an old player that joins him in fishing. He catches one and mentions that even though he's good at catching them he's not good at cooking, and says he'd love to try fish with soy sauce (which, earlier in the series, Asuna told Kirito how to make its in-game equivalent) when he tells the guy this there's a beat, then cue a rather amusingly horrifying ArtShift as the guy screams "WAIT, SAY WHAAAAAAAAT?!"
* Around the start of the ''Mother's Rosario'' arc in Season 2, Asuna mentions that she took her Amusphere with her when she and her mother went out of the city, only to find that there was no internet connection. The anime's imagery of Asuna wandering around the room, holding up her Amusphere like she's trying to get a cellphone signal, is funny enough. But the fact that she found this out when the Amusphere failed to connect to ALO gives the wonderful mental image of an Asuna POV shot, the Amusphere whirring dramatically, "Link start!" ...and then a long and awkward quiet.

!!Anime Dub Outtakes:
[[folder: Season 1 Bloopers]]
The [[http://youtu.be/wBlYshrVjOA?t=41m47s First Season's English dub's]] HilariousOuttakes are ''comedy gold''.
* Season 1's outtakes includine the Running Gag of Klein's messed-up lines and a lot of Innocent Innuendo jokes, including Portuguese breakfast.
* [[Creator/CheramiLeigh Asuna]] has some funny lines.
** When Kirito joins the Knights of the Blood Oath:
-->'''Asuna:''' You'll obey my orders, like it or not. Stare..... *cue to where Asuna shows her eyes*
** When she is referring to Kirito when compared to Kuradeel:
-->'''Asuna:''' While I can't say anything about his shadiness, he is actually quite strong. In fact, he's ten levels above you, you piece of s*bleep*t.
* Don't forget about [[Creator/SarahWilliams Lizbeth]]:
** After Kirito tosses his coat at her
-->'''Lizbeth:''' Holy s(bleep)t! This smells like feet!
** When she's falling down the hole with Kirito:
* Caynz' dying words:
-->'''Caynz:''' *while hanging and stabbed on the chest* Guys... err... little help here... that hurts... guys... anybody?
* Giving Yui some spicy food.
-->''' Kirito:''' If you think you're ready for it I won't stop you. *give the spicy sandwich to Yui* Just add some ghost peppers... YOLO mother*bleep*er.
* About interrupting vacations...
-->'''Asuna:''' Why else would he interrupt our vacation?
-->'''Kirito:''' 'Cause he's a DICK!
* To be honest, Kirito says a lot of F-bombs. For example, when Leafa teases him about his magic...
-->'''Leafa:''' I guess in situations like this that your lame Spriggan magic could come in handy! (laughs)
-->'''Kirito:''' (beat) ...Ugh. Yeah f*bleep*k you too...
** Then after a water gag that Kazuto pulls on Suguha
-->'''Suguha:''' To make up for that water gag you pulled you owe me one green tea raspberry parfait. You cool with that?
-->'''Kazuto:''' F*bleep*k you.
* [[Creator/CassandraLee Leafa/Suguha]] can be funny at some times. For example:
-->'''Kirito:''' *Upon arriving at a town* It's beautiful.
-->'''Leafa:''' Isn't it... KISS ME!!!
-->'''Recon:''' Leafa! Thank god you're okay and I totally [[PrecisionFStrike f*bleep*ked]] that up! G*bleep**bleep*t!
** Later when Leafa is blushing red on falling in love with Kirito while she tries to shrugs it off...
-->'''Yui:''' *sees Leafa blushing red* What's wrong Leafa?
-->'''Leafa:''' NOTHING! JUST HORNY!
* Kirito's fumbling on the 'Next Time...' lines.
-->'''Kirito:''' Next Time... Yui's Fart.
** It's then followed by an outtake where Yui makes a fart sound at the next scene as she lands.
* In another 'Next Time...' mess up:
-->'''Kirito:''' Next Time... BOOBS! Err... I mean bonds! Bonds!
* In the final outtake, Creator/ToddHaberkorn shows who's boss as King Oberon in a very epic way:
-->'''Oberon:''' What a surprise...
-->'''Asuna:''' Todd?
-->'''Oberon:''' ...the last thing I've expected is a pack of cockroaches in my little bird's cage.
-->'''Kirito:''' You gotta be kidding... HABERKORN!!!
-->'''Oberon:''' Mmm-mmm. I'd prefer if you didn't call me that name in this show. You should address me as 'His Highness, "TODD [[PrecisionFStrike (bleep)ING]] HABERKORN"'!!!" *kicks Kirito*

[[folder: Season 2 Bloopers]]
[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wppxhnr59e4 The second season's outtakes]] also have a lot of funny bloopers.
* The introduction (which uses one of the last scenes of the last episode)...
-->'''Kirito:''' I don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow. All I know is... right now, more than anything else, I wanna watch some bloopers.
-->'''Asuna:''' (giggles) Then all you have to say is, "[[CallBack here come]] [[Anime/KillLaKill the bloopers]], [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch bitches]]".
-->'''Kirito:''' Here come the bloopers, [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch bitches]].
-->'''Asuna:''' ...Dick.
* When [[Creator/MichelleRuff Shino]] is talking with [[Creator/JohnnyYongBosch Kyouji]] on a swing in the real world:
-->'''Shino''': He tricked me into thinking he was a girl and had me take him to the gun market. I even helped him pick out his gear! He thinks I'm an idiot! Oh man! (groans) It really pisses me off! (pauses and looks at Kyouji) Let's have angry sex!
* Episode 8, Season 2: When Kirito pulls a cutesy stance and asks them all to root for him...
-->'''Kirito:''' Hey guys... (in a gruff voice) how do you like my girl voice?
** And there's a second outtake of this, only this time, where Kirito is dubbed over by a female voice actress...
-->'''Kirito:''' Hey guys... (in an actual girl's voice) how do you like my girl voice?!
* When [[Creator/MatthewMercer Seijiro Kikuoka/Chrystheight]] enters a scene in ALO...
-->'''Lizbeth:''' [[PrecisionFStrike F(bleep)ing]] slow, Mercer! Your ass is slow as sh(bleep)t!
* Even [[Creator/BenDiskin Death Gun]] gets a blooper:
-->'''Death Gun:''' This isn't over. Not yet. I'm just getting started. It's... (in a British accent) Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus.
* When Kyouji attempts to rape and kill Shino before Kirito stops him in the 13th episode...
-->'''Kyouji (in an insane tone):''' [[LoonyFan AUTOGRAPH! AUTOGRAPH! AUTOGRAPH! AUTOGRAPH! AUTOGRAPH, MICHELLE!]] I LOVE YOU, [[Creator/MichelleRuff MICHELLE]]! AUTOGRAPH! (gets kneed in the face by Kirito)
* Kirito's bad introductions of his harem.
-->'''Kirito:''' (To both Asuna and Liz) This is Shino Asada, a.k.a. Sinon. Champion of GGO, and she's a dominatrix.
-->'''Shino:''' Only until I graduate.
-->'''Kirito:''' These are my friends from my time in SAO. That's Liz, one of the many girls who wants to bang me.
-->'''Lizbeth:''' Huh?! What the hell did you call me?!? (tries to punch Kirito, but falls)
-->'''Kirito:''' And Asuna Yuuki, a.k.a. The girl I still haven't had real sex with.
-->'''Asuna:''' Not yet.
-->'''Kirito:''' Want to grab a table and do some body shots with us?
* When Kirito phone calls Asuna to ask her to join him in on a ALO quest in the 15th episode, while Asuna [[FuroScene is taking]] [[{{Fanservice}} a bath]]...
-->'''Asuna:''' H-Hi, Kirito!
-->'''Kirito (through the phone):''' Morning, Asuna. Sorry to call so early. We were planning about going on a quest in ALO this afternoon. You wanna go?
-->'''Asuna:''' I'm in the bath right now, but yeah, I'll totally go.
-->'''Kirito (through the phone):''' There's a setting on your phone called "Face Time"; use it now!
-->'''Asuna:''' You're so dirty! And I like it dirty. Done.
* In the same episode, Lizbeth shows up holding a bunch of weapons:
-->'''Lizbeth:''' All righty. Let's all pose and look totally sexy!
-->''(cue everybody making their "ready to go" poses)''
** Followed by this blooper:
-->'''Kirito:''' Are you ready?
-->'''Silica:''' (Enthusiastically) [[BigNo NO!!]]
* In one blooper, after a snowfall, Silica sings a certain song, much to Leafa's chagrin.
-->'''Sillica:''' I guess it stopped snowing while we were sleeping.
-->'''Leefa:''' Yeah. It really came down.
-->'''Sillica:''' Hey Leefa, (start singing) "♫[[Disney/{{Frozen}} Do you want to build a snowman?]]♫"
-->'''Leefa:''' ...I hate that song.
** It's made even funnier when you remember that Creator/ChristineMarieCabanos (Silica's voice actress) did a fandub of another song from Frozen, "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hINudw62X-M For The First Time in Forever]]".
* This outtake with some funny comments:
-->(A sign says "Anarchy in the studio.")
-->'''Asuna:''' Then lets meet back at the Lonbal save point and talk about what we learned, okay?
-->'''All (in either [[Creator/MaxMittelman Jun]] or [[Creator/ZachAguilar Talken's]] voice):''' Have my babies!
-->''(Cuts to the sign, saying "Let's try that again...")''
-->'''Asuna:''' Then lets meet back at the Lonbal save point and talk about what we learned, okay?
-->'''All (in either [[Creator/EricaLindbeck Nori]] or [[Creator/ErikaHarlacher Siune's]] voice):''' COCK POTATOES!
-->''(Cuts to the sign, with the emoticon, ">:(")''
* The actual reason why Klein's late:
-->'''Kirito:''' You're late! The hell took you so long?!
-->'''Klein:''' (while battling other players) Sorry! I went to the Anaheim Convention Center!
* When Asuna and Yuuki see Tecchi (Chris Cason)...
-->'''Asuna:''' Cason? What the heck are you doing in an L.A. dub?! [[note]]In case you're wondering, Cherami Leigh (Asuna's voice actress) formerly was based in Dallas, where both she and Chris Cason were in Funimation dubs.[[/note]]
* When Asuna confronts her mom, [[Creator/DorothyEliasFahn Kyouko]]:
-->'''Asuna:''' Mom, all I want for you is to see my world! ({{Beat}}) Hmm?
-->'''Kyouko:''' (pause) Five minutes.
-->'''Asuna:''' YAY!!!
-->'''Kyouko:''' But--
* In the final bonus outtake, when Kirito gives a toast to everyone:
-->'''Kirito:''' TO ME!
-->'''All:''' F**k you!

* Kirito's reaction to people crowding over the duel between him and Heathcliff in the novel:
-->"...Let's run away Asuna. We can go live in some small village on the 20th floor and plow fields."
** Possibly more amusing than just funny, but it's great for Kirito that his title changed from "The Black Swordsman" to "The Dual Wielding Demon" shortly before he was forced to join Asuna's guild (because her guild leader thought he was stealing her from them and was against it) and don a white outfit.
* In a side story "A Murder Case in the Area", Kirito and Asuna invite Heathcliff over for a meal to ask some question. Problem aside, the noodles they tasted are so bad that Heathcliff [[spoiler: or rather, Akihiko Kayaba, ''THE CREATOR OF SAO'']] ''OF ALL PEOPLE'' even wonder why the shop exist!
** This is revealed to be because of Heathcliff's [[spoiler: and to an extension, the actual Akihiko Kayaba's]] love for noodles, especially ramen. This is alluded to in the light novels' [[BreakingTheFourthWall character poll question-and-answer sessions]] and [[DVDCommentary Sword Art Offline]].
* For fans who don't regard it as {{Squick}}, Chapter 16.5 [[spoiler: (in which Kirito and Asuna have sex) is rather hilarious... for all the wrong reasons. [[SoBadItsGood It's very badly written in comparison to the rest of the story]] - Kirito's narration is consistently ridiculous (with phrases like "two years of semen" and "glopping sound" being thrown around) to the point that it seems like a SelfParody, Asuna climaxes an impossible number of times, female genitals apparently look extremely silly (like white foam) in the ''SAO'' world... You either pretend it didn't happen or accept that it did and laugh the whole way through.]]
** Or you can imagine it as [[spoiler: the sex scene from the first ''Film/ScaryMovie'']].
** Two years [[spoiler: of semen (assuming the system saves the data on it as specific units, unlike the inconsistent patterns of real humans) = roughly a '''''gallon.''''']] Try that mental picture on for size and try not to fall out of your seat giggling like an idiot.
*** Several {{hentai}} anime already took care of producing that mental picture.
* During the honeymoon, Kirito tries out fishing. He doesn't get as much as a nibble. He blames his lack of success on how he spent all his luck "snagging a lovely wife". Then said wife teases him about said lack of success.
* Yuuki telling the story about how the Sleeping Knights were once on an MMO known as "Insect Site," and Siune being horrified at recalling how she ended up as a caterpillar that shot string out of its mouth.
* While the circumstances behind it are quite sad, it's somewhat funny to hear about Yuuki responding to her aunt, [[spoiler: who's trying to manipulate Yuuki into willing the family home to her]] by saying that [[spoiler:while she's in the Medicuboid, she can't hold a pen]], leaving her aunt completely speechless.
* Starting from ''Alicization Running'', the back cover of the novels show Silica and Lisbeth holding up sign cards demanding more deban (more screen time).
** Hilariously, the two eventually receive their own spin-off alongside Leafa.
* ''Alicization Lasting'' has ''lots'' of these:
** [[spoiler:Project Alization's launch day has Alice (in a robot body that looks suspiciously similar to her UW avatar except she's weaning a school uniform) publicly confessing her feelings to Kirito in the middle of an interview with Rinko. If Asuna finds out about it, then Kirito is ''screwed''.]]
** [[spoiler:Kikuoka interrupting Kazuto and Asuna's romantic moment in the hospital while bringing a lot of rare fish and cheese. Asuna gets annoyed for it, telling him to put them in a nearby fridge since the room isn't well ventilated and she doesn't like the smell of those foods.]]
** [[spoiler:After Kirito, Asuna, and Yui went into the World Tree for the ALO conference, where their friends and the Japanese players are gathering, Agil cracks a joke to Kirito about his overpowered account in UW and he might get killed off for it.]]
** [[spoiler:Remember the "super weird feeling" Silica mentioned after Kirito grabs Sinon's tail [[CallBack back in the Calibur arc]]? This time, When Kirito gives his thanks to Lisbeth and Silica for their involvement in the UW war, Silica takes this opportunity to hug Kirito, only for a jealous Lisbeth to grab her tail for it.]]
** [[spoiler:Kazuto, who is all alone in his home since his stepparents are at work and Suguha has kendo practice, got a call from Rinko about Alice running away from Rath. Then, just as Kazuto is about leave with his motorcycle, a postman appears, giving him a package box from Rath. What's inside the package box is '''''Alice''''', freaking out Kazuto not once, but ''twice!'' And he would've freaked out the third time if it weren't for her telling him to stop messing around and get her out from it.]]
*** [[spoiler:It even gets funnier when Alice explains to Kazuto about how she sneaked out from Rath: she deliberately let the cameras see her leaving Rath and then using the blind spots to ''pack herself in a box!'']]
** [[spoiler:Alice addresses Minetaka (Kazuto's uncle) as "Father", which is, in Japanese culture, considered as a woman seeing herself as the man's ''wife'', to Suguha's shock and disbelief.]]
*** [[spoiler:She then outright tells Minetaka and Midori about his heroism in UW despite being an OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent in the RW. Kazuto attempts to interrupt Alice by telling her that Minetaka and Midori have no idea about the whole UW stuff, only to find out that they already knew about him being "Kirito the Black Swordsman" and his achievements from Aincrad to UW: someone else wrote a book about him and they read it. Kazuto keeps on denying those claims, saying that the book is full of "rubbish", because, in his part, he was credited with lots of things. Being the famed hero of SAO isn't easy, huh?]]
** [[spoiler:Kazuto gets caught in a LoveTriangle between himself, Asuna, and Alice. How the hell did this happen? When Asuna saw Alice attempting to make advances on Kazuto by hugging him tightly while seating behind his motorcycle, both girls were exchanging [[DeathGlare Death Glares]] at each other!]]
*** [[spoiler:Made even funnier when Kazuto reminded Asuna and Alice about their agreement back in UW, only for them to respond by telling him that the said agreement was only a ''ceasefire''.]]
*** [[spoiler:Just as Asuna and Alice are going for another cat fight, Kazuto attempts to flee from the scene, only for them to chase him instead!]]

!!''Squad Jam'' spin-off light novel
* Let's say this again; Chibi girl wearing ''pink'' combat suit and ''bunny-ears'' helmet, [[LethalJokeCharacter armed with a P90 sub-machine gun]]...
* LLENN constantly mistaking the word 'squad' for 'squid'.
* ''Team Battle Royale'' gamemode was just introduced into ''Battle of Bullets'' at the start of storyline. Pitohui explained that someone, apparently a novelist who is also a gun-nut, wrote to the game operator ''Zasker'' to have the gamemode included in the tournament. One have to wonder whether [=SIG-sawa=] is writing about himself or not...
-->'''Pitohui''': "Well, a gun maniac alone is unusual enough, but a novelist is even more so. What the heck is with such a combination? If you see such a guy walking around town, you’d better arrest him."

!!''Progressive'' manga
* Argo, resident ninja prankster:
** [[http://z.mhcdn.net/store/manga/13422/008.0/compressed/tsword-art-online-progressive-4847933.jpg?v=11395096181 Her face in chapter 8.]] Just her face.
** [[http://www.mangahere.co/manga/sword_art_online_progressive/c012/9.html Argo uses ... It's super effective!]]
* [[http://www.mangahere.co/manga/sword_art_online_progressive/c010/35.html Kirito and Asuna on cake-sharing.]]
* [[http://a.mhcdn.net/store/manga/13422/011.0/compressed/gsword-art-online-progressive-5287837.jpg?v=1415456582 That time when Kirito learned exactly what "materialize all object" meant in the context of a girls (Asuna's) inventory.]]
* The beginnig of Chapter 15. Which all begins when the blacksmith Nezha says these words: "How long have you and Asuna-san been a couple?" And it all just spirals from there.
** But what really makes it are the expressions of Kirito, Asuna, and Argo.

!!Side stories/Other
* ''[[MarryThemAll There is But One Ultimate Way]]''. Who wouldn't be shocked by that.
* [[Main.DVDCommentary Sword Art ''Offline'']], sanctioned by the author himself, is presented in a news-variety show format. Character traits subtly implied (ie. Asuna's [[Main.ClingyJealousGirl clinginess]], Kirito's [[Main.ObliviousToLove obliviousness]], Heathcliff's [[Main.TheGadfly epic trolling]]) in the series are cranked UpToEleven.
** Winning moments of the DVD commentaries are the Playback Corner segments and Life Counseling (a la ''LightNovel/{{Oreimo}}'') parts. To name a few examples:
--->'''News Headline (Volume 1, Episode 1):''' The headline states that a lot of "girl players" revealed their true forms once Kayaba's revelation was unveiled. "[[GuyInRealLife This event]] only proves further," Asuna reports, "that [[ThereAreNoGirlsOnTheInternet there are no]] [[AscendedMeme girls on the Internet]]." Kirito mentions that the trend of playing as the opposite gender is rather popular with players recently. [[spoiler: Cue [[CovertPervert Asuna]] [[ImagineSpot imagining a genderbent]] [[SuperMarioBrothers princess Kirito]] needing rescue from a prince Asuna.]]\\
'''Episode Guest Yui:''' I have a question: Mama says she wants to have lots of kids with Papa. Uncle Klein, [[TheTalk how exactly are babies made]]?
** Yui's ''Offline'' episode is especially amusing. Continuing on the quote above, Klein has been accused multiple times by Asuna and Kirito of teaching Yui "improper things" and he has to answer honestly. He asks for Asuna's opinion.
--->'''Asuna:''' W-W-Well Yui-chan, first you have to go down the menu and turn off the 'Ethics Code', and then--\\
'''Kirito:''' [[NiceGuy S-S-Stop right there! We can't teach her that!]] Y-Yui, the truth is, when a couple gets married, a stork brings the baby!\\
'''[[ChildrenAreInnocent Yui]]:''' S-So, I, I'm not Mama and Papa's daughter??
* The manga 4koma omakes. Most -- if not all -- of them. There's a lot of Notable mentions :
** The many many back stories before Kirito met with his friends such as how Lizbeth gets her house and outfit in the first place and Leafa and Recon's first encounter.
** Anything with Asu-nyan. And no it is not Azusa from ''Manga/KOn''!
*** It turns out that Lisbeth want to dress her up to impress Asuna's boyfriend. Lizbeth suggest to try out her new look. Unfortunately, that first customer turns out to be Kirito. Cue to [[SorryToInterrupt him saying he has gone to the wrong place making her embarrassed.]]
*** The next 4koma scene Kirito brought up the catgirl shopgirl when Asuna suggest to find a blacksmith. Cue to Asuna [[BerserkButton nearly stabbing him.]]
*** Ironically, one of the 4koma shows Asuna in a sexy succubus outfit. Lisbeth really loves to cosplay people.
** Klein's encounter with a nekama (a guy pretending to be a girl on the internet) and cue to how the end results.
** The main reason why Agil's shop never sell his stuffs well? He was making deals...when he's asleep.
** In a rather ironic aversion of the anime commentary in [[Main.ChildrenAreInnocent Yui's]] episode, the manga omakes reveal that (in that continuity) Yui was observing Asuna and Kirito's behavior from the start. ''Everything''. Possibly including, [[Main.MemeticMutation yes friggin 16.5.]] To quote:
--->'''Kirito:''' [[BigNO UUOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!]]\\
'''Asuna:''' [[HighPressureEmotion JUST KILL ME NOW!!!!!]]\\
'''[[LuminescentBlush Yui]]:''' [[AmbiguousInnocence You two enjoyed yourselves very much, didn't you?]]
*** [[spoiler: It turns out that Kirito requested Asuna to do a CatGirl cosplay of the outfit made by Lisbeth instead]].
* After the cast for the Mother's Rosario arc was revealed, Creator/EricaMendez posted [[https://twitter.com/tsunderica/status/624665900180877312 this]] funny bit on her Twitter.
-->''The boys don't know it yet, but we're officially changing their names to "Eric(k)a" and making the Sleeping Knights an all Eric(k)as guild.''
* The "[[http://www.taptaptaptaptap.net/sao-qna-kirito/ Popularity]] [[http://www.taptaptaptaptap.net/sao-qna-yui-asuna/ Contest]] [[http://www.taptaptaptaptap.net/sao-qna-heathcliff-kunori/ Questions]]" are a combination of "trivia for the hardcore otaku" and "more hilarity than can be fitted into the main stories".
-->'''Q for Kirito:''' If polygamy was possible, would you feel like making a harem? If you do, who would you pick?
-->'''Kirito:''' [[HesitationEqualsDishonesty I-]]I wouldn't make such a thing.
-->'''Q for Kirito:''' Is Triple Blades impossible?
-->'''Kirito:''' [[CutlassBetweenTheTeeth I thought my teeth would fall out.]]
-->'''Q for Yui:''' How do you feel looking at your parents' lovey-dovey behaviour, Yui-chan?
-->'''Yui:''' [[SickeninglySweetHearts I can't stand watching it.]]
-->'''Q for Yui:''' What are your thoughts on people aside from Kirito and Asuna?
-->'''Yui:''' I think they are all very nice people. However, I do have a problem with Lisbeth-san getting me to do her school homework.
-->'''Q for Asuna:''' What were your thoughts when you found out it's possible to remove the Ethics Code?
-->'''Asuna:''' I will never use it! [[HilariousInHindsight I remember that I thought that.]]
-->'''Q for Asuna:''' How far do you go when flirting with Kirito in public? (like holding hands, or kissing) Honestly now, please, lol.
-->'''Asuna:''' I guess hugging would be the limit. I’m fine with it, but Kirito-kun would just, [[{{Tsundere}} you know.]]
-->'''Q for Heathcliff:''' Are you a [[BokeAndTsukkomiRoutine boke? Or a tsukkomi?]]
-->'''Heathcliff:''' [[HiddenDepths I realized that there were mere few]] who laughed at my jokes as boke when I was an elementary school student.

!!Infinity Moment/Hollow Fragment
* If you max out the affection of all the main girls in the Japanese version, you get the trophy, [[YourCheatingHeart ''Don't cheat, daddy'']]. Then, almost as if in response to this, the English version's trophy is titled [[NotWhatItLooksLike "It's Not What It Looks Like!"]]
* The affection system applies to every allied character, which means you can [[HoYay bridal carry Klein]].
* Strea in general, who is even more of TheGadfly than Kirito and Sinon combined.
** Special mention goes to a second party, where those who get the super-spicy slice have to command someone to do one thing for them - Strea, upon getting one of the two spicy slices, promptly commands Kirito to kiss her. Asuna is having none of that however, demanding Strea kiss ''her'' instead, which 'shockingly' (to her) Strea has few issues with whatsoever... the reactions from everyone are embarrassed/horrified fascination, as apparently Strea is applying the same amount of strength she [[BearHug displays in hugs]] to the kiss itself.
* In ''Hollow Fragment'', when Kirito returns from the Hollow Area, he mentions that he met a female player in there. Everyone automatically assumes Kirito found himself a new girlfriend. Everyone female in his company, including [[HappilyMarried Asuna]], [[TokenMiniMoe Silica]], [[ClingyJealousGirl Lisbeth]], [[KissingCousins Leafa]], and [[{{Kuudere}} Sinon]], is having none of it.
* Leafa, having been left out of the loop while her brother was trapped in SAO, is [[BigWhat quite surprised]] to learn that not only are Kirito and Asuna married in-game, but they also have a daughter in-game. Yes, Suguha, you're an aunt.
* [[ButtMonkey Klein's]] roles in the slice of life cutscenes, especially when a fortune telling event claims that his compatibility with Kirito is the highest, much to the horror of the harem.
* After seeing a play put on by some players, Silica suggests doing a play of "Snow White". After the women in Kirito's life bicker over who would play Snow White opposite Kirito's prince. The solution they eventually reach? Kirito as Snow White, Pina as the prince, and the women as the eight dwarves.
* Philia's attempt to prank Kirito with extremely spicy food fails when he shows no reaction. Then she tries the food and learns the hard way that Kirito has an abnormal sense of taste.
* The entire scene where Klein teaches Yui about breasts which Kirito tries to stop. That is until the girls arrive and Yui starts asking about it. What does Klein do? [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere He leaves when the girls are surprised about Yui asking it]].
** And then Yui starts groping all the girls one by one, [[ForScience in the name of research]].

!!Lost Song
* When Kirito tries his hand a cooking stew, [[LethalChef the end result not only looks nothing like stew, it's so spicy that Leafa thinks she may die from eating it.]] Kirito [[BizarreTasteInFood thinks it's pretty tasty, though.]]
* Strea gives Asuna a handmade set of underwear as a gift. She has Asuna show it off to Kirito, dressing in only her underwear, too. She then suggests making Kirito his own pair of lingerie.
* Lisbeth spends some time feeling up Silica's cat ears and tail (and since they're both girls, the anti-harassment code isn't violated), which leads to [[CutenessProximity all the other girls doing the same]]. Then Silica gives Kirito permission to do so, and then Sinon and Yuuki walk in on this scene, which leads to Kirito telling them it's NotWhatItLooksLike. Sinon then threatens to send Kirito to the jail if he does the same to her...and then [[TheGadfly Strea]] decides to do so for him.

!!Hollow Realization
* When Kirito, Silica and Premiere are out on a quest together, they fight through some mobs before resting. Out of the bushes comes a squirrel. Silica thinks it's cute. Kirito thinks it's adorable. Premiere?
-->'''Premiere:''' Shall I slay the beast?
* At one point, the crew comes across a waterfall with a sign that says "Fortune shall reign down on those that endure". Thinking they'll get a cool drop if they succeed, everyone except Agil, Sinon, Leafa and Asuna gets [[MeditatingUnderAWaterfall under the waterfall]]...only to discover it's [[WaterTorture ice-cold water that quickly soaks them to the virtual bone]], and even Klein, Strea and Yuuki give up quickly under the torture. Kirito remains and screams that he'll get whatever awesome drop comes...[[{{Troll}} and it turns out to be a bucket that conks him on the head]], and [[SchmuckBait not even a bucket with crazy stats]].